I've been thinking of retiring.

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Jan 23, 2020




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Randall Singleton
Randall Singleton 16 hours ago
Just remember, you may love tech, but it will never love you back like your family. Follow your heart.
Shamshad Ali
Shamshad Ali 17 hours ago
I came home after a very stressful test and now I'm crying
Thamous 906gamz
Thamous 906gamz 17 hours ago
Please don't do what I'm thinking of ( it's suicide please don't do it 😭)
Etiti Yulolo
Etiti Yulolo 18 hours ago
The moment my boss ask me for a 100tb storage for the company is the moment i found your video on youtube recommendations. I subscribed and mission accomplished. Need a break man im one of the 10million. Hoping to see you in the future!!
AngeleMortis 19 hours ago
Thank you for your sincerity and your gratefulness. Family is everything!
Alexander Lee
Alexander Lee 19 hours ago
Dude, that was about as heartfelt as it gets. I've really been wondering about YOU as a person because I absolutely LOVE the channel (s) and this definitely sheds a ton of light on your character. Love this video!
ma tze
ma tze 20 hours ago
Linus needs to control his adhd.
A42yearoldARAB 22 hours ago
No! Tech world needs you, just take a vacation and come back :(
DanabloGaming DG
DanabloGaming DG 22 hours ago
@Linus, no one gives a fuck
100 subs no vids ?
100 subs no vids ? 22 hours ago
Ur a meme
TheLastMcLaren 23 hours ago
Whos here after realizing this was a STREAM
coma13794 Day ago
If you're enjoying the work, keep at it. If you're not, then hand off the reigns and let it run. Or, find something in the middle. Live your life now that you're in a financial position to do so. If you love keeping up with tech, do it! Think about what's on your plate now....get rid of the stuff you don't like (children not included!!) :) Don't feel like you need to continue doing certain things just because you've grown used to doing them. I handle a ton of different roles at my company...I have to keep reminding myself that as the company resources increase, we can actually hire people to do those things, and that would be a good thing for everyone. I'd encourage you to apply the same critical thinking to your circumstance. Great work, btw, your company's content is amazing.
Arnold Merlot
You litterally are the icon of the channel, it will die without you
Benis of Bepis
When you make a serious video and everyone memes you
thatSlavGuy Day ago
I didn't come for a meme. I came because I am sad.
Lim Brandon
Lim Brandon Day ago
Linus Meme Tips
Jordng 0208
Jordng 0208 Day ago
Not aloud
iPad User
iPad User Day ago
Is this a type of deja vu
Bigladtb Day ago
*So,this is where this staring meme came from.*
"I hate waste." Irony for certain. Being a top "influencer" in your category you can start looking at what manufacturer's can do to reduce waste/change packaging/manufacturer promoted recycling or ewaste handling.
UMadUBad_23 Day ago
I know this is serious but your thumbnail is kinda a meme now
Richard Lynam
Your head, health and family are the most important things you have..you really need to take a long break with no date to come back. Look àfter yourself and family
Jake Day ago
Henri Cornelssen
Take a break Linus! We love you and the stuff you do!! Youll be alright! You should take care of yourself u are the best!!!
Tr_nXer Day ago
Luis Cintron
Luis Cintron Day ago
You’re now a meme,be proud
Jack Jablon
Jack Jablon Day ago
Know no matter what choice you make all of us will be behind you. I never thought that one day I would have my own pc. It’s not the money factor but the thing is I was told I would be a nerd and didn’t know much on the subject. You helped me build the courage to build my own pc. Anyway all you need to know is give yourself a break and reflect on what you want to do. We love you and hope the best
Soapy Tuna
Soapy Tuna Day ago
Linus because of you I'm enrolled at YTI technical school for cyber security and one of our classes has to do with server management and people think I'm a God because of everything you've taught me over the years I thank you now and for my future self as I strive to be a great dad and hero to my daughters and son Love you Linus!
parsa rostami
Linus, you are the best youtuber that I know, you helped me to build my first pc, my dad left me so I had no one to help me build a pc but you helped me man thank you for everything
You're Not that old yet
Nick Jackson
Nick Jackson Day ago
youre a wonderful human being ❤️ i used to read your blog religiously at school and i put your videos on when im feeling down or lonely and you brighten my day. you have a way with making complex topics very easy to understand. i have especially valued your honesty when reviewing products. thank you for opening up and sharing this part of yourself with us. never let go of your values ❤️ i hope you can find the balance you want in your life to continue doing what you love and also spend more time with the people you love ❤️
Necromos Spiritus
Youre great dood.
Flux Clan
Flux Clan Day ago
You should retire nobody likes u
Louis Hoffmann
Scott 1980
Scott 1980 Day ago
Not to be mean...But maybe go back to the basics for awhile and be humble ...... You talk about all the trials and tribulations..... but your kicking your own ass now. You hit the top, now hold it or it was all pointless!
Three Sixty
Three Sixty Day ago
Hire someone to run the day to day operations
MT hacks
MT hacks Day ago
good speech, it's natural to get emotional
Jelte Hoste
Jelte Hoste Day ago
min 18:00 we making rivirs out here
Johan Ahmed
Johan Ahmed Day ago
Are you DRUNK?
Ahmad Faris
Ahmad Faris Day ago
This becomes a legendary meme
Mr Day ago
Retire. You deserve to be with your children.
Legion Fire Ant
Sorry but the computer says NO . :) seriously you do what's right for you brother best wishes to you.
sloppywetblow 2 days ago
You been an amazing inspiration and I wish you the best in the next chapter of your life.The passion of tech will always bring you back though 😄
KrobzSmokes 2 days ago
What would Linus Tech Tips be without Linus' Tech Tips ;(
Adansn Hsjwnw
Adansn Hsjwnw 2 days ago
Ok bye bye
Pratish Vishwasrao
u give us so much and dat technical guruji does nothing and still got 16m subs
Dr. Arshia Hematpoor
Human are interesting! Success makes you crazy as much as not to be successful.
Issa Lambson
Issa Lambson 2 days ago
I guess youtube got offended by my use of the word faggot by deleting my first comment, as it isn't actually a derogatory term in its derivative usage. It did literally mean "a bundle of wood", as linus stated, also around the 1600s the bassoon was also called a faggot. If youtube stop using there algorithm to deter offensive language, they'd actually know that I'm not saying anything offensive.
Issa Lambson
Issa Lambson 2 days ago
coming from experience of working 12-16 hours day throughout the formative years of my kids life was the biggest mistake I ever made in life. You've made it, spend time with your family. Way more important in the long run than money.
JAMES FINELY 2 days ago
“I don’t have any friends” I think you got 10m+ friends man
Aaron Unterseher
Aaron Unterseher 2 days ago
1. You are a roll model, there are millions of weird nerdy people... In all walks of life... 2. You're not promoting consumerism... Your promoting logical purchases for people to evaluate... To build a good product that will last as long as possible given the ever changing spectrum that is computer tech... 3. People make mistakes... People have personal lows... You're hitting rock bottom and that's okay... You have trusted and loyal coworkers... Take time off go to your kids sports games... Take a vacation... Believe it or not, having a sub in everyone once in awhile is kinda nice change a pace... 4. Your making a difference by showing people information that most companies try to hide so you pay them to do it... You're calling some of those companies out even... There are other techies in the world that want the knowledge your sharing... 5. That little kid that was terminal asked for you he did it because he wanted 1 last thing in his life... To meet his hero... He was a techy nerd just like you... He aspired to do the things you do even for a day... That little thing you can't comprehend I can promise you, to him was the single greatest thing he ever got to experience... Meeting his hero.. You were that kids Batman, Superman, Captain America... You're message your videos are not a promotion of mindless consumerism... They're for hobbyist, business, enthusiast, intimidated people who couldn't imagine trying! Something for people to work for, Imagine how many people who got jobs doing computer tech souly because you developed there basic foundation and understanding of computers..... Dang dude you're selling yourself short
Mahdi miah
Mahdi miah 2 days ago
He’s gone through all the tech tips
Andrew Mitchell
Andrew Mitchell 2 days ago
I've been watching since the NCIX and the original Techquickie days so to see you come so far and create a company of like-minded guys and girls is just inspiring. You've not only made a life for yourself and your family but also for those that work with you. If you decide to step back then no one would blame you as it takes a lot to do what you have done in such a relatively short time span.
david guy
david guy 2 days ago
yeah, you're a grumpy mess. go to san fransisco and put a flower in your hair.
Juneao Alfred
Juneao Alfred 2 days ago
everyone need a break.. but you're thinking of retiring? been watching your video since your video with Cartoon intro with cartoon linus came out from the box.. i know it's not make sense when i talking about cartoon linus intro since 2010 but whatever decisions we make.. it's up to us to decide it. right. btw.. your videos and guides about computers parts, reviews them.. is help us lots.
RyZe 2 days ago
Without Linus I would never be pursuing my career in network engineering right now all of the simple 5 min tech episodes was all it took to get me hooked. Thank you Linus for everything you have done. You've definitely made a bigger impact on this world than you think. You alone have inspired thousands of kids to become what they are today.
That90sKid 2 days ago
Linus, I remember watching your video years ago. I always wanted to build my own computer but was so scared to do so. Then after watching more of your videos and getting involved in your forum I finally decided to do so. I distinctly remember getting on the LTT forums and asking for help when my pc wouldn't boot for the first time. Sure enough, I got responses from multiple people giving me advice on the problem in minutes. Turns out, it was just a simple cmos reset and then everyhing worked perfectly. I honestly both respect and admire the community you have built for people that are interested in tech. Seriously, watching you and your company grow over the years has been an awesome experience.
smorange7 2 days ago
Every time I try to watch this video I open the tab then immediately get depressed and exit out.
Marc Pacheco
Marc Pacheco 2 days ago
Honestly take a break dude you deserve it more than anyone spend time with your fam and friends also time to just decompress and if you wanna comeback well you cross that bridge when you get there also a HUGE thanks for simplifying your vids for someone who’s not well versed in anything computer wise lol
Steven Andria's tutorials
Something tells me it's not just retirement, he sounds like he's going through a lot, as if he is possibly going through a period of depression, not sadness, but just that one feeling of mixed melancholia. "If I got hit by a bus tomorrow" "Life would go on", it's as if there were some scary hints being dropped into the video. We hope you're doing fine Linus, we wish you the best.
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