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Is The Sims just another fun video game... or is it the perfect simulation device? Today, Brian David Gilbert is using The Sims 4 to test out a perfect apartment before recreating it in real life.
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Dec 9, 2019




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Comments 100
Osl ZiSZ
Osl ZiSZ 4 hours ago
No one show 2020 this video.
PapaGrillbz 6 hours ago
Aren’t your roommates your siblings?
the1ging123 13 hours ago
Anyone watching during quarantine and reeeeeally missing their friends?
Freid Rick
Freid Rick 19 hours ago
i gotta get myself some paintings
Alex Hayward
Alex Hayward Day ago
If only Brian knew how much time he'd be spending in his apartment in 2020.
Miles Hawkins
"books are boring" little did we know at the time he was halfway through reading all the halo novels for a video that took over a year to produce
Mule The Donkey
Mule The Donkey 2 days ago
they did a good job, but I really love that self portrtait ... david, thats your name I forgot like always. Love your stuff!
Forsaken Mar
Forsaken Mar 3 days ago
This video started so interesting, then funny, then it turned really dark , but at the end it was really wholesome and I almost cried
cregur 3 days ago
fucking legend
Miles Cox
Miles Cox 3 days ago
god this truly hits different after moving out of my parents house and into a house with 5 strangers. except i’m so scared of my housemates that i literally leave my room for half an hour a day to microwave food so i don’t even rly have an entire apartment do vibe in. yeah we lonely what about it 😔✌🏽
RegalZephyr 4 days ago
Which Gunpla is that on his table?
Daniel 4 days ago
thats not brians room where is the laundry chair?! FAKE NEWS
Elizabeth Bennett
How does he say some of this stuff with a straight face
Flurgerbla 4 days ago
Can you believe this was made in the before times
Kasper 4 days ago
About that fire extinguisher: isnt your landlord legally obligated to fix a working one for you?
JemiLee DaBear
JemiLee DaBear 5 days ago
The utility companies always got your back when you die And your wallet too.
Orion Roussopoulos
I love the implication that if Brian didn't do this he would have died in a week
Lexi Turner
Lexi Turner 5 days ago
I loved this the first time I watched it, but it hits INCREDIBLY hard, so many months into social distancing
Kristen Riedinger
this video hits different during month 5 of the pandemic (I miss my friends so goddamn much)
Jack Antaya
Jack Antaya 6 days ago
Sim Brian is foreshadowing
Kristoffer Ekrem
Kristoffer Ekrem 6 days ago
I love your stache so fucking much
Music_Lights 6 days ago
Oh my goodness this reminds me of my apartment. My room is full of posters and my mom has paintings all over the house 😂
Music_Lights 6 days ago
Lmao I built my room in the Sims and it’s funny cause I’m sitting in my room watching my Sim play video games in my room 😂
Tap.Water 6 days ago
Guess you could say that even death itself can wither and die, even superspeed eternal is not time enough to see all the folly and despair of all humanity
PureNeptune 6 days ago
I wish I had friends like reality Brian rather than simulated Brian.
Claude Rains
Claude Rains 6 days ago
This has not aged well.
Drive Digital Library - Section 1
3:44 cue ruvid.net/video/video-WEWEdIcx1DI.html
Austin Cameron
Austin Cameron 7 days ago
Even death had forgotten... haha dang
The Anominus
The Anominus 7 days ago
6:43 No Its at 9 pee m Yeah Unfunny
Sky Schaefer
Sky Schaefer 7 days ago
The Sims is a horror game Also Brian you've pretty perfectly encapsulated the feelings of alienation under capitalism that's killing us all so that's... depressing but pretty cool
Mareike Nienhaus
Mareike Nienhaus 7 days ago
Honestly having a bunch of ppl paint for you is the most sims thing you can do
CallOfDrewthulhu 8 days ago
I love this video because it explains through satire why I absolutely hated the Sims when I played it and why I have never touched another version of the game since; when creating yourself to the best of your ability leads to watch a depressed person killing themsleves, the flaw is apparent. And whether the flaw is with you or the game, the game brings no joy.
Sarah Dayle
Sarah Dayle 8 days ago
We now know why his sims personality traight was books... it makes so much sense he was hiding it and didn’t want to spoil the video, but sims him knew. Because sims him was him, so of course he would read, he only read one book series.
Sarah Dayle
Sarah Dayle 8 days ago
How do you add so much volume and shape to you’re hair? You look like you popped out of a board game
Kate Mine
Kate Mine 8 days ago
The Simps
Watch out, there's a dangerous old man out there. He's name is Jim Pickens
dragon slayer
dragon slayer 10 days ago
Is this a SIM video or a life lesson?? Oh Wait no it's a SIM video.
Miranda 10 days ago
This video hits differently after 4 months of social isolation 🙃
Seth Ven
Seth Ven 10 days ago
Bit of racism 7:02 - 7:07
Brooke S
Brooke S 10 days ago
'Books are boring' He says this because at this point he is halfway through all of the Halo novels...
Alexandra Thomas
Alexandra Thomas 10 days ago
Not this episode of Unraveled actually making me cry with the ending 😭
sanya 10 days ago
"books are boring," said Brian almost six months into his reading every Halo novel journey
Bowser's Space Laser
Oh to own a bed with enough structural integrity to not break in half by jumping on it
Sebastian Ramos
Sebastian Ramos 10 days ago
Why was this so wholesome wtfrick
SteveVi0lence 10 days ago
all of us in quarantine.
Jason Snow
Jason Snow 11 days ago
This was a strangely wholesome episode of unraveled
JustGetJames 12 days ago
You must be happy with those sad clowns
Turtle Explosive
Turtle Explosive 12 days ago
D-list? Sir you are B-list at worst
Master Markus
Master Markus 14 days ago
**Cries in Brian's inspiring story.** **Also cries in not having friends/co-workers to paint with.**
Ryuma K
Ryuma K 14 days ago
Anne-Marie Jean
Anne-Marie Jean 16 days ago
Damn that video is a roller coaster. Exactly like that Sims game can be sometime.
Olivia !!
Olivia !! 17 days ago
Jesus Christ I want friends who will paint clowns and jazz people with me
Bottomsup 18 days ago
This video proves that some people will downvote ANYTHING. This is an amazing experiment and video recap of it.
CJ Lee
CJ Lee 19 days ago
0:00 i immediately heard the "the simps"
King Tokki
King Tokki 19 days ago
If anyone sees this comment and recognizes the song from 16:10 pLEase let me know what it is
Stephen Sealey
Stephen Sealey 20 days ago
Just as another commenter earlier said... this video really struck a chord with me too. I’m not a danger to myself or anything. But the despair of loneliness is real. Especially in the digital age where we are fooled into believing we are being social by using text messages. Anyhow, this video got me. Side note, whoever writes your scripts is funny AF! Love it!
violet mccarley
violet mccarley 20 days ago
11:13 .... anyone else see that top energy
Offbeat 21 day ago
Does the cat have his own room
Megan 21 day ago
rewatching this during my current depressive episode
Jasmine Nguyen
Jasmine Nguyen 21 day ago
Harvey from stardew valley?
Ghost- Spider_NY
Ghost- Spider_NY 22 days ago
9:29 besides my self
RuneWolf118 22 days ago
My favorite part of this video was finding out I have the same phone case as Brian.
Mason Parker
Mason Parker 22 days ago
It's time to get good at the darts
lunakitara 22 days ago
Books are not boring... Had to say it. I love books.
femme music
femme music 23 days ago
I’m hysterically crylaughing at 2:30am at this man stressfully painting sad clowns
Hayden May
Hayden May 24 days ago
I love how it says "very uncomfortable" when your dead
CLICKMENAME 24 days ago
" I didn't want him to become a wizard, or a skeleton, or a college student." Me, just finishing undergrad: "aren't those practically all the same thing?"
Dsappntmnt 24 days ago
Plot twist: Brian starves to death a week after the video gets released
El Catrin C
El Catrin C 24 days ago
Thias sort of, Uplifting Dread or i dont even know what to call it, hits so very deep
Abram Francis Black
Preferring browsing the internet outside to being miserable in my living space is surreally relatable. My circumstances are completely different to yours, but I know exactly what you mean. And I love how you tie it together with a bow of people who care about you. That's probably the element that I'm for some reason ignoring. You're a beautiful person, Brian.
sadbaby 25 days ago
u have a lot of friends. wonder what that's like
holly kidson
holly kidson 27 days ago
This feels so relevant in quarantine...
Bruno Ribeiro
Bruno Ribeiro 28 days ago
please say that the ending song exists and someone knows its name
Cyrene Koch
Cyrene Koch 28 days ago
This made me so emotional
D T 29 days ago
Shave does mustache. You look so much cuter without it. :)
Omar Beltran
Omar Beltran 29 days ago
Living for your nails
tuggy 29 days ago
I love this so much.
Julia Monahan
Julia Monahan Month ago
Trick question- the answer is both
nice guy
nice guy Month ago
This actually was incredibly inspiring
Tako oWoWo
Tako oWoWo Month ago
Hey Brian why does your apartment have a flushometer toilet in your apartment? Like a full-on commercial powered toilet in your apartment.
Lady Thiaga
Lady Thiaga Month ago
Brian is a genius omg
Grogzilla Month ago
Wonderful video! Charming and funny and lovely at the same time.
caroljucosta Month ago
I think this is my fav brian's video
Pinkstarclan Month ago
3:57 wait wait wait, it's no wonder the paintings did so much. he has the "art lover" trait!
josey smith
josey smith Month ago
crying over this in 2020 because i just wanna be around my friends
Mister Boat
Mister Boat Month ago
When he said that sim Brian got sad because of isolation, 2020 said “good idea”
The Finest Sake
The Finest Sake Month ago
I love these unravels. Great work. Stay awesome.
Honk Honk
Honk Honk Month ago
And this is why I'm proud to be an introvert, with 3 cats
James Pionke
James Pionke Month ago
this is probably my favorite video of unraveled.
J-Hope Jr.
J-Hope Jr. Month ago
Why did legitimately make me tear up a bit?
Erin Testman
Erin Testman Month ago
Fuck whales
Aaron Moore
Aaron Moore Month ago
Brian unknowingly made this in preparation for many months of quarantine.
Jester Plays Games
Barely Edited
Barely Edited Month ago
this is the best video i have watched in months
Jade Pham
Jade Pham Month ago
Behind all those jokes this video has a deep meaning to it. Thank you for such brilliant video!!!!
Art Leitch
Art Leitch Month ago
I came back to this video (not for the first time) and I'm disappointed that I'm unable to give it another like. Awesome stuff
wilhelm paul martinez
Sheenpai LovesU
Sheenpai LovesU Month ago
This video is so wholesome omg.
yes Month ago
I practically ended every relationship I had until I could manage my BPD. Some offer to help but I was too ashamed to let them. I came here to distract myself from the pain and I tell you, I didn't expect to be called out.
Nick Browne
Nick Browne Month ago
I started this video thinking I’d be in for a good time but then 6:12 “even death has forgotten me”. I finished it and now I’m emotional for a different reason.
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