I used Roblox ADMIN to trick noobs with "FREE ROBUX"

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Today I used Roblox admin commands to trick random Island Life players with a "free money" sign that leads them into a dungeon!


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Jan 25, 2020




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Gilbert Ley
Gilbert Ley 2 hours ago
6:02 LOL Albert you dumb dumb, that's a koenigsegg not a bugatti
Weird LonerWolf
Weird LonerWolf 2 hours ago
Flamingo, You Should Put It In Spawn Point In Where You Spawn Then Do The Command (;Kill All)
Weird LonerWolf
Weird LonerWolf 2 hours ago
Si Everyone Goes In There.
Mariella Wilson
Mariella Wilson 3 hours ago
Reporting dies not work any more
That weird girl on the block
Ideaaaa: Make a store (ex:Walmart) then make a basement and make it scary and close the doors.If they want to escape then make them do baaaaad things
Erin Playz
Erin Playz 4 hours ago
Idea:kick and or band a kid with a mom and or a dad a then dress up as that kid that you band and or kicked and acked like him/her before the parents tiger that he's/she's gone
Charlie! 4 hours ago
Idea:make a mirror maze that is not possible to finish and just keep trying to scare them in the maze
Charlie! 4 hours ago
Idea:try to scare somebody so hard that they leave the game
Autumn Hillman
Autumn Hillman 8 hours ago
Idea: (Idk if you'd see this) Make everyone trapped in a little cage like pets and put obstacles in there for them to jump on them make the floor lava and they will have 20 seconds until the lava stops You probably picked Mr.Trashman's comment v ^ v
Aviator Playz RBX
Aviator Playz RBX 10 hours ago
Take all the online daters and make them do truth or dare and dare them to kill each other or something along those lines
Cherry 13 hours ago
Kidnapp players and make food out of them and then give the food to random players and then when the eat it theyll say: -sO yuMmy! And you will say What u made the food out of :)
AGENT 313 14 hours ago
Make a head market
AGENT LAMATA 14 hours ago
Play Scp containment facility
4b1d And! Ust1n
4b1d And! Ust1n 15 hours ago
its not bugatti it a koenigseggg
Green Team TV
Green Team TV 17 hours ago
Say that you give out 1000 Roblox and trap them in a hard parkour
Mollie Rimlinger
Mollie Rimlinger 22 hours ago
JohnX 22 hours ago
Free *ROUX*
Daniel Ramirez
Idea: You have everbody be a monster but one is not a monster just a inacint person and have the monsters desguys as people invite everone/monsters and inacint person to your house have a party blah blah blah everone is sleeping in your house so LOCK THE DOORS so no escapes your house make it foggy and dark in your house tell when to undo the desguys and start chaseing the inacint person but DON'T KILL THEM YET and make sure it's foggy and dark outside too and once you corner them THEN you kill them but DO IT WITH YOUR ROAR get back in your person mode and pretend nothing happend then go to their house and put out a bored saying I...WILL...BE...BACK
Daniel Ramirez
Juneberries Jack
I will literally- *ad*
Xxragon Day ago
Lol NoThInG iN LiFe Is FrEe HeHeHeHeH
Mr. Tootsie roll
Listen, I’m on mobile and I could beat that.
ChrisnHeather Miller
Gatta Go GG watch T.V. with my parents xDDDD
ChrisnHeather Miller
xDDDDD!!!! This video though
Noob Day ago
One of his past usernames was Pee_ManOfficial
Noob Day ago
Grayson Williams
It says free money but dug we need you go in it’s hell
Aurora Kershaw
Control people in relationshipip and break them up
Gacha. Dead.flowers
You should do a video where you go into a game called mirror and find out what to do it will be fun heheh that's a good video idea game to do.
Makiola Day ago
free samples at costco are free.
Fort Dumbs
Fort Dumbs Day ago
You should turn a server into epic mini games but if they die they get banned!
Dulce Ruiz- Alegria
Even if I am on a phone I'm still really good at obbies
Crazy Cat
Crazy Cat Day ago
You Should do a video were you pretend to be a kid and get a mom, once you get a mom transform into something weird for about a second. Make weird stuff happen like- get ride of there house when holding you. ( I Honestly dont have a good idea lol)
Bashir Elk
Bashir Elk Day ago
Mr.flimflam?more like mrbigbam!i have no idea what I just said
AUTUMN 2020 Day ago
You should make a temple made out of toes Like a cave and it has an obby made out of toes and if they die you steal their toes and put them in the toe cave forever
DanDJI_1 Day ago
Steal their money, and make them diss their girlfriends.
Jessica Fuller
Hahaha I love you flamingo
Arishimiaki Day ago
this is why I stopped watching albert. Giving men the upper hand to get free money and imprison the women there forever? disgusting. Call me a karen, but think about it.
Maraw Jsi
Maraw Jsi Day ago
Go trust me :) (saids rich)
Cesar_Flash Day ago
Are you gay or lesbian
0:22 Albert : My Oh My
stanislavas biliunas
Gamer Troublez
Albert:*puts the sign everywhere else but not at spawn* Me:you could have put it in spawn
Manglegamer Girl
My friend would go on it
Balla Singh-A
0:20 *anime gasp*
Gracie Bird
Gracie Bird Day ago
Idea: make a store where you get robots call it botMart and then control the robots against them if they reset kick them out 😆
Master Gamer
Master Gamer Day ago
Where you gonna say that kids on phones wouldn’t be able to do this? I’m a kid and former mobile player and I’m insanely good at obbie’s.
yosmar Smith
yosmar Smith Day ago
Xx:my life is so good Un:HELP!!,
[ Purple Pøtatœ UwU ]
"The devil and the Angel on your shoulder~" Albert: The ultimate devil not on anyone's shoulder in their head, but also good in ways
Alien 2 days ago
You should do a horror hotel for life in paradise and they have the option of staying but the twist is theres no escape
Alena Trepanier
Alena Trepanier 2 days ago
Look little Johnny I’m gonna figure it out
Kevlio 802
Kevlio 802 2 days ago
Crush everyone
Micko 1
Micko 1 2 days ago
Charly charly
Princess Burch
Princess Burch 2 days ago
U like to ban
Princess Burch
Princess Burch 2 days ago
He not stumped
Dued1 - Roblox
Dued1 - Roblox 2 days ago
5:35 WeLcOmE tO hEcK
SuperGuestplays :D
They are trash at obbys
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