I Used Drones to Cheat in Hide and Seek! (Funny)

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I Used Drones to Cheat in Hide and Seek! (Funny) with Preston 👊
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Jun 4, 2020




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Comments 80
Preston Month ago
Subscribe or the drones will find you
ميار علي
ميار علي 23 days ago
prayansh ultra
prayansh ultra Month ago
prayansh ultra 1 second ago Preston Brianna had a youtube channel 10 years ago it is called brianna barnhar
Milla Purchase
Milla Purchase Month ago
Preston that’s just creepy poopoo
2028 Autmn Faulk
heheh great vids 👌😁🖒
Christopher Mccauley
Preston I love your fire merch
Alexie Gabat
Alexie Gabat 7 hours ago
Hey preston i was trying to help you talk to you in my cell phone and i just saw a person hiring on up high i think i saw it on the camera ok bye
Keira Kristensen
Keira Kristensen 15 hours ago
You want past a guy
Granitefalls 02
Granitefalls 02 19 hours ago
i love you Preston ❤️
Heidi Clark
Heidi Clark Day ago
oh gosh i am going to subscribe
Heidi Clark
Heidi Clark Day ago
john whelan
john whelan 2 days ago
Tats a snake!!!!!
Joshua Anand
Joshua Anand 2 days ago
i think everyone saw the drones thats why thy didnt hide out side except the guy in the tree
Via Smart
Via Smart 2 days ago
My friend is called Brie but different spelling brianna
Ulva Isabell Nordvang
Uhhhhhhh XD
CyberneticVirus 4 days ago
David Bailey
David Bailey 4 days ago
Okay I think I eat more pizza than nick... I'm at pizza hut typing dis
Kendall Baucke
Kendall Baucke 4 days ago
Hi I love your videos
portalthree 5 days ago
bro i like it❤❤❤ *Sbh7*
Me Mememe
Me Mememe 5 days ago
It’s winter 🥶 now c’mon 👨 man
Sonnia Bright
Sonnia Bright 6 days ago
Your the master of Parker
Noelia Vazquez
Noelia Vazquez 6 days ago
oj animation studio
Scots face when he sayed he cheated.
Hunter C
Hunter C 6 days ago
H. H how?
Ethan St Mary
Ethan St Mary 7 days ago
Who are Jeremy and Cyrus
Kim Sith
Kim Sith 7 days ago
My name is PRNIKPLAYZ in Roblox
Kim Sith
Kim Sith 7 days ago
Kim Sith
Kim Sith 7 days ago
Give me robux
Tae Tae
Tae Tae 7 days ago
This video is full of ads
Mary Kemper
Mary Kemper 8 days ago
I don’t have great WiFi
BOY VS GIRL 9 days ago
hi my name is tirey vs girl preston how are you
RiftedLooseboy 9 days ago
Soooooo we not gon talk about the fact that he almost fell 11:26
PANDAMAN 10 days ago
no one: Jeremy: Im hiding up in the top of the closet Cyrus:WoW yOu ArE bIg BrAiN fOr ThAt , WoW!
SonicZap 10 days ago
preston you rlly are amazing and funny
Bon Bon BFT
Bon Bon BFT 10 days ago
I knew bri would win
Amera-Rose Allen-Kitson
It's a it's Breanna walking across the field
Amera-Rose Allen-Kitson
Subscribe hit the bell hit like
Abigail Thomas
Abigail Thomas 11 days ago
d s
d s 11 days ago
Im a. fan
Snopdog 11 days ago
The black guy voice i like it❤
Ryan Philbrook
Ryan Philbrook 12 days ago
AkroBon Trading
AkroBon Trading 12 days ago
you have to show nobb1234's in real
Patrick Sutton
Patrick Sutton 12 days ago
Preston ok. Try and have the drone find me!
GD Lispzzz
GD Lispzzz 12 days ago
Honestly, you are literally a cheater.I dont even care about the drone, but cutting the gopro and checking the tape is kinda cheap
Josh D
Josh D 12 days ago
Dudes Josh has grown up a lot since previous videos
Amelia French
Amelia French 13 days ago
I have always wanted your merch and my mom said I can go to where you live one day and I was think if I meet you can I build a Barbie dream house with Brianna and can I play Fortnite with Preston just so you know i am your biggest biggest biggest fan ever I leave comments,and I like all of your videos,and I subscribe to all of your videos well BYE BYE
The Ball Family Vlogs
aww does he not have the galaxy fire merch as a hoodie?
Aka East06
Aka East06 13 days ago
Who sees dis have a great don’t get corona year
kenshire velasco
kenshire velasco 13 days ago
Love preston
Sadna Puholy
Sadna Puholy 14 days ago
You called you're wife a he LOOL
yareli chavez
yareli chavez 14 days ago
yareli chavez
yareli chavez 14 days ago
Preston‘s camera Be Lake🔂↩️↩️↩️↪️↙️↙️↪️↔️↘️↘️↘️↘️➡️↗️↔️↔️↩️⤴️⤴️⤵️↕️⬇️🔼
0607_ Awesome
0607_ Awesome 14 days ago
Is anyone gonna talk about how many adds r in this vid?
Arron Suraj
Arron Suraj 13 days ago
Peppa Pig
Reese and Ella engele
Prank unspeakable
Reese and Ella engele
Pranked unspeakable
SimplyAriGacha 14 days ago
your the best at hidinseek some people say that your name is hidinseek master
N3XU5 13 days ago
I can tell you’re 8 years old
A. R
A. R 14 days ago
Super im on mu grandios ü
Shout Out
Shout Out 14 days ago
Lol he called bri an ant in the beginning
Martin kloop
Martin kloop 15 days ago
if i play hide and seek i wal look at the sky frist
Mak Atanasov
Mak Atanasov 15 days ago
Ok!! Best player preston
TheInfiniteCraft // Minecraft and more
I remember those days when preston wasn't a cringe clickbait channel
Ethan Hudson
Ethan Hudson 15 days ago
If Brianna is the devil, then why did you marry her?
Jennifer Coffey
Jennifer Coffey 16 days ago
I just wanna know how much it cost to rent out the hotel for a while!
Gary Campbell
Gary Campbell 16 days ago
He’s been cheating with the drone
Gary Campbell
Gary Campbell 16 days ago
He’s been cheating
DAVION PEEBLES 16 days ago
I’m always the last one found lol
Shane Belmont
Shane Belmont 17 days ago
Hey Preston pls respond what r the radio had used in the vid Thx if u respond X
Christopher Olaoye
Christopher Olaoye 17 days ago
Play more Roblox
Grady Douglass
Grady Douglass 17 days ago
Check the fridges
Erin Egan
Erin Egan 17 days ago
I love the hide and seek videos
Hailey Hawxhurst
Hailey Hawxhurst 17 days ago
Kira Gamez
Kira Gamez 18 days ago
Storm Weaver
Storm Weaver 18 days ago
Let’s Face It All Of Prestons Videos Are Fake
David Bailey
David Bailey 4 days ago
HATER I think your fake
Agena Vang
Agena Vang 18 days ago
Preston there is a girl in bloxburg likes you
this dude funny
this dude funny 18 days ago
I did Preston jees
Kenji Schuster
Kenji Schuster 18 days ago
I saw a wasp nest that was probably 1 foot in circumference
Prime88 18 days ago
I love your videos 😍😍😍
MLG DOGE! 19 days ago
I subscribed
MLG DOGE! 19 days ago
Don’t you live in Texas and I live in Road island how you get me how
caro baez
caro baez 19 days ago
hola realmente buen video quisiera que prosigan haciendo material de calidad!!! Voy a continuar mirando sus creaciones. Les mando un saludo nos vemos luego 🤞🏽👍🏽
Abigail Van Kraay
Abigail Van Kraay 19 days ago
I don’t want any drones
Emma Walters
Emma Walters 19 days ago
I’m a fan,Preston!
Michelle Ellul
Michelle Ellul 19 days ago
It was unfair that present cheated 😠
Ashley Ford
Ashley Ford 19 days ago
Preston you won't believe this there's A hater of you and I don't like it I have to stop them Somehow I have to get on this game on roblox
Veera Thaarala
Veera Thaarala 19 days ago
Ur such a big cheater
Coreyborey7 19 days ago
Gimme 1$ I want it
Keenan Cardinal
Keenan Cardinal 20 days ago
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