I Used A Million Dollar AI To Prove Light Novel Titles Are Dumb.

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Light Novel titles have gotten so stupid recently, that I bet a robot could come up with better ideas. So I built one. I made an A.I who's sole purpose was to make awful Light Novel titles.
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Mar 7, 2021




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Comments 100
Rachel B
Rachel B 3 hours ago
Can someone plug the song when the title screen popped up
squares 7 hours ago
gigguk in the thumbnail ._.
Artem C.
Artem C. 8 hours ago
"That time I got reincarnated as a struggling artist in Austria."
The_HighGarden 9 hours ago
gored is a word, though I've never heard it used that way, but its not technically wrong.
Georgi Georgiev
Georgi Georgiev 15 hours ago
I get strong Michael reeves vibes from this video
Arial Laguing
Arial Laguing 21 hour ago
I heard that Garnt xD that gesu kimi wo otome, whatever they're called, part.
# nighesd
# nighesd 22 hours ago
You had me at “I try to pick up girls at birth”
Gored is a past tense of "gore" As in...you just got stabbed and are probably dead since it's usually used in the context of a bull's horns.
FedeRama Day ago
Jorge Luis Molina Noguera
Hi garnt! I’m a student in statistics and I do a lot of artificial intelligence work, if you ever need improvement please let me know, I’m not on patroon or discord lol
Eric Hughes
Eric Hughes Day ago
"I remember a time when light novel titles weren't like this" would be a great light novel title.
BrianJ720 Day ago
Gigguk we already got GPT3 man you're falling behind
Snopple Wopple
this video is hilarious lmao
Snopple Wopple
Only Gigguk would do something like this lmao
Raka A.
Raka A. Day ago
13:52 "gotta make a lie! A molester's work?!?!?!" The hell is that
Jonas Aguila
Jonas Aguila Day ago
We need more of those Real or Fake Anime/Manga/Light Novel Title Quizzes!!! Also, Unwanted Virginity of a Genius is an AWESOME concept... Make that into a REAL Light Novel.
Dev Software Solution
I only was watching the poster behind him and remeber nothing than that
Manamrit Singh
Manamrit Singh 2 days ago
"I'll rebel against the totalitarian state because onii chan is watching me." I'm dead lol this is so on point
Ataem 2 days ago
Harry potter when its adapted as light novel will be like : that time i figured out that i am a wizard
Holder Of gold
Holder Of gold 2 days ago
It looks like your waifu is real
Kevinofrepublic 2 days ago
14:51 I was taking a swig of beer and it almost killed me.
Cris San Juan
Cris San Juan 3 days ago
Garnt dissing the kuma kuma bear title, not realising theres an ACTUAL manga with the name... Kuma kuma bear kuma.
"gored" is the past tense of the verb "gore," that is "to pierce or wound with pointed (such as a horn or knife)" ie. gored by a bull.
PorkPie Hat D Mingo
Interspecies Matchmaker sounds good.
PorkPie Hat D Mingo
Now just get another AI to write the book.
faisal bachri
faisal bachri 3 days ago
Skynet can't be this cute.
The Person
The Person 3 days ago
Joey calling a full-stop a “period” is proof that Aki’s brainwashing is not only underway, it’s fucking effective.
Salty Boi
Salty Boi 4 days ago
This is just me laughing intensely
Koru Spring
Koru Spring 5 days ago
What is your name again? Grant?
JoOsH 5 days ago
Damnn that background
flare3000 5 days ago
"Connor does not want to eat the sweet prince" By Harlan Ellison
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 5 days ago
Gored is a word though.. Like "Bobby B was gored by a pig during a hunting trip".
Chicken Wonder
Chicken Wonder 5 days ago
Man had the hachama pfp
Adam Ricks
Adam Ricks 5 days ago
8:35 Oh no, Gored means to be impaled by something. That sounds like something Sydney would read. D:
norn't neithern't
5:04 that bg...what the.. what the f...
norn't neithern't
"I made an a.i. that generates awful light novel titles (or how to make something absolutely useless)" Sounds like a l.n. title
Naman Kumar
Naman Kumar 5 days ago
Fast paced action** shows 3 frames per second
Gamerunt 5 days ago
5:04 every f2p genshin player now absolutely hates you for that roll
AngelHQ 4 days ago
And that's why one shouldn't play gacha games, at least free. We'll do it anyways, I guess.
SittingShelf 6 days ago
Why no one can use this AI?
Chris mar
Chris mar 6 days ago
"Grant. A Simple Dream of Sex and the Girlfriend from Another World" (16:48) AOTY 🔥
Dnotz 86
Dnotz 86 6 days ago
so gpt 2 is just alice from sao?
Gabriel Gamboa
Gabriel Gamboa 6 days ago
me who saw the sponsor: mate i have all of them XD
ᑕYBΞRMIՈD͟ 6 days ago
Thats impressive, and funny as well😂
Damian Lazcano
Damian Lazcano 6 days ago
So no one is going to talk about all the times the video played the same clip 🤨
Chayan 6 days ago
Axphyxia / 窒息
10:27 Anime Cypher 2021
Unga Bunga
Unga Bunga 7 days ago
GIGGUK!?!?!?!?!?! GIGGUKERS?!?!?!?!?!
Rigved Waradpande
Trust me and go and read Lord Of The Mysteries webnovel. It's legendary tier. Just make sure that you stick till the end of the first volume and then you'll get hooked.
TEROOR 7 days ago
"Garnt: Virgin-dominator in another world with a strap-on"
Emily Brown
Emily Brown 8 days ago
I think gigguk might be lowkey as obsessed with fate as me.
Abe Wan
Abe Wan 8 days ago
I like the vending machine one.
Amadeo Garcia
Amadeo Garcia 8 days ago
The concept and execution of the video premise is great, but I gotta say frankly that the editing style and 'comedy' feels less like classic Gigguk, and more like a Keys brothers video or something. I mean, I guess if that's the intended effect, and you're courting the 9-year-old viewer market, that's great, I guess.
Q'uq'umatz Davis
Q'uq'umatz Davis 8 days ago
Joey-pop-pop-pop-pop killed me. I want that light novel
Granny Love
Granny Love 8 days ago
You should do this with GTP-3.
Lime Juice
Lime Juice 8 days ago
It's been a VERY long time since a video made me laugh this much
Laura Chalmer
Laura Chalmer 8 days ago
This was hilarious! 🤣
юля сова
юля сова 8 days ago
When it came to Conor's turn, seeing the results from the AI, I laughed like never before.
DutchDread 8 days ago
Damn, did you not ask Connor whether or not you invented "Connor wants to be a hero, but is actually a dick"?
Beep Boop
Beep Boop 8 days ago
The title of this video should be the name of a light novel. 10:08 Misfit academy series thing.
Cynical 8 days ago
DJ Regirock
DJ Regirock 9 days ago
The title of this video could be a light novel title Edit: I realize that may have been intentional
Sp3RonKoa 9 days ago
Its okay to make fun of god and jesus some do that. Like some believe In the Evolution of humans and some believe that because there wasnt anyone, instead of killing half god snapped fingers and made it all.
Sophie J
Sophie J 9 days ago
Hnnng yes honkai 3rd ad feeding my soul
Toby Hodges
Toby Hodges 9 days ago
I love how even the title of this video is a light novel title
브인 게임채널
whats pain peko?
TheMalignCat 9 days ago
Search Usada Pekora or is this sarcasm?
Giannis Pantazis
Giannis Pantazis 10 days ago
Ok but like The Melancholy Of Jesus Christ is fucking metal and I wish the Bible was called that.
Vinicius de Moraes
Vinicius de Moraes 10 days ago
I actually like the awfully long LN titles, you only need to read the title to know if you will find the premise insteresting or not, and since the isekai genre is so saturated that helps a lot when choosing what to read.
Adrian Ndung'u
Adrian Ndung'u 10 days ago
He should search for what kuma means in Swahili and he would know why I'm wheezing
GloatingSwine 10 days ago
I would probably watch the first episode of Bear Bear Bear Bear Bear Bear Bear 2: The Lost World.
cadak1 10 days ago
I’m pretty sure that this is how ultranationalist was born and decided to kill all humans
Blank 11 days ago
Tf is that “A Certain Magical Index II: The Unwanted Virgin:Part 1” 😂
Tang MengTit
Tang MengTit 11 days ago
'"i was reincarnated as a sister stuck in a laundry machine" lol
A C 11 days ago
Gored is a real word...
AnimeSunglasses 11 days ago
...I gotta be honest, I kinda want to watch "Bear Bear Bear Bear, Bear Bear Bear Bear II: the Lost World"
Omkar Desai
Omkar Desai 11 days ago
I wonder what the output would be if he used gpt 3
DUCK CHANNEL 11 days ago
Can we download this AI ?
nozaku 12 days ago
gore verb (2) gored; goring Definition of gore (Entry 3 of 5) transitive verb : to pierce or wound with something pointed (such as a horn or knife) gored by a bull
Михаил Чибис
"Garnt is real name" Yesn't
Sad doot
Sad doot 12 days ago
Connor and thr killing of the clumsy kid
Tomáš A. Zachar
Tomáš A. Zachar 12 days ago
Hey, that "The Unwanted Virginity Of A Genius" is actually pretty nice.
ᑎIGᕼTᑕOᖇE ᑕᑌᗷE
13:54 "A certain magical index part 2: The unwanted virgin, part 1 " I'm dead
MAWIYArayyan 12 days ago
I actually read the manga for "I'm a behemoth, an s rank monster, but mistaken for a cat, I live as an elf girls pet" *No Cap*
MasterCrest 12 days ago
"Joey Pickle the Wrong Way: Part 2"? Man, I haven't even read part 1 yet!
r r
r r 12 days ago
GPT 3. Just do it.
Just a Gay with a Homosexuality
gigguk is a ML channel now pog
game play channel
game play channel 13 days ago
I want download it
Apelsin KEKOV
Apelsin KEKOV 13 days ago
25:05 I read this right now, and i have to say, that this novel is genius
manchild 13 days ago
The Turing Test of Light Novels
rzplaygames 13 days ago
10:55 I think I saw a novel with a similiar title once... Ah, found it... "My Big Sister Lives in a Fantasy World".
Kirill Slabchenko FE-91
That's why I freaking love Nisio Isin Bakemonogatari -- monstories, and other puns in the same theme (and his novels are goddamn masterpieces)
squabble 13 days ago
he got the baqua bgm
Olegh Rozman
Olegh Rozman 13 days ago
I wonder how it would work with the name of Digibro..
Compassionate Curmudgeon
lol kuma kuma kuma bear is already a thing... That may be partially responsible for teaching it repetition is OK
JebSchleiden UberTechnologie
One of the interesting things that I’ve seen GPT-2 used for is that it was trained on BDSM stories from Literotica and it was then fed the Bible as its prompt. The output was interesting
JebSchleiden UberTechnologie
Long titles are for two things: research papers and light novels
Mels Tadevosyan
Mels Tadevosyan 13 days ago
We need that AI Thats too good to be forgotten
corbin madrid
corbin madrid 13 days ago
"i mean look how Good it looks" as its runing at 20p
CopperWar 13 days ago
No one's gonna talk about the wallpaper?
Christopher Rowe
Christopher Rowe 13 days ago
We now have an audio clip of Gigguk saying "I try to pick up girls at birth"
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