I Unlocked Fusion In One Day And This Is How

Luke TheNotable
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Feb 15, 2020




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Comments 80
Dan0ps 41 minute ago
He is recording midas in one day its on his RUvid story
Dark X
Dark X 43 minutes ago
Luke thenotable: “these guys are all bots” Also Luke theNotable: 1:45 *misses half of his pistol shots*
Peter Does Drums
I hope you do midas in one day
Mr 789
Mr 789 2 hours ago
The first second of the video and the thumbnail is so similar
Just a box with some Internet access
Do getting lvl 100 in one day chapter2 season2
Marta Steinmetz
Marta Steinmetz 5 hours ago
Make i unlock midas in one day. Its almost end of season
ALEXANDER WONG 6 hours ago
doritos 51 minute ago
ALEXANDER WONG how? ur a seven year old. he literally made a video on it that you’re watching
TheRubyMineCart Youtube
When are we gonna see I got Midas in 1 day and this is how?
Clik 14 hours ago
No wonder he hasn’t played this season they added a few game modes the battle pass and then nerfed a gun and put in 2 items 😂
NotSluckY 20 hours ago
That’s notable
GamerRory 22 hours ago
*10 minutes of Luke TheNotable roasting Epic*
Dark Chr1s
Dark Chr1s Day ago
Are you gonna do one for season 12
You could just pull out your Credit/Debit Card or grab your parents card 😂
Shayla Denney
Do unlock Midas in one day
samuel pasillas
9:26 which skin
VoltaZBolt Day ago
Uma Rajan
Uma Rajan 2 days ago
“Planes would be cool” Epic: here’s helicopters
Austyn Hostetler
Austyn Hostetler 2 days ago
32 dmg to the head with a shotgun why is fortnite broken
one snipwe YT5
one snipwe YT5 2 days ago
Garry Zelensky
Garry Zelensky 3 days ago
Kendra Sheikho
Kendra Sheikho 3 days ago
Drop lazy lake 100times
Alex Brooks
Alex Brooks 3 days ago
YeMoose !
YeMoose ! 3 days ago
Luke the notable watched my mythic mini gun yt video
Bing Bong
Bing Bong 3 days ago
You could do it without the bundle if you start doing challenges on the first day
Darealnoone 3 days ago
0:10 “low on time” hahahahhahahhhahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahhaahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahah so funny
JaCrispy Does Games
Is he gonna do one for season 3?
Niko R
Niko R 4 days ago
you going to do midas? its almost the end of the season and you aleways do it like at the end
BananaPlays - Fortnite
I got tier 100 in ones day! Me: so you're saying you just spent all your vbucks to buy all the tiers.
Jump Force ninja The best
I unlocked fusion and i bought the battle bass for 950 vbucks and got him
Sedeeznuts 1
Sedeeznuts 1 4 days ago
Kit Fisto
Kit Fisto 4 days ago
Luke thenotable “planes would be nice” Fortnite “how about a helicopter”
Clouded Llama
Clouded Llama 4 days ago
8:32 true and OOOOOOOOOOH
Razet Bear
Razet Bear 5 days ago
“Planes would be cool” Me: psh yeah right you don’t even know the half of it
Holl Up
Holl Up 5 days ago
Peeley 5 days ago
Nephalem Panther
Nephalem Panther 5 days ago
"...to spell a game that used to be good."
STZ Blade
STZ Blade 3 days ago
Well he's not wrong..
Luke Barreira
Luke Barreira 5 days ago
Will he do Midas in one day?
Kai_lopez 98
Kai_lopez 98 5 days ago
Could you add me my username is Kai_lopez98
Vincenzo Frias
Vincenzo Frias 6 days ago
“Planes would be cool”. HHHHMMMMMMMM
Luke Ilderton
Luke Ilderton 4 days ago
Helicopter: Mobility +
IG Midas
IG Midas 6 days ago
I didn’t have the batttle pass because o didn’t get it
IG Midas
IG Midas 6 days ago
I wanted too
Daniel & Roger
Daniel & Roger 6 days ago
when are you going to unlock Midas in one day
Chase Brock
Chase Brock 6 days ago
You guys remember when Luke made Fortnite videos?
Garth Maragh
Garth Maragh 6 days ago
"At the end of the game I ran out of materials and died" Me seeing he had 17 metal left and could've blocked the rocket launcher shot #@!":>_(;=
server dominater
server dominater 6 days ago
8:33 LOL
Brayden Guidroz
Brayden Guidroz 6 days ago
Dude I remember this being a small Halo channel, geeze. Good job luke
Pxlar 6 days ago
Plz post more fortnite
An EPIC Potato4
An EPIC Potato4 6 days ago
“How I unlocked fusion in 1 day” Just use money and buy them all *Video ends*
Mark Hubbard
Mark Hubbard 7 days ago
Land at one of the spy locations 20 or 100 times in season 2
JOHN PASTA2 7 days ago
Do Midas in a day!
Demyan Adamenko
Demyan Adamenko 8 days ago
Phyzix 8 days ago
Luke: Makes a video about playing team rumble *Gets 2 million views*
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet 8 days ago
BuY tIeRs Of CoUrSe
Skelet0nOfFun 8 days ago
I unlocked full gold agent peely and completed location domination in one day when?
bruh moment
bruh moment 8 days ago
There's a reason why this has 1k dislikes 😐
Provoke Goku
Provoke Goku 9 days ago
Who ever thought this would be his last fortnite video 😂😭🤔
EthieBiscuit 9 days ago
8:31 I felt that 😔😔
Damia Murrieta
Damia Murrieta 9 days ago
Poizon_Knockout 9 days ago
*I unlocked fusion in one day* just purchase the whole battle pass
panda colt
panda colt 9 days ago
what does he play on i think he killed me in 1 of his 100 drop vid
Elliot Nicholls
Elliot Nicholls 9 days ago
I liked that game where you tried to unlock fusion
TheRealTropic 9 days ago
Xbox One
Fazey2k 9 days ago
He said planes next season planes
Cool Boy Mag
Cool Boy Mag 10 days ago
His jump is y
02jigz 10 days ago
LTN: planes whould be nice
ShadowBonGaming Minecraft & more!
If you get legendary guns and Epic guns theres someone in your family that secretly works for epic games
SlickRiley 21
SlickRiley 21 10 days ago
I’ll say this and I’ll say this once DROP AGENCY 100 TIMES
a Banana
a Banana 10 days ago
Can unlock Midas in one day
a Banana
a Banana 10 days ago
Jariel Santos
Jariel Santos 10 days ago
make another one with the midas battlepass
Crazy Gamer727
Crazy Gamer727 10 days ago
Hey elbatoneht ekul is Luke the notable backwards
AidenShmaiden 10 days ago
Nobody’s talking about how the thumbnail syncs up with the start of the video
Kevonte Green
Kevonte Green 10 days ago
9:45 🤣 I wonder if that was on purpose
EPIC GAMER 11 days ago
Planes is season 7 chapter 1
Nuclear N8
Nuclear N8 10 days ago
Dk Thunder
Dk Thunder 11 days ago
It’s only 3 weeks till end of the season so only about 2 weeks till unlocking midas
anirudh varanasi
anirudh varanasi 11 days ago
How come he hasn’t don season 2?.
TheRealTropic 9 days ago
Because it’s not the last day of Season 2 yet
Tommylee Kelly
Tommylee Kelly 11 days ago
Chopas r
Jfjdjdn Rnrne
Jfjdjdn Rnrne 11 days ago
PartyOnTheBed 11 days ago
Luke reacting to ch2 season 2 Better Vehicle: Helicopter Luke: Oh! Brings back the minigun in a higher rarity Luke: OH! a better battle pass Luke: OHHHHHHHHHHH MY GOD!
Dark Star
Dark Star 11 days ago
Code lazar Lol
Elite knight
Elite knight 11 days ago
12 F’s coming up
TheRealEpic21 11 days ago
I like peely the best, but Ultima Knight is cool cause it shows you were able to somehow put up with mechs lol
Mysticc 11 days ago
Luke:To spell a game that user to be good Me:oooooooooooooh
Nuclear N8
Nuclear N8 10 days ago
Mysticc: user be good Me: ooooooooh
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