I Unlocked Every Element Mastery In Roblox Ninja Legends

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I Unlocked Every Element Mastery In Roblox Ninja Legends
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Jan 25, 2020




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Comments 100
Nor Mala
Nor Mala 2 days ago
Huge ninja elements lightning
md mk
md mk 4 days ago
Mine is inportant
md mk
md mk 4 days ago
Blue words in your comment means it's important
ma pyanuth
ma pyanuth 6 days ago
But y are u a cat so how can u play roblox
Miguel Rojas
Miguel Rojas 9 days ago
Miguel Rojas
Miguel Rojas 9 days ago
Martin Parada
Martin Parada 10 days ago
KEERTHI M RAJ 11 days ago
Infinor element
Noah Bino
Noah Bino 11 days ago
It is not true
Yayu Xu
Yayu Xu 24 days ago
Sniff 🥺 when will I be as good as gravycatman?
Joey Strait
Joey Strait 24 days ago
I know that thing
v 86
v 86 27 days ago
Felicia Edobor
Felicia Edobor 28 days ago
It's soooo gud
Isaac Bassey
Isaac Bassey 29 days ago
My name is SPO34KEY
Isaac Bassey
Isaac Bassey 29 days ago
i .u
i .u 29 days ago
I am legendery shdowmaster
Verenice Godinez
Give me pack
crystal gang
crystal gang Month ago
i got all the elements
Infinite Fandubs
7:54 HE HAD -2.41 coins
Remy Rodrigez
Remy Rodrigez Month ago
Gravy catman please I'm not making this a joke we can give Calypso a left right good night
Regginha Clarisse Cabalhin
I think cail can no you 😑
Maria Stephanie Valdez
I'm the most biggest.noob cuase my lvl is master legend assassin
enrose jules
enrose jules Month ago
I don't get frost because its esey to climb yah yeet
Ong hong aun
Ong hong aun Month ago
I unlock ranks is 1 day to rank up
Potaskyz YT
Potaskyz YT Month ago
Gravy is a Hakr
Potaskyz YT
Potaskyz YT Month ago
I hate you
Adam Whitworth
Adam Whitworth Month ago
Leo Archer
Leo Archer Month ago
I think when gravy says inferno I think it’s infernal
Piggy’s gamer world With bren
I watched a video of a guy spying on you in an island he made me upset when I saw that in this game and yeah it made me really 😢
Mia 2002
Mia 2002 Month ago
I just unlocked inferneo element!!!
Michelle Spooner
You are the best gravy
faridah kadir
faridah kadir Month ago
Liam Dahlen
Liam Dahlen Month ago
E dude that’s impossible
Liam Dahlen
Liam Dahlen Month ago
It does work
Xeplz Month ago
The heck I'm already using that glitche and I'm in immortal assasins 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Riccardo Zamor
Riccardo Zamor Month ago
hero kent
hero kent 2 months ago
Gravy there's a secret element up you
Jorge Rivera
Jorge Rivera 2 months ago
Mohammad Hamid
Mohammad Hamid 2 months ago
Thats a hackers pet that will reset all of your ranks 0:02
Aveguel Pedochino
Aveguel Pedochino 2 months ago
i got the inferno cuse its helpful plus 1 pets is helpful to do your multiplyir
Ravneet Grewal
Ravneet Grewal 2 months ago
my son likes it
Raj Bhujel
Raj Bhujel 2 months ago
My pets is so so amazing the stacks is so so powerful😎
Mr. JKK 2 months ago
I got second max rank in ninja legends skyblade ninja master lol with all the elements
Fortnite,roblox God
Fortnite,roblox God 2 months ago
Crazy 👇🏻
Jonny M
Jonny M 2 months ago
Me 1 second
Rhea Pacho
Rhea Pacho 2 months ago
gravycatman can u live pls i want to join u pls my name its noobrenleafxd on roblox
Pro GamerBoy
Pro GamerBoy 2 months ago
Can you give me some rubux
selin nayman6
selin nayman6 2 months ago
Stripe’s Channel
Stripe’s Channel 2 months ago
Do you know crazy Kathleen is the weather for the piggy piggy shaking this worsens guy in the next doctor called and moon river liberty play with me do you somebody trade me a good
my rank is master of elemental oof
ranie tariman
ranie tariman 2 months ago
Did any one notice nagative number if u did like this comment
raulis romanovski
raulis romanovski 2 months ago
Who is watching this while ninja legendis is dead
Greg Sochanik
Greg Sochanik 2 months ago
Lol when you put on subtitles it says golden sun stupid legend lol.......
Greg Sochanik
Greg Sochanik 2 months ago
It takes me like 7 hours to rank up lol XD but I am at the max rank and I have mastered all the elements and I literally have millions of EXTREMELY RARE PETS
trex bite bro2
trex bite bro2 2 months ago
I am a huge fan pls help me with something or add me username guestfrei
trex bite bro2
trex bite bro2 2 months ago
gravycatman I really love you and your videos they make me proud of you:)
vanessa meurer
vanessa meurer 3 months ago
My element is lightning
Bryan V.
Bryan V. 3 months ago
Some The Cat
Some The Cat 3 months ago
[calixo] sad you hacker
Some The Cat
Some The Cat 3 months ago
gravy! you are a hacker
glamgoo bffs
glamgoo bffs 3 months ago
i have all elments
Cornelius Moore
Cornelius Moore 3 months ago
Can you get the same element like say I got f Inferno and then I got it again what would I get a +2 That’s lots
Ju Thai
Ju Thai 3 months ago
You so noob
Jason Dorrance
Jason Dorrance 3 months ago
Change my name is Grayson in real life
Jason Dorrance
Jason Dorrance 3 months ago
Z can you please give me some pets like the big purple one just one of them I look like a bacon hair and I am a noob and my name starts with an F
Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson 3 months ago
Your the best cat overlord go cats
Hell playz Dabsss
Hell playz Dabsss 3 months ago
I just a little noob with assain rank woowowowo me noob
nikko ngo
nikko ngo 3 months ago
Speaking of this gravy i love your channel but can you subscribe to me thank you
nikko ngo
nikko ngo 3 months ago
And almost last island
nikko ngo
nikko ngo 3 months ago
I got the seventh rank
Reina Flores
Reina Flores 3 months ago
gravy I have 2 places to put my pets but I can get more😏
MultiAryan123 3 months ago
Nice vid
Leoric Mijares
Leoric Mijares 3 months ago
Guess what It’s not about money it’s kinda about trading tbh but it is still about money
Edden Then
Edden Then 3 months ago
Add me in. Roblox my name is edden_t in. Roblox I got a Lot of Roblox plsss pls pls pls
Лили Карчева
Tell me who watches this in quarantine
Midnight Plays
Midnight Plays 3 months ago
And goly pet
Midnight Plays
Midnight Plays 3 months ago
It take me 3 year to be pro
Midnight Plays
Midnight Plays 3 months ago
Me got gold one but gravycatman goly then me
Midnight Plays
Midnight Plays 3 months ago
You noib
Karma RBX
Karma RBX 4 months ago
did you see it said -2.41 7:54
Joseph Nung
Joseph Nung 4 months ago
I wish there was a buy all on ranks
Joseph Nung
Joseph Nung 4 months ago
I wish they’re was a buy all on Ranks
Dr. Mina Victoria Chepaka
Kok Beng Ang
Kok Beng Ang 4 months ago
I’m a Master of elements
payasalopez 4 months ago
Hay Juice enferme en leen
XZgameZX Jacob
XZgameZX Jacob 4 months ago
im good at that GAME and i get new rank every 5second
Jackielyn Claro
Jackielyn Claro 4 months ago
I want 1 darkelement pack
Dead33Fr 4 months ago
Look the coins of GRAVY in 7:52 in no pause
Dead33Fr 4 months ago
we didn't know it will always be a mystery
Hanako Kun
Hanako Kun 4 months ago
This takes me back when Ninja Legends used to update weekly😧 it doesn't update anymore I hope it stills go on
Bogó Zalánッ
Bogó Zalánッ 4 months ago
how old r u dude? 😂😂😂
J F 4 months ago
got 3 elements, electro, shadowfire, and Eternity storm
Giugiu Playz
Giugiu Playz 4 months ago
I’m almost done with all elements highest rank:star strike master sensey
B Moschke
B Moschke 4 months ago
I have all elements ranks swords shurkiens backpack and skills omg
Christian Marfil
Christian Marfil 4 months ago
Frost element is master of elements
Dale Yegge
Dale Yegge 4 months ago
Dale Yegge
Dale Yegge 4 months ago
He's soooooo cute
Ali Hosseini
Ali Hosseini 4 months ago
i have 3 elemants
brian gao
brian gao 4 months ago
Your videos are so good . I like them so much
Tamara Toombs
Tamara Toombs 5 months ago
Taylor Lewis
Taylor Lewis 5 months ago
Do you still believe me?
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