I Unlocked Every Element Mastery In Roblox Ninja Legends

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I Unlocked Every Element Mastery In Roblox Ninja Legends
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Jan 25, 2020




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Comments 1 793
Kyle Kaser
Kyle Kaser Day ago
iwot to be your beste
Belkin Hernandez
Belkin Hernandez 2 days ago
I aways wach your vids so much and can u plzzz buy me a pack plzzzzzz
That boi itsyeteo
Lol I've been doing this🤣🤣🤣
That boi itsyeteo
Doin the glitch
karen alver lalu arenas
srry gravy i treid to join u
Michael Jiang
Michael Jiang 3 days ago
Gravy: all the hard work and I need to reset? me: watching it when infinity lords came out and buying the gamepasses that allows u to keep on unlocking islands :iT's EaSy
Michael Jiang
Michael Jiang 3 days ago
btw all elements and ranks
Konrad Podkowka
Konrad Podkowka 5 days ago
I got a 30b multiplier with 2 pets lmao
drpringle 6 days ago
when i first clicked on this video i thought it was an ad because of the cat thing
garythesnail058 9 days ago
I got the Inferno Element first.
itz_cryst_diamond crystal
Gravy did you have a friend that name bisivole
Jessica Mendoza
Jessica Mendoza 13 days ago
On roblox. Go on add friends and a go on request and acape Me
FilipinoGamer 1112
FilipinoGamer 1112 14 days ago
can someone help so i recently unlock the frost element but i want it to turn it off but it doest work how do i turn elements off?
Nouf Almuhaidib
Nouf Almuhaidib 14 days ago
Okjkujojiiuiujuuuiuujjjjjji Hi
Nouf Almuhaidib
Nouf Almuhaidib 14 days ago
Angel Alvarez
Angel Alvarez 14 days ago
wilCookie With Cookies
Inferno, lightning, frost Most people give away really decent pet and even max tier, inferno gives pet slot and lightning makes you rank up a lot faster
Junhui Cheong
Junhui Cheong 17 days ago
Guys the money on gravy is negative 2.41 7:55
Christian Mason
Christian Mason 17 days ago
Ur not really a cat right
Your one and only Noodle
Yor wids ar soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dob I also play Ninja Legend . Wen I sad your wids I
施娜君 18 days ago
go to element and look up
施娜君 18 days ago
one more people element
Wendy Hancock
Wendy Hancock 18 days ago
Can somebody please buy me the pack my username is 66gtg66123 and i have a golden suit
Jae Ewbank
Jae Ewbank 18 days ago
is the God
is the God 19 days ago
Gravy why are you a cat
Fauzan Talha
Fauzan Talha 20 days ago
I need 2 more ranks to buy element Ez
angel santos
angel santos 20 days ago
can you give me pack in ninja legend my roblox acc is morgz09x
Shlok it was aa12 he made a video Maulik Shroff
I love ur videos u are the best youtuber I am supporting u and always will just a little help just one pack
sharksblox 009
sharksblox 009 21 day ago
I bought all your merch
Bradyn and Logan kickbutttowski
I followed you on roblox
Lica Blair
Lica Blair 21 day ago
Eric cartman
MrFathan Gaming
MrFathan Gaming 21 day ago
accept friendship
Deridarrobloxking123 Гармаева
You passed I’m dragon warrior
Luis Guerrero Vega
I got all of them in the first day sooooo
Suheyb Harbi
Suheyb Harbi 21 day ago
Hi I’m your fan I love your video
EDWIN YT16 21 day ago
No se como llegue aki Xd
XXJLgamingXx 22 days ago
7:53 oh no negative money the money was so poor it became not positive lol
dragon roblox
dragon roblox 22 days ago
LOL GRAVY U didnt buy jumps me bruh LoL
Xin Xin歆歆
Xin Xin歆歆 22 days ago
I got inferno frist then frost then lightning
Ha Nguyen
Ha Nguyen 22 days ago
May I have some pet please mi nick is baokhanhntg password is newton136
pflnational 22 days ago
9:29 fail funny
calvin yip
calvin yip 22 days ago
Jonnycrazy 22 days ago
Get Gravycatman 1 million subscribers
i am a yt
Jelly Best
Jelly Best 23 days ago
I just has two element
Scre4m 23 days ago
Can I have a pack Username:eerny123
Minh the pro roblox yt
7:54 did u see ur coin is -2.41?????????????
Christian 23 days ago
I’ll give password for u to buy on my account
Christian 23 days ago
I want pack User: coolaid980
Art By Andre
Art By Andre 23 days ago
I picked the inferno mastery
SENSEI reins25
SENSEI reins25 23 days ago
My phone just randomly high pitched the sound
XxxxJ0shXxx 23 days ago
Hi GravyCatMan! I Would Like You To Give me 5 Z Master Add Me UserName: XxxxJ0shXxx
Sayan YT
Sayan YT 23 days ago
ummm?? 7:54
Tyron sanchez
Tyron sanchez 23 days ago
Wow 5secin he have five ekements woq
XxAngel_Doggy xX
XxAngel_Doggy xX 23 days ago
GrAvy can I have 1 z master?
Jason Truong
Jason Truong 23 days ago
Me:ranks up 1 time per day Gravy:ranks up about 16 times per vid Me:wow
Maximilian Gerschner
Can I Get A Z Master?
Ammiel Arellano
Ammiel Arellano 23 days ago
O.o negative money?! 7:54
Hunter Costillo
Hunter Costillo 23 days ago
All I need is 11 plsssssssssssssssssss I need It pls
Hunter Costillo
Hunter Costillo 23 days ago
mammyshouse is how you should friend me please please can I pack
Iustin Oprisan
Iustin Oprisan 23 days ago
Can you equip more than 2 elements in ninja legends?
Shamaila Wilson
Shamaila Wilson 23 days ago
Pls can I have z master and x gen
Faded Capz
Faded Capz 23 days ago
My account was hacked my new user is:heckblueman123432 pls pack or good pets
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