I Unlocked Dire In One Day And This Is How (Fortnite)

Luke TheNotable
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I unlocked the Dire skin in Fortnite in one day. This video goes over exactly how I managed to complete that challenge. I was able to get it done in just 8 hours from a fresh account. If you would like to watch the first video I did on this challenge check it out here! - ruvid.net/video/video-567OOfCkqN8.html&t
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Dec 2, 2018




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Comments 100
Luke TheNotable
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Christian Salas
Christian Salas Month ago
you bought didnt you
Tony Da sneaky git
Tony Da sneaky git 3 months ago
I got it from the glitch
Just an ordinary gamer
Luke TheNotable you mist a lama in game 23
Boppy Games
Boppy Games 8 months ago
Did you take a break during this at all
Jakeify 11 months ago
DANIEL MECHEV 14 days ago
People are so rude sometimes why cant we be all friends And Rude ppl have to swear
Kynoi 29 days ago
Man i miss these days :/
stn_shock 5 days ago
@Kynoi yeah they should have made a tutorial for beginners
Kynoi 5 days ago
@stn_shock pretty sure sbmm is epics fault
stn_shock 5 days ago
@Kynoi no the people like your like now made sbmm
Kynoi 5 days ago
@stn_shock yea cause i adapted wasnt just gonna let myself get shit on every game
stn_shock 5 days ago
You look like the people who ruined it
Ben Frith
Ben Frith Month ago
When are doing this for chapter 2 season 3
Myriam Neecke
Myriam Neecke Month ago
Connor Howe
Connor Howe Month ago
Who realised the elpadon account is the Luke the notable backwards
ItzBrOc gg
ItzBrOc gg Month ago
1 steel mom’s credit card 2 log on fortnight 3 Get slapped but you buy all the tears in Fortnite
ItzBrOc gg
ItzBrOc gg Month ago
Hello I love your videos and I think they’re the best I watch them every day
Ian Dawson
Ian Dawson Month ago
Luke: running into shotgun fire His German ancestors: pride
Turner Lott
Turner Lott Month ago
The only umbrellas I don’t have are s1 ch 2, 3, and 6 and this made me so upset that I didn’t get the season 6 one
Ripjaw YT
Ripjaw YT 2 months ago
Luke : i forgot to record for game 14 Me : as always
pikachu meme 22
pikachu meme 22 2 months ago
Mario 64 dire dire Docks is the best level in mario 64 Music in comments
pikachu meme 22
pikachu meme 22 2 months ago
Jack White
Jack White 2 months ago
Notice the difference in his voice
Ebysu 2 months ago
1:33 First known instance of somebody using "simp" (2018, colorized).
Abdallah Elsherbini
Abdallah Elsherbini 2 months ago
Robin Rivera
Robin Rivera 2 months ago
eddie murphy snl
Storm 2 months ago
What is that mic
Hollow 2 months ago
fortnite was shit this season and after
Francisco CV
Francisco CV 2 months ago
'The beserker technique works fairly well' dies 1 second later.
Amy Zalimas
Amy Zalimas 3 months ago
any one here in 2020
SniperD 3 months ago
he has a teamate named eggplant coma 69
bazzdoesStuff 3 months ago
Only OGs remember the old pump
Reid Playz
Reid Playz 3 months ago
Whos watcing season 3 chap 2
Kenneth Gerding
Kenneth Gerding 3 months ago
5 seasons later
Barbara Grace
Barbara Grace 3 months ago
I miss these days
Caden Donohue
Caden Donohue 3 months ago
I never did the challenges and still got tier 100
Rob Davies
Rob Davies 3 months ago
Click bait
Ryan Greig
Ryan Greig 24 days ago
How he did it legit
PJH Productions
PJH Productions 3 months ago
I love how he does these videos
Youtuberipe -
Youtuberipe - 3 months ago
Ever were
xd DJplays
xd DJplays 3 months ago
I couldn’t even get dire in 20 days damn
Isaac Cherek
Isaac Cherek 3 months ago
Wish we could turn back time to the good old days
TypicalPie 3 months ago
Did anybody notice that this video is exactly 10 minutes long?
John Banner
John Banner 3 months ago
If he knew about the fortnitemares challenges that gave 350 battlepass stars
P.S.I Gaming
P.S.I Gaming 3 months ago
In chapter 2 season 2 I didn’t buy the battle pass until I was tier 100 and then I bought it.
L. B
L. B 3 months ago
Im so jealous I could only get this seasons battle pass (season 12/chapter 2 season 2) but my favourite skins are from earlier seasons (again, all of which you have done getting I one day)
default god holy deafulty Cartet
He sounds so different so this is pre minecraft era
armchair69 4 months ago
0:16 when he got to tier 100 in 8 hours in season 6 but he needed more time and to buy the last tiers in season 2 chapter 2 🙄
Magic XYZ
Magic XYZ 4 months ago
Remember the fortnite mares challenge that gave 35 tiers?
TheRealTropic 3 months ago
Magic XYZ oh
Magic XYZ
Magic XYZ 3 months ago
Battle stars? I swear it had two parts and the glitch gave 150 and 200 battle stars which is 35 tiers
TheRealTropic 3 months ago
It was 170
Blackey489 4 months ago
Ryan Greig
Ryan Greig 24 days ago
Y9u can't it's illegal
TheRealTropic 3 months ago
Expher you can lmao
Expher 4 months ago
u cant rn
Julia Ryan
Julia Ryan 4 months ago
Who’s the best in the world thank you dire
jd is cool
jd is cool 4 months ago
:/ it took me the season to get like tier 50
Christie Haver
Christie Haver 4 months ago
U follow me on Twitter
Benjamin Moniz
Benjamin Moniz 4 months ago
ahhhhh season six my favorite time in fortnite
EvenMorton 4 months ago
How tf was season 6 your favorite
Mixiz Go1d King
Mixiz Go1d King 4 months ago
How did you get dire in one day if leaky lake is there witch wasn’t made until the event which definitely does not happen the first day of the season
EvenMorton 4 months ago
Do you think he did this in the beginning of the season where there were no challenges? Dumbass
TOAST TOAST 4 months ago
I remeber thinking you were good now im getting really good
Zombiefied Gaming
Zombiefied Gaming 4 months ago
I was able to get the Common Weapon kill with grenades in Team Rumble
Durie ReeBoi
Durie ReeBoi 4 months ago
Please explain how my friend is level 576 for chapter 2 season 2
Ashley Green
Ashley Green 4 months ago
That's so funny when I was at my cousins and they found 2 loot lamas in a row in 2 different games
Anne Harsta
Anne Harsta 4 months ago
Can he do this, but instead of tier 100 in one day, lvl 100 in 10 weeks
Think 4 months ago
gets a kill with a deagle says it didnt rly count as challenge 2 mins later, and i finally finisheed the hand cannon challenge
Bidoof 4 months ago
This brings me back, this was my first battle pass
Defaults boi
Defaults boi Month ago
Same I also got my first solo
B3STI B3STI Month ago
same bro
Xiaojun (Oliver) ZENG
get to tier 99, wait till the last day of the season, and on that day, get to tier 100, and unlock dire.
Ick studios
Ick studios 4 months ago
7:46 you are a poet and you didn't even know it
Extra 5 months ago
I got Midas In three days and I did all the challenges and got to tier 80 but grinder then bought the rest.
Reedtheninja Reed
Reedtheninja Reed 5 months ago
Ani-Mav 5 months ago
You should have dropped Gotham 100 times
Dragonite26 5 months ago
My FORTNITE id is Sukirt2601
Dragonite26 5 months ago
Hey dude plz gift me the Dire skin
II Dark Rose
II Dark Rose 5 months ago
it says 5 days left until new battle pass liar it took days
Zerpent Nitro
Zerpent Nitro 5 months ago
I purchase the regular battle pass and got tier 100
Nicole Roberts
Nicole Roberts 5 months ago
I remember when I was playing so much fortnite In season 6 and maxing out dire
Angus MacLennan
Angus MacLennan 5 months ago
How did you get it so fast
Cole Zerambo
Cole Zerambo 5 months ago
Cdom yeet
Vulfix 5 months ago
I did it in 10 weeks I’m on mobile :/
Pablo Ψッ Canon
Pablo Ψッ Canon 5 months ago
Luke :You can unlock dire in one day Me: You can't unlock dire because its chapter 2 season 2
Gamelord Killer
Gamelord Killer 28 days ago
@GameRoll r/woooosh
Pablo Ψッ Canon
Pablo Ψッ Canon 4 months ago
@GameRoll im joking
GameRoll 5 months ago
Pablo Canon are u stupid this came out over a year and a half ago 😂
Tobygamin4 5 months ago
Dire is my favourite skin
Rex Parker
Rex Parker 5 months ago
Go home grab my moms credit card and buy tier 100
Rex Parker
Rex Parker 5 months ago
Cracked Ipad
Cracked Ipad 5 months ago
Daily Masley
Daily Masley 5 months ago
I can only play for 2 hours am and pm
Quinnplayzgames 5 months ago
I remember there was a glitch in season 6 were I did a challenge and it gave me 100 or 200 battle stars Edit: I also got the llama in the first week
bruce chesney
bruce chesney 6 months ago
aim looks exactly like liberty prime from fallout 4
Jakub Mrozewski
Jakub Mrozewski 6 months ago
What season was this again
ASJagerWOLF12 6 months ago
Tim Delhaas
Tim Delhaas 6 months ago
Anyone remember the mistake fortnite made in season 6 where you got 35 tiers instead of 350 xp
GhostEchoThree 6 months ago
Nobody: RUvidrs: I unlocked the battle pass in one day and here’s how 💰💰💰💰💰
SpringyPlush64 Month ago
I'm waiting for the funny.
Buz Demberelmaa
Buz Demberelmaa 6 months ago
I found the lamma the first map it was hidding behimd a mountain
Shiho Tamaki
Shiho Tamaki 6 months ago
Back when team rumble was fun and sweat-free 😔
Robogirafe326 7 months ago
The A.I.M skin is still one of my favorite skins
Neo1264 7 months ago
i wanted to get dire but i am too late
Robogirafe326 7 months ago
Just get your mom's credit card and time travel
Harley Kiely
Harley Kiely 7 months ago
“So I killed him then beat him to death”
Denzil Ernstzen
Denzil Ernstzen 7 months ago
Idea: when there is a few hours left of the season try get tier 100 if u do u can buy tier 100 for 3 seasons lol
kupaplayz tk tok
kupaplayz tk tok 7 months ago
Use code luke the notable
Dio Stachu
Dio Stachu 7 months ago
OMG I m Watching this during season 11 and i miss old Fortnite soo much,i looks so,OG, i would have gave my season 3 skina just to Play on the old map again.
Hopper Gwiz
Hopper Gwiz 7 months ago
You can do it in 1 hour just by it
Robogirafe326 7 months ago
Phylix 7 months ago
Luke’s alt account is his full name backwards?
Aaron Games and more
My little cousin calls you Luke warm notable
Taavetti4 8 months ago
I tought the webrella came with skull trooper :D
George the commenter
Me when i buy the battle pass in the last day of the season:
Danny gamez
Danny gamez 8 months ago
Team rumble is one of the best in game ltm
a 8 months ago
there was a glitched challenge that season that got me to tier 100 because it gave u 250 battlestars (25 tiers)
Waffleking0718 9 months ago
1 buy levels 2 buy more vbucks 3 buy battlepass And done
ItzTCGRovu101YT 9 months ago
U were good even back then
Lukkzz 9 months ago
Go to work Update Buy tier 100
Robogirafe326 7 months ago
Callum Marx
Callum Marx 9 months ago
Irish man64 2.30=jacksepticeye
PWR Parallel
PWR Parallel 9 months ago
All I got was tier 79 this season
MomEnT_BroD _
MomEnT_BroD _ 10 months ago
How i barley got it that season But I was a bot😂😂😂
Samaksh Ghai
Samaksh Ghai 10 months ago
Me too I bought the tiers cause my spirit animal is a wolf
Jorden Gaming
Jorden Gaming 10 months ago
Wait this is different it used to say "remember kids take your on life so the enemy doesn't get points"
SpringyPlush64 Month ago
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