I Unlocked Dire In One Day And This Is How (Fortnite)

Luke TheNotable
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I unlocked the Dire skin in Fortnite in one day. This video goes over exactly how I managed to complete that challenge. I was able to get it done in just 8 hours from a fresh account. If you would like to watch the first video I did on this challenge check it out here! - ruvid.net/video/video-567OOfCkqN8.html&t
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Dec 2, 2018




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Comments 5 678
Luke TheNotable
You get 1500 V-Bucks by completing the Battle Pass. Use them to support me with my Support-A-Creator code. Code = "Luke-TheNotable"
Jelle325 Hommes
Jelle325 Hommes 22 days ago
Luke TheNotable you mist a lama in game 23
Boppy Games
Boppy Games Month ago
Did you take a break during this at all
Jakeify 4 months ago
Ttv_ darien_Xd
Ttv_ darien_Xd 4 months ago
Driftrouge02 day you can see how much you have to say this year you are the most important person ever
Jack Welin-Berger
Jack Welin-Berger 8 months ago
You skipped game 21
kupaplayz tk tok
kupaplayz tk tok 4 days ago
Use code luke the notable
Dio Stachu
Dio Stachu 5 days ago
OMG I m Watching this during season 11 and i miss old Fortnite soo much,i looks so,OG, i would have gave my season 3 skina just to Play on the old map again.
Joe Rushton
Joe Rushton 5 days ago
You can do it in 1 hour just by it
batish 10 days ago
Luke’s alt account is his full name backwards?
Aaron Games and more
My little cousin calls you Luke warm notable
Taavetti4 26 days ago
I tought the webrella came with skull trooper :D
George Mavro
George Mavro Month ago
Me when i buy the battle pass in the last day of the season:
Kagan420 Month ago
heres how i got dire in 2 seconds : *i bought the tiers*
Danny gamez
Danny gamez Month ago
Team rumble is one of the best in game ltm
VTX Ryan YT Month ago
there was a glitched challenge that season that got me to tier 100 because it gave u 250 battlestars (25 tiers)
Waffleking0718 Month ago
1 buy levels 2 buy more vbucks 3 buy battlepass And done
ItzTCGRovu101YT Month ago
U were good even back then
Lukkzz 2 months ago
Go to work Update Buy tier 100
Callum Marx
Callum Marx 2 months ago
Irish man64 2.30=jacksepticeye
Parallel Storm
Parallel Storm 2 months ago
All I got was tier 79 this season
MomEnT_BroD _
MomEnT_BroD _ 2 months ago
How i barley got it that season But I was a bot😂😂😂
Samaksh Ghai
Samaksh Ghai 2 months ago
Me too I bought the tiers cause my spirit animal is a wolf
Jorden Gaming
Jorden Gaming 2 months ago
Wait this is different it used to say "remember kids take your on life so the enemy doesn't get points"
James Bowles
James Bowles 2 months ago
I’m at level 91 and it took me 34 days and I did it all in solo
NME Unikorn5577
NME Unikorn5577 2 months ago
I found the llama BUT I was in tier 99!!! And didn’t get dire 😩 an I didn’t have 150 vbucks
TxRME Hyper
TxRME Hyper 3 months ago
John Carlson
John Carlson 3 months ago
I had 35 free tiers so...
CG Revan
CG Revan 3 months ago
Luke: Gets Dire in 1 Day Me: Doesn't get Dier in 3 months
Gaming McQueen95
Gaming McQueen95 3 months ago
Let me show you how. I bought the Tiers
Mechameep 3 months ago
2 ways: How a comment said, 1. Go to work 2. Leave work 3. Buy the battle pass to tier 11 using the money u won at work The other way: Play for 23 hrs, 59 mins, 59 seconds nonstop and complete challenges while grinding for XP in all those hours of playing
CRYPTIC YTP 3 months ago
Season 11s 100 theirs in a day is gonna be easy
Jason Todd
Jason Todd 3 months ago
3:19 and the other red hood had the same challenge Where have I herd that name before
Calvin Nelson
Calvin Nelson 3 months ago
I watched this vid subbed and the next game of fortnite I won my first solo gam e
Matej Randeu
Matej Randeu 3 months ago
You onlock Dire in one day and Dire was my first tier 100 skinn
GamerPanos295 4 months ago
Anyone else remember the tiers glitch from season 6?
Chiken Warrior
Chiken Warrior 4 months ago
"Should be possible in other battle pass" Chapter 2: Hold my beer.
Chiken Warrior
Chiken Warrior 3 months ago
@hho b I said the joke wrong. DAMNIT!
hho b
hho b 3 months ago
Not anymore
notorious_lil_pugg 4 months ago
I wish I played this season, it was a pretty good season that I missed out on due to being stubborn about the lack of a drift like skin.
HUnTeR21 _b
HUnTeR21 _b 4 months ago
luke whenever my parents argue i watch you to feel better
HUnTeR21 _b
HUnTeR21 _b 3 months ago
Senza Junior
Senza Junior 4 months ago
In one game loot look was moving around next game its the ruins of Kevin I think its fake
Soccer Dad_360
Soccer Dad_360 4 months ago
Luke:gets mad when someone kills him while doing his challenges Also luke:kills someone doing their challenges
Soccer Dad_360
Soccer Dad_360 4 months ago
Luke:gets mad when someone kills him while doing his challenges Also luke:kills someone doing their challenges
Gabriel Kaiser
Gabriel Kaiser 4 months ago
When you say you get tier 100 But you have tier 31 and youre friends don't talk too you
Hunkules 2
Hunkules 2 4 months ago
Season 11 (1 I guess) I about to start so I'm rewatching these and I just realized... THAT'S ME AT 2:00 Like I remember wondering why there was a low level calamity, it also took like 4 tries to get it
Delta Zora
Delta Zora 4 months ago
TylerN 4
TylerN 4 4 months ago
Watching this is making me sad because we are in a black hole
Top Coppelion
Top Coppelion 4 months ago
Thou in reality your not paying $15 for Max tier in 1 day, its $38...
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 4 months ago
I dropped my apple iPhone 20 times and apple won’t give me a refund
BlazeBro Gaming
BlazeBro Gaming 4 months ago
I unlocked Ultima Knight in 1 day I dropped leaky lake 2.0 100 times
Drifterrz boi DRAGONS
How to get dire in one day: land at fatal fields and haunted hills
John Barrow
John Barrow 4 months ago
When he got it in one day and I didn't get it mind:I should of got the battle bundle
sheepledud 4 months ago
what editing software do you use?
Lewis 4 months ago
I know this strategy to get tier 100. moms credit card
Superzeehond 5 months ago
who got tier 100 by using the Fortnite makes glitch?
Joe Bishop
Joe Bishop 4 months ago
Island Shortfilms
Island Shortfilms 5 months ago
3:17 dire skin is there
gingy_ beam
gingy_ beam 5 months ago
Are u going to do all of the challanges for seasons 10
KilLo 5 months ago
at 6:31 the guy you killed got killed in the next clip (look in feed)
HackerCash250 5 months ago
I jus5 realised elbatoneht Elul is Luke the notable backwards
itz loxythecat11
itz loxythecat11 5 months ago
I mean get your mums credit card.... click the purchase button.. and he said it took 75 to 150 hours
SwitchPlayerYT 5 months ago
Man I want dire but it’s season 10 now
Reilly it's easy man Pig mines poop grian
I did this buy it allready on tear 54
Bluey 5 months ago
Cuase I can’t find it
Bluey 5 months ago
It’s season x can u tell us how u finished that please do one
Ajsupremegee 6 months ago
LazyMuffin 987
LazyMuffin 987 6 months ago
Luke TheNotable: I unlocked Dire in one day and this is how: I bought all the way to tier 100
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