i turned my kitchen into a fast food restaurant

julien solomita
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thanks for coming to my drive-in restaurant..i'll bill you
shouts out to my best friend will for the awesome idea, he streams and is super chill
will's twitch: bit.ly/2TCl8Pw
also i realize many people have done this before (especially in recent times), so i wanted to link one of my favorites
andrew applepie - 'all about money', 'losing', 'dull knife', 'peripheral vision'
watsky - 'mean ass drunk'
chillhop music:
come hang with us on twitch, we're live all the time: www.twitch.tv/jennajulien
biz email: julienfightingsolo@gmail.com
twitter: twitter.com/juliensolomita
instagram: instagram.com/juliensolomita
twitch: www.twitch.tv/jennajulien
podcast: ruvid.net/u-jennajulienpodcast
byte: @julen
my prints: bit.ly/2PDC1Fv
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May 26, 2020




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Ася Рождественская
Julien and Jenna please save КамедиСтор
Daisy Black
Daisy Black 5 hours ago
Julien and Jenna, please save КамедиСтор (ComediStore)
Любовь Уварова
Jenna, Julien, please save Камеди стор!
Айганым Тегисова
#JennaPleaseSaveКамедиСтор Jenna please save Камеди Стор 🙏🏻😭🙏🏻 your ,translated into Russian, videos are going to be deleted 💔💔
Марио Aria
Марио Aria 8 hours ago
Julien please save КамедиСтор
Julien, please save Камеди Стор
Paulina Rivera
Paulina Rivera 23 hours ago
This was such a great video and your sign looked amazing!! I was really trying to figure out where it was “sloppy” from
RaveBunny Day ago
Julie really did it to ‘em 👏👏👏
RaveBunny Day ago
I don’t know how many times I’ve watched this video. It makes me so happy 🥺❤️
Buffy Summers
Buffy Summers 2 days ago
I genuinely would be completely stoked if you guys did this once a month with a new fast food theme each time
Ayden Andersen
Ayden Andersen 3 days ago
okay, but who is waiting for Julien to open an actual restaurant????/
Sarah Lamper
Sarah Lamper 5 days ago
I wish I could like this video more than once 😭😭
Hanna Stocks
Hanna Stocks 6 days ago
You should do this again and invite all your friends when this is all over
RaveBunny 6 days ago
I miss them so much :’(
Tess Cheng
Tess Cheng 7 days ago
can we just appreciate the transitions and different angles julien does in his video T-T they are beautiful
Sergeant Turtle
Sergeant Turtle 9 days ago
diner: is called aries _drive-in_ jenna: _walks_ up to the window me: ... _wait -_
Alice Clara Chou
Alice Clara Chou 9 days ago
Recipe links?
Yesh 9 days ago
feel bad for any Karen coming buy and asking for the manager XD
Garimaaa 9 days ago
17:00 ❤️
Joy Empress
Joy Empress 10 days ago
me coming back to Julien's videos after some years:Julien went from a jock to Dad lol
Larg04 10 days ago
My little sisters were missing going to pizzeria so I put up fake pizzeria table on our patio, made fake pizzeria menu, set the table like in a restaurant to serve them homemade pizza on it. It was fun.
Nina H
Nina H 11 days ago
Good job, Julien! We will be expecting this again next May 26th
miniskiipperi 11 days ago
Loved the music in this video! Aries Drive-in looks so much fun. 😂
mikeysrose 12 days ago
I love seeing Jenna happy.
Itza J Rivera Torres
im loving the music
Leila Gu
Leila Gu 14 days ago
Jenna ❤️❤️
Stephanie Trevino
Stephanie Trevino 14 days ago
Hi id like to cuddl- uhhh talk to your manager please?
Samantha Hogan
Samantha Hogan 14 days ago
6:04 He has the orange can but puts away the yellow
Samantha Hogan
Samantha Hogan 14 days ago
julen take care of jenna
Erika Mitchell
Erika Mitchell 14 days ago
4:30 reminds me of that spongebob episode, when they make a drive through. just punch a hole in the wall:)
Ruby Estrada-Sanchez
i love how you are way more chill in your vlogs than when you're helping out jenna in her vids. it's awesome that you get all chaotic and hilarious with jenna but you're pretty chill about your passion for cooking and it's fascinating to watch. what a well rounded youtuber! props to you Julien!
Particular Lee
Particular Lee 15 days ago
this would be a really cute 4th of july thing if you could have people over, next year plans?
Pumpkin Head
Pumpkin Head 15 days ago
That is a good idea
Chasity B.
Chasity B. 15 days ago
I'm so glad Jenna has Julien ❤
Vamp 15 days ago
Luv it
Brigitte Perez
Brigitte Perez 16 days ago
Tarndra Reid
Tarndra Reid 16 days ago
Did anyone else freak out about the way julien was peeling that potato?
MsOldSoul 16 days ago
Mustard is great cooked on a lot of things definitely Burgers, pork chops, Ribs, Chicken, Some types of fish etc definitely try it guys
twelfth 16 days ago
14:04 watskyyyyyy
Kristin b
Kristin b 16 days ago
Aw man Jenna be eating wellllll!! Lucky lady lol. I want that burger & fries NOW.
Punch Buttfacey
Punch Buttfacey 17 days ago
Finally, a youtuber that knows how to wear a mask properly 👏👏👏
Unevensomewhere 17 days ago
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb
do you do delivery?
Elijah Gomez
Elijah Gomez 17 days ago
wtf, I need a Julien to cook me homemade fast food and to compliment me durning quarantine.
garbage person
garbage person 17 days ago
I need a jenna to call cute and cook for, she's an angel
My last 4 Brain cells
I’m not Aries but I can relate to the Aries energy
Cici Woods
Cici Woods 18 days ago
Julien's vlog aesthetic is "vlogger who is a main character in an artsy movie that we all really like then forget existed after we leave the theatre" and I love it
Pepper 19 days ago
nice video Julien
Emily 19 days ago
I love Julien’s editing skills
Daddy Fab
Daddy Fab 19 days ago
Where’s her mask 😷?
쀵쀵귀염이 19 days ago
This was the ironic opposite of fast food lmaoo xD Chef didn't even cut the damn potatoes into fries beforehand and prep his station in general trolololol how Aries of him
Sasha Pears
Sasha Pears 19 days ago
I love watching your videos whilst I eat my lunch/dinner bc it makes me feel like I'm eating with friends, very wholesome stuff
Stella of the Lake
Stella of the Lake 19 days ago
When an Aries cooks for a Virgo. Oh my god this act of service is Virgos love language 1000000000000%.
Rebecca Lynne
Rebecca Lynne 20 days ago
thankful for J&J and their videos because they’re bringing so many smiles to so many ppl who really need it right now. they bring the kind of content we all need these days 🙃
Boo 20 days ago
Music selection was top notch 👌🏻
Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato 20 days ago
This is not fair I didn’t expect it to be a joke, I was so excited 😆
DaDa - I am HIM
DaDa - I am HIM 20 days ago
All this fukn talkin.. just get on wit it.
Sacred Howland
Sacred Howland 20 days ago
I love how because Julien rolled up his sleeves it now says “am liquid”. Seems like something they would say lol
Avery Gautieri
Avery Gautieri 21 day ago
on an absolutely unrelated note, today was the day I realized that Julien and I wear the same glasses
Sonja Englund
Sonja Englund 21 day ago
JULIEN!! A BURGER AND FRIED NEEDED A MILKSHAKE YOU GOOF!! Maybe experiment with making a vegan Wendy’s frosty if you can procure the ingredients! 😋🤤
Diego Bellavia
Diego Bellavia 21 day ago
If I order fries at a restaurant, and they whip out a raw potato, im walking out and going down the street to the closest fast food joint.
M J 21 day ago
Loving the music, especially Watsky!
Anuka 22 days ago
U guys are so cute
Whitedog Druid
Whitedog Druid 23 days ago
If you wanna make vlogs then you should make vlogs, Julien :D Don't forget that you should put yourself first!
Optional Scum
Optional Scum 23 days ago
Elvira Arriaga
Elvira Arriaga 24 days ago
Thanks for sharing this Video Content found it entertaining and food looks delicious
Kat F.
Kat F. 24 days ago
Those burger patties are so freaking amazing! Even my partner who loves meat says it tastes good and crazy that it fries/grills nicely and because of the beet juice looks almost real. I like some other vegetarian and vegan patties but none have that squish and taste like these ones. I'll have to try mustard on them next time! Thanks for the tip!
Sophia Grobbel
Sophia Grobbel 25 days ago
Dope video!!
Rosina Burr
Rosina Burr 25 days ago
That ending was an emotional rollercoaster
Sabrina Cline
Sabrina Cline 25 days ago
Hey, Love your channel. I have a lot of the same allergies as you guys so the recipes are great. What gluten free buns are you using in this video? They look like actual fast food buns which I haven't been able to find. Thanks so much!!! You, Jenna and all your pups are awesome!!!!! So happy you guys rescued Miss Bunny she is great!!
Kyla Montisanti
Kyla Montisanti 26 days ago
Lol you guys must be so bored during quarantine
Jess MacGregor
Jess MacGregor 26 days ago
I love the new style and bringing in different editing. It’s the slightest bit more personal but it makes the vlog so cute and so fun to watch
Everywhere else in the world: we are all socially isolating and social distancing for everyone's benefit My town: literally nothing has changed except anyone not in customer service was given time off so they can go to the store. I hate my town 🙃
Oliver Bunting
Oliver Bunting 26 days ago
‘Chefs Special Sauce’ ;) ;)
Muted_Woodlands 26 days ago
Bruh I love your music taste
Kim R.
Kim R. 26 days ago
"We're being safe" *doesnt wear gloves while cooking* Me: 👁👄👁
Chidaddy 26 days ago
That is the cutest manager ever
Aisha Kodiri
Aisha Kodiri 27 days ago
the best manager I have ever seen :)
Cite. Michel Tshibambe
Sonic gshcnfh
Cite. Michel Tshibambe
Emily Busse
Emily Busse 27 days ago
Thank you for showing us your camera! So cool!
Zackrey [Middle Name is Dale] Hudson
This was really good. Your manager said we could stay. I could tell by his facial expression. Lolz.
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