I Tried Under-$100 Wedding Dresses From Amazon

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Watch Nina plan her wedding on season 2 of Wedding Season: ruvid.net/group/PL0PtUxA4JeEJTJQidFB3QxHDKKuUpQ5BL
#wedding #bridal "It's like the Brussels sprouts of wedding dresses"
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Mar 18, 2018




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Comments 80
Kimber Brooke
Kimber Brooke 17 days ago
No hate but the dresses aren't even that bad for the price. They are just over exaggerating( in my opinion).
Arlene Lomeli
Arlene Lomeli 22 days ago
I've never heard kristin cuss so much ever as she did in this video.
Lorynn Wolf
Lorynn Wolf 26 days ago
It annoyed me that they were guessing over 100 when the title was under 100
Larissa Salvadé
Larissa Salvadé 7 days ago
They didn't know all the dresses were under 100
Emma Kilburg
Emma Kilburg Month ago
Am I the only 1 that hated #3 more than anything ever in all of history but actually kind of loved #4?
Sassy Mommy
Sassy Mommy 4 months ago
Can you send the links to your dress purchases
Erica Scorpio
Erica Scorpio 4 months ago
Every single dress in my opinion was beautiful! Get the right accessories and You're ready!!!!
fourdee4d 4 months ago
OMG, I tried a -$0 item. Changed your life.
Fenia k.
Fenia k. 4 months ago
MadElizabeth Macoy
MadElizabeth Macoy 5 months ago
3:39 Kristen is me all the time
Liz G
Liz G 5 months ago
Love this video. Seriously, the personalities are so enjoyable and the bride to be is so beautiful!
Shirin Abdelhamid
Shirin Abdelhamid 6 months ago
3rd , 4th and the last one are the best
Dear Gravity
Dear Gravity 6 months ago
Kristen's metaphors are the best
Kimberly Smith
Kimberly Smith 6 months ago
#4 is one of my favorites.
CC Carter
CC Carter 6 months ago
“It’s both boring and too much.” So accurate.
Babydoll Jones
Babydoll Jones 7 months ago
Dayummmm Kristine had always been big...but her sitting on the couch in that Brown shapeless frumpy dress it was evident just how huge she's really gotten. I love kristine but she's so not healthy in the slightest!! Im very worried about her weight being so much heavier than her already plus sized body. Kristine PLEASE PAY MORE ATTENTION TO YOUR HEALTH& TRY EATING HEALTHIER!!!! you are so beautiful still but everyone should care at least a little bit about their health especially when they gain a significant amount of weight rapidly
Owen 99
Owen 99 8 months ago
They didn't know they were all under $100 which makes sense
Amira Kaylana
Amira Kaylana 8 months ago
Kristen before: I like being nice! Kristen eight minutes later: IT’S THE BRUSSEL SPROUT OF DRESSES!!
餅Komona 9 months ago
Kristen : *says 102 in a video that only has dresses under $100*
Vanessa Figueroa
Vanessa Figueroa 9 months ago
spleengrrrl 10 months ago
Kristen hated the 4th dress but she loved those other ones that looked very unflattering on a thicker person??? Anyway, the 4th was my favorite except for the 1st.
YoungOasis 10 months ago
"for 6 hours" my siblings weddings are always 12-14 hours long. you arrive at 5 AM to get dressed, the wedding starts at 7, and ends either 5PM or 7PM and if your here for the after party make it 9. I WOULD LOVE A SHORTER WEDDING.
Abigail Lewis
Abigail Lewis 11 months ago
The 4th dress actually looked nice. It just needed to be fitted to her body. I noticed that she was into the more vintage styles.. Me too. 😊
Casey Varcadipane
Casey Varcadipane 11 months ago
Title of the Video: I Tried UNDER-$100 Wedding Dresses From Amazon All Of Kristins Guesses: Over $100
Maya Atkins
Maya Atkins 11 months ago
I liked the throwaway dress
kjs498 11 months ago
I loved dress 4 😅
Deanna Peters
Deanna Peters 11 months ago
I dont think Kristen understood that all of the dresses were supposed to be under $100 😂
Kim Taeyeon is my everything
I hated the dress she hated too
Samara And Silvia
I am 11 yrs old
Mimbulus Mimbeltonia
Is the music of dancing line?
You are a n00b !!!!!
Chrissy is so pretty
Rhya Johnson
Rhya Johnson Year ago
Ok literally it’s like UNDER 100 DOLLARS and Kristen’s just like 102, 135
Taylor Parker
Taylor Parker Year ago
Jazmine:THATS CUTE Moooooooooood
only destiel
only destiel Year ago
I like the 4th dress it's the most amazing one maybe just add something around the waist
Helen Year ago
I don’t think they knew they were under $100 dresses just cheap dresses
Tricia Wilkinson
Good luck on your wedding.😍😻😺😸👍
Colby Familie
Colby Familie Year ago
3:53 - 3:56 is literally me every day! 🤣🤣🤣
Meaghan Rowe
Meaghan Rowe Year ago
My husband's favorite food in the entire world is brussels sprouts 😂
Rosie Angxl
Rosie Angxl Year ago
Cristine would like the sock dress HEHEHEHEHEHE
Lydia Austin
Lydia Austin Year ago
Anyone realize that Kristen said over 100 dollars like every time
The Real Trashley Bee
I unknowingly bought the Kevin’s Bridal dress before I saw this video...I love it!
Asher Licuanan
Had the 5th Dress been strapless or without the long sleeves, it would've been really amazing!
gracie johnson
I love the third dress
NotYourAngel Year ago
First dress looked like a nightgown
Nancy V Music
Nancy V Music Year ago
I got my wedding dress for 42.99 on amazon, free shipping & free returns. And I looked hot! I’m glad that this is an option for people!
Amy Dalton
Amy Dalton Year ago
Anyone have a link to the last one?
gacha studio lover
Before I say this I just wanna say I’m not hating .-. That third dress kinda looked like the dress “let me explain studios” wears if it was that purpley-blue color
Rein Chan
Rein Chan Year ago
3rd And 5th ones were beautiful
Aisha Simone
Aisha Simone Year ago
The first dress looks like a dress you would wear to take baby bump pictures in
Panic! Trash
Panic! Trash Year ago
Ammarah Samar Khalid Husain Shah
those dresses are gorgeous
Kale _ballerina
Every single time Kristen said over $100!!! It was triggering me!!! It says under $100!!
La Morena Como Miel
Jazzmyne using that lesbian budget sense, hunty!
M Kap
M Kap Year ago
Oi It's Me
Oi It's Me Year ago
'It's like the brussels sprouts of wedding dresses" OOF
Erin Lier
Erin Lier Year ago
When is jazz gonna go on the price is right?
Ultra Plus
Ultra Plus Year ago
You guys are totally ripping off Saf
Raquel McAnaney
Love Kristens glasses! I loved the first, third, and fifth dress.
Savannah M
Savannah M Year ago
1st one is basically $16. Not $15.
Vanessa lolol
Vanessa lolol 10 months ago
Savannah Zemlicka Ok? Did we really need to know?😂This is an irrelevant fact.
Kat Umlang
Kat Umlang Year ago
I’m still a teen and will not be getting married for a long while, but I already know that when I do get married I am going to have a cereal bar as the food because I love cereal so much and there are so many varieties 😅😃, I also have dietary restrictions and have for the past couple years and when ok to lazy to think can I have this I just grab cereal and I’m never disappointed 🤣💕
Speedy Painter
Idk why but I dont rlly like thin dresses I like the kind with a big skirt And I dont know why
I bu
I bu Year ago
*sitting on the other side of the world wondering what’s cheap about a 15$ dress that looks like a regular white dress*
HerHollyness Year ago
I feel like they had to make something out of this video so they added the tag of ‘guess the price’ at the last second. It seems like it was going to be ‘bride tries on 5 dresses she bought for less than $100’ but because she hated all of them they had to change tack. I don’t watch this channel often but it seems like this Chrissy person is being a bit of a diva - what did she expect for those prices, really? She didn’t like ONE dress?
kim P.DR.N
kim P.DR.N Year ago
The 1st dress is sweet!!
kim P.DR.N
kim P.DR.N Year ago
Who needs underwear, lol.
G R Year ago
I want a 50s dress and thankfully they're pretty cheap. 100-200.
laney !!
laney !! Year ago
The 4th dress was my favorite so far....... Don’t kill me Kristen
Leolivia Year ago
You can get an actual nice dress for 100 dollars. You could a strapless, satin, hi-low dress from camile la vie for 150. It frustrates me that they sell pieces of crap for the same price.
Elana Healy
Elana Healy Year ago
I love how everyone's wearing a red lip except jazz😂😂, love you jazzzzzz❤ that lip is bomb
Taylah ward
Taylah ward Year ago
1:02 Maid of honour 😂
Wheres Pluto?
Wheres Pluto? Year ago
Brides: if I'm only gonna wear this once, it should be unforgettable. Kristen: ok. So it doesn't natter what you wear for your wedding. You're just gonna be in it for like 6 hours. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
Kadie Curtis
Kadie Curtis Year ago
Im confused, it’s under £100 dressed and kristen guessed over 100 on nearly all of them??
unknown Year ago
her shoes make her toes look censored
Julia Nelson
Julia Nelson Year ago
Dude they literally said in the beginning that all of them are under 100, and Kristin is over here guessing above. that honestly really annoyed me.
sydney kidd
sydney kidd Year ago
I bought that first dress for prom lol in blue
Elise Hanson
Elise Hanson Year ago
I am ALSO getting married (July 2019) to a man I've dated on and off for 11 years! Woo-hoo, sistah!
Deja Hall
Deja Hall Year ago
I just watched a video that wasn’t ladylike
Minh hằng Trần thị
Why always Amazon 👎🙄😫
narancia is bby
Jasmine talking about how everyone finding their eternal love is a MOOD
Tik Tok Cosy
Tik Tok Cosy Year ago
Dress #5 was my favorite but Kristen (or Kristin) would probably wear dress #3
Claire Willow
Claire Willow Year ago
#3 made her legs look so short :/
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