I Tried To Make This Chocolate Crepe Cake

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“I’ve just been doing everything wrong my whole life.”
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May 19, 2018

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Comments 10 144
Ilsa Schaefer
Ilsa Schaefer 4 hours ago
who are you guys’ favorite tasty producers? mine are Alix, Alexis, Claire, Rie, and of course Niki!
Jeida Martin
Jeida Martin 11 hours ago
I didn't know Niki was lesbian I started to watch tasty like 5 or 6 days ago
Guzheng Harmony
Guzheng Harmony 14 hours ago
anonymous- Day ago
70% Niki saying “Let me call my Wife” 15% commenting about Rie 10% Commenting about crepes 5% b.s.
crepes are just dutch pancakes ffs...
J Fernandez
J Fernandez 2 days ago
Rie is so smart and nice
rainingChocolate 2 days ago
Where I come from you eat crepes every week and literally everyone knows how to make them
im playing some rocc sim then y u saw me
8:01 Did you mean: PINGAS?
Daehani 3 days ago
Rie is Tasty’s Gordon Ramsay. They’re both scorpios anyways lol
Deana Mangini
Deana Mangini 3 days ago
Drinks milk- *Needs Salt*
Purple Pluot
Purple Pluot 3 days ago
Every one is saying "Why is everyone so surprised that Nikki is a lesbian? 😂" when in reality what they are commenting what everyone is saying Why does that disgust me so much...
Gaming With Shae Beast989
Nikis lesbian?
Amro Gaming
Amro Gaming 3 days ago
0:10 my best friend Andrew, no its not its adam Andrew : am i a joke to you
Just a top for making crepes. When it's in the pan. Use a small Alachua and a flip it onto a bit Alachua and it's much easier
I'm dead inside
I'm dead inside 4 days ago
"Ohhh mother fu-fuger"
ali G
ali G 4 days ago
I do not think you pronounce crepe like that
ali G
ali G 3 days ago
Kennedy crepes are French and you pronounce it how it’s spelled .... no A in the word at all but whatever...
Kennedy 4 days ago
ali G it’s pronounced “crape”, so in this sense it is pronounced correctly. i may be wrong though as there may be different pronunciations, but either way the was she pronounced it isa correct way to say it regardless if there are other ways.
YouCoudve 11
YouCoudve 11 4 days ago
4:37 King Candy from Wreck-It Ralph?
Priya Manoj
Priya Manoj 4 days ago
Crepe ASseMbLe
Savage Sans
Savage Sans 4 days ago
Plus They always call Rie when they dont know what to do😂
Savage Sans
Savage Sans 4 days ago
She has a wife?!!
Honya 2205
Honya 2205 4 days ago
I love Rie she is so sweet.
Melissa Novaro
Melissa Novaro 4 days ago
Can I just give you my family’s crêpe recipe? It’s the first thing I’ve learnt to make and it has never failed me. 100 gr of flour, 1 egg, 166 ml of milk (1/2 a liter for 3 eggs), pinch of salt and a dash of beer or sparkling water at the end. It’s great for both sweet and salty filling and 3 eggs make 12 large crêpes.
Yonaton Kadosh
Yonaton Kadosh 5 days ago
I have to say this was one of the best imitations theyve ever done
Yonaton Kadosh
Yonaton Kadosh 5 days ago
I like how annie and andrew were spying on nikki and rie
Yonaton Kadosh
Yonaton Kadosh 5 days ago
Ries outfit is cute shes easily the nicest person who works at buzzfeed/tasty
Yellow jangle. Anna
What she when she said I gonna called my wife.I think niki is lesbian.
Dylan 5 days ago
Why does she say crepe weirdly
Patrick Corr
Patrick Corr 5 days ago
Lesbian ?
EmilyDoesIt 6 days ago
They forgot the powdered sugar on top
Natasia Yamite
Natasia Yamite 6 days ago
rie is so beautifull
Alphfia 6 days ago
dam rie's a good baker
Samyuktha Iyanar
Samyuktha Iyanar 7 days ago
I thought she was farting 😂 at the beginning
Nikhil Chaudhari
Nikhil Chaudhari 7 days ago
1 like = 1 hate Niki
Nikhil Chaudhari
Nikhil Chaudhari 7 days ago
Hate Niki... Kick her out of tasty videos... So annoying
Ms. Kim
Ms. Kim 8 days ago
Julie Tea
Julie Tea 8 days ago
The left side of rie’s face is too cute and the right side is sooo chic 😍😍
RainbowGacha虹 8 days ago
Woah i didnt know niki was lesbian!
Windy Hawkins
Windy Hawkins 8 days ago
Adam is the soft boi of the year
Windy Hawkins
Windy Hawkins 8 days ago
Andrew is really creepy but I like it
Pitt Zahott
Pitt Zahott 9 days ago
The definition of “your ugly and gay” haha bitch is ugly as sin
bleybee 9 days ago
If she just added some more flour to the batter the crepes would be just fine. and they wouldn't have to make another one
Blue Shell
Blue Shell 9 days ago
Oh, Aziraphale would frolick.
Diana Marin
Diana Marin 9 days ago
Adam is everyone’s best friend
James Hayes
James Hayes 9 days ago
why is the cake blurred at 12:08?
YAh lIKe jAzz?
YAh lIKe jAzz? 10 days ago
I hate gays and lesbians absolutely gross and cursed
cats are cute
cats are cute 10 days ago
This women is so relatable
dragon eye
dragon eye 10 days ago
In the Nederlands we call a crêpe a pancake and the correct pronunciation of crêpe is with the first e pronounced like in hello.
Janeth Guerrero
Janeth Guerrero 10 days ago
I would love too meet someone who is LGBTQ+
Janeth Guerrero
Janeth Guerrero 10 days ago
Artiste Asian hello, I meant like in real life
Artiste Asian
Artiste Asian 10 days ago
im B
Artiste Asian
Artiste Asian 10 days ago
David mcintyre
David mcintyre 11 days ago
When did she get a wife
wendy ly
wendy ly 12 days ago
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