I Tried To Make This Chocolate Crepe Cake

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“I’ve just been doing everything wrong my whole life.”
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May 19, 2018




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Comments 10 184
mahlogonolo mphahlele
Idk how many times I’ll watch this video and comment.i enjoy watching Nikki.i love u Nikki
Shaniah De Guzman
Shaniah De Guzman 7 hours ago
When you added more cooktops it reminded me of a game i played called cooking fever (you should try it😝😜
Joshua Fremont
Joshua Fremont 20 hours ago
Crepes are better if you add rhum or beer in the recipe. 😉
CyberDude274CD24 22 hours ago
when u fail many times then make a brown d#ck oof cooking fails though not offending
Wes Ledford
Wes Ledford Day ago
Who does the dishes?
Derpy Doge Craft
the reason u couldn't do the crepes is cuz u did full fatmilk instead of skimmed. yup. u definitely forgot what u were saying.
Fatma Amr
Fatma Amr Day ago
How many cups of flour did they add ? Edit : did they mean 3.25 cups ?
Could I challenge you guys to make a Chilean Thousand leaf cake (Torta de Mil Hojas)?
cassie dcosta
Rie is the amazing one always .... 😍
Allexa Yare
Allexa Yare Day ago
Rie is always there to save the day 😅😅
Master Shifu
Master Shifu 2 days ago
This is literally just “buzzfeed fabricates and the recipes don’t work”
Jasmine 2 days ago
I tried to make this. It took ALL DAY! it was yummy and lasted me a while but it definitely got a bit soggy which was expected
Lucas Alves
Lucas Alves 3 days ago
"I've just been doing everything wrong my whole life" big mood
Lt Blue
Lt Blue 3 days ago
Nicki:"I could call my wife she can tell you" Me:( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (oh okay wife=husband) Wife:He- Me: *⚆ _ ⚆* PS:No i am okay with niki's marriage but i didn't expect that..
Bergers Are Good
Bergers Are Good 3 days ago
who else is just binge watching tasty??
daniel sutu
daniel sutu 3 days ago
Îs so goood
daniel sutu
daniel sutu 3 days ago
A a a a
daniel sutu
daniel sutu 3 days ago
Fuckkkkkkk you NIKI Fuckkkkkkk you
I am : not ready
daniel sutu how about you fuck off
daniel sutu
daniel sutu 3 days ago
Niki is lasby
Ambitious. Arreaga
Niki: I've made crepes before Rie! Rie:*nods with face full of doubt*
Jackson HOLLOWAY 3 days ago
Rie is the Rosanna Pansino of Buzzfeed
- lizzieROBLOX -
- lizzieROBLOX - 4 days ago
"Ouchy mama" 😂
Bianca 2B or Donatello machines 20
Niki calling her wife gave me LIFE.
Peter Nguyen
Peter Nguyen 4 days ago
i hungry.
Niveus Jungle O P
Niki is ugly as fuck
Rand Kadasah
Rand Kadasah 4 days ago
How many hours does this process take?
AsianKid FromAsia
You forgot the powdered sugar
Tristram 4 days ago
12:04 I’m offended cause you missed the clap
Cool Omg
Cool Omg 4 days ago
5.55 Me:is Niky a boy? Mom:no she is a girl Me:then why did she tell she is gonna call her wife? Mom:what😠😠
I am : not ready
Cool Omg what the fuck is wrong with being part of the lgbtq communtiy? Have you been living under a rock
greg baines
greg baines 4 days ago
Niki is lazban
Moon Gamer Fighter
I felt like I have seen Rie on a video where she was dumpster diving
Sophie Weld-Davies
My best friend is Andrew hahahaha no it's not it's Adam RIP:Andrews self esteem
Ultima Werewolf2
Ultima Werewolf2 5 days ago
Niki is lesbo? *ALL THUMBS UP*
Yuni Heart
Yuni Heart 5 days ago
Bruh I got a tasty commercial before this vid
Comet Wolf
Comet Wolf 5 days ago
What do they even do in Buzzfeed when their not creating a video
Chloe Truong
Chloe Truong 6 days ago
Wait Nikki’s lesbian because that’s cool
Louise Williamson
Who else doesnt pronounce crepe like cripe like if you dont i am acc cringing
milana Sinicina
milana Sinicina 6 days ago
My mom is better then at making crepe
Nicole Sierra
Nicole Sierra 6 days ago
"Ouchie mama"
ImDave 7 days ago
I thought this was called "eating your feet"
s shepherd
s shepherd 7 days ago
i love how niki goes " i can call my *wife!!!* "
your mom
your mom 7 days ago
Rie looks like the girl in Ratatouille
EDM TravelandTours
I made nuttela bread crepes i used a shaper to cut the flat bread and i had a mini crepe amzing right!huh huh...
Rainbow Faerie
Rainbow Faerie 7 days ago
I love how she’s like “I’m great at crepes, let me call my wife, she’ll tell you!” like that would be an unbiased opinion, LOL. 😆
Carl FortniteRoblox
Not to be sexist but is she homo? (Or lesbian) dosent matter i respect it!
Vivek Ahuja
Vivek Ahuja 8 days ago
wait Niki is lesbian
Mariana Sanchez
Mariana Sanchez 8 days ago
Charlize Richter
Charlize Richter 8 days ago
Whenever my crepes start like ripping I add another egg cuz it’s usually not stable enough to stay together. I do 2 eggs, 1/2 cup flour, and like 1/2 cup milk and 1/2cup water and if it isn’t runny enough I add more water
Icy Wolfie
Icy Wolfie 8 days ago
Nikki is like my mom fun one but also really ambitious
Dinidu Ranasinghe
Lesbian is a great 👍
Mustelids Family
Mustelids Family 8 days ago
It looks like a ***is I never meant to do that 😂😂😂
angelica 21060
angelica 21060 9 days ago
Isha Official
Isha Official 9 days ago
crepe cake dick😂😂😂
Doli pal
Doli pal 9 days ago
Is nicki in lesbian? Don't get me wrong. I am just asking.
lana smith
lana smith 10 days ago
Wait is nikis wife like kelsie from buźzfeed cuz it kinda sounds like her but I swear she is single? Can someone tell me
Niamhthe Lover
Niamhthe Lover 10 days ago
I’m drooling and craving unhealthy food Our house doesn’t know what unhealthy food is lmao
Watter Mellon Fox
Watter Mellon Fox 10 days ago
1:24 Me: -_- Niky:I hope they are rich. Me: ...I wish they had that in any other continent than America. LIKE FUCKING BRITAIN! 😲😡😠
Zodiac Capricornicus
You like crepes.... i like creepers.....
Janique 10 days ago
Every buzz feed worker ever: adam give me video ideas Adam: **gives idea** Every buzzfeed worker ever: aDaM cHaLLeNgEd mE
anjanette romero
anjanette romero 10 days ago
Rie is a professional she take easy recipe to the next level
naithom 11 days ago
"Let me call my wife and she'll tell you I'm good at making crepes." I cracked up.
klah silly banana
klah silly banana 11 days ago
You and rie look alike
Cheska Luna
Cheska Luna 11 days ago
when i cooked something good me: 2:55
Eowyn Charles Bueno
I feel so uncomfortable about niki’s finger 😰😂what’s with her pinkie finger?
I keep getting Niki and Rie confused.
IAmGuyan 12 days ago
i dont know why they had to blur out the crepe
Jana Aly
Jana Aly 12 days ago
Am the only one who didn’t know that Niki was was married to a girl no offense I think it’s cool 😂
Ariah Ricketts
Ariah Ricketts 12 days ago
I like how they always bring Rie in it😍😍😍😍
Isa valencia-britton
aidan barry
aidan barry 12 days ago
Was excited to watch the video, then heard her pronounce crêpe "crape".
Hubel Trujillo
Hubel Trujillo 12 days ago
Marry me
Hammad bin Asad
Hammad bin Asad 13 days ago
Wait is Niki a lesbian
Elizabeth Leilani Candano
Niki is kinda annoying. 😒
George Darkness
George Darkness 13 days ago
Crepe: Like Crape: Comment
Shanice Peprah
Shanice Peprah 14 days ago
Adam is so adorable 😄
Fishy 14 days ago
Wait she's a lesbian
بسيم مناف
بسيم مناف 14 days ago
I like it...thanx
starcandydiamond12 diardra
Rie always know whst do we do and then it works
starcandydiamond12 diardra
What sorry wrong
starcandydiamond12 diardra
I mean want
Hassan Khan
Hassan Khan 14 days ago
Wait what niki is a gay she has a wife
kyra billings
kyra billings 14 days ago
I love Rie and Niki's dynamic
sean li
sean li 15 days ago
Did at the end when they said penis... Me too...
pudumork 15 days ago
Make roti sai mai
Assasin Cat
Assasin Cat 15 days ago
I was stupid enough to make it for brunch today It was worth it, though
Jxar 16 days ago
I’m enjoying this show so much
Portable Thunderstorm
Show us the pancake dick
Fardain Shir Ahmad
Fardain Shir Ahmad 16 days ago
What is crepe
J Jordan
J Jordan 16 days ago
I love how awkward the high five was
GEMOTO 16 days ago
Rie and Niki have, like, sister vibes
Aysel Armaan
Aysel Armaan 16 days ago
mahlogonolo mphahlele
Nikky s cool n funny
ruby valencia
ruby valencia 17 days ago
When i saw the pan i knew straight away the pan was wrong !!! Im french and when we went to the usa we used this kind of white coating pan, big no no !!
hot maknae
hot maknae 17 days ago
oUchy maMa
BIBIYA GEORGE 17 days ago
The girl who entered with andrew, her face looked like she didnt like it at all
Bella Love’s Wolf’s
10:07 *Adam just looks at the cream*
Finn Clarke
Finn Clarke 17 days ago
niki: let’s use less cocoa powder rie: lesbian
Kim Namjoon
Kim Namjoon 18 days ago
Her: Let me call my wife Me: Well let Me call mine first ( still a Fiancè tho )
Cassidy Wheeler
Cassidy Wheeler 18 days ago
I want to eat this so bad but there’s no way I’m gonna be able to convince myself to make it 😂😂
Unicorn Poop
Unicorn Poop 18 days ago
Nikki: Saves a pen*s shaped crepe to show Rie 🤣🤣
Monica Batohi
Monica Batohi 18 days ago
I put on 30 kgs watching this video
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