I Tried To Make A Pie With Zero Waste

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"This apple is very slippery..."
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Jun 8, 2018




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Comments 80
Rie McClenny
Rie McClenny Year ago
Thank you so much for watching! Subscribe to my channel for more videos :) Tasty no wastey!
oXØat-MïłkXo 8 days ago
Its Colette from ratatouille
Stefanie Morgan
Stefanie Morgan 14 days ago
Love you
• choco chippy :3 •
HI RIE!!!!
Crazy Brown
Crazy Brown 3 months ago
you didn't waste anything but you created a TRASH(just kidding) no hate feelings love this channel
Green Tea
Green Tea 6 months ago
Luv you, Rie :3 😘🥰
Dinocoff 5 days ago
someone tell me how to be a tasty producer, PLEASE
P1nkllama8 8 days ago
She should’ve used hand sanitiser rather than washing her hands so she didn’t waste water
oXØat-MïłkXo 8 days ago
The fact that rie also is trained in French cuisine just ties into the fact that she is secretly Colette from ratatouille
Hebah 11 days ago
Decreasing your waste should br a gradual thing, forcing it is _annoying_
Juliana Fredericks
Juliana Fredericks 12 days ago
The core can be used in composting. So technically not using it ,isn’t wasteful.
The healthy's.
The healthy's. 14 days ago
Me reading the title: See’s the word ‘tried’ Me: oh no....
accesdeniedd 14 days ago
Xiu Zou
Xiu Zou 17 days ago
Honestly, Rie is like the chef version of bob ross. Her voice is soothing, she has a talent for food, and many people love her! 😊
Emma Albrow
Emma Albrow 29 days ago
Where is this bulk store?
Rhianne Panopio
Rhianne Panopio Month ago
i hope rie comes again in tasty videos
Miku Official
Miku Official Month ago
i like potato pie
Lenus Ton
Lenus Ton Month ago
The way Rie said potato pie made me smileeeeee :)
Cheyanne Six
Cheyanne Six Month ago
What store is this in and where?
Arthur Sta Maria
i mean you could plant the apple core
Huyền Trang Phạm
Dear Tasty. When you try to do no waste, why don't you go to a local farmer's market. Then you will have no stickers on your apples and if lucky enough, you could be able to have butter in your container instead of a wrap too.
iPad Gaming
iPad Gaming Month ago
Ur baking and cooking is really amazing
Harley Month ago
I feel like every chef who works at Tasty is talking to themselves while cooking at home because of the number of videos they have done Just kidding😂
Anime enthusiast
Fiza Batool
Fiza Batool Month ago
Rie should just feed the cores of the apples to a horse
Ailsa Holder
Ailsa Holder Month ago
That pie was Beautiful
Tokyo ghoul
Tokyo ghoul Month ago
Apple cores are a myth start from bottom and eat the hole thing and take out the seeds!!
Naomi Angelica
Naomi Angelica 2 months ago
Adam is Soo precious
Ranjan Oriflame
Ranjan Oriflame 2 months ago
I dont know why but adam is so dam cuteee❤
DARK GAMER's DEN. 2 months ago
3:20 you can eat that sticker it is edible
Lucy Haverty
Lucy Haverty 2 months ago
1:30 yup Kerry gold 🇨🇮 🤣
Clyde Nate
Clyde Nate 2 months ago
Still waiting for 6969696 views
Chelsea Pettigrew
Chelsea Pettigrew 2 months ago
why didnt you make your own butter?
SequinJin 2 months ago
"tasty no waste-y" - adam
Sania Khan
Sania Khan 2 months ago
"Use a reusable container instead of plastic" Me realising that we reuse plastic containers 🤦
Beyond Kyle
Beyond Kyle 2 months ago
They should have a special playlist Rie and Alix BFF tandem ❤
Paola Raya
Paola Raya 2 months ago
I know I’m late but aren’t the fruit stickers supposedly edible 🤷🏽‍♀️
Yaoran Tang
Yaoran Tang 2 months ago
PIE is one stroke away from RIE
Emilio Rivera
Emilio Rivera 2 months ago
7:01 she sound like those annoying types of 0 waste ppl💀
Rie's got an unusual competition.... Mah momma here makes pies with zero taste
Emma Mathewson
Emma Mathewson 2 months ago
if- if you compost the cores doesn't that count as zero waste? i feed my apple cores to my chickens as a treat
georgemln 2 months ago
didnt Rie waste food by washing her hands? :0
Sprite Hobi
Sprite Hobi 2 months ago
no one: Rie: usuarry lmao
MrKaje72 3 months ago
3:47 if you wanna see something beautiful
_bermuda 3 months ago
how could 3k people dislike this video...?
Chinatsu Shinomiya
Chinatsu Shinomiya 3 months ago
How much cinnamon did you use? One tsp? 1/2 tsp?
Crazy Brown
Crazy Brown 3 months ago
FSheikh UwU
FSheikh UwU 3 months ago
Usuarry 💀 Lolz love you Rie ❤ you are sooooo cute ❤😂
Kimanh Pham
Kimanh Pham 3 months ago
How did you find the bulk market?
Harvey Chang
Harvey Chang 3 months ago
I hate cooking but if you say anything bad about Rie i will break your back
Paliacho9 3 months ago
My grandma always made 'Twirlies' with the excess doe; roll out excess, cover with butter cinnamon sugar, roll it up, cut into little twirl discs, bake and give to the little kiddos.
ALEXANDRIA W 3 months ago
stickers on apples or any fruit are edible i know its weird but they decompose in your stomach
Kleo Anjielo Ayunan
Kleo Anjielo Ayunan 3 months ago
Auto click and like because it's Rie. ☺️☺️☺️
Pita Loka
Pita Loka 3 months ago
Rie, I love you.
sinfully l proud
sinfully l proud 3 months ago
Did anyone see the word at 4:17?
Ben Hawkes
Ben Hawkes 4 months ago
I will always love rie
Szymon D-o
Szymon D-o 4 months ago
05:05 rie you could also macerate this Apple to have more juice
Aight 4 months ago
Little waste and vegetarian too!
FreshLynx 4 months ago
Tasty just letting you know if you dare even cut rie pay by 00000.1 percent instead of nuking Iran I will nuke you Guys it’s a joke don’t take it seriously
Hoodo Idiris
Hoodo Idiris 4 months ago
I really love 💗 🥘 cooking and I really want to work there I’m only 13 but I hope rie and Alex will still be there
Horatio 4 months ago
Eating a wrapper so Rie won't have any trash
ZwariowanY 4 months ago
... I should've come to Buzzfeed and show you guys how it's done.
Minimation Pfft
Minimation Pfft 3 months ago
ZwariowanY cool
ZwariowanY 3 months ago
Judging from my account you say im 8. I made an unfunny joke that shows i can't bake a pie and you just jump on me like that.
Minimation Pfft
Minimation Pfft 3 months ago
ZwariowanY well judging from your account you seem to be like 8 so you don’t really seem like an environmental activist who’d know more about this
Kishou Lin
Kishou Lin 4 months ago
Rie and Alvin are the most amazing people I've ever seen.
Sadiah 4 months ago
If rie ever leaves tasty, it would be the end of them
Laura Gardner
Laura Gardner 4 months ago
Please don’t make Rie do any more surprises she doesn’t like them don’t make me sad buzzfeed
Buffalo 86
Buffalo 86 4 months ago
The good thing about food waste, you can compost it !
Zachery Jequinto
Zachery Jequinto 4 months ago
Couldn't they make their own butter with milk they might already have, as well as eat the core because the whole apple is eatable if you start from the bottom.
Caleboop 4 months ago
i will literally *hurt* anybody who says something bad about our rie.
Caleboop 4 months ago
Me: **eating peacefully and quietly** Rie: 2:04 I’m still figuring out how to use **whore** Me: *physically startled*
Duck 4 months ago
tAsTy No WaStY!!
Carlos Dó Nascimênto
What does small picis mean???
Eleanor 5 months ago
You can eat apple stickers and the core of the apple!!
Peppermint Nightmare
Doesn't it taste better knowing there was no trash created? No... no I don't think that affects the taste of something in the slightest unless I misunderstand how taste works. lol
Tiasha Das
Tiasha Das 5 months ago
I love rie
Scais 5 months ago
kitchen = kitching
Alexandra Scott
Alexandra Scott 5 months ago
Rie is the best
Flakey 5 months ago
I didn’t know organic fruit’s peel can be used :0
GOD_OF_ALL 1279髪
GOD_OF_ALL 1279髪 5 months ago
FDA said that the stickers on the apples are edible
Son Le
Son Le 5 months ago
wait i watched a vid and it said that the stickers in fruit are edible so why not put it in your pie
The Chris Show
The Chris Show 5 months ago
I don’t understand why people love rie so much??? Like I don’t hate her but she is just a regular person
Jorge Rojo
Jorge Rojo 5 months ago
I hate surprises too.
Farrah is Fantastic
Farrah is Fantastic 5 months ago
Tasty no wasty is my favorite phrase as of now
Muhammad Shabbar Bukhari
*R i e I s T h e B e s t T a s t y P r o d u c e r !*
W1LLツ 5 months ago
The apples sticker is edible btw
Lollloll Koko
Lollloll Koko 5 months ago
She looks so unhappy
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