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Jun 16, 2020




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Comments 19 777
Creeper Explode
Creeper Explode 5 minutes ago
2:29 my wife when i take the pills
Elise Petty
Elise Petty 3 hours ago
Catherine Pineda
Catherine Pineda 4 hours ago
The lava didn't break the cube what?
Catherine Pineda
Catherine Pineda 4 hours ago
those are cool YOU TOOZ.
Brandy Ray
Brandy Ray 6 hours ago
HI hi hi hi hi hi
brandon witzel
brandon witzel 6 hours ago
What happens when u use a RPG on an indestructible cube
Fidaa Gahnoum
Fidaa Gahnoum 7 hours ago
Bell Bell Bell Bell
Кирил Шарков
Gabe:Cube won Nathan zero.
Кирил Шарков
Me:Cube won Nathan still alive but lost.
Кирил Шарков
Nathan:my foot!!
Cheese Tube
Cheese Tube 11 hours ago
Hey unspeakable u hungry go to cube-fil-a hehehe *sigh* sorry that was bad
jesse the t-rex
jesse the t-rex 14 hours ago
when that cube falls in the water, it will probably be there forever
John Waldron
John Waldron 14 hours ago
jesse the t-rex I’m driving down to a UFO
Will M 15
Will M 15 16 hours ago
he has a riot sheild????? why
Davies marc Tan
Davies marc Tan 19 hours ago
Wait a minit I thing lava is not working den try up to see what is the week Ness bat wait den let's shot a nuk hehe
Davies marc Tan
Davies marc Tan 20 hours ago
Ok warning I'll try ir at my toy to get itlava toy like Presten hehehe
Gamer nugget090
Gamer nugget090 23 hours ago
just ask hacksmith to give a lightsaber and slice half of it
Lincolnplay11 The Best
Try the ☀️😊
Manawa Kaipo
Manawa Kaipo Day ago
Did it
Luca Smargon
Luca Smargon Day ago
Unspeakable you are my favriote. RUvidr subscribe to unspeakable 2.0 and unspeakable
Lily Franklin
Do you love ❤️ Kaco unspeakable
Bella the Wolf
Nuke it but let the the army do it
ronald schalck
Just run it under a moving tank lol
ronald schalck
ronald schalck
Or jsut shoot it with a tank bullet
Lorena Silvestri
I got tricked by the message tab
Kelly Blank
Kelly Blank Day ago
Ginny Liddle
Ginny Liddle Day ago
9:25, now trampolines are jumping???
Pam Stokes
Pam Stokes Day ago
Why don,t you go to a volcano and throw it in
Jason Hencler
I can’t believe that cute didn’t burn up
Jason Hencler
I can’t believe that cube didn’t burn up
Jason Hencler
I was supposed to say cube
Cody D
Cody D Day ago
he says he will get tank , shredder, hydrolic press etc. but he hasnt done it yet?
Skadi Moon
Skadi Moon Day ago
electrucute it then throw in pool
Daniela Pinto
that is not cool
VVDJ 789
VVDJ 789 Day ago
17:15 the sun is hotter
desipenguin Day ago
Lisa Holliday
I tuck my mum,s tablet
Lisa Holliday
Yr cool
Lisa Holliday
Kwabena Gaming
On a vid u got 769k likes
Nathan Gates
Nathan Gates Day ago
Use a big fat bear!!!
Nathan Gates
Nathan Gates Day ago
Name it graphite
budiono gunawan
its magma not silver
Seanne Dave Limmong
I want that the problem is I'm at pillipines
Jhialy Rue Diaz
Poor car
Bryan Sharp
Bryan Sharp Day ago
Nothing is gonna work
Joannemlang@gmail.com Damon2013
Let's get 1000000000 likes in 5 days to
Joannemlang@gmail.com Damon2013
WheelJack320 2 days ago
you got over 150k like please do it tank mode yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Captain Chicken
Captain Chicken 2 days ago
I have coronavirus
Jorge Scofield T
Jorge Scofield T 2 days ago
Lets do part twoo!!!!!!
Karla Rogers
Karla Rogers 2 days ago
Rip unspeakable‘s RC car lol
Kelvey Powell
Kelvey Powell 2 days ago
Unspeakable should drop the cube from the scaffold onto his patio
Arman Amin
Arman Amin 2 days ago
Leo Roppelt
Leo Roppelt 2 days ago
I want that cube at Home
jay the fortnite god
Emery van Bree
Emery van Bree 2 days ago
Unspeakable you are the best
Tan Rui Yang
Tan Rui Yang 3 days ago
Wohhhh my chinese birthday is on 23rd June and my normal birthday is on 25th June
Ezra Saavedra
Ezra Saavedra 3 days ago
Use a shredder
Ezra Saavedra
Ezra Saavedra 3 days ago
I have an idea how to destroy the indestructible cube
Ildiko Toth
Ildiko Toth 3 days ago
They should have lava and liquid nitrogen at the same time
James: that was some crappy dance Lol
J Pettit
J Pettit 3 days ago
I doñt have those medias edit go to a sky skraper and drop it
Carrisa Aquino
Carrisa Aquino 3 days ago
Carrisa Aquino
Carrisa Aquino 3 days ago
Hi my name is Clarissa give me a shout out
Carrisa Aquino
Carrisa Aquino 3 days ago
Unspeakable I'm such a big fan of You RUvid can you give me a shout out my name is Calista and give me one of the Foxy's giving away I live in San Diego
Al Tunuufi
Al Tunuufi 3 days ago
I am on oh friend I want him to kill
Willow Scully
Willow Scully 3 days ago
Be strong 💪 😆
gacha lover ???
gacha lover ??? 3 days ago
That was crazy
Puppet_ Gamer
Puppet_ Gamer 3 days ago
fresh when he rages 14:18
Jennifer Davaney
Jennifer Davaney 3 days ago
yall are wiled i love it
Lola_ Skies
Lola_ Skies 3 days ago
Would the Cube destroy another cube
Guste 345
Guste 345 3 days ago
When he says every one has goggles on me just like / o_o puts goggles on
Laxmi Tiwary
Laxmi Tiwary 3 days ago
Science rules!
Luke Finn
Luke Finn 3 days ago
I like my bed 😚😚
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash 3 days ago
1 like = 1 foot for James 😆
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash 3 days ago
I want to die 😑
unicorn_sparkle yeye
Nathan is like kid haha like if u agree
metzie9 3 days ago
Me weight is 50
kemjohnown kemjohnown
8:40 wat a yeet
Dirk de Vos
Dirk de Vos 3 days ago
and lava in pool and ask preston if hi can do it to cold likwid and lava please
Dirk de Vos
Dirk de Vos 3 days ago
make a vidio were you fro cold likwid in the pool and awer
Jedi McDonell
Jedi McDonell 3 days ago
Who would be the strongest of unspeakable,gave and james
Xander Playz
Xander Playz 3 days ago
Ruchi Nirupam
Ruchi Nirupam 3 days ago
Where is part 2
Ruchi Nirupam
Ruchi Nirupam 3 days ago
Why is your intro in Preston ‘s warehouse
Paris Tewaaka
Paris Tewaaka 3 days ago
How come parents can’t hear that🤔🤔🤔🤔
Lorenzo Worrell
Lorenzo Worrell 3 days ago
Can I get it
Kaito darkblade
Kaito darkblade 4 days ago
tungsten has the highest melting point of any metal...
Jiahao Wu
Jiahao Wu 4 days ago
Why is this dude in Preston’s warehouse?
Arif Pras
Arif Pras 4 days ago
I want to see part 2
Chris Wolf
Chris Wolf 4 days ago
hi how do i get one i need one
Jeanne Hyatt
Jeanne Hyatt 4 days ago
you think the lava is hot how about Rigel? Rigel is 11,000 K
Amy Rahn
Amy Rahn 4 days ago
I ❤️ your chanal
Hamody Watching
Hamody Watching 4 days ago
Just melt the cube
Spongebob Squarepants
Shane Lawrence
Shane Lawrence 4 days ago
Something dangerous on speakable
Christy Kotsonaros Martin
He said he would make a part 2 if it got 150,000 likes it has almost 250,000 likes
Benjamin Dexter
Benjamin Dexter 4 days ago
It would be cool if they poured lava on the cube then put the cube in the pool
Ste Hanvey
Ste Hanvey 4 days ago
NATHAN I HAVE A IDEA if the tank Somehow does not work i know somebody who can break it Work your way there hehehehe >:3 Trust me its worth it! Its the one and only... SOOOOOOOOWWWWWEEEEEEEEE Justdustin
Mason Russu
Mason Russu 4 days ago
Put dry ice on the cube
kellslee1 4 days ago
i made a animation that is called CUBE it has 10 parts the ending is so sad that he melted 1 like=1 cube
marcus racen lauguico
Do it please!!!!
acbbahaus 4 days ago
Get a scar h
DimpleKidGaming 4 days ago
Title:I tried to destroy the indestructible cube! Me:when are u going to post part two
DimpleKidGaming 2 days ago
YEOH WEI IAN Moe an JAMES Headly yes when are they going to post part two I think they forgot
JAMES Headley
JAMES Headley 3 days ago
Yah when
YEOH WEI IAN Moe 4 days ago
Yea, when are you going to post part 2?
Gaz Croney
Gaz Croney 4 days ago
Drop a nuke on it
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