i tried making a bloomin' onion

julien solomita
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Oct 10, 2019




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Comments 5 927
Peyton Marie
Peyton Marie Day ago
Do a blooming potato
Siddharth Prabhu
Siddharth Prabhu 2 days ago
*pobody's nerfect* -Julien Solomita, Oct 2019
Clara Murdoch
Clara Murdoch 2 days ago
Just sayin... I’m not Australian
shandi warren
shandi warren 2 days ago
Jenna coming in with that, "there was a murder outside! That's what you call a group of crows... Can I try some of your blooming onion?" Gets me everytime.
Truthtalk 29
Truthtalk 29 3 days ago
That was driving me insane that excess paprika shaking 😬😬😬😬 OCD much. Love the crunchiness asmr at the end yummm
Jo Stewart
Jo Stewart 3 days ago
Are blooming onions an “Australian” thing (and by that I mean actually Indian but common in Aus?) Bc yes I am Australian and I love them but I thought they were pretty common
Membee -
Membee - 4 days ago
it's a good fucking chance that Jenna wasn't in the kitchen with you or you would be ded rip
Shannon Staley
Shannon Staley 7 days ago
I can never get enough of your office and parks and rec references.
lil woozi vert
lil woozi vert 7 days ago
3:30 it’s 3am and i can’t sleep, gave me the spooks 😦
keisha x
keisha x 7 days ago
♫︎♪︎ nobody’s perfect you live and you work it again and again till you get it right♪︎♫︎
Michala Zappia
Michala Zappia 8 days ago
Julien: I’ve never had an onion ring before So pure. I love when our celiac Aries gets to try the yummy things. (I’m also allergic to gluten and I haven’t had an onion ring for 4 years I need to make this).
Shyanne 8 days ago
hey Julien, i actually used to be a restaurant manager at outback steakhouse in Australia. I can hit you up with the actual recipe if you'd like ✌
These videos are so oddly soothing. Can Julian make these until the end of time?
Havenshardlight 9 days ago
Isnt Worcestershire sauce made of fish?
the onion demon
the onion demon 11 days ago
“You can take notes on your iPad just don’t play games” Me playing Minecraft with this on in the background:
Andrea Tews
Andrea Tews 12 days ago
i swear im going too make this-
Kirsty Mcmath
Kirsty Mcmath 14 days ago
I'm pretty new to juliens channel but I love these, he's so funny and entertaining, I've watched about 6 or 7 in a row (so far) 😊
BeccasLife 15 days ago
What is the name of the egg replacement
RedVelvetWaffles 16 days ago
I thought horseradish was a plant
Sara Ferguson
Sara Ferguson 16 days ago
The measuring of the spices lmaoooooo
Snicks 21 day ago
See, the genius is,you soak it in icewater for an hour so it holds it´s shape
Missy Yeong
Missy Yeong 22 days ago
You know Jenna is somewhere around here, panicking
Maddie McCurdy
Maddie McCurdy 23 days ago
I've been watching your videos on 360p for some reason and I'm very disappointed I didnt figure this out til now... in myself mostly
Maddie McCurdy
Maddie McCurdy 23 days ago
"We're gonna take them to cocktail hour so they can all hang out" you're becoming rachel ray...
livia 24 days ago
10:04 He could have said spin it to win it
Eva Torra
Eva Torra 24 days ago
Watching this wasted as hell in 2020 and let me just say- it's better than outback steak house. Tysm and pce out
Courtney Alexis
Courtney Alexis 26 days ago
Blooming onions are common in the southern states. Not sure about Australia!
Alligator 26 days ago
make bahn mi!
Melissa Medina
Melissa Medina 28 days ago
In case anyone was wondering don’t feed it to your cats either
giraffe912 28 days ago
You could use that batter to make reallllly good onion rings. Might be easier if the onion is too big too
xydoit Month ago
The paprika is not red 😳
xydoit Month ago
I 💚 onions
asia naylor
asia naylor Month ago
julien once said: "pobody's nerfect.." and i live by that
Lindsay -
Lindsay - Month ago
They have this at a fair I go to every year in Canada 😍
Payton Mogg-Roberts
Australians don't actually eat this lol
Havocarius Month ago
6:37 your Eleanor is showing you arimess
anni i
anni i Month ago
Its 4 am.. Im watching this again laughing out loud about "pobodys nerfect"..😂
LLCreampuff Month ago
I’ve been wanting to make this for so long I’m so glad that you made a vid on it 😂
Natalie T
Natalie T Month ago
Two tablespoons of paprika 7:23
Charlotte Mclean
I’m only 35 seconds into the video but I AM AUSTRALIAN
Where do you get all of your recipes from?
Arjay Regis
Arjay Regis Month ago
why is he not using his deep fryer
Nin Yuh
Nin Yuh Month ago
im so hungry i dont even like onions,,,
May Jailer
May Jailer Month ago
I just realized for the first time that he has an iron giant tattoo and I just got pretty much the same tattoo like a week ago except bigger. This is so fun, we're twinning.
Alexandra Bellville
Why are none of these videos monetized?
Phoenix the Kleenex
Julien: do I got something on my face Me: ah yes you got one of those glasses with the big nose and the mustache
Liah Morley
Liah Morley Month ago
wishing we had blooming onions as common as onion rings here in aus because this looks GOOD
Dave Rice
Dave Rice Month ago
Raine Heffernan
Raine Heffernan Month ago
It is literally 3 am and I can't sleep
A E Month ago
I've never heard of horseradish that isn't vegan. What would make it non vegan?
Sandra Wallace
Sandra Wallace Month ago
RUvid just followed you. Lol All it takes is 2 million subscribers huh? I’ve had the bloomin’ onion at Outback. It’s good. Love these cooking videos.
Radi Prince
Radi Prince Month ago
I’m Australian and I’ve never even heard of this 🤔
Billy Eyelash
Billy Eyelash Month ago
It's am American thing. Like fortune cookies are not Asian, they're American.
Kayley Smith
Kayley Smith Month ago
omg even jenna's starting to quote the Office UwU
Amanda Kai
Amanda Kai Month ago
Julien put more ads in your videos please so we can fund Aries Kitchen and more gadgets!
Monster UwU
Monster UwU Month ago
hello, there, again.!?¿
Amyeh Month ago
10:24 LMAO
Taryn Schulz
Taryn Schulz Month ago
I’m Aussie and never heard of a bloomin onion but I do make fried onion and aioli for parties
sera carmen
sera carmen Month ago
I've never heard of horseradish that had animal product in it.
Salad Katie
Salad Katie Month ago
I only know it because of the office too
Abbie McCurrie
Abbie McCurrie Month ago
I swear that every time Jenna makes any sort of appearance in Julien's video she always says the same thing: "I'm a VIRGO!!"
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