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HEY EVERYONE! So last week the living legend Rihanna uploaded a makeup tutorial on Vogue's RUvid channel and EVERYONE'S WIG was SNATCHED! She is such a natural on camera that I really think she needs to start her own beauty channel.. imagine??? I wanted to sit down and follow this iconic tutorial and use as many products that she used as possible! Let me know what you think of the end result!
Here is Rihanna's original Vogue makeup tutorial: ruvid.net/video/video-KONe4SNFA64.html
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May 8, 2018




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Comments 10 375
Anindita Dutta
Ania Ania
Ania Ania Day ago
Marilyn Manson and Barbie
Monique Laubscher
I love you in this video. You look so sweet and calm ❤ I love how you're gently smiling while your watching Rihanna.
J A Y L A H estina
The last part made me sad your jsut as pretty and as talented as rih! Stop bringing yourself down I love you
AnnaPxx 2 days ago
@8:58 When you get a glimpse of the focused, ruthless, badass business brain of Mr Star
Veena Gouriah
Veena Gouriah 3 days ago
I personally loved the exaggerated intro😘😍❤🥰
Lucy Jumper
Lucy Jumper 3 days ago
he only “ respects” her because he’s scared of the backlash he’ll get if he doesn’t.
Tiana Gonda
Tiana Gonda 3 days ago
jeffree : rihanna has such a soothing voice rihanna : BICH BETTER HAVE MY MONEYYYY
Channel Channel
Channel Channel 5 days ago
“No I look fat” then I look like a whale
Rebecca Bruton
Rebecca Bruton 6 days ago
why is he being sexual at the end though ew
Vimala Darshani
Vimala Darshani 7 days ago
Imagine Jeffree Star doing Rihanna's makeup 💕
Pretty Dia
Pretty Dia 9 days ago
Salma .A
Salma .A 10 days ago
So luv this video...
bety leslie
bety leslie 10 days ago
Jeffree is too fucking beautiful 😩💓
Heather Bose
Heather Bose 10 days ago
I fucking love them both. Living for them both. Two incredibly beautiful humans ❤ living for both of you. 😘
Ance Freimane
Ance Freimane 10 days ago
That start felt so ooooooo wierd, he felt shy NOW THAT'S new
Mariko may Cordova
Mariko may Cordova 10 days ago
My reaction would be like 2:19 when I have pimple and something on mah face🙄
Yajo Taba
Yajo Taba 12 days ago
16:40 every time time i see dick...🤣🤣🤣
dehydratedcactus 12 days ago
rihanna's one nice person if jeffree respects her
T S 12 days ago
His outfit is amazing 😍
Alyssa Blake
Alyssa Blake 12 days ago
I honestly can’t stand Jeffrey with a black or brunette wig it freaks me outtttt
Razeen Shaik
Razeen Shaik 12 days ago
Haven't heard one bad thing come out of his mouth in this video😂🖤
Razeen Shaik
Razeen Shaik 13 days ago
Kylie jenner👀👀👀👀😂😂😂😂
Sabiha Nahla
Sabiha Nahla 13 days ago
It’s so good to watch how humbly and respectfully a star praising another star. So amazing.
Martín Hernández
Martín Hernández 13 days ago
AJAJAJAJA the intro gets me everytime
luxury trash
luxury trash 13 days ago
hey yall! have a good day! watch jeffree star compilations here💝
Nancy Escalona
Nancy Escalona 14 days ago
Marilyn Manson and barbie had a baby hahaha 😂
Bbblo Love
Bbblo Love 14 days ago
I wish u can help me to make my dream come TRUE i love makeup but my community not
jay Buddih
jay Buddih 14 days ago
He really admires rihanna same as me gurl! Fan girl here
TheMadHatter _19
TheMadHatter _19 14 days ago
Rihanna is so pretty it's frustrating.
Georgia Simpson
Georgia Simpson 14 days ago
Follow a Doja cat makeup
xDxD kkk
xDxD kkk 15 days ago
One of the rarest sights seeing jeffrey fangirling over somebody
Kiarni 15 days ago
Jeffree: We’re gonna follow Rihannas tutorial! Also Jeffree: Mmmm I like this thing though
Alley Tovar
Alley Tovar 15 days ago
😂🤣🤣🤣 Marilyn manson/barbie
Karl Limpin
Karl Limpin 15 days ago
Rihanna is my favorite artist too. I love her skin tone she literally SHINE LIKE A DIAMOND.
clair de lune
clair de lune 15 days ago
literally shane at 0:03
Tjiuamuina Tjikundi
How do you look normal without eyebrows🧐
Peta Noonan
Peta Noonan 16 days ago
Luv that girl. She sold out ..but HRC gets my respect
Siji Totz
Siji Totz 16 days ago
I'm living for that Marilyn Manson and Barbie had sex look 😂💗
HikaTen MaiAfu
HikaTen MaiAfu 17 days ago
Marilyn Manson x Barbie
mel G
mel G 18 days ago
I love your tattoos Jeffree❤️
Mehrunnisa Wu
Mehrunnisa Wu 18 days ago
16:35 mood 😂😂😂😂
Juan Xev
Juan Xev 19 days ago
"sounds like me everytime I see dicks" me: burst in laugh at 2.11 am
Zoe M
Zoe M 19 days ago
“No I look fat” As Shane would say...”MEEEE”
Anna Maria Cartaya
Anna Maria Cartaya 19 days ago
That’s not a kitchen it’s a bathroom
Baby Girl
Baby Girl 20 days ago
A bitch can try 😘
leidydi Perez
leidydi Perez 24 days ago
Jeffree...forget to put the other lipgloss
Sao Katedo
Sao Katedo 26 days ago
Sounds like me every time I see dick jajajajajajaja! I can relate to that!
Aristobimba *
Aristobimba * 27 days ago
Rihanna 1,1M views, Jeffree following Rihanna's tutorial 8M views. I DIE!
pillygon13 27 days ago
1:50 min. Jeffree sounds so manly, horny, sexy and hungry for Rihanna. LOVE IT
600firefly1 29 days ago
He looks so pretty! I've Always wondered why he didn't transition if he chooses to have a female appearance?
Jessica Jiménez
Jessica Jiménez 29 days ago
Theres no brows
Roseemerald Sapphire
Awesoem introo😅😅♥️♥️
Sky Sky
Sky Sky Month ago
*Jumps in camera* "No I look fat" I can relate
dearalexandria Month ago
Is he high on this vid or sumthin lmao love Jeffree so much
OMG Month ago
That GuCCI JACKET 😳I’m gonna die
Anahi Hernandez
Anahi Hernandez Month ago
Yessss i love thisss 💕
Silly SillyPutty
you are so beautiful Jeffree, you have such nice skin
Iisac Month ago
She wanted to shine bright like a diamond
Samantha Mechling
Whaat? Jefree you're gorgeous and talented.
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