I Tried Following A Soap Art Tutorial

Safiya Nygaard
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We tried following a fancy soap art tutorial! A huge thank you to Wix for sponsoring this video - you can check Wix out here: www.wix.com/go/SafiyaNygaard
And if you want to visit my old Wix website, you can check it out here! bit.ly/SafiyaSong
So I am a huge fan of fancy soaps, in every way, shape, and form - I love smelling soaps, feeling soaps, and using soaps. So I decided - why not try and make a fancy bar of soap, myself, from scratch? So I followed a colorful, swirly cold-process soap art recipe from Soap Queen TV with interesting results. I've tried following makeup tutorials and nail art tutorials before, and this was by far the hardest one!
You can check out Soap Queen TV here: ruvid.net/u-soapqueentv
And the Soap Queen blog here: www.soapqueen.com/
And the Brambleberry store here: www.brambleberry.com/
Also, all of the images on our soap "store" are from the Soap Queen blog! Links below to all of those recipes:
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May 23, 2019




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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard 28 days ago
hello friends!! here is a fun video that took me a while to figure out but now i have a lot of mediocre-looking soap!! hope u guys are having a wonderful week! :) xoxo, saf
Djoodi 72
Djoodi 72 5 days ago
Everybody just listen for a sec, here’s an idea for the greatest colab on the planet, dollightfull (the girls who’s videos she used for example in her doll making series) makes a doll for safiya nigard that’s wearing some of her weird fashion items, and safiya dresses like her dolls for a week! How cool would that be? PLEASE LIKE SO SHE SEES THIS!!!!!
flower princess
flower princess 5 days ago
Were are u
Lauren Higgins
Lauren Higgins 6 days ago
It really wasn't that bad. It's an advanced technique and it only took two attempts to get really close!
Flora_idk •_•k
Safiya Nygaard :Safiya it’s 5:00am where I am I got the idea right after watching ur candle video about trying to mix as many different EOS’s together or different brands of chapsticks together to see the result.idk I just thought of it randomly
CyberNerixx 6 days ago
@Paragon Voyager o
Luke DePetro
Luke DePetro 2 hours ago
Also lye can melt your flesh from the bone so be carful kids
Pauline Ramdhanie
Pauline Ramdhanie 2 hours ago
So basically we bathe in poison
Meow Meow
Meow Meow 2 hours ago
Im not even joking when I say this but when I was like 6 I swear I used to watch these videos of people mixing colors into buckets of unknown liquid and now I realize it was lye water and oils for soap. I was getting deja’vu the whole time its crazy
cookies dinosaurs
cookies dinosaurs 3 hours ago
Hook, line, and hanger
Avocado Pie
Avocado Pie 3 hours ago
*we need a part 2!!!!*
Sarah Kardinos
Sarah Kardinos 3 hours ago
Brittany Campo
Brittany Campo 3 hours ago
Crusty doesn't like soap? *Le gasp* he is the anti-kermit
Avocado Pie
Avocado Pie 3 hours ago
*_s o a p l i f e_*
Kourtney Nhu
Kourtney Nhu 3 hours ago
-Mix every Soap at lush -mix every lotion at bath and body work -mix every perfume you have -mix every bath bomb at lush (Pls do these I think these would be great to watch love u saf)
Kourtney Nhu
Kourtney Nhu 3 hours ago
I also think it became thick because soap is usually made like a race, not usually while trying to film and narrate at the same time.
Justin Y.
Justin Y. 3 hours ago
*"There's one of my hairs and there, at least its not imbued into it"* Jaclyn.
Gina Cox
Gina Cox 4 hours ago
Very impressive you were able to go straight to an advanced soap making technique! You should make candles next! lots of fun research to do to make sure it's good and safe.
Stephanie Bowen
Stephanie Bowen 4 hours ago
That subtle Amanda Show reference 😂
Addy j
Addy j 4 hours ago
Is that meth
crystilea mae
crystilea mae 4 hours ago
A true scientific mind for our times🎖️
Amy Rose
Amy Rose 5 hours ago
Im obsessed with this video, ive watched it like 7 times in the last 4 days. Send help
Thotimusprime Official
This is absolute chaos I love it
ARTS BY GENELLE 5 hours ago
I want to try this
The best Unicorn
The best Unicorn 6 hours ago
Thank you no adds :)))
Veronica Baylo
Veronica Baylo 7 hours ago
Parris Duggan
Parris Duggan 7 hours ago
Ronna Liana
Ronna Liana 7 hours ago
next time just do the dubbing so you will be more focused and fast
Asya 7 hours ago
The grey one thoo
Sarah 00000
Sarah 00000 8 hours ago
Love your videos saf! I wanna win!!
Zoë 9 hours ago
Me: "Ah nice a good mindless fun video: Safiya: *gives actual scientific explanation for soap* Me: *shocked pikachu face*
AryaTheCat :D
AryaTheCat :D 9 hours ago
07:33 Aaaand its soap
Skyler Gray
Skyler Gray 10 hours ago
I’m surprised there’s no comment from the soap channel? I bet Anne-Marie is going to freak tf out when she sees this lol, I’m oddly happy for her. Big channels supporting smaller channels in creative ways 🙌
Skyler Gray
Skyler Gray 10 hours ago
Take a shot every time Saf says “Anne-Marie” 😅 🥃
Luisa Adeele
Luisa Adeele 10 hours ago
My cat eat soap
BTSAnime Yoongi
BTSAnime Yoongi 10 hours ago
At 4:08 Jack and Mark when they where doing pole dancing
Ridhi Singh
Ridhi Singh 11 hours ago
Make more soap
MENTAL_MANGOS 11 hours ago
I learnt more chemistry here than my actual chemistry class
Ana H
Ana H 11 hours ago
Safiya is so determined and it turned out rlly good I would’ve quit so fast
Mira A
Mira A 13 hours ago
Thank you!
Abigail de Quadros
Abigail de Quadros 13 hours ago
huff now puff later
Elleshaniaä 13 hours ago
love this
Jessica-lee Tang
Jessica-lee Tang 13 hours ago
next you need to try candle carving
Juana Garcia
Juana Garcia 13 hours ago
I had fun watching this I hope to try it ❤❤
Alma Diaz
Alma Diaz 14 hours ago
Whitney Alter
Whitney Alter 14 hours ago
Elena Gyurova
Elena Gyurova 14 hours ago
Mixing all the soaps from Whole foods would be a fun video
Taylor Dumitru
Taylor Dumitru 14 hours ago
Catlynn Yates
Catlynn Yates 14 hours ago
i love how she educates herself and fully emerges herself in each video to give the best content and best result unlike most
Alyce Meeks
Alyce Meeks 14 hours ago
makayla blevins
makayla blevins 15 hours ago
Name suggestion for the misc- midnight glisten
Bree ehlenburg
Bree ehlenburg 15 hours ago
Soap art te tour e al
Stari Galaxia
Stari Galaxia 15 hours ago
I would totally buy that soap
Emily Gist
Emily Gist 15 hours ago
that soap is dope
xx_DustThe Spooky_xx
Mix every soap at a random place- because idk store names- (sorry if i gave you the idea--)
Simone Paul
Simone Paul 15 hours ago
Calla Coleman
Calla Coleman 15 hours ago
Saf should try crafting with epoxy resin 😂
Putalittlemakeup 15 hours ago
Love your creativity! 💖💖
Dani Henegan
Dani Henegan 15 hours ago
Please make more soap ❤️id buy your soap
Alyssa ono
Alyssa ono 15 hours ago
dont you just love all the time she puts in her videos qwq
Emilee Pakosinski
Emilee Pakosinski 15 hours ago
"Crusty hates soap, he's against it in every way, shape, and form"
Cassidi Roberts
Cassidi Roberts 16 hours ago
Christina Leaman
Christina Leaman 16 hours ago
I really like the weird colors franken shade!
ScaryLittleKitten 16 hours ago
HALLIE STONE 16 hours ago
huff now puff later my new life motto
MVHeart 16 hours ago
The way I laughed out loud when I saw Mark and Jack jdkh
Ash03 16 hours ago
My science final is in two days so obviously instead of studying I’m watching RUvid. I was pleasantly surprised to see stuff that I needed to study in your video 👍
Sandra Toriz
Sandra Toriz 16 hours ago
Loved it!!
Jeanine Howton
Jeanine Howton 16 hours ago
Monse Hernandez
Monse Hernandez 16 hours ago
kayla lilly
kayla lilly 16 hours ago
saf I will never underestimate your organization skills they satisfy and make my life so happy edit: and alllll the unknowingly needed tons of information 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Tina Clayton
Tina Clayton 16 hours ago
I actually do dabble in the making but I'm not nearly good enough I'd be willing to SELL anything. However I would send it just for the heck of it.
Becky Henderson
Becky Henderson 16 hours ago
Tina Clayton
Tina Clayton 16 hours ago
You should keep doing these!!! This is fun to watch :)
Lauren McCarrick
Lauren McCarrick 16 hours ago
G Lambert
G Lambert 17 hours ago
Loving your dedication!
Rosey Musicismylife
Rosey Musicismylife 17 hours ago
safiya is much better at this then i'd be so..
melimooxo 17 hours ago
love it!
Alister D K
Alister D K 17 hours ago
I love the crazy colours, you should do a video mixing JSC's liquid lips for the middle ground of his insane colors!
Lexus Garcia
Lexus Garcia 17 hours ago
Alina Arevalo
Alina Arevalo 17 hours ago
Soap making look so much fun
Jessaca Redd in a state of Namaste soaps
This brings back memories of my first attempts at making soaps. Funny so many things make a difference in timing of soap. I love it.
bing bong
bing bong 17 hours ago
You should tey to make the ombre mermaid sparkly soap that anne marrie showed how to make
Kendra Secoy
Kendra Secoy 17 hours ago
Want to do this, also afraid of lye though lol
Laura Cereza Reis
Laura Cereza Reis 17 hours ago
Sub to me for no reason !
She should try to make her own candle with a scent from scratch!
momosbigstrap ;
momosbigstrap ; 17 hours ago
I didn’t know I was in my science class 😳
Kali Smith
Kali Smith 17 hours ago
You should try to make things from 5 minute crafts videos!
Danielle Vahey
Danielle Vahey 17 hours ago
I've been watching Royalty Soaps videos ever since this video came out!
Abby Valentin
Abby Valentin 17 hours ago
bands.and.vans 17 hours ago
Please do more of these 😭😭😭😭😭😭💞
Yemin Kim
Yemin Kim 17 hours ago
Marie kinda looks like holly from the office XD
sophie eula
sophie eula 17 hours ago
callab with katie???
Patricia Urtubia
Patricia Urtubia 17 hours ago
looks like the artic landscape on your soap
Ava Moreno
Ava Moreno 17 hours ago
You should make Macaroons
Livi Piggi Olivia R
Livi Piggi Olivia R 17 hours ago
If you ever do this again I recommend royalty soaps recipe it takes longer to dry up
Danielle Wolfe
Danielle Wolfe 17 hours ago
Alexa_Wolf -3-
Alexa_Wolf -3- 17 hours ago
Tbh I loved this vid the soap was oddly satisfying could u plz do more soap making videos 😂😂😂
Savannah Woodruff
Savannah Woodruff 17 hours ago
hell ya
Elizabeth Schwerman
Elizabeth Schwerman 17 hours ago
Now I want to make all of the soap
Emily Warden
Emily Warden 19 hours ago
I would love to watch you try a different one!!
Tenaya Krill
Tenaya Krill 19 hours ago
I miss you saf 😭 we need another video
Bettie Steffes
Bettie Steffes 19 hours ago
Make more soap videos
ROBLOX Love 20 hours ago
Please don’t say bad words if you do please beep it out love u ❤️
Xxlunar CookiesXx
Xxlunar CookiesXx 20 hours ago
Safiya me and you have the same birthday where you born July 16th
Moonlight T
Moonlight T 20 hours ago
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