I Tried Following A Jeffree Star Makeup Tutorial

Garrett Watts
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I am a grown man who has never tried to purchase or apply makeup to my face and I know less than nothing about how to properly do it, so obviously I thought it would be a good idea to give it a shot! So Join me as I travel through San Fransisco with my friends Shane & Ryland by my side, as I delve into the unknown & wildly mysterious world of applying makeup to my face with makeup legend Jeffree Star as my guide.
Keep your eyes peeled for pro makeup tips and DIY hacks such as, but not limited to, ditching the expensive world of eyeshadows and instead opting to use Cheeto dust instead. I'm kidding of course. This turned out to be an actually very not-good idea and made my eyes feel badly. Would not recommend. But I had fun trying. Whatever. I love you. Enjoy this video.
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If you're reading this I love you and thank you for watching the things I make.
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Mar 6, 2018




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Comments 80
Diane Magnolia
Diane Magnolia 17 hours ago
The way he holds brushes gives me an aneurysm lmao
L Alice
L Alice Day ago
I just noticed but Ryland is so mean to Garrett :( he spoke about how many days had it been since he showered and was constantly critiquing his make up 😭 what a shame
Marcy Angela
Marcy Angela 2 hours ago
Rylan has always been weirdly jealous of Garret because Shane+Garret initially met as tinder dates but within a day or so they noticing that they were way more compatible as friends. Shane and Garrett always had great natural chemistry and I believe it's always bothered him despite that chemistry being one of friendship only. He's always treated Garrett kind of... bad.
And again didn't keep to a schedule. Nobody is disappointed, everyone is worried. That's all.
Vanyda Khiev
Vanyda Khiev Day ago
Garrett, I love you!!!! Your editing is incredible and I thoroughly enjoyed every second. The video flew by so fast!
First name Last name
Some of y’all aren’t Garrett and it shows
{Tweek} 3 days ago
This video didn’t age well
Diane Magnolia
Diane Magnolia 17 hours ago
Yeeeeaaaahhhh. I just miss Garrett so I’m bingeing his videos. I wish the spooky boys had been forever rather than all the problematic shit.
anya nicholls
anya nicholls 3 days ago
garret is the cutest person🥺🥺🥺
jermiah 4 days ago
looking back at these vids i hate the way they talk to garrett sometimes :/ like they’re lowkey rude to him
jermiah 9 hours ago
right? like imagine being shit on every time you brought up something you loved and showed interest in:( it’s sad, even if they’re “just joking and doing it for the camera” i wonder if it gets to him
NightVale_Intern 2 days ago
For real, though. Like, nearly every time he mentioned Harry Potter they mocked him like not even just teasing really. It’s quite telling
Faye Sivan Martinez Delano Zamo
thats exactly how I feel :/
Victoria B
Victoria B 5 days ago
.... Ellen?
Geko 5 days ago
Can anyone tell me where to find the shirt garrett wore in this video? Thanks! It's the one he wears while doing his makeup, not the commentary.
Wylje 5 days ago
Remember these times? They were much simpler huh
MooMoo 12
MooMoo 12 5 days ago
Who’s here in 2020
Allie Guerrini
Allie Guerrini 5 days ago
Well, this is awkward...
Sid 5 days ago
6:21 I just realised Garret gave Shane the idea of cheeto dust make-up 2 years before Shane added it as a shade in his own pallet.
im jack
im jack 5 days ago
I died of laughter when Shane said "pokey" instead of pocky lol
Bronwyn I
Bronwyn I 7 days ago
Watching you to distract myself from the toxic side of youtube 😔
ajuyá 4 days ago
Minho 6 days ago
wearesupernovas •
I really like Garrett he’s so creative and nice any guy who dates him will be lucky and honestly the way Garrett’s mind works is so imaginative
Dana Kelley
Dana Kelley 7 days ago
Shane : can I punch you , if I saw dying on the side of the street I will walk away 😶😂this is why us stans are sassy
HellaCrayy 7 days ago
Keep the stubble. The stubble is more "Garrett".
Raven The Lost Skywalker
Shane: POkEy Me: Its Pocky, like rocky
Leaf Babe
Leaf Babe 9 days ago
Whoever is watching this please don't cancel garrett
Jaimee M.
Jaimee M. 6 days ago
Hell Fialová exactly just like Nate --I wonder what timeframe was between when they each withdrew themselves???? That would be very interesting to know. 🤔❤️
Hell Fialová
Hell Fialová 6 days ago
there is a reason why Garrett has not been in Shane's videos for months, i don't think they're friends anymore and i love that for him. Garrett deserves only good people around him. 💜💜💜
Leaf Babe
Leaf Babe 8 days ago
@Jaimee M. thank god, I'm just so worried because garrett has collared with Jeffree many times and I'm afraid people are gonna think that Garrett supports Jeffrees actions and cancel him, but he is such a sweet boy and cares so much about important causes all the time
Jaimee M.
Jaimee M. 8 days ago
Leaf Babe no one would cancel him, he is a good person. In fact I just unsubbed Shane and subbed Garrett.
Mikey Way In Fishnets
Garrett: No look its conture! See? It's called lumeiare highlighter- oh.
Christine Murrell
Christine Murrell 10 days ago
He’s said he’s been back in like every vid lol
Sfrgt City
Sfrgt City 10 days ago
He’s so fucking funny. Garrett, come back. :(
Sfrgt City
Sfrgt City 8 days ago
Jaimee M. Same, I guess this old(er) dog is about to learn new tricks. Thanks for the heads up, gonna check it out.
Jaimee M.
Jaimee M. 8 days ago
Sfrgt City I heard he is huge on another platform now, maybe twitch or tik toc...idk if I even spelled right cuz I’m older and don’t pay attention.
lebua bennett
lebua bennett 10 days ago
5:35 that did not age well 😳
Hell Fialová
Hell Fialová 6 days ago
Ooof 😂👌
ivan 9 days ago
hannah West
hannah West 11 days ago
Omg I'm crying with laughter Garret you are amazing
potatofan007 13 days ago
I love you Garrett. Missing you.
Christina Iles
Christina Iles 14 days ago
You are so cute Garrett!!!!❤️
Riley Braun
Riley Braun 17 days ago
... i like ryland and garrett
Jessica Aneston
Jessica Aneston 18 days ago
Where are youuu
FrecklesAndFries 20 days ago
“Well let’s set up the makeup station-“ “Okay! Here’s my snacks and parking garage.” ME
Connor 24 days ago
I think Garrett uploads only twice every 5 months wait why does garret actually look not bad also he should dye his hair that color pink also some people think its aesthetic to smoke but thats bad for your lungs. just smoke red vines
Kelly In LA
Kelly In LA 25 days ago
CHEETO DUST! Now we know where that came from! 🧡🧡
Sassy Ma
Sassy Ma 26 days ago
I love you Garrett Watts and jokes aside you did a decent job on ur makeup
Kerry Goodall
Kerry Goodall 26 days ago
When you said floating banana I got scared because I was eating a banana
Nikki Stanton
Nikki Stanton 19 hours ago
I love this comment 🌸
Chantal Mills
Chantal Mills 26 days ago
Is it just me or why does garret look a bit like Harry potter every time he shaves or am I just blind i-
Keira Mason
Keira Mason 28 days ago
smol bean
smol bean 28 days ago
Omg Garret is like if a golden retriever turned in to a person he is an adorable Hufflepuff and I love him 💓🐶
Ass Hat
Ass Hat Month ago
Am I the only one who thinks Garrett is EXTREMELY attractive??
I NEED MENTAL HELP 10 days ago
Ass Hat if only I was an adult male
ellahmarie lanza
I. Love His Naw Line
Bella's World
Bella's World Month ago
GaRrEt; im back like for real back me; at the time that i am watching this you have not posted in 3 months
Abbie Smith
Abbie Smith Month ago
Garret just to say if u wanna talk to me about Harry Potter we can talk
wendy mendez
wendy mendez Month ago
me currently rewatching 😔 , and man i still think you look like a bad bitch
Makeupyourday Gina Lee
Thats no lipstick 😂 is to correct under eye color😂 I die
Cooldog Jeans
Cooldog Jeans Month ago
5:02 Love That
summer stanley
summer stanley Month ago
20:46 the most precious thing you've ever seen. Oh.....my heart, it melted
Turtle Jam
Turtle Jam Month ago
Since Garret loves IT, he seems like Richie and Eddie’s love child 👏
Tana V. Kendall
Tana V. Kendall Month ago
Ryland is now the parent
OoMpA LoOmpA
OoMpA LoOmpA Month ago
Hes adorable He loves Harry Potter Hes a hufflepuff hes nice He loves food like cheeto hates shane.. Which means A LOT I mean...WhY iS hE sTiLl sIngLeEeEe
storm builder
storm builder Month ago
garret reminds me of harry potter when he shaves his beard
Agustina Robinson
“I’m trying to make it look like a drug” -Garrett Watts
Novus Blom
Novus Blom Month ago
Garrett is stunning with Make-up on. Stay safe Garrett ❤️
Mallory Long
Mallory Long Month ago
Garrett wouldn’t hurt a soul.hes too precious 🥺🥺🥺
ITZ MADDIE Month ago
Why did garrets makeup look better than jefferys lol
sky シ
sky シ Month ago
Why was ryland soo mad when Garrett got sidetracked from doing his makeup?
Mareli Silva
Mareli Silva Month ago
One one: Ryland: no
Karina Month ago
Garrett looks good with pink hair
MultiBrooklyn5 Month ago
13:08 “ But SHE, HE.......”
Blog or Draw
Blog or Draw Month ago
Can you pls adopt me!! I love your videos!!
Madder Hatter
Madder Hatter Month ago
I wear makeup because I have acne and it makes me feel better about myself 😊
Gia Marzano
Gia Marzano Month ago
8:16 🥺
Charlotte G
Charlotte G Month ago
Talk faster garret👽
Gorgeous nightmare
Garrett look hot without his beard and i love him he is handsome who agrees Just me Ok🤔
Garrett looks so good in fake lashes no joke...
Genesis Sanchez
Genesis Sanchez Month ago
Yesss he likes Kpop that makes me love him even more🥺💓💖💖💖💖💓💓
airi ozawa
airi ozawa Month ago
Why does the hair dye dude look like Shane? Edit: 7:10
stella gg
stella gg Month ago
You fucking crack me up
Cyinithia West
Cyinithia West Month ago
His laugh is so amazing
Ozywald The person?
Shane: sprays Garrett with air scent Garrett: *leans in asking what it is*
Itzmecocopuffs Month ago
I think it's cute how ryland was helping him
Ellen Forrester
Ellen Forrester Month ago
kinda crazy watching this in 2020 now that shane’s a guru
Sleeping_Yoongi UwU's Back-Up Channel
Garrett: I listen to some good kpop Me;: Do you like BTS?!? Who do you stan?!?
WelcomeToCringe Month ago
Shane Dawson being abused by Garret Watts for 20 seconds
Michelle Rachmaninow
Bouge-tastic ~ryland adams
Keira McGrath
Keira McGrath Month ago
Garrett's shave does look amazing. Smooth !!
The Official Andy Saenz
16:15 Jeffree: So me and Nicole used to work at the MAC store. Garrett: So they worked at the computer store? Sick! Me: dead from laughter 😂🤣 💀 #deceased #cremated
Ava Month ago
"Jeffery star does not shop at cvs no honey, he goes bougetastic high end only" lmao
Kathryn Marion
Kathryn Marion Month ago
genuinely enjoyed this so much thank you
Abigail Lynn
Abigail Lynn Month ago
The first 14 seconds is me and friends😂🤣
Kaley Johnson
Kaley Johnson Month ago
20:45 I love that dance tho
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