I Tried FBI Academy

Michelle Khare
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I traveled to Quantico to see if I could pass the FBI Academy. Follow my Instagram to see everything we don’t show on RUvid! instagram.com/michellekhare
Are you a business interested in working with us? Email us at michellekhare+business@gmail.com.
Thank you to the FBI for allowing us to be their FIRST RUvid collaboration!
FEATURING Bobby Chacon
Creative Director - Garrett Kennell
Producer - Iris Sullivan
Editor - Silas Orteza
Assistant Editor - Madeline Puzzo
Director of Photography - Kevin Stiller
Additional Photography - Eric Lombart
Motion Graphics - Taylor Dolniak


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Mar 29, 2020




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Comments 80
Michelle Khare
Michelle Khare 2 months ago
Hey guys! Be sure to subscribe and follow me on IG so you can see even more behind the scenes content. If you’re watching tag me on IG stories, I’ll be reposting all day!!! Instagram.com/michellekhare Thank you for your support :)
Aidan Chatfield
Aidan Chatfield 7 hours ago
You should be in a nascar pit crew, mechanic or drive a race car
Erin McCarron
Erin McCarron 5 days ago
Please do more of the fbi I love seeing you doing it!
Emmah.is.annoying Burton
I’ve been there and the subway is real
French Lavender
French Lavender 6 days ago
Random Person
Random Person 11 days ago
Next, try med school or a day in the ER shadowing a doctor.
Toni Wood
Toni Wood 22 minutes ago
I got to give it to you trying to learn and do new things...If my paper was right....👍
Lillie SynClaire Savage
when she was wearing that mask , i felt claustrophobic
AkoSi SAM 2 hours ago
Baby be careful 😘😘
Lexa W.
Lexa W. 4 hours ago
"I lost my shoe" had me burst a laughter, this sounded so much like sam winchester in supernatural^^ :D
WIGAMMING 5 hours ago
this is do you wanna be challenge the CIA
Izzi Ramsden
Izzi Ramsden 5 hours ago
She should learn how to train like a pro surfer 🏄🏼‍♀️
Nicholas Pacheco
Nicholas Pacheco 9 hours ago
Now she just has to try the CIA
Glitched Gaming
Glitched Gaming 12 hours ago
do SWAT now
Tahira Francis
Tahira Francis 12 hours ago
20:39 - 20:44 is gonna be be when I take my driving lessons
AJ D 14 hours ago
Honestly you should try and apply for them lol
Don Martin
Don Martin 15 hours ago
1.5 mile run, weather conditions aren’t right. Thought the Corp was harder than that? Where were these guys at Ft. Bragg? I give her props for going through the scenarios, shows how mentally challenging it can really be. Her LE series should be shown in High Schools, maybe these kids will know the amount of stress officers go through when making split decisions. She is the Mike Rowe of LE.
George Frantzis
George Frantzis 18 hours ago
holly shit that was wild....this vid was pure entertainment
Zachary Haroutunian
Zachary Haroutunian 18 hours ago
Ok I’ve always wanted to become fbi and this has really given me a simulation of the training would be like and I thank you for helping me want to follow up on my career choice.
Anders Animates .__.
try the swat team
differently 19 hours ago
During tactical training Imagine if she didn’t have the guard in front of chest and got shot in her chest... ow
Hunter Ayers
Hunter Ayers 20 hours ago
I think you should fo a challenge expected on fighter pilots.
Sightimex3 21 hour ago
I screamed when he said Criminal Minds...That is my all time favorite show
ivi 21 hour ago
Why she didnt the last thing? The maraton? I didnt understand
big tiddie squad
big tiddie squad 22 hours ago
this video changed my whole perspective on the fbi open up meme
ThatsLilyyy _
ThatsLilyyy _ 22 hours ago
livr101 23 hours ago
Jaic Dragon
Jaic Dragon Day ago
You should try Coast Guard BootCamp
Nancy James
Nancy James Day ago
Me watching this after doing so many PFTs in the marine corps, its not so bad! lol semper fi
c 17 LLC
c 17 LLC Day ago
perfect love it.
Youre top friendly😂😂
Ειρηνη Παπαδοπουλου
can you try to become an actress? p.s. i love you...you are amazing
Janelli Salazar
I can't even do 20 in a minute 🤣
Janelli Salazar
How do I apply to be one of the people in the fake city?!
Lisa Trevino
Lisa Trevino Day ago
Go to Mars
Sean Day ago
This is what you've been training for !!!!!!!!!!!! yeAAA 🥵
My daughters are hooked on your FBI, SDPD, & Military videos. Thanks
Kimberly Beth
12 weeks later... Well at least you *did* get a response 👍🏻😎
Garyboy58 Day ago
Next video: “I tried the terrorist academy”
poppie ní cheallaigh
When will this be a netfliix show
I really be out here planning out my future and career just based on criminal minds I don't think I can go through this 💔💔💔
MohannadGs Day ago
6:57 ?!
Zosia Świsłowska
i think there should be a netflix new series called "challenge accepted"
Fun with Cece
She really think 95° is hot i live in lad vegas were lucky if we even gat rain. our temperature gets up to 150°
Durdenist Jack
Not FBI cheap hooker purple pussy.... Bad DNA ☺☺
Bianca Nogueira
such a badass, omg I wanna do things like these too
Ariunbold Boldbaatar
Try cia academy
Sunset Rose Gaming
This looks so insane!!!!
Izabella Lafuente
Am I the only one who thought that the guy in the thumbnail was the dad from diary of a wimpy kid?! 🤔
Amélie Smith
Amélie Smith 2 days ago
the second-hand stress i felt watching during this video.... I have grey hair now
Sami J
Sami J 2 days ago
Could you do training for a tiger specialist/zookeeper/veterinarian???♥
The Grind Don’t Stop
I really don’t khare 😂
Alfred Freedom Jones
2:14 there is a picture of JFK to the right! Hehe I see what they’re doing, putting up a picture of the *most* attractive president up like that, it can be very ....... *motivating*
Anushka_ Jadhav 2.0
I thought she was lilly singh😂😂
Vania Astrella Adinata
She's better than lilly, lilly used to be funny but idk what happend to her content
Kai Rohde
Kai Rohde 2 days ago
well I know what to do when I train for the FBI
M1 McChubba Yt
M1 McChubba Yt 2 days ago
At the end that was a big brain play
Noor Khan
Noor Khan 2 days ago
You're suchhh an amazinggg girllll
Alexis takes on college
my father was in the fbi. its a done deal. I wanna be in the fbi.
ally gms
ally gms 2 days ago
I GEEKED when they mentioned criminal minds
Slinkier Penny
Slinkier Penny 2 days ago
I’ve always wanted to be an FBI agent but u have to be born and raised In the USA :(
willy kanos
willy kanos 2 days ago
You have clinched it. I love brunettes.
ava laplante
ava laplante 2 days ago
Her: trying FBI academy, and succeeding. Me: tries to sneeze with my eyes open to see what happens, and fails looking ugly af
jotiK 2 days ago
Nice Michelle :D!
Abdullaziz Aldosari
are you now a police officer
Alex 2 days ago
31:42 Turns out the real criminal in this training exercise was actually this guy filming vertically.
Dairy Solano Castillo
Dude after I seen this video I want to be a police officer wen a group up
wilfridus aditya
wilfridus aditya 2 days ago
i hear a lot of "good job"
Kai Kriptniz
Kai Kriptniz 2 days ago
Fbi open up
broken 2 days ago
michelle please marry me
Mr Me
Mr Me 3 days ago
You need to do some special forces training like SWAT
Alien 3 days ago
Its a shame Struck and all his cronies dodn't uphold themselves too the honour code too,... @ 2:24
Isaiah Poo
Isaiah Poo 3 days ago
knee on the back not the neck
Prevail 68
Prevail 68 3 days ago
Can I try you oh wait I’m 13
lil_suprboy69 3 days ago
After this pandemic is over do Air force
Vision Sunar
Vision Sunar 3 days ago
That looked like police
Galiea Sanchez
Galiea Sanchez 3 days ago
love u
NerdyGeekSW 3 days ago
She should make a "I tried being a Sailor" where she goes out on one of those huge lobster boats.
Britknee Piźa
Britknee Piźa 3 days ago
If she passed it would she become fbi
Corona Virus
Corona Virus 3 days ago
My dad fbi agent and when Michelle went to Hogans Place She left the home owner by herself what if she grabs a gun I asked my dad and he told me that you must secure the home owner like put some hand cuffs then go for the person your looking for
Anne 3 days ago
Can you do "I trained like a swimmer"
Tadhg Quinn
Tadhg Quinn 3 days ago
I am Irish but I always wanted to be in the fbi could some body please tell me could I move to America and then try the academy to be in the fbi ?
Steve Gomes
Steve Gomes 4 days ago
not really here for racism case
Spiros Pappous
Spiros Pappous 4 days ago
I like they they are friendly not like the army
TheKingRyan 4 days ago
Try to do navy seals next Time!!!!
Nexotick 4 days ago
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