I Tried Edible FLUID ART On A Cake

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Pour painting was once on a canvas, then on a mop, now it's a confetti cake because I was hungry and needed this to be beautiful and oddly satisfying. Uh.... what do you think?
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Comments 80
Gloom Month ago
Stop saying I look pregnant rEEEEEEEEEEEEE
The Mountain Molina Sisters
Gloom I don't think you look pregnant
Gary Ho
Gary Ho Month ago
Your look is interesting
Wendy Testaburger
konkon grossman
konkon grossman Month ago
But if you were Prego it would show yet
Diana Balassa
Diana Balassa Month ago
I love you so
Magdalena Wakefield
Magdalena Wakefield 24 minutes ago
To everyone talking about lassie, who is she? I only know kartha gewert
louis p
louis p 2 hours ago
I love the galaxy cake ITS soooooooo pritty
Jia Raj Aryan
Jia Raj Aryan 4 hours ago
It’s gorgeous!
Marcus Bolden
Marcus Bolden 6 hours ago
Kartha guwart should be a show on an actually tv network lol
Savannah Brady
Savannah Brady 7 hours ago
Savannah Brady
Savannah Brady 7 hours ago
I love this
Nora Leahy
Nora Leahy 8 hours ago
It looks like a galaxy thooo
Carin Stoll
Carin Stoll 8 hours ago
I need to eat that cake
wengie 2
wengie 2 8 hours ago
Galaxy cake
demon hybrids
demon hybrids 9 hours ago
*_-im hungry now ;w;-_*
James Pearce
James Pearce 12 hours ago
I have the same color that you have same brand same everything
Art with L
Art with L 13 hours ago
Kartha (Kassie): I am going to dedicate this cake to Lauren Me (my name is Lauren): Thanks Kartha! 😂
Hannah I need a hug
Hannah I need a hug 14 hours ago
Cassie: *my friend Lauren* Me: *i have no friends .-.*
marysol solis
marysol solis 15 hours ago
twinky was bord the holl time and kassy was so exided
Alireza Nikroo
Alireza Nikroo 15 hours ago
Some on call Lauren for gloom pls 😂😅😊
ajcslc3 15 hours ago
I love when you sing
CarrotFromParis 457
CarrotFromParis 457 16 hours ago
why does she put them in pans that don't match the colors it causes me pain
DreamCookie740 16 hours ago
cake looks beautiful 👍😂 u are awesome Kartha
Kaitlyn Humenchuk
Kaitlyn Humenchuk 16 hours ago
If I had that cake l’d say it looks like galaxy Pac-Man
Julie Miller
Julie Miller 19 hours ago
What is your dogs real name
Chayse Barrett
Chayse Barrett 19 hours ago
Rainbow tooth 🌈 🦷
Raina Hurley
Raina Hurley 19 hours ago
2:20 ratata impression 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Raina Hurley
Raina Hurley 19 hours ago
Sophia Clanton
Sophia Clanton 21 hour ago
Ok one question which bothers me the most is why didn't you put the right food coloring in right color pan😣 it just bothered me so much the the blue frosting was in the green pan!!!!
Mar�a Matute M�rquez
SukiღKurosaki 21 hour ago
in the end it looks like a galaxy pacman xD
Ellis Welsh
Ellis Welsh 21 hour ago
Esther Maina
Esther Maina 22 hours ago
Rainy_ Cloud
Rainy_ Cloud 22 hours ago
1:46 Ik ima asian... but why did I read that as cooking some dog?!?
kim jimbob
kim jimbob 23 hours ago
It looks like a Galaxy
Robin Bowman
Robin Bowman Day ago
It looks like a galexy
Steven Yunghans
Ok reeeeeeeeee gloom
Steven Yunghans
I am a girl and reeeeeeeeeeee
Claire Crosby-Cole
I love da cake! But I like ALL cakes. So it doesn’t really make a difference 😂😂
Autumn Walker
I think it looks very cool I would definitely eat it or get for my birthday cake only if it was a theme that was dark but I'll still
Fifi Flair
Fifi Flair Day ago
I love the cack
Sarah Combs
Sarah Combs Day ago
Your cake is beautiful never doubt yourself
Emme Torgersen
Gloom I like your cake
Sarah Combs
Sarah Combs Day ago
But your name is Cassie
Briana Richardson
Looks like galexy cake
Kate Fox
Kate Fox Day ago
"If it were a painting i would like to hang it! If it were a cake I would be able to eat it! If it were a dog i would want to roast -Kartha Gewart 2020
Honor Whittaker
Why didn't she put the the color of the pan that matches the color of the food coloring? 🥺😭 P.s ily
Kzgrace Unicorn
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
Sam Sanfeliz
Sam Sanfeliz Day ago
She loves the little pans cause she is a little pan {even though she's like, 5'8 according to the internet oop, joke failed.}
lalla ndiaye
lalla ndiaye Day ago
bruh -_- there is a corona going around and you are taking off lids with your mouth there may be germs -_-
Stephanie Janssen
My Dog Died When He Was 15 :(
Jessica Hughes
gloom and Kartha gewart should do a collab what do u think guys? yay or nay
Laila Adley
Laila Adley Day ago
Her dog is probably sleepy because he hasn’t ate anything but sees her cooking lol
PJ O'Gara
PJ O'Gara Day ago
Is it weird that I have been watching Gloom and Kartha Gewert since the time I was supposed to go to bed at 10:30 and I went way past my bedtime and didn’t get any sleep and I had to wake up at 7:00 for school work and I kept on taking little naps am my mom was like why are you sleeping everywhere but I still got to film my sims video
Laila Adley
Laila Adley Day ago
Can you do more touching animals blindfold? I really like those
Gale De Gale
Gale De Gale Day ago
It looks so cool i love it
Roman Cut
Roman Cut Day ago
Right when she is done with the cake the dog eats the chocolet.
Mia Coyle
Mia Coyle Day ago
It looks like a galaxy
Aclay25 MC & More
I got really mad when she put different colors in different colored pans 😂
Hayden Trueman
Can I plz have tour dog it’s sooo cute
I quickly came down here to say it a galaxy cake i want you to make my birthday cake for my birthday 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
Lamitria Oaks
The case is very pretty
Makenna Hemmerle
It looks galaxy which is beautiful I would by that anywhere it’s looks great
Esmeralda Ventura
You look pregnant
Justin Lake
Justin Lake Day ago
Your cake looks great.
Justin Lake
Justin Lake Day ago
Your cake looks great.
Jessica Chaj-Chaj
kartha looks pregnant
Alyssa Lynne
Alyssa Lynne Day ago
your cake is cute
Oriana Letzelter
It looks really pretty, and galxiey
Essie 1226
Essie 1226 Day ago
Mashal Ahmadzai
Her cake 🍰 looks like Laurenzside
This video made me hungry
Gianna Mazzio
Gianna Mazzio 2 days ago
*_-Kartha Guart is life. Like if u agree-_*
Quinn Fowler
Quinn Fowler 2 days ago
Your not pregnant it doesn’t,t even look like it. And also I LOVE your vids! Ands le cake
Ratri Widyaningrum
the ceke is cool a love the color of it
Micheal Singleton
beutiful cake
I want cake now :(
Ginger N Jäger
Ginger N Jäger 2 days ago
I know this was made a month ago but if you do it again gloom when you’re going to pour the frosting on the cake make sure it’s on a cooling rack so the cake won’t be sitting in a puddle of frosting, it’ll make it easier to pick it up and take it somewhere. Edit: I forgot to say that the reason you put it on a cooling rack is cuz the frosting will go through the holes on the cooling rack
Emma Nichols
Emma Nichols 2 days ago
I love your cake 🍰
Lea PlayzRoblox
Lea PlayzRoblox 2 days ago
Loo the dog is older then. Me
AlexThe Sock
AlexThe Sock 2 days ago
Dogs. can actually eat white chocolate and it won’t harm then
Inging Arojchaporn Palarit
It kinda looks like galaxy laurenzsidde might like this cake XD
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