I Trapped My Little Brother in LEGO Prison for 24 Hours!

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I Trapped My Little Brother in LEGO Prison for 24 Hours! with Preston 👊
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May 22, 2019

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Comments 6 435
Preston 25 days ago
Subscribe or I'll lock you in lego prison
Umar Akhtar
Umar Akhtar 23 days ago
Mr Beast?
Kayla 23 days ago
Mark Uhl
Mark Uhl 23 days ago
make it look reall
Charlotte's Worldツ
John Gardner
John Gardner 23 days ago
Has haa the look on joshs face
Furious Storm
Furious Storm 17 minutes ago
Bri helped joshhhxo lol 😂
our monster school
our monster school 18 minutes ago
It was bri
LPS dabber club
You were a better Minecraft channel your just view and money hungry
nicole gordon
nicole gordon Hour ago
Lock me in a Lego prison
cleaven cauchi
cleaven cauchi 2 hours ago
lol it is dramatic he could go out from roof or break it
AnonymousGam 2 hours ago
um... People who have watched this video you have to know that its fake the bars that josh put his arms through, he could have busted out easily. did u see how wiggly the bars were. And also i know that josh did not stay in that lego ''jail'' for 23 hours straight. so please stop making videos like these
Everett w HD
Everett w HD 2 hours ago
You can’t make me
Tara Greene
Tara Greene 2 hours ago
Travis Honaker
Travis Honaker 3 hours ago
let him go
Harry Butterfield
Harry Butterfield 4 hours ago
Love you
Brendan youtube
Brendan youtube 4 hours ago
Just give him real food!!
Daniel Lazzarini
Daniel Lazzarini 4 hours ago
I feel sad for your friend 😢😢😭😢☹️
JessSherby 5 hours ago
why i sub
Michael Revelle
Michael Revelle 6 hours ago
You're wife had a saw in the pillow
Anya Beckman
Anya Beckman 6 hours ago
Bad Josh
teresa sheffel
teresa sheffel 6 hours ago
no he look;s cute then u
Kristin Finley
Kristin Finley 7 hours ago
It was Brianna
Mishimaガチャ 7 hours ago
Name Of The Officer: *C H U N G U S* Me:Hahahahahahahahahahaha XDXD😂
Janna Quisumbing
Janna Quisumbing 9 hours ago
I am going to tell Lord
Lunar Life
Lunar Life 10 hours ago
All he had to do take apart the lego’s
Kit Kat wolf 2009
Kit Kat wolf 2009 11 hours ago
LOL the ending! XD
terryhollins 11 hours ago
Why do I feel like this is stage
rehan khan
rehan khan 12 hours ago
Just unbuild the legs tbnrdumbojosh
King Gamer
King Gamer 12 hours ago
This how many people love perston |
Vize_sunny :/
Vize_sunny :/ Hour ago
So not me
Vize_sunny :/
Vize_sunny :/ Hour ago
He faked this vid and prob all he's others
Worldwide Gorgeous
Worldwide Gorgeous 12 hours ago
Dude bro! I thought you were Morgz there for a sec lol!
I’m-Sweaty-FN YT
I’m-Sweaty-FN YT 3 hours ago
Worldwide Gorgeous dude bro
Orange Abomination
Orange Abomination 13 hours ago
The real challenge is recording for 30 min.. i.. I mean 24 hours
IndoGamer NP
IndoGamer NP 14 hours ago
Challenge nick. To say yes to you. For 24 hours
Becky Kendall
Becky Kendall 15 hours ago
I would take the toilet and stand on it to jump over
Landells Thompson
Landells Thompson 15 hours ago
Aleen Peng
Aleen Peng 16 hours ago
Child Abuse
Eerin Flores
Eerin Flores 18 hours ago
lock brianna in prison
Elena Alvarez
Elena Alvarez 18 hours ago
Come’on Bri how dare you
Ally Isaac
Ally Isaac 18 hours ago
He could just unbuild and rebuild the “jail” after he was out 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♀️
Christian Henningsen
Baby shh
Janice Fernandez
Janice Fernandez 18 hours ago
Glynn Roberts
Glynn Roberts 20 hours ago
Emma Tvsh
kiley meyer
kiley meyer 20 hours ago
That the suit that unshakable wore
Gary Laird
Gary Laird 21 hour ago
i subscrbed
Alatreon169 21 hour ago
Bruh he could literally just climb out
Pooja Kartik
Pooja Kartik 21 hour ago
Preston I sub and I don’t play Minecraft so if you try to find an account that is me on Minecraft you won’t find me
Gavin Soby
Gavin Soby 22 hours ago
1 like= 1 RIP for Josh
Fortnite Loser
Fortnite Loser 22 hours ago
I subbed
xXDàřķBłåçķWøłfXx wolf
On mincraft u called me a bish..
Melissa Andres
Melissa Andres 23 hours ago
Its your gerferand
Lisa GriffinWillis
Lisa GriffinWillis 23 hours ago
I don't care if you lock me up in a in a Lego jail
Lisa GriffinWillis
Lisa GriffinWillis 23 hours ago
Push the bar,s to get out of the Lego jail
Mylah rich
Mylah rich 23 hours ago
tefggfggy khh kjo
Brent Torre
Brent Torre 23 hours ago
So legit Jk that's just fake they dident even try
Jesus Cruz
Jesus Cruz Day ago
Why is your much $20
Maddie Fay
Maddie Fay Day ago
Haha “nope your not goin ANYWHERE JOSH” “OFFICER CHUNKUS”
Maddie Fay
Maddie Fay Day ago
Meant to say chungus
Sophie CD
Sophie CD Day ago
Hi u guys are the boys best
1 hour left and tries to escape I would have waited that one hour bruh
Teddy_Love Day ago
Teddy_Love Day ago
yeah josh got out
Teddy_Love Day ago
hahaha josh
ELF1219 Y
ELF1219 Y Day ago
Hi Preston
ELF1219 Y
ELF1219 Y Day ago
Hi Preston
alvar goes high likk noob
Emma Willcox
Emma Willcox Day ago
... ?..
Origami Gaming
Bruh Preston’s brother could have jumped over the walls
CrazyCain543 Day ago
if he knew the saw was there then why did he wait until hour 23? he could have broken out during the night
XxWolfyPlazxX Wolf Army
I subscribe I do t wanna
Sondra Ward
Sondra Ward Day ago
Brianna is helping Joshua out of jail.
charlie obrien
Preston that person was me haha Preston
Can you do more videos that you lock people up like your wife like if you want that video
Nisha Nathalie Menghnani
Briana helps josh escape
Jedha Kharvi
Jedha Kharvi Day ago
Preston is Morgz brother
Abdullah Siddiqui
U just set ur own brother in a lego jail lol
Alix O'Brien
Alix O'Brien Day ago
Josh Looks like he is 10 years old
Dabmaster 123456
Hi Preston I have a channel called dabmaster 123456 if you see this please make a video about it
Beata Trendowicz
bree helpt josh asckayp
Fred Fred 2
Fred Fred 2 Day ago
I love ur videos
A Guz342
A Guz342 Day ago
I get out of that easaly by climbing the wall
insanity is the best
Were is part 2?
Deb C
Deb C Day ago
I AM WARDEN CHUGNGIS.YOUR FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
farman ghareb
Χρηστος Γιαννιος
pizza and sprite are my favouret
Pierluca Tagariello
Mason Walsh
Mason Walsh Day ago
This is a parody right?
SansTheGamer channel
This is only actors (probobly not)
Caden Carson
Caden Carson Day ago
raidsmom Day ago
LOL his face on the title and why didn’t he kick the legos?
Rob Saunders
Rob Saunders Day ago
Preston and unspeakable are my favourite youtubers
Robert Martignago
josh escaped and your wife helped him
- Katgirlplayz -
He hit da Woah guys!
Kids Paradise
Cassie Harsh
Cassie Harsh Day ago
Did anyone else see Tydus in the backround of the store?
Murphy Wright
Hey officer chungus somebody trying to help Joshua out
Sharkosaurus This is my life buildosaurus
Preston:this cost me 35$ at target Mr beast:this cost me 2,000,000$ at carphone warehouse
Catherine Bower
Hahahahahahah this is all planed hahahahahahah Josh is so week he can’t break out of flipping lEGO
robert blackshear
Brianna helps Josh
Bao Than
Bao Than Day ago
Preston why are you mean ?
the maxison family
Get out of there and never seal agin but I will trick hem with dounts
the maxison family
I would
Victoria Beard
btw preston brianna helped josh get out
Naldo Huepfel
That wheeze at target sounded like a horse
Taylor Martin
He could have just climbed over during the night smh
ALex. fhhdh
ALex. fhhdh Day ago
Ofisr chunggis is giving bad fod. For the prisinr.
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