I took a year off social media. Here's what happened.

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In which John discusses his year away from twitter, reddit, instagram, and facebook. Life's Library subscriptions are now available: store.dftba.com/collections/lifes-library-book-club
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Nov 7, 2019




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vlogbrothers 3 months ago
Hi. So this is where I'll be hanging out, I guess. Life's Library: store.dftba.com/collections/lifes-library-book-club AND OF COURSE there's only a few days left in Pizzamas before all this stuff disappears forever: store.dftba.com/collections/pizzamas Thanks for being here. -John
Clumsy Dad
Clumsy Dad 3 months ago
only glutenfreeis, non dairyatum pizzamas for me ... thankyouverymuchasmas
Itinerant Stories
Itinerant Stories 3 months ago
Is it easy enough to change my address on the subscription? I’m anticipating a big move after the New Year, but the details of where and when aren’t exactly settled.
Michael Kilman
Michael Kilman 3 months ago
Thank you for doing a video on this. I have to ask. I am a RUvidr and an Author myself and I hate how much time I spend on social media but I am terrified that if I leave those platforms (as a person with a very small amount of followers currently) that I will lose the opportunity to grow my platform. What are your thoughts on this? Are you, as a well established creator able to leave the majority of social media because you already have such a huge platform or do you thin there are other ways?
sunriseeyes0 3 months ago
Rachel Ko I agree. I am Native Hawaiian and yes, we don’t have the good fortune to just turn away from social media at this point. Here, Hong Kong, and many other places, if we don’t know know about it from social media, then we will never know about it because it isn’t covered in the news media. Because, like you said, it doesn’t affect them. But it does affect us. We don’t have the opportunity to shut off.
Rachel Ko
Rachel Ko 3 months ago
Im from Hong Kong. It has struck me that being able to not use social media has become an advantage, or a priviledge, that some who are not deeply affected by socio political happenings in their societies could do. They could keep a distance from what is happening because they are not affected directly and do not have the need to clarify and to update and to make the facts known to a wider audience, for fear that they would get buried by misinformation. It is not to say John you should not do this for the sake of your mental health and wellbeing, it is just that some of us dont really have that choice - for me it is either stay silent and be censored and allow the world to not know of the atrocities that are happening and let people forget about the cause you and so many others are fighting for, or use it and endure the pain.
Javier Castillo
Javier Castillo 14 days ago
Usually i don't comment.... but I quit FB Insta Twitter ... I realized that nobody cares, so from my experience, i'm back to my real world ( back to 2005 ) haha as i said nobody cares so everything it's the same before and after I need to say that when i had them i was more anxious, depressive, melancholic...
Густаво Mächädø
Social medias destroy your ability to keep focused. You spend a lot of time scrolling and you start to fail when you try to concentrate for longer periods. Scroll screws!
Tony Midyett
Tony Midyett Month ago
I have a flip-phone. I highly recommend it.
Maisha Begum
Maisha Begum Month ago
is this the guy on crashcourse
Elizabeth P
Elizabeth P Month ago
Kanav Bhandari
Kanav Bhandari Month ago
I'm going to try to watch this video everyday as long as i don't give up instagram
TheBirdofInferno 2 months ago
About a month ago I deleted social media off my phone and just put it on my iPad. I spend significantly less time on it now and when I am on it, I’m on it mindfully. It’s definitely an improvement.
Abdul Danish
Abdul Danish 2 months ago
I did 6 months instagram detox, guess what I ended up deleting it once and for all. I feel so better now. 🤓
Essence White
Essence White 2 months ago
I feel this is easy for people who have friends and family they genuinely care about. For someone who dosen't have that it and lives with just barely making it money, I live vicariously through others who have good lives and it makes me feel good.
Ace Diamonds
Ace Diamonds 2 months ago
but you miss out on all the misinformation put out on those platforms that the russians worked so hard to spread.
harobikes3three3 2 months ago
I couldn't agree more!!! The Economist is an amazing source for weekly news information. Best magazine subscription I've purchased in a long time. Shout out to @EconomistMagazine @1:52
Marachime 2 months ago
maybe give posting privalidges to someone you trust to use your platforms to promote your charity work
Makaela Finley
Makaela Finley 2 months ago
Serious question; have you really given up Twitter and Reddit if you still lurk? I feel I personally spend more time reading stuff on Reddit than posting stuff anyways.
TIJANI Hajar 2 months ago
I miss you John, I'm glad you shared this experience with us
mia butron
mia butron 2 months ago
I don't post anything on my facebook acct now, I didn't delete it so I could really just use the Messenger app. I'm on Twitter for news and updates from friends that I actually like and RUvid for additional information and entertainment. I tried inserting Tumblr in my social media usage but 3 is my maximum capacity. I do have an Instagram that I haven't posted in 4 years(?), I just use it occasionally to like photos from my favorite Nat Geo photographers. Also I don't "explore" on the Gram because most of the popular things I see are either booties, boobs or some dude flexing. Not enough funny memes, so that was a turn off for me.
Eliza Lee
Eliza Lee 2 months ago
That is so great John! I'm glad to here your year off has been such a positive experience. I want to leave social media so much because honestly they aren't bringing me any joy- just stress and this persistent need to compare myself to everyone. I still cnnot bring myself ot that point because of the temporal satisfactions they bring me, but I want to. I just need to bring myself to do it, and then alos make sure I cannot go back. It's funny social media seeks out lonely people, but then instead of delivering its promise of curing the loneliness, it just makes you even more lonely. I mean obviously they do this so you will need to come back and they'll get paid, but it still feels wrong. I don't like it at all. I don;t like myself at all for allowing myself to get consumed by these things. It needs to stop. Now.
Aqeelah 2 months ago
Petition for "Scanged" to be added to the Oxford dictionary
Jiren DaMacc
Jiren DaMacc 3 months ago
RUvid isn't social media right? I need to ease my conscience.
Catherine McCully
Catherine McCully 3 months ago
Thinking of doing this myself, and this video is super encouraging :)
Victoria Arnett
Victoria Arnett 3 months ago
I’ve also quit social media. It’s the best feeling ever.
Faris Ahmed Bhatti
Faris Ahmed Bhatti 3 months ago
Always love to hear your experiences and progress report about social media detox while I am constantly hampered by it and trying to struggle myself out of this quicksand
Mike H
Mike H 3 months ago
Kinda out of the loop but is that thing in the background the beer can sword from Paper Towns?
Goatlips 3 months ago
The cunt's been uploading videos all year, so I call BS.
Hilal Elgargini
Hilal Elgargini 3 months ago
I closed most of my social media accounts last week, and I'm already feeling a positive change! A couple of years ago I used to be very addictive actually, later on I managed to reduce my social media time to 10-15 minutes, a reasonable time I believe, but for many personal issues it just wasn't healthy for me. I'm gonna to take a couple of months off social media and see how it goes, if everything seems better then 2020 will be the year I totally quite social media. (I will still be using RUvid tho).
Camille Warren
Camille Warren 2 months ago
I am happy for you keep up the good work . Your higher self don't want you around with people who has low esstem issues
poyoll278 3 months ago
Aww does this mean the sportswithjohn twitter account is retired?
MsJulieSoriano 3 months ago
Can someone explain to me what does it mean when he says "Hank, I'll see you on friday." I've watched his videos and everytime he's gonna end it he's saying it.
Tyler Hudson
Tyler Hudson 3 months ago
Thank you immensely for the work you do and reminding me what's important in life. I wish I wasn't an extremely overwhelmed college student with too much reading as is, but I appreciate the idea of hopping on board in the future when my life isn't so chaotic. As a long time Nerdfighter, I appreciate growing up and growing into myself in this community, that always feels enriching and nourishing. Keep doing what you do :)
Andy Sul
Andy Sul 3 months ago
Don't know if you'll see this John but I hope you do. I was just wondering what tips you had on, well leaving reddit. Like you, I have left social media. I left facebook and instagram in 2017. I left twitter in 2018. But the big one for me is reddit. It's gonna be really hard for me to leave this particular site. Everything I'm interested in is on one site and plus so much more. So despite leaving all these other forms of social media, most of my time still goes to reddit (even when I was on those other forms of social media). I want to be more productive with my life. Social media (and reddit) was a huge time suck for me. On top of that, as someone who has to manage mental health, there were definitely times where my mental health would be negatively effected (though reddit on the flip-side with the very nature of how the website is set up with subreddits has also provided some comfort as well). So little by little I've been able to chip away at this goal of mine. But reddit is just so hard to do that with. Like I mentioned before it's a place where everything I'm interested in is there. Plus depending on certain topics it also is a resource too. The other social media platforms were easier for me to leave because I was able to set my mind on something I disliked about them (facebook + instagram = cambridge analytica / twitter = how it's become a platform of public discourse online now) and also think about the benefits of leaving them. I can't really think of them with reddit. Sorry for the long spiel (and any typos, grammar issues and potentially more). Don't know if you'll see this anyway. Thanks for the help regardless and speaking about the topic.
Ahmet A
Ahmet A 3 months ago
I loved seeing you again on crash course European history. Now I understand how it happened. I'm not using any of those social media sites either but I'm checking my phone for what's app and emails. Other than that I find internet useless, unless I'm using it for my job or watching youtube.
TheShamansQuestion 3 months ago
I've had exactly the same problem and now been off FB for ~95% of a year too. It's so comforting to hear someone as respected and experienced as yourself saying they've had the same obsessive troubles with it. I thought there was something wrong with me. Even if there are reliable psycho-biological mechanisms for why someone would behave that way, the people around me didn't seem nearly as badly affected, or it didn't disrupt them from where they wanted to be in life. I take some solace in that there was a lot I wanted to do, so lost time distressed me, but I'm also nowhere near as productive as you, so to hear you were spending 5 hours a day on social media like I was, is, firstly, incredible and hope-inducing. I'm still kind of recovering, probably for other reasons, and I still struggle with ordinary deadlines, but I'm happier now. One of the best things has been connecting better with my family, as I came to rely on them more for social bonding. Those relationships have been more fulfilling. I also generally have more time allocation in my head for real world encounters, go figure. I always wanted that, but by going off social media, I am taking more responsibility for when and who I want to see.
Alyssa Charlesworth
Alyssa Charlesworth 3 months ago
I left social media for a majority of 2018 and was so extremely productive but it was refreshing. I don’t remember what launched me back into that world but I’m definitely feeling it. It feels similar to all the times I quit smoking cigarettes. I felt satisfied by quitting but missed it until I was ready to quit for good (almost 2 years smoke free now) and now I don’t miss it. So after all these times of quitting social media maybe one of these times will quit for good!
Remain Unlisted
Remain Unlisted 3 months ago
LIVING job/jobbing my LIFE....truly words for a nation addicted to phoney-ness.
Clumsy Dad
Clumsy Dad 3 months ago
social media is social delusion ... i trashed facebook and follow 30 people on twitter... and i just watch what i want to search for on youtube. the world will drain the soul... not the real world, but the world that 'we' (in power) have constructed ... peace
Kyra Gaunt Ph.D.
Kyra Gaunt Ph.D. 3 months ago
Thank you for this!!
yranac 3 months ago
Hearing you say you can focus on reading is enviable. I don’t know if it’s cause of my adhd or because I’ve gotten used to jumping from one thing to another, both online and irl, but I don’t read as much anymore and I miss it
Julissa B.
Julissa B. 3 months ago
Social media doesn’t really help me grow as a person that’s why I got off it. I would rather spend my time educating myself and enjoying the people around me instead of having my face glued to a screen. I just find social media stupid at this point, except RUvid. I would rather enjoy a moment instead of wasting my time trying to take a picture of it. We’re posting about our lives instead of actually living them. It limits progression.
LoveForStories 3 months ago
Love hearing how it changed your life for the better. I too just deleted Instagram from my phone because I am much too obsessed with it and trying to hard being someone on there while I am not trying enough in real life. Only now I realize how often I aimlessly clicked on the app to scroll through it. It’s crazy. I am pretty sure leaving social media is a mental health benefit for me too. So we’ll see how it goes, but hearing that improved your social abilities motivates me because I am struggling a lot lately with going out and meeting or just talking to people.
Camille Warren
Camille Warren 2 months ago
You will feel alot better
Indhumathi Shivakumar
I had a similar experience when I quit Facebook,Instagram and Quora. I am in Twitter though. But I get bored of the medium every 10 days or so. So, I take short breaks from Twitter every now and then.
LimitedWard 3 months ago
Who else found themselves having to back up the video because they got distracted by social media halfway through?
empirex 3 months ago
I started my facebook fast last year, and I can attest I do feel better. Less anxious and less angry. I'll probably continue it this year, too.
Mr. W
Mr. W 3 months ago
I read the title and looked at the thumbnail and said aloud, “You gained weight?”
acegeek 3 months ago
I wish I could ditch social media; It does take up a LOT of my time some days. But it's also the place I get to communicate with like 85% of my support system (emotional and mental), so I could never give it up completely. I have limited the number of sites I use though.
Silvia Miadokova
Silvia Miadokova 3 months ago
AJ Peters
AJ Peters 3 months ago
I have missed and will continue to miss Sports with John, but health and happiness is more important!
Tyson Mindham
Tyson Mindham 3 months ago
Weird how you never hear people say “I quit social media and now my life is worse.”
Camille Warren
Camille Warren 2 months ago
You making it that way. It would be better if you let things go
Player 3 months ago
Good on you, John. I've quit for weeks at a time and I always feel considerably better
Ms_Gen_Xodus 3 months ago
I quit Facebook a little over a year ago, and couldn't be more pleased. I'm still on Instagram, but treat it like my old Flickr account. In otherwords, not socializing, just storing content for future enjoyment. Unlike John, I haven't felt any need to increase my in-person time with others. In fact, I find it even harder to socialize because everyone assumes that I read their Social Media posts and it is difficult to have any kind of conversation. They have no idea how to respond when I say I don't use "Facebook." I feel like Neo in the Matrix.
David 3 months ago
"I took a year off social media" Same video: "I even sometimes lurk on Twitter and Reddit and I watch a lot of RUvid" Cliiiiiickbait
nothing 3 months ago
You post videos on social media for a living lmfao
Jared Begg
Jared Begg 3 months ago
4 or 5 hours a day?!?! Those are rookie numbers.
Jessy Tantowi
Jessy Tantowi 3 months ago
I took 2 year social media off. But currently back use them only to promote my online store.
BlackSphinxx 3 months ago
Is this the dad from "Honey I Shrunk The Kids"?
Pierre Logerais
Pierre Logerais 3 months ago
Can I join your discord or is it private ? If there is a community of readers there I would be interested
Shog AL Maskery
Shog AL Maskery 3 months ago
Proudly a subscriber of Life's Library. Can't wait to read new books that otherwise I wouldn't have considered or known about!
Narice 3 months ago
Make a mailing list! You'll be better of with that than maintaning a twitter account or paying dmmeone that does it for you
LauraEllen Ashcraft
LauraEllen Ashcraft 3 months ago
I encourage folks interested in this to also read "Deep Work" by Cal Newport.
Gae Bren
Gae Bren 3 months ago
My guilty pleasure is Quora.
andresemilfer 3 months ago
Replacing social media newsfilth with an attentive reading of The Economist every weekend truly improves quality of life.
andresemilfer 3 months ago
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