Paidway T.O
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Aug 13, 2019




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Johnson Lafleur
Johnson Lafleur 3 months ago
“Bruh them cookies smell like shitt” 😂😂😭😭
That's So Weird
That's So Weird 4 months ago
"Hey Guys"😂😂💔
Corvon Geary
Corvon Geary 4 months ago
Niggas dead got a shotgun in the back with the stock off that bitch lit
Andres Perez
Andres Perez 4 months ago
Why they always throwing Mexican slurs? As if that’s a bad thing 😂😂 just had to point that out
YsoJoven 7 months ago
He was talm bout ken😭😭😭
Makala Byrd
Makala Byrd 7 months ago
I like yo songs yea
sixty seven
sixty seven 11 months ago
am i the only one who fr doesn't like nyree at all? she's in every video ruining everything... van can't even be himself. damn shame
Theburtons Keepingitreal
The whole crew stole your line....iz um dreaming😂😂😂💪🏿
Jalen Year ago
intro song?
Kam Grant
Kam Grant Year ago
“It’s gone crack a good 3k views” why was she spot on 😂😂😂
Jordan Hunter
Jordan Hunter Year ago
This nigga funny
Torii Dena
Torii Dena Year ago
T.O. Cute until he start talking
Jordan Monger
Jordan Monger Year ago
Shadow{Leader of Sega Squad}
If push come to shove nyree gotta go family comes first
Stop Playinn Tre
Nyree: imma call yo mom T.o: I’m in L.A ...what she gone do send a belt through the mail and whoop me 😂😂😂😂😂😂
yhnwrld Year ago
So we all gonna act like we didn’t see that shotgun on the bottom left 🤣🤣
Updated TV
Updated TV 2 months ago
It’s fake idiot
M0NEY TUBE 5 months ago
_ rossagain 😂😂😂🔋
J'Atavian Reese
J'Atavian Reese 9 months ago
EXACTLY 😂😂, the entire time !
Therealkd _
Therealkd _ Year ago
Peep the shotgun in the back
Jessica Morgan
What's The Name Of The Song On The Intro
David Torrico
David Torrico Year ago
Jxurney Ofsteve
Who peeped the gun on the side
asdkasdoasd asdnjiadad
This a good ass prank no cap
The real Don dada
Peep the shotta aha
Princess New
Princess New Year ago
Nyree and von are the cutest couple
Golden Movies
Golden Movies Year ago
Bro I can edit better than you on my blackberry
Marhi707 Year ago
😂😂😂😂😂von gettin mad erry word
DeeGotPranks Year ago
I died at the end when he pulled von beanie off😂😂😂”wooooooooooooooooooo😭😭
Kyle D
Kyle D Year ago
Von got mad AF he wanted to beat T.O Ass so bad 😭😂🤣
Jixenn- YT
Jixenn- YT Year ago
intro song??
Taliban glizzy
Everyone been dissing silly so I think this not really a prank he just wants them to know he really don’t really fuck with em as much as bf
Huey Devin
Huey Devin Year ago
I couldn't eat around them they smack to much i would have been went off on god
kingshawn23 World
Song ?
Atk Shanun
Atk Shanun Year ago
What’s the name of yo intro song 🤔
SMG-Gweem Year ago
Anybody know his intro song??
Sudais Hussein
Nah t.o can beat that fat ass nigga
Deshawn Smith
Deshawn Smith Year ago
Mind yuh business 🤣😂🤣
Bean TV
Bean TV Year ago
Not 3k 300k
Aiden McCauley
What’s the song in the intro 🔥
YUNG YZG Year ago
I'm joining today
AjDaCkhamp •
Water thicker than blood😆
michael coz14
michael coz14 Year ago
To you funny asf bro 🤣
G-ICE WORLD Year ago
You fr DDG cousin?
Flip like D’Andre
Charc Has a big mouth ty needs to fix his Hairline
Ej Thegoat
Ej Thegoat Year ago
What’s da song inna intro??
Chicago Bulls
Chicago Bulls Year ago
that boy T.O got a gun in the background 😂
Cedawn Worrell
My first time watching this prank and it funny 😂💀🤦🏽‍♂️ I will subscribe 😂😭
kobe Year ago
Charc touched my pizza with his tongue😭😭😭
8:01 ahh ahhh leave ma cookies 😂😂😂
Makhaya Briggs
Nyree got thick as hell
Trending NBA Games Highlights
Silly T.O got hand me room from Charc
Dj waveking
Dj waveking Year ago
Wats the song in the intro called
Dj waveking
Dj waveking Year ago
@Makhaya Briggs thank you fam
Makhaya Briggs
Dj waveking foul by money man
Makala Roddy
Makala Roddy Year ago
Von handled this well💯💪🏾😂
Official Roo
Official Roo Year ago
Like if T.O pull no bitches
Official Roo
Official Roo Year ago
Official Roo
Official Roo Year ago
She said u gon crack a good 3k views
D M Year ago
Don’t worry Nyree , we don’t wanna see you
ChrisWhatsThis CWT
Von a good brother 💯💯
Austin Johnson
them niggas chew w they mouth open
Mckevin Jean
Mckevin Jean Year ago
What is the intro song called
iTzMayheMzT Year ago
Why does she look like a girl version of woo wop
Nick L
Nick L Year ago
My guy got a whole shoty in the background lol
Jaleel Maddox
Jaleel Maddox Year ago
Just wait till this man hit 1mill🥵
Josiah K
Josiah K Year ago
bruh i can’t take vonvon serious 😂😂😂😂
im j
im j Year ago
Chark eat pork
Penguin gang 💀
Jynx MM
Jynx MM Year ago
david vasconcellos
Wild!!! Nice fits!!!
Aaron Year ago
"I put this on my soul them cookies smell like shit" LMFAO I'm dead😂😂😂
Arie Ka'Nesha
Arie Ka'Nesha Year ago
I need a man who gone be quick on a nigga ass like Von
SimpSoldier Year ago
T.O: What is you getting crumbs all over my bed for Nyree: Wipe it T.O: You wipe it clean your fucking mess up 9:15 So he wrong cause she got crumbs on his bed....??
Drilla 17
Drilla 17 Year ago
0:32 Ain’t that pork ?
Isiah Montanez
Intro song???!!
Buju Carter
Buju Carter Year ago
Nyree is lowkey annoying tho, i don’t like her too frfr
Mr Arowolo
Mr Arowolo Year ago
T.O hair uneven son😂😂😂
Jaay Esss
Jaay Esss Year ago
Von does the same exact face every time someone takes off his beanie😭😂😂😂
Mr. Anonymous
Mr. Anonymous Year ago
I'm getting sick of people eating that be making me hungry bruh😂
Hamsa Hassan
Hamsa Hassan Year ago
To:She started with a K Von:u sick nigga 😭😭😭🤩🤪🤪🤪
Hamsa Hassan
Hamsa Hassan Year ago
Shakil Smith
Shakil Smith Year ago
God dam nyree chewin hard asf
this man
this man Year ago
Von so lucky 😤😭
qikoslidin !
qikoslidin ! Year ago
"yo fat ass not even in the camera" LMFAOOO
Where Is That Pizza From? It Looks Bomb Lol Someone Lmk 😂
Nene #trapqueen380
It’s summer time in LA at that an y’all be dressed like it’s 🚫🥶 🔥☀️
Barry Green
Barry Green Year ago
I liked B Lou body tell him Silly To 😂
DBoyFromThe8 Gaming
sickwititman Year ago
That pizza look kill tho
Steven Glo
Steven Glo Year ago
10:53 Von hairline 😂
Cyrunix Year ago
If only T.O had his headband, then he'd fold all yall niggas.
Dude Vapes
Dude Vapes Year ago
Cuality over cuantity T.O cmoon now
Dude Vapes
Dude Vapes Year ago
Mannn that ugly ah girl really dont shut the fuck up 😍
Where do yall get your hair cuts at. That yall always say the line messed up. Or they dont have good barbers in Cali
CarterTheVlogger it’s genetics
Angelica Gutierrez
all that money too
main 336
main 336 Year ago
New hairline new t.o😂
All Abored
All Abored Year ago
I can't stand Nyree fat ass either.
Jerome Jonas
Jerome Jonas Year ago
At 7:05 I would of been like this my video and my house you in
DarealMj Year ago
bhoklits Year ago
My gosh. Been laughing like mad
Saaa N
Saaa N Year ago
awww Von moving his woman in the middle 👏🏾👏🏾
1vezzy Year ago
Saaa N 👏🏽
DFromTheVille Year ago
Penguin gang stand up !
Playboymar Year ago
Aydan Morgan
Aydan Morgan Year ago
This is the worst RUvid video I’ve ever watched. Kuz need ta get his lighting right
PlxyboiAldridge 11
Peep that shotgun in the back of his bed
K. PRNCE Year ago
Its fake dub did a prank
Israel Young
Israel Young Year ago
You can tell t.o hurt Nyree's feelings.
Brown Beard1853
Israel Young when?
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