I Thought This Was Going To Be A Normal Day......Until A Buddy Showed Up With This!

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Jun 30, 2019




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Comments 100
That straight cut gear box sound
RubbishFPS 22 days ago
Dont lie, you just set the timing to the number on the side of the car.
Zach 2 months ago
@FasterProms @CleetusMcFarland 'WHY have you not bought four of these, especially now that y'all own a short track'??!! 🙏🙏
Dean Mormino
Dean Mormino 5 months ago
I did the Mario Andretti racing school a while back and that was so much fun. I did the fastest of all day with an average speed of 149.9 MPH which is absolutely the max allowed with the rev limiter they put. I wanted to reach over and pull that rev limiter chip out of the MSD box so bad!
yourposer 5 months ago
This might be my favorite video of yours. Love that awesome car! Thank you for talking nerdy or a badass car.
Brian Wasmund
Brian Wasmund 8 months ago
Gauges are all installed wrong. The needles need to be at 12 o'clock when everything is where you want it, that way you don't have to look at the numbers.
Travis Hartley
Travis Hartley 9 months ago
L d
L d 10 months ago
CD'S Automotive Garage
Hell yea man that last part on the street I was like hell yess finally cause I was hoping u would take out and drive it lol . Damn I want one now thanks 😂 . Or have engine like that in my 85 s10 🛠
C.Eric. Holcomb
That number also belonged to Neil Bonnet in Nascar.
Scott Allison
Scott Allison Year ago
Loved watching this one. The sound from the exhaust was amazing and it was so fun to see how excited Jeremy was throughout the entire video culminating in the test drive at the end.
Joshua Palmer
Joshua Palmer Year ago
Norman is rad!
Mark Munguia
Mark Munguia Year ago
I Would love a tune from fasterproms on my truck!
B Will
B Will Year ago
What is that whining noise?
Dakota Stewart
I work for nascar Lol ahh memories
Midnight Chaser
between the SOUNDS this thing makes, and your awesome tech insight, this is car guy ASMR for sure lol
Talkie Toaster
Man I'm feeling the sprinkles in the UK, good work. Best job ever.
The EpicSlayer7 SSS
even tho my only Experience is from games, ONE thing i always buy in Grand Turismo is the fully customizable gears! no matter how crappy the cars were, you could make them use 100% of it's power instead of wasting it trying to run speeds it will never reach! all that becomes "Torque"! (tho my friends says gears that can be tuned does not exist... i would like to believe that you can change a gear with one that has one more or less teeth in it! does that exist?)
Adrian ABG
Adrian ABG Year ago
Race car on the street at night. You got balls.
CaveMan Year ago
Zoom zoom
Brandy Wine
Brandy Wine Year ago
You have the best job in the world you get what you put in, and you get instant gratification
Brandy Wine
Brandy Wine Year ago
I’ve learned so much from you! I’m building a lq4 for my single cab Silverado that has a 4.3 now
Brandy Wine
Brandy Wine Year ago
Straight cut gears, i love you channel bro, i grew up at wateford hill, and flatrock speedway
funkyzero Year ago
for a few years back in my not-so-old-and-fat days, I raced 125cc shifter series and yea, your legs gets wrecked after a while from the G's. I actually made some straps that i wound around the steering supports. but safety eventually told me they had to go. In the high-G turns, it's hard to even keep your feet on the pedals at times. Man I miss those days
John Colvett
John Colvett Year ago
Would the benefit be nearly as good with a carbuerated E-85 350 circle track car as far a a dyno/running session?
Cory Unferferth
Need to get a parker pumper for helmet cooling and ventilation!
Chris Walker
Chris Walker Year ago
I dont even know where to begin....Sooo sweet. Only wish you branched out more than just LS engines.
8SecSleeper Year ago
Talking about how strong it pulled, but barely revved to 5300 rpms on street. Must of edited out all the good pulls.
8SecSleeper Year ago
Sucks you decided to interrupt the guy when he tried to say how much money he has in it.
8SecSleeper Year ago
Dang your old
Bundy Williams
Nascar's are boring , racing in a circle 😂.
danger mouse
danger mouse Year ago
I've often thought about picking up a asphalt mod or late model and turning it into a track day toy. They're very safe, can be had cheap as a roller, and usually just need a neutral set-up to make the change over.....
Chris E
Chris E Year ago
Thanks so much for the HPTuner tips. I've been tuning my first car and hearing you go through your process is gold!
Brad Locke
Brad Locke Year ago
OMG love that straight gear set wine
Kavinsky Smith
4:49 Yeah, but, well, they kinda skimped on the single most important part when they did that, as the difference between a porsche interior and a Corvette interior was just 60 dollars in bulk materials, and no matter how good the chassis, and the bodywork is, if the interiors not nice to be in, you dont want to be there. and redoing an interior is probably more expensive than redoing an engine if you DO want to redo the whole damn thing in the material's it should have come in from the factory. but that was the Daniel Akerton era in a nutshell, hell I kinda think the ZR1 was named the blue devil as a middle finger to him and his cheapness really, as his cars and their interiors were always 10 years behind the time, and priced like they were 20 years younger than what they were. and you cant exactly buy a GM car without consulting a mechanic first to make sure its not a bad one, even now, just ask Tyler Hoovie's Mechanic the car wizzard sometime who just did a video on this very subject, as their still making super crappy cars to this day. it just so happened the corvette wasnt one of them, but the firebird certainly was!
Ynot Drappehs
Ynot Drappehs Year ago
But those cars have a positive pressure intake,so at Zero mph on dyno ????? Won't it all change under real world racing conditions. I would think so.
I build and maintain historic road racing cars for a living, so seeing drag racing/non road racing guys get excited about the technology I deal with every day is super refreshing.
austin dickinson
I had a 68 VW Bug that had a roller pedal, was pretty sweet
Kiser Motorsports
800hp only 2300 lbs... Circle track modified. 900hp 1500 lbs, sprint car. Not many people realize the numbers
Fasterproms Year ago
Yes stupid fast they are However there’s a number of things that are factors there. I’ve found that most guys with those motors don’t Dyno (so I believe they think they’re making more than they are) and there’s only one gear (direct drive) which leads to less avg overall tq. With a fairly Peaky curve. I really dunno I’d love to Dyno one and get some solid info for certain.
Nathan matas
Nathan matas Year ago
Best video ever!
Jared Farney
Jared Farney Year ago
id like a follow up if Neil's lap times improve with the broader torque curve. he may not have to shift as much per lap. is the tune on pump 93? I really like the video. I had no idea that SCCA had a class like that.
Rusty Wells
Rusty Wells Year ago
No people don't understand how that car is set up it hauls ass!!!!!
Rusty Wells
Rusty Wells Year ago
Wow I'm impressed you knew that was Mike Skinner number! Respect!👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻 Doing it for Dale!!!
Jason Swift
Jason Swift Year ago
No way on earth that car is street legal. So your Age is about 38,39 Jeremy?
Jason Swift
Jason Swift Year ago
@Fasterproms Cool Jeremy :) keep up the great work you do, and pat your dogs for me please, I love dogs.
Fasterproms Year ago
39 in Sept
sean bragg
sean bragg Year ago
Hows the s10 coming
Scot Morris
Scot Morris Year ago
That was. Awesome!!!!!
Daniel Beckwith
My anxiety was going crazy watching you run with no lights!
David Kelm
David Kelm Year ago
Excellent content 💪
John Lachmnn
John Lachmnn Year ago
damn fine job T.G.
Brian L
Brian L Year ago
Oh yes, the race car noises.
Smokey Year ago
Sounds ridiculous
michael blacktree
I love the sound of straight-cut gears! 👍
deep junk garage
I watched for the cars and stayed for the dogs ..... now I watch for the dogs and stay for the cars! 🤣🍻
Tris Rush
Tris Rush Year ago
Racecar + street = Freedom!
9sec NJDEV1L Camaro
No One cares about these videos 😴😴😴
9sec NJDEV1L Camaro
Fasterproms Year ago
Brandon Bailey
Ya man I bet that torque is crazy fun though Lol
M H Year ago
jeremy's nickname: "bearded sprinkles"
those dogs though
AdamsS12345 Year ago
2.4 Gs? wow isnt that better than some top end supercars/hypercars?
T-RopE Year ago
i dont think any production car has hit that number
Joshua Parton
Joshua Parton Year ago
You got that there worn out LSA charger I can get?? lol I got an "uncle sam" car myself.. Wish I had picked up an LSA before they went thru the roof in price.
Fasterproms Year ago
Well if worn out makse 760rwhp I don’t know what to tell you but it’s currently sale pending! If you DM me I do have more of them!!
Ryan Rapetti
Ryan Rapetti Year ago
EMF = Electro Magnetic Field or sometime Electro Motive Force, in the context of motors. Interference is called Electro Magnetic Interference or EMI.
Ryan Rapetti
Ryan Rapetti Year ago
@Fasterproms now I feel like a pedantic jerk. I should have followed my instincts and just kept my mouth shut. It's not like it really matters. You were perfectly clear
Fasterproms Year ago
I stand corrected. Thank you
AlexSerban Year ago
Dude more nerd tuning stuff and HP tuners ! love this
ForAl lMankind
define bucky and loagy, for me, please :)
ForAl lMankind
@Fasterproms well thanks !
Fasterproms Year ago
Bucky is herky jerky and loagy would be very lazy and non responsive
Z Ack
Z Ack Year ago
Dude looks straight up nascar crew chief...
Martin Reynolds
Straight cut dog box, that sound!!!
D.j. B
D.j. B Year ago
I'd like to see it with a stroker 406- 1973-4.125 stroke,400, punched out to a 406 that is. Rev fast & balls to the wall!!! Brother had a stroker 406 in a 79 Z-28 at the same time that a buddy had a ls-1 or lt-1 Camaro & whereas the 79 with the stroker 406 had 373 gears, th400 trans w/ new valve body, shift kit, It just didn't have the high end like the ls or lt based Camaro! I personally thought that it was due to both the gearing, & timing control or the lack of in the 406. What I do know is, Off the line, That 406 SCREAMED LIKE NO OTHER!!! It sure was a nice toy!!!
Todd S
Todd S Year ago
How hot is too hot for intake air temps? I normally see mine within 10 degrees above ambient air temp I have a K&N 57-3070 cold air intake on my 2012 Silverado 1500.
Fasterproms Year ago
That’s not bad but closer to ambient the better
D.j. B
D.j. B Year ago
F'n SWEET! How Awesome that must be to drive a legit race car!! Wish we all had one of those!!! How much does one cost??? I need a project car SO BAD! I truly want a 4.125 stroke, 1973 Chevrolet small block 400 built correctly! & I've always wanted a 3rd gen Camaro but, the issue of a full frame so, Maybe a Ford Galaxie 500??? I still want a 3 gen tho!!! Any-who brother, SWEET! Kinda felt like Ricky Bobby for a hot sec!!!! I really want a tube framed car with a iroc series body! & go dirt racing, How sweet would that be!!!
ChillCosmos Year ago
Sounds good through those Flowmasters!
Austin Woolery
Your audio quality is absolute shit. Its really hurting your videos.
Fasterproms Year ago
It’s much harder than it seems. Doing the best I can. 😘
nathan butler
nathan butler Year ago
Iv seen the ls6 intake on a stock ls1 pick up 25hp on the dyno
Frank Rodriguez
We ran a T1 Green BMW in his run group at the recent Sebring short course and thing just boogies.
k20aef8 Year ago
Nice shout out to scca
Kyle Love
Kyle Love Year ago
Racecar noises...😍
nunya binis
nunya binis Year ago
Quit filming outside. *Is it cicada season or is that grasshoppers? Dear lord man....that sound.
Fasterproms Year ago
Yes sorry there’s not much I can do they are louder than EVERYTHING
You can tell that's a light flywheel, you see that RPM drop after those pulls?
Roger Fleury
Roger Fleury Year ago
Rich B.
Rich B. Year ago
It would be fun taking that beast around a track balls out.
Codie Sleeper
Codie Sleeper Year ago
I really think you and McFarland should get in the local Late model series down there and make a new series on here...@Fastorproms
Mrdashtard Year ago
I did my part by liking and sharing this video in effort for you to obtain the funding to get one. As my wife says, it's the little things.
aaron johnson
aaron johnson Year ago
Need to get a stock car event on a twisty track with the PFI truck and the Dale truck!
DERP Year ago
The production quality has came a long way buddy. Keep up the great work.
Chubbysumo Year ago
This needs some sb2 heads, that's sweet sweet 9000rpm sound.
Trevor Dyke
Trevor Dyke Year ago
Hahaah .. love the Forza theme music :D
diegoaccord Year ago
19:10 that trans setup sounds so fucking good. Whenever I have to do a clutch, I always buy the lightest flywheel sold for that car, and the most aggressive street clutch made. Not quite like this, but a high RPM shift into 4th on a heavy clutch/light flywheel combo sounds badass, regardless the car, and cylinders.
pilot554 Year ago
GTA Class? Is it last man alive who wins? xD
Shane Wright
Shane Wright Year ago
Too cool. Another great video 👍
Joshua Bullock
I had a 98 ws6, mega pain to get anyone to mess with that pcm when the 99-02 version came out.
James Ingram
James Ingram Year ago
I loved the whine when rowing the gears!! Reminded me of Two Lane Blacktop
Jolene Vilis
Jolene Vilis Year ago
Fyi, VW Beatles used a roller gas pedal from 1938 to the 1960's. Just saying.
David Windsor
David Windsor Year ago
Neat. 😉👍👍👍
Blad The woods
Another great video Jeremy! Florida love brother’
Drew Seibert
Drew Seibert Year ago
Awesome race car! Questions about spark knock. What’s the best way to listen for it, lower RPMs or up high? What does it sound like? Just want to make sure I don’t have too much sprinkle.
mobiltans Year ago
Thanks for the post looks like a lot of fun!
Pablo668 Year ago
I don't know how things work in the US, but you'd get in big trouble driving that on the street in Aus. A bit silly, but awesome just the same.
Guy S
Guy S Year ago
With a 10k rpm build, it could get which kind of power with a similar tune, 600 or 700?
cobrasvt347 Year ago
I have a ARCA car that's completely illegal to drive on the street but here in rural Alabama no one cares. Cops wave 🤘proud American here 🖒
Martin Ranger
Martin Ranger Year ago
Jimmy flipflop
Stop it with text on the screen
ClownFace1511 Year ago
Try upgrading the computer to an ssd hard drive instead of a HDD. Wont be effected by vibration or frequencies . Might fix your dyno issues.
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