I Thought The Longest Yard Would Change My Life | Joey Diaz

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TCOWHN# 700 - Ian Edwards
Joey Diaz and Lee Syatt
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Jul 13, 2019




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Comments 462
Kazanova Capone
Kazanova Capone 27 minutes ago
4:55 lol who the fuck speaking you a nobody on Joey podcast who the fuck you think you are disrupting our show. Go fix the lights.
Jimbles Notronbo
Joeys character was wasted in The Longest yard. He’s not a “hey look I’m fat that’s so funny” kind of guy. He’s best when he’s telling crazy stories
beanelover69 Day ago
Fucken lee and his pillsbury doughboy laugh cracks me up
Dank The Gank
Plus he was hardly in it... I doubt anyone remembers him from that movie
Dank The Gank
Joey is JUST like my Dad except my Dad's black.
Mason Matthews
You assholes better now cut me
Gilbert Garcia
“You guys better not cut me I’m still on this team!”
Donk 2 days ago
You should have atleast got in the Irishman or any mob movie off that
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson 2 days ago
First time i saw him was in SpiderMan 2 i think when he fought Doctor Octavius on the train. Joey steps up and tells doc "you gotta go through me" or something like that lol
Creed Bratton
Creed Bratton 3 days ago
Varsity Yuppie
Varsity Yuppie 3 days ago
Joey was in The Longest Yard? Get out.
THE WOAT 4 days ago
is that LUKE CAGE?!
Jeff English
Jeff English 5 days ago
The crazy thing is Joey that is where I know you from! Lol love ya brother!
Jesus Martinez
Jesus Martinez 8 days ago
Big ol bullshitter Joey Diaz
The Maineiac
The Maineiac 15 days ago
They knew about your coke problem... it's obvious, exspecially when you call out numerous times the day of...
Jack Sadaka
Jack Sadaka Month ago
I fuckin love Uncle Joey
Johnson21 21
Johnson21 21 Month ago
Stow snorm
ryan olson
ryan olson Month ago
Lol Lee has 2 years in, and thinks he's ready to do Caroline's or the store and blow up! Lol he needs to follow ask Ari shaffir to mentor him, cause lee isn't a storyteller like Joey. He should stick to one liners.
kihlos Month ago
Joey: “I went to Kansas state” Sandler: “are you shitting me? For coach Snyder?” Joey: “Kansas state penitentiary”
Josh Larson
Josh Larson Month ago
Tracy Morgan, Nicholas Turturro, and Terry Crews were literally all famous before The Longest Yard 🙄.
What’s that black dudes name?!? He’s played on Ashton Kutcher’s punk’d back in the day! Lol
Webster Lyons II
"Can of corn, can of corn"! Lol!
SpinelliBoyz TV
SpinelliBoyz TV 2 months ago
“You assholes better not cut me I’m still on this team”
M Pdaugherty
M Pdaugherty 2 months ago
I absolutely loved the movie... I watched it numerous times. I could watch it a million times more. Joey, maybe you didn’t get additional movies, or things you consider that would change your life. I remembered you and listen to the pod cast with my husband all the time. Your the shit Mr. Joey Diaz !!!!!!! More than you give yourself credit for. Much love and respect Mikalyn Paolucci-Daugherty
douglas jardine
douglas jardine 4 months ago
The ending is the opposite of endearing or funny
Adam Cole
Adam Cole 4 months ago
Why did I think Joey was interviewing Chad Johnson...
King Jerel
King Jerel 4 months ago
Sad bc I remember this dude on NYPD blue and Baseketball... NYPD blue had the first naked people on regular TV I think 🤔.. just asses but it was crazy seeing that shit as a kid but oh my how times have changed.. Big props brother Joe 👍🏾💯
Kurt Matejkowski
Kurt Matejkowski 4 months ago
You don't want to join that hollyweird elite they become puppets!What your doing is great!Wish i could do what you are doing peace brother!
Anthony Ornelas
Anthony Ornelas 4 months ago
Joey didn't get work after the longest yard because he didn't stand out in the movie and was overshadowed by the other cast members. His entire persona is a typecast which makes finding work difficult.
MosEisleyBlues 4 months ago
Anthony Ornelas I thought having a typecast persona made work easier to find
Tariq Whiting
Tariq Whiting 4 months ago
I'd hand Joey some toilet paper if I seen him in person cuz that mothafucka is the shit
ultrarooster 4 months ago
Damn bro. I fuckin feel you man. Keep grinding is what I take from this. Thanks for the inspiration.
The Bill Show
The Bill Show 4 months ago
It almost feels like you need to lose the part of you, that made you. Fun, but lots on the cutting room floor.
Shogun San
Shogun San 4 months ago
Devin Mounce
Devin Mounce 4 months ago
How did people not know Joey Diaz?
Rich Ratchford
Rich Ratchford 4 months ago
Lee and his damn levels of shots.
kingjappyjoe420 4 months ago
Now I gta go watch My Name is Earl all over again
Jamie Wright
Jamie Wright 4 months ago
Got to be able to act to get a call back dude
Pat Topo
Pat Topo 4 months ago
I feel he is full of shit
Dee Dee
Dee Dee 4 months ago
The longest yard kinda of did change his life
Mike Burda
Mike Burda 4 months ago
Let me get that Roberto Clemente photo in the background#21
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