I Think I've Got This With Chip Chapley - Episode 10 "A Case For Space"

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Chip is back and he's answering your questions about Outer Space!
Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on explosm.net since 2005!
Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
Directed By: Joel Watson
Written By: Joel Watson
Voice Actors:
Joel Watson - Chip Chapley
Joel Watson - Commander Dexter
Animation Director: Bill Jones
Supervising Animator: Matt Thurman
Animation: Bill Jones, Matt Thurman
Graphics: Elizabeth Del Rosario
Animatic: Elizabeth Del Rosario
Editor: Taylor Ransom
Sound Editor/Mixer: Ben Governale
Sound Design/Foley: Nic Federle, Ben Governale
Music: Ben Governale
Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
Production Assistant: Michael Stewart


Published on


Dec 4, 2019




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Comments 100
BonzionPlays 22 days ago
2:37 Hey is that sad mary?
Alexa L.
Alexa L. Month ago
All the publicity of nordVPN and riseupVPN is fully free 🤷
Lucas Gibbs
Lucas Gibbs Month ago
I don’t know about bedrooms, but bathrooms and Denny’s seem pretty similar.
Marijus Stasiulis
Dat was gud!
MagnemiteFan 081
Why does Orange Juice taste bad after i brush my Teeth?
thea gonci
thea gonci Month ago
Ffhtfgrdcfrf I'm an idiot
Divyesh Katariya
Divyesh Katariya 2 months ago
How do you find peace on earth when people are investing in guns and space shuttles?
Fandom Forever
Fandom Forever 3 months ago
迟培灿 3 months ago
why alien dont whach tv
John Necir Rebellion
Chip is a genius. He's my spirit animal second to the Florida man.
Zatch 101
Zatch 101 4 months ago
Why does my left butt cheek tickle when i see redheads?
Lipton Ice tea
Lipton Ice tea 4 months ago
Is making fun of someone with/without a mustache, is it racism?
jbugg 4 months ago
4:09 figures Lionel Poopsnfarts (AKA Chip Chapley) lives in Dallas.
logan does minecraft&more
Why do i have no friends?
Kevin Komaki
Kevin Komaki 5 months ago
I got my mystery solved
Эрик Картман
Bruce Sono
Bruce Sono 6 months ago
"You'll get sucked into the vacuum of space" is a famous saying, but why hasn't the earth been cleaned yet?
Kyrin Seven
Kyrin Seven 6 months ago
Nord VPN sucks. Don't use it. Read comments for it to see why.
Ruba Adwan
Ruba Adwan 6 months ago
Is that spaceship a d!ck?
Илья Волков
how many herbs did you make to get tea?
AngryShoma 6 months ago
What if my a$$ blowing?
MUHKA 6 months ago
Selwar_ Blood
Selwar_ Blood 6 months ago
what happens if you wear a hat made of glue ??
ilya novik
ilya novik 6 months ago
Cyanide and happiness. I love you. Do such cool cartoons, draw a character and call him Ilya.
De Conto
De Conto 6 months ago
What does it mean - hell on the earth?
Жека Hannibal
Жека Hannibal 6 months ago
As always cool release! Greetings from Russia.🇷🇺🤟
Влад Цепишь
Why ticktockers impossible to execute?
Fоx- Magic
Fоx- Magic 6 months ago
If Kim Kandarshyan marries Kim Jong Un, then Kandarshyan will be Kim Jong Un 2 (some kind of Korean remake)
Дима Дмитриус
Hi Chip Chapley, all of Russia is watching you, would you like to visit us? Drinking and bears at our expense!
Danil Fedyay
Danil Fedyay 6 months ago
what will happen if you put 50 sausages in your mouth?
M G 6 months ago
Why black people?
Only Me
Only Me 7 months ago
This channel not good for child.
Skitzo Frantic
Skitzo Frantic 7 months ago
Why is a HAM burger not made out of ham
Charles Fitzpatrick
Charles Fitzpatrick 7 months ago
Wait a minute, Astronaut Mike Dexter is a 30 Rock reference
D.B. Cooper
D.B. Cooper 7 months ago
Hey Chip do you think Templars still exist ?
Adamations 7 months ago
If Space Has No Air Then Why In The Moon Landing Did The Flag Move? #ChipAnswerThis
Villager 69
Villager 69 7 months ago
Can moustaches grow in space?
Wesley Keller
Wesley Keller 7 months ago
Question for chip. Does pp grow if I water it and give it soil and sunlight?
Rex Brimmer
Rex Brimmer 7 months ago
Here's a question chip. Why is there always a person staring back at me every time I look in the mirror?
BOBBERSON IIV 7 months ago
Hey chip, why are they called apartments if they’re all stuck together? And why isn’t the word phonetic spelt the way it sounds?
Bud Gates
Bud Gates 7 months ago
If you fart in zero gravity, are you propelled like a rocket nozzle?
maka albarn
maka albarn 7 months ago
whats your middle name?
Popo san
Popo san 7 months ago
Question for Chip. If you have sex, while being pregnant can you get twins or is the baby getting pregnant?
no u
no u 7 months ago
If we going to die cause the global warming why we still go to school
Pollo Gaming
Pollo Gaming 7 months ago
Why do they call it a touchdown, even though the points go up?
Legend Gamer1313
Legend Gamer1313 7 months ago
Why is there a funny tasting Mayonnaise in my ass every morning? #chipanswerthis
Graziella Ben
Graziella Ben 7 months ago
Here's a question for ship: If I ask a stupid question to "I think I know that" knowing that I will get a stupid answer but still ask this stupid question, am I stupid?
Ben Tay
Ben Tay 7 months ago
can penguins fly?
Eric and Ghada Denchfield
Well actually if you took your helmet off in space you would freeze to death from subzero temperatures or you would suffocate from no air
xavier cox
xavier cox 7 months ago
Can you shoot people who walk on your property i want to shoot people and what gun would you recommend
Jade Almighty
Jade Almighty 7 months ago
If our eyes flip everything upside down Does that mean we’re all secretly defying gravity
dane ware
dane ware 7 months ago
chip how do i get a badass mustache like you
Klára Kvíčalová
Klára Kvíčalová 7 months ago
If corn oil is made from corn and vegetables oil from vegetables, what is baby oil made from?
Random Videos
Random Videos 7 months ago
Baby seals.
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 7 months ago
Will I ever be resurrected and kill the Joestar family bloodline and take their heritage and the world for myself?
50 SUBS minecraft bed wars gameplay
smoked fries or smoked fries 2: the second serving
Manuel Pico
Manuel Pico 7 months ago
Chip, can you sing? Really, can you? I'm lonely. And it's Christmas.
joe zillakilla4
joe zillakilla4 7 months ago
How did Michael Jackson change race
Mr. WhyNot
Mr. WhyNot 7 months ago
I have a question for chip: Why did my mother abandon me?
Corvuscreep 7 months ago
Colten Blake
Colten Blake 7 months ago
If its racist to say por favor the way its looks in english than why isnt it racist to say scissors with the c?
Rizki Ramadhan
Rizki Ramadhan 7 months ago
If the invisible pink unicorn exists, how do you know it's pink?
derpy penguin
derpy penguin 7 months ago
Why do girls shave/wax their mustaches?
john archie fenol
john archie fenol 7 months ago
Why cant we say ni**a to a black guy? No offense.
GameTech2020 7 months ago
Hey chapley were is pluto now?
FrostyHotCocoa 7 months ago
If a chip is made of potatoes, is Chip a potato?
Isaiah Santana
Isaiah Santana 7 months ago
How many chucks does a chuck chuck.
Christopher Chung
Christopher Chung 7 months ago
Wait... this isn't infowars... -.-
celestial squirrel
celestial squirrel 7 months ago
Q: do cats really have nine lives?
Just a guy who got shock faces
Its so popular
Qbone711 0
Qbone711 0 7 months ago
Are you Billy's father
Jdubshh Gaming
Jdubshh Gaming 7 months ago
Did Adam and Eve ride dinosaurs? Or did God just kill them with the asteroid?
Noah Bogo3football
Noah Bogo3football 7 months ago
I want more news to me and Here's a question: How many people have mustaches
I love My cats
I love My cats 7 months ago
Why is moms gay
Hey chip are u pregnet
Luke P
Luke P 8 months ago
Am I real?
Jay Brian Agustin
Jay Brian Agustin 8 months ago
“Poor stupid idiot naive dum dum carlo” i wish i was carlo tho
Evan Berkman
Evan Berkman 8 months ago
Hey chip, if someone kills them self but they have no life then would they get a life because if you multiply a negative by a negative it equals a positive
Fazz Bear
Fazz Bear 8 months ago
How is chip not in a mental asylum? How did he REALLY get fired from the news?
Desert Tortoise 21
Desert Tortoise 21 8 months ago
Hey Chip. If Chip Chapley could chap chips, how many chips could Chip Chapley chap? Asking for a friend.
The X unknown
The X unknown 8 months ago
Why did you got banned from the news anyways and see is used to working with your best friend
Hitlerbeard and 151 others
I've a question: Why are there so many black people in Africa?
Sir Spoderman
Sir Spoderman 8 months ago
Did the Armenian genocide ever happen
foshiee 8 months ago
"big equilibrium" 🤣
Fix Me
Fix Me 8 months ago
Why do girls smell like fish
panzerveps 8 months ago
Well, that was the best ad for NordVPN I've seen so far.
Chase De Vries
Chase De Vries 8 months ago
This gets a thumbs up just for the amazing ad
Minecraft Diamonds
Minecraft Diamonds 8 months ago
Skip Intro -> 0:25
WordWizard 8 months ago
If Henry VIII had 6 wives officially, what happend to the other two?
Kayagorzan 8 months ago
If an architect makes a building isn't it an architecture?
BenBandMollyB B
BenBandMollyB B 8 months ago
Chip if reptiles rule the world why haven’t we seen any?
Hariel 8 months ago
Chip, should Greta Thunberg sail to Hong Kong and lecture the protestors about their carbon footprint?
Toasted db breaD
Toasted db breaD 8 months ago
What does “ok boomer” mean
Bobby Jones
Bobby Jones 8 months ago
How did the world survive without u
Eric Kachermeyer
Eric Kachermeyer 8 months ago
Chip chaple here’s a question if you put icing on a cake does it become ice cake?
Jagger Irvin
Jagger Irvin 8 months ago
You are gay if you are drunck
alison elewa
alison elewa 8 months ago
Why is the texture of pubic hair different from the texture of non pubic hair (like the hair on our head)?
alison elewa
alison elewa 8 months ago
Who is Christopher Columbus?
Timothy Rodriguez
Timothy Rodriguez 8 months ago
Chip Chapley..... How come the beams from the twin towers melt if they were reinforced steel
MARILOU SALAC 8 months ago
Why do we exist?
Andrew H
Andrew H 8 months ago
Why can't I have 17 robot wives?
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