I tested my VERT with NBA trainer (SURPRISE ENDING) Must see!!

Chris Staples
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PLEASE stay to the end of the video. I have HUGE surprise for my NEXT video. Finally, I decided to test my vertical leap. I get so many messages about how high is my vertical. So today I'm answering your questions. My guys Tyler Currie and Anthony Hamilton wanted all the smoke and decided to test as well. It was a fun day and we all pushed each other to reach a high vert. Epic ending if you stay to the end of the video. PJF Performance is the best in the business when it comes to increasing your vertical leap. Thank you everyone... Enjoy
Performance channel: ruvid.net/u-PJFPerformance
T.Currie: ruvid.net/show-UCVwPyAGS0XrveFGUorfsyyg
Hamilton Channel: ruvid.net/show-UChNz6iFKpp4P10K6sF8chhg
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May 9, 2020




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Comments 80
Chris Staples
Chris Staples Month ago
Elena Wester
Elena Wester Month ago
Let’s go🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🏀
you confuse running vert and running reach
jesu0650 jesu0650
of course anything for the best Dunker in the world and it was worth it cause He's Back
EmperorChicken Month ago
Chris you are absolutely insane , how are you not in the nba no joke, you can shoot dribble and dunk
Slim Reaper
Slim Reaper Month ago
Im hyped
Joel Bautista
Max vert 1st Currie 44.5" 2nd Hamilton 43.5" 3rd Chris 40.5 " ( he's 33 and still over 40 jesus christ )
KNG SLAER 5 days ago
I swear u floated at 6:10
Duane Ayers
Duane Ayers 5 days ago
They all did good but still standing today is the 1 an only from UofK to Utah Jazz Dr. Dunkenstein Darrel Griffith. Between 48 to 51inches.
Tyjai Saunders
Tyjai Saunders 8 days ago
This was on turf imagine what these dudes can do on a court
Chris Alexander
Chris Alexander 8 days ago
Bestop YT
Bestop YT 9 days ago
soy latinoamericano se poco de ingles PERO TIO estan entretenidos tus videos sigue asi
STEELneals 9 days ago
tan 9 days ago
Diego Santillan
Diego Santillan 9 days ago
Lemme guess, Mamadou
CSL KANE 13 days ago
My bad im late but im new to da family even tho i been knew who he was and i saw his movie slamma jamma but dis dude really listening well was listen to walk em down
Hwang 13 days ago
daamn chris got some long ass arms
M 13 days ago
if they got to get to the second floor quickly they just jump through the window
Chris Hickox
Chris Hickox 15 days ago
Did Paul give you guys any instruction or cues in-between attempts?
kamar da goat
kamar da goat 16 days ago
Bro nba players dont even be havin 40s
Elliot Wendel
Elliot Wendel 16 days ago
Did you train really hard to be able to jump so high? What kind of workouts did you use to be able to jump so high?
The Third Ku
The Third Ku 17 days ago
That Ljay Currie?
Gabriel Smith
Gabriel Smith 19 days ago
Imagine having a plus 40 inch standing vert.🤯
Hooping with Hamez
Hooping with Hamez 25 days ago
Paul Studebaker
Paul Studebaker 25 days ago
You should post a video trying dunks never done before, like: -Double windmill -Actual parallel Superman dunk (or as close as you can get) -Bounce dunk -Longest dunk you can do, one foot or two foot (or get someone who can do the longest) -armpit dunk or more.....
Andrew Worley
Andrew Worley 27 days ago
You planning on NBA Chris?
Joseph Nono
Joseph Nono 28 days ago
Crazy how these dudes literally pause in the middle of the air🤯
Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis 28 days ago
Walk em down now yahhh
Garshaun McCombs
You’re use to seeing 2 inches 😂😂
YoungHomieTony Month ago
Damn it man you know I can’t stop watching those old spice ads😭
love the vid
Evan Ladeairous
Evan Ladeairous Month ago
The very tester of you bend your knees more before you land the time in the air increases right?
Evan Ladeairous
Evan Ladeairous Month ago
Hugh Hagen
Hugh Hagen Month ago
ham gotta stop the stutter step no hate but he has such a bad approach
Luis Alejandro Santana
So you guys got officially VERTified!!
FunkyDemonCat Month ago
Wtf? Why they jumping on grass tho? I play football and basketball and i jump like 5 inches lower on the field.
ExpertT Ief
ExpertT Ief Month ago
You put too much muscle on you can jump a 40 standing that’s why trust me
Jozsef Akos Potyondi
Wtf 40+standing vertical??? I have only 24 standing vertical 😂
lukas borge
lukas borge Month ago
Everyone is asking: Whats your vert Whats tylers vert But not: How is vert😣
Legendjuicewrld 999
Who else here nle
John Hobitakis
John Hobitakis Month ago
what machine are they using?
Jayden Howard
Jayden Howard Month ago
i like that they played walk em down by nle choppa
Once a bust Always a bust
Does Currie even lift bro? His vert is mind blowing yet he looks like somebody who’s never been to the gym. Crazy
Jae Money
Jae Money Month ago
You're listening to welcome down by my two favorite rappers nle Choppa and Roddy rich
Super Bolt
Super Bolt Month ago
Tyler is using the mat wrong, can’t bend your knees, they need to be straight the whole time Actually all of them are😂
xXDEADKINGXx17 Month ago
Ig flights got competition so *FLIGHT TEAM STAND UP*
Adryan Haqeem
Adryan Haqeem Month ago
Damnn.....Hanilton got a 50" vert
MrFuchew Month ago
your next Dexton
SpadeyCat Month ago
These guys jumping off grass to
Tate Bevan
Tate Bevan Month ago
shoulda got dexton crutchfeild
katarzyna mielnik
Nle in the back walk em down
Ogi Month ago
2:27 walk em down is playing
Karlo Ivančić
Karlo Ivančić Month ago
Whos here before 100k views?
Chris Staples
Chris Staples Month ago
Karlo Ivančić let’s goooo
Rajzo Aye
Rajzo Aye Month ago
When Chris was jumping up to make a 40inch very I was jumping with him lol
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein Month ago
I wonder what j clarks standing vert is he got his head to the rim off vert once
Marty Nguyen
Marty Nguyen Month ago
what is the science behind the pad measuring vert?
Obey CODM Month ago
Most epic vid I’ve seen
Jordan Sotiriadis
Staples 42'' Wade : 9
Steezy Jay
Steezy Jay Month ago
Dex needed to be here
Ethan Dysanco
Ethan Dysanco Month ago
When their standing vert is higher than ur running vert😅
Blame Cash
Blame Cash Month ago
I love how he put nle choppa
CALM DOWN ANTHONY 38 is my max vert 😭
Grant Dunks
Grant Dunks Month ago
I did the calculations for running Anthony: 43.5 inches Tyler: 44.5 inches Chris: 40.5 inches Ur welcome
Manny Donaire
Manny Donaire Month ago
what about Hoop and Life vert? dude's like 5'5" and can dunk easily.
Rebekah Leigh Gill
What? Ur 33???? I thought ur in the twenties
Julet Harzi
Julet Harzi Month ago
bumble hhh. best commerical
JdogFlipper Month ago
I need a 42” vert just to dunk lol
Gadzi Month ago
When I seen Mamadou at the end 🔥🔥🔥 (Edit: Auto correct butchered his name 🤦🏾‍♂️)
George Polychronopoulos
You guys should’ve done it on the court probably would’ve gotten even higher
Cx 5
Cx 5 Month ago
Chris has long ass arms
Myles Gmail
Myles Gmail Month ago
chen tung
chen tung Month ago
Pj also lost his brain how the heck test it on the field at least on the freaking floor
RomanTheKoala Month ago
hey chris
Overdose Month ago
Didn't Hamilton touched 12'6'' @ the VBL To the Top Contest? Kinda confused right now
Victor Month ago
But there's a video of Anthony hitting 12'6????
Terry Moody
Terry Moody Month ago
The jumping surface is not good! No wonder the verticals were not that impressive. Harder or more springy surface and I bet these guys would be up there! I am a 63 year old white guy from back in the day... I am 6'3" and I had a 95 inch reach and could jump a little over 11 foot on a good day. So I guess I had about a 38 to 40 vert but oddly enough I couldn't dunk that good.
Kutuzo Vero
Kutuzo Vero Month ago
Anthony Hamilton reached 12'6 in Venice
LolmanXD N
LolmanXD N Month ago
Coolie_ Month ago
How they jump so high bro
Prakhar Singh
Prakhar Singh Month ago
The best thing about Chris is that he also has a mean jump shot, so he’s effective from the outside and the inside making him a very effective scorer.
top 10 central
top 10 central Month ago
chris since when did you have that beard reply pleaes
top 10 central
top 10 central Month ago
ohh, but the newest video of you in prison doesn’t have that beard
Chris Staples
Chris Staples Month ago
Since quarantine
EG14 Month ago
Bruh chris got the same standing as my running
Finn Stevens
Finn Stevens Month ago
126k subs and still hearts every comment what a guy
Finn Stevens
Finn Stevens Month ago
U are my favorite dunker I watched ur dunk league on whistle yesterday and u do crazy dunks
Chris Staples
Chris Staples Month ago
Thanks bro
Trey Month ago
Chris's jump right before the add came, you could tell it was gonna be insaine
Lord Luke
Lord Luke Month ago
U guys are beasts, is touching the rim good for being 14
Chris Staples
Chris Staples Month ago
That’s great
max.keiller01 Month ago
Who else doing Anthony Hamilton jr’s vert workouts everyday??
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