I tamed a PANDA in Minecraft

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Aug 18, 2019




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Comments 22 410
LazarBeam 5 months ago
Eye ligma strong in this but I had to get jack black
Stephen playz
Stephen playz 23 days ago
Claudette Goodwin
You are correct
Claudette Goodwin
Devil_ Editz
Devil_ Editz Month ago
Itsalizardcraft Month ago
LazarBeam you idiot of a legend you went straight past a jungle temple one of the rarest thing in Minecraft
Jase Roblox
Jase Roblox 5 hours ago
yay villagers u could trade them that’s awesome
Ethan Christopherson
Does anyone know what the background music is called at 6:15 and 8:52
Patrick O'Grady
Patrick O'Grady 2 days ago
Thunderdome song: 1:08 0:07 1:00 1:11 0:07 1:00 2:02 2:02 2:02 2:02 4:34 4:34 4:34 4:34 god i suck
tela thomason
tela thomason 2 days ago
Creeper aw man 11:56 creeper aw man 4:33 please like👍
Random Dils
Random Dils 3 days ago
The only thing I can hear are the lyrics
AGLucas 82
AGLucas 82 3 days ago
You better fucking fly
Gael Cruz
Gael Cruz 3 days ago
just take them with a leash
CD Animations
CD Animations 3 days ago
Endigo has an idea now
Traie Williams
Traie Williams 3 days ago
I did it and I had to use a boat the hole time
Inked Heart
Inked Heart 4 days ago
9:30 in 0.25x speed?
B Doza
B Doza 6 days ago
Pumpkins are vegan 1:28
ARTMANHAS 2000 8 days ago
Boats in minecraft:work in land Boats in fortnite:also work on land Me: coincidence,I THINK NOT
tina 9 days ago
German science is the best science
Darren Edwards
Darren Edwards 11 days ago
Creeper Aw Man
kfiros 24
kfiros 24 12 days ago
3:50 the zombie here hit meh
Ivana Puri
Ivana Puri 12 days ago
why is his content similar to pewdiepie's
The odd Nic
The odd Nic 13 days ago
Creeper aw man
bolagle 14 days ago
i call my toilet the thunderdome
meme_ king135
meme_ king135 14 days ago
i didn’t feel any pain cuz i spawned near a jungle
Matias Rodriguez
Matias Rodriguez 15 days ago
That’s hay!
Jai Hiralall
Jai Hiralall 16 days ago
Lazerbeam:YES I FOUND FRESHS HORSE Lazerbeam:you belong here Me:HORSE abusing
Martin Shirk
Martin Shirk 17 days ago
Imagine it on mobile tablet
bear Frank
bear Frank 17 days ago
thats alot I ligma
STR1K3_cubaice XD
STR1K3_cubaice XD 17 days ago
Did u know that he ate sheep's meat in part 1
Daniel Francis
Daniel Francis 17 days ago
Like a boss in new York like a boss in new York
oioim8 oi
oioim8 oi 18 days ago
You dont have to use the pistols u can use water
Matt Stallman
Matt Stallman 18 days ago
Fat ass 🐼 panda He's gonna sink the boat
kennethrubenrile 19 days ago
Welcome to the thunderdome, where if anyone misbehave, imma take em to the thunderdome
Joel Miles
Joel Miles 19 days ago
Reilly Saso
Reilly Saso 20 days ago
11:57 he said "creeper, aw man"
Fionn Faherty
Fionn Faherty 20 days ago
All the 5 years old kids are like why did he make some hammers 😧😧
Toby Winfield
Toby Winfield 21 day ago
Lannan = Steve Irwin
nature boy rd
nature boy rd 21 day ago
Um the baby on the second kid watched them mate lol
The DarkSideOfTheMoon
Hey bready for some action
Mirren Hill
Mirren Hill 22 days ago
“my microdongs look so good” ~lazarlazar 2019
Yeeter55 22 days ago
He said he ate only melons but for dinner he had green beans and steak
Crusty Wee
Crusty Wee 22 days ago
2:22 he drew a penis on the map. I’m dying
Olve Ullestad
Olve Ullestad 22 days ago
You should get gaming glasses
Rolo Fag
Rolo Fag 22 days ago
I dont tranport pandas i build a base in the jangle
Nancy Weiss
Nancy Weiss 22 days ago
Why do you want to love a panda fucking bitch box
Nicole Vosper
Nicole Vosper 23 days ago
When lazar was like ehhh ehhh
Alex Quartley
Alex Quartley 24 days ago
Team Thompson
Team Thompson 24 days ago
Joan Sablan
Joan Sablan 24 days ago
Has anyone realised that you can say anything in the comments And not get in trouble but if you say something like f*** in the video then. ($)
cant find a name yet
Oooooooooooooooooo I have the same skin I was having it in 2017 and now I'm still wereing the same
lets play mincraft
lets play mincraft 24 days ago
I just realised what's wrong with Lazar beam, He likes too many dongs for 1 straight person
George Pownall
George Pownall 24 days ago
Cure zombie villagers with golden apples
Omar Fahmy
Omar Fahmy 24 days ago
Lazarbeam: I haven’t eaten anything accept for mellons my whole life and I turned out fine Everyone: the anti vax moms are evolving
Tatchibana ツ
Tatchibana ツ 25 days ago
Villegers are sperms
Beanie boo Cat
Beanie boo Cat 25 days ago
Preston Parker
Preston Parker 25 days ago
My name Jeff
Jason Thompson
Jason Thompson 26 days ago
Minecraft logic: So a panda can be right behind a whole forest of bamboo but still follow a random guy with one piece??
Maddox Dobkins
Maddox Dobkins 27 days ago
can i get your bigest YEETTT
Christian Bayley
Christian Bayley 27 days ago
7:32 it was at this moment that he knew. He f**ked up...
Joan Sablan
Joan Sablan 24 days ago
Yaaaaaaaaass queen
Zed Salt
Zed Salt 28 days ago
Creeper aww man Creeper aww man
Connor Lockwood
Connor Lockwood 29 days ago
Nice map shape
Vondal Ironfist
Vondal Ironfist 29 days ago
10:23 Lazerbeam, yes I can sell him wheat! Me: you mean all of the wheat that u turned up into bread?
Jacob Howarth
Jacob Howarth Month ago
You cure a zombie villager with a weakness potion and a golden apple
Jacob Howarth
Jacob Howarth Month ago
You mine a 🍈 with an axe
Jacob Howarth
Jacob Howarth Month ago
You do it like that
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