I Survived Minecraft For 100 Days with Tors And This Is What Happened

Luke TheNotable
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This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
Fantasy Violence
Violent References
Suggestive Themes
Crude Humor
Minecraft is a great game to play with friends. So this time I decided to play Minecraft with my best friend, Tors. We survived Minecraft for 100 Days with the goal of killing the Ender Dragon, and by the end of the video, I guarantee you'll experience the fun we had.
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Comments 80
Luke TheNotable
Luke TheNotable Month ago
If you want to see 200 Days make sure to hit that like button! P.S 1000 Days is coming, so stay tuned!
??? The unknown
??? The unknown 10 days ago
Luke TheNotable sexy lady ren
hybrid 12 days ago
iM sO exItEd
Dank Kirbz
Dank Kirbz 26 days ago
Luke TheNotable more
toxicvenom 5
toxicvenom 5 Month ago
Andrew Graziano
Andrew Graziano Month ago
1000 days
william cromwell
william cromwell 10 minutes ago
survive 100 days with howling moon mod
Thomas Stuart
Thomas Stuart 17 minutes ago
So are they dating?
BeastGaming 19 minutes ago
Day 69 was wet -LukeTheNotable
Ayden Haskell
Ayden Haskell 27 minutes ago
Do a second one you haven’t
Team 3
Team 3 34 minutes ago
Nice vid
Reina Gomez
Reina Gomez 47 minutes ago
i forgot to tell how to get the pets for a wolf is bones the is seeds
Riley Spear
Riley Spear 55 minutes ago
Tors was mining her own business she was mining when she said that
Reina Gomez
Reina Gomez Hour ago
Why did you not get a wolf or a bird
Pamela Tucker
Pamela Tucker Hour ago
Elhuntador 0125
16:13 not only is that creepy but he did it in a very VERY creepy voice...😨😨😨
Ashley Bernson
Hey Luke
Elhuntador 0125
“I’m okay I have plenty *of bread* “
Ashley Carlson
I’m biggest but I’m late bc I was granded
Tyler Tooke
Tyler Tooke 2 hours ago
I survived 1000 days
CrItIcAL cOiN 2 hours ago
23:31 we can sell him RACKKS
Tyler Tooke
Tyler Tooke 2 hours ago
We're is 200 days
Damin334 2 hours ago
Nobody: EndCity: ar u kidding me?
Aidan Marshall
Aidan Marshall 2 hours ago
I love you two your perfect for each other
M4S0N L4M6
M4S0N L4M6 2 hours ago
Can you please do a 200 days survival with the tors0
Brandon Snkrs
Brandon Snkrs 3 hours ago
super cool
Mozi Kozi
Mozi Kozi 3 hours ago
Ples 200 days!
Noah 3 hours ago
Luke the notable: uses diorite Iskall85: I will destroy your mine craft world
Sofeayu _Gamer
Sofeayu _Gamer 3 hours ago
Why do you have to be alex skin?
Olivera Sevic
Olivera Sevic 3 hours ago
I love it so much
Itza Kitz
Itza Kitz 4 hours ago
20:35 demonittuzation
Luna Rinke
Luna Rinke 4 hours ago
2000 Dass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luna Rinke
Luna Rinke 4 hours ago
2000000000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dassssssss
Rashmi Kumari
Rashmi Kumari 4 hours ago
Can't wait for the next minecraft video.
Nathan Pollard
Nathan Pollard 4 hours ago
WHEN IS 1000
??? 5 hours ago
I found diamonds on Day 1
Olivera Sevic
Olivera Sevic 5 hours ago
Auto Plays
Auto Plays 6 hours ago
This man out here simpin’
Brawlday 6 hours ago
When is Playing a 100 days of minecraft with mini ltn
Lueese W
Lueese W 7 hours ago
Why did you skip to the end of the day I just came to see you farm I really don’t know how to play Minecraft!😎😎😎
Qui Gon Jinn
Qui Gon Jinn 7 hours ago
No you are his father
Breyden Campbell
Breyden Campbell 7 hours ago
Is Tors a real person? Or am I just that bad at Minecraft?
Robert 7 hours ago
tours: like a real man wait i thot you were a girl
Olga Hermosilla
Olga Hermosilla 7 hours ago
It's either 100 days IN MINECRAFT Or 100 days as in 24 hours times 100. If it's the second choice, then this might've taken at least 3 months.
Rebecca Scotney
Rebecca Scotney 7 hours ago
ive watched al the hardcore 100 200 and 300 days they were good
Tanner 7 hours ago
"It will be quite a long journey to get to the ender dragon." "People who beat the game in 3:59 .🤦🏽‍♂️"
Gacha User
Gacha User 7 hours ago
I love this LTN: Diorite looks nice Iskall and Grian: ... REEEEEEEEEEE!!!
Enrico Pauksoo
Enrico Pauksoo 8 hours ago
i s s h e u r g f ?
Babuş Marius
Babuş Marius 9 hours ago
How do you play with Tors in the same survival map? Help me please
JamezPlayz 9 hours ago
Day 69 was wet 🤣🤣
John-paul Farrington hoyle
1000 guys with tors
John-paul Farrington hoyle
No days
` - s a k u r a - `
If cats went extinct i will sue everyone in this world
Shubh Maheshwari
Shubh Maheshwari 10 hours ago
Players- Acacia Wood Luke - Savannah Trees
thegameinm8 10 hours ago
Netflix and chill Insert lenny face here
Cheb Master
Cheb Master 10 hours ago
How are all villagers legacy?
Broke 10 hours ago
U Guys should practice social distancing with the creepers😂
Alejandro 04
Alejandro 04 11 hours ago
4:30 had me wheezing 😭
The- Jaydenno
The- Jaydenno 11 hours ago
giving these chickens my seed😂😂
The- Jaydenno
The- Jaydenno 11 hours ago
The girl kinda sounds like Jill from puss in boots
The- Jaydenno
The- Jaydenno 11 hours ago
that sounded so fucking racist gotta stay strapped
Bench Mata
Bench Mata 11 hours ago
This video has a lot of adult jokes 🤣😂
Roblox Gaming
Roblox Gaming 11 hours ago
luke is the new donald trump because he keeps building walls on villages
Aleah Perrill
Aleah Perrill 11 hours ago
0:03 why is there fire?
PrestonPlayz MinecraftAndRobloxAndMore!
i Survived 809 Days in minecraft!
Joshua Byrne
Joshua Byrne 12 hours ago
Do more or I'll unsubscribe!!
amos vinson
amos vinson 12 hours ago
5:27 just casually mining dirt with a pickaxe.
David Suttles Jr.
David Suttles Jr. 12 hours ago
Dude we are quarantined at home and you haven't posted anything. what the hell?
Brian Hinkle
Brian Hinkle 13 hours ago
So many double entendre‘s
Giggity 13 hours ago
do 200!
Julie G
Julie G 13 hours ago
Sleep my children Sleep 😴😴😴😴💤💤💤💤
Dom Doran
Dom Doran 13 hours ago
Tors: MINING my own business Me: ba dum CCCCHHHHHH
Twice_theteru .w
Twice_theteru .w 14 hours ago
This is wholesome and i am happy now
Helen Pearson
Helen Pearson 14 hours ago
Elizabeth The Duck!!
the sheep are getting kind of *baaaaad*
Cognition 14 hours ago
I only now realized that it wasn't hardcore mode
Andy K
Andy K 14 hours ago
I love the references to dont mine at night
Virgil Sanders
Virgil Sanders 15 hours ago
Luke be the next Trump
Vusko 15 hours ago
That's adorable that you and your wife play together!And she even calls you Hubby awww
Junne Paine
Junne Paine 15 hours ago
On 17:58 Tors cat liked the underworld But hopefully her cat does not die!! Can I get this to have at least 5 likes??
Ethan Choi
Ethan Choi 16 hours ago
I recommend fishing because it gives you insane loot
Quick Go
Quick Go 16 hours ago
Liyotaman 12
Liyotaman 12 16 hours ago
I love the over voice
Brendon Parker
Brendon Parker 16 hours ago
Me:sees people playing minecraft on survival and the survival looks good. Me again:plays minecraft survival. Minecraft:is getting boring
Little Gamer 747
Little Gamer 747 16 hours ago
Karen 17 hours ago
“I had my cat with me, but he became a little pu-
Alejandro Santana
Alejandro Santana 17 hours ago
in 200 days will you go back to your old house?
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