I Survived Hardcore Minecraft For 300 Days And This Is What Happened

Luke TheNotable
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This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
Fantasy Violence
Violent References
Suggestive Themes
Crude Humor
Minecraft Hardcore Mode is the HARDEST version of Minecraft without a doubt. Creepers spawn more often. Skeleton arrows do more damage. And Zombies can call upon the horde. Most notably of all though, if you die in Hardcore Minecraft, you die forever. Your world is deleted. *Minecraft theme plays at MAX VOLUME*
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Comments 80
Luke TheNotable
Luke TheNotable 4 months ago
Want to see 1000 Days? SUBSCRIBE!!!
Angus Moad
Angus Moad 2 months ago
Luke TheNotable yes
okay okay
okay okay 2 months ago
Yes daddy
YouTube chanel
YouTube chanel 2 months ago
Livlandia 3 months ago
Berna Folkers
Berna Folkers 4 months ago
Shiloh's World
Shiloh's World 5 hours ago
Hello cat I am cruel you’ll get used to it Me what kind of word is that
atinyteeny 5 hours ago
20% percent of this is shading other youtubers
plc1977 7 hours ago
1000 days is almost here! At around 4:43 u could see the wither skeleton was wearing it's own head.
Samy Samos
Samy Samos 8 hours ago
I love this , best thing i have ever watched in a while , god bless you
Vector Templar
Vector Templar 11 hours ago
Lol, 3 legendary achievments in a row.
Chelsea Lau
Chelsea Lau 11 hours ago
Luke if the whither skeleton gets hurt and the head doesn’t turn red then it has a skull
little fishy
little fishy 12 hours ago
10:53 I think there was a strident in the ocean
YuriEmpire 12 hours ago
I've been catching tropical fish for an aquarium, so there's at least one use other than the achievement c:
FENERIR 13 hours ago
I fought the dragon like day 2 xD
Øniジ -Chan
Øniジ -Chan 14 hours ago
I WANT TO SEEEE 20000000000000000000000000 DAYS
BigAxeBlack 15 hours ago
If you watched Luke for a while, you'll get this reference. 14:25
MiloBot 365
MiloBot 365 17 hours ago
At 4:40 the wither skeleton equiped a wither skeleton skull from the previous wither skeleton that's why it's head was so big all of a sudden
Hyper Sonic64
Hyper Sonic64 17 hours ago
I LOVE just listening to you’re voice narrating when doing something else
Kai-Luca Callies
Kai-Luca Callies 19 hours ago
How many SD cards did u need?
Jacen's 19 hours ago
Do 500 days
Johnathon Ward
Johnathon Ward 21 hour ago
What is your seed
Ömer Yurt
Ömer Yurt 22 hours ago
11:36 Like a Saruman :D
Juders2019 Vap
Juders2019 Vap 23 hours ago
Of corse a peanis joke
- Echo
- Echo 23 hours ago
4:43 that wither skeleton’s head grew. Edit: then it dropped a wither skeleton skull. Coincidence? I think not!
Moot Man
Moot Man 23 hours ago
This video is exactly 30 mins long
CDTV_Bruh 23 hours ago
I thought of a caves and caverns update where it adds more armor like lapis armor, coal armor, emerald armor, red stone armor, and it introduces one new ore. A new revamp to mine shafts and also underground abandoned villages. Also the new ore is called “Smotherite” like if u agree!
Occidendum Science
Occidendum Science 23 hours ago
4:43 the wither skelly is wearing a skull, nice try Luke
Henry Caldwell
Hello, I'm your new owner. I'm cruel y o u w i l l g e t u s e d t o i t
Fearless Potato
"I prefer to do it the safe way" while he walks on top of the void backwards :) 1:32
Thunderbirdz 08
That's a sad name for a dog
Elora Renelle
yes that was a ᵖᵉⁿⁱˢ ʲᵒᵏᵉ
Osvaldo Isidro
Do you know how to mutely your items
Bry Ant and Jeff gaming
Luke you also forgot to talk about you dog😅
dunndrop Day ago
You gave me a lot of ideas on Minecraft
Kayson Pagan
Kayson Pagan Day ago
Did you know that you can trade stick for metals
Manhua Huang
Manhua Huang Day ago
Ok I subscribe
Joshua Menard
Does anyone else notice that he’s complaining about Xp when the villagers were selling a potion of Xp (enchantment)
Gamers Tap
Gamers Tap Day ago
(White stuff is the best) me: what!!!!
Turtlez_pvp Day ago
Ltn when he plays minecraft: And the first thing I will do is build a 10ft wall around my land
Marie Law
Marie Law Day ago
He said "Nether Skeleton" at one point lmao
matt recher
matt recher Day ago
Ryan Mac
Ryan Mac Day ago
Hi Luke the notable
Technology Connections
Just watching this again waiting for 1000 days
GOP Lop Day ago
How long do u play irl
Official King Clothes Inc. 2
My wood is so big you can see it from space..............yes that was a penis joke-Luke TheNotable 2020
ibrahim hamdallah
I can’t wait for day 420.
TibTabToby Day ago
Who here's rewatching before 1000 days?
Ben Cooper
Ben Cooper Day ago
Dude just get mending on ur tools
Witerness! Day ago
Ender C H E E S E
Matthew Asti
Matthew Asti Day ago
This is the most enertaining video ive ever watched
NADM Productions
Pls 1000 days!
lxmonchild Day ago
Can you tell us the seed 🥺
V S Day ago
No one is gonna talk about Boner horse???
Μαρία Πατεδάκη
Guys how you make this huge map?
memo Soto
memo Soto Day ago
4:44 the withers head got a little bit mor bigger
Can someone make luke a custom skin?
Phoenix Day ago
I can't believe that you survived 300 days! By the way I have a RUvid channel, search ep1 raging red, ep2 what's up chuck, ep3 race place! See ya there!
XxgachagirlminixX Kayla
Wacky XD
Wacky XD Day ago
He was lvl 69, why was he suddenly lvl 0?
itai avital
itai avital Day ago
pls 1000 days
Hugo Nordin
Hugo Nordin Day ago
Love this series
Lyam Van Iseghem
Michele Cape
Michele Cape Day ago
You have the best voice for RUvid love your channel keep up the good work
Brian Beckner
Imagine not making a shulker box
The madhouse Animation
I have finished 300 days! I will cherish this world! Because I don’t wanna lose anyt... *gets blown up by creeper*.... welp *grabs rope* good bye world
Wendell Chiang
"I'm not building an iron farm cuz it's inhumane" At the same time: enslaving villagers, slautering traders
GamerLTU Martynas Šeškus
Acutellel Day ago
269. The number 69 got him thinking differently
Everett Bitches
“Boner horse”
the sour lemon goober
*b o n e r h o r s e*
RB_ Games
RB_ Games Day ago
You should do a video going from day one to day 1000
RB_ Games
RB_ Games Day ago
Has anyone relived that all his hardcore vids have exactly 30mins long
Dheo Lopez
Dheo Lopez Day ago
Luke TheNotable in 2050: Day 53,849 is mostly just continuing the roof and walls of the whole Minecraft world
Radifiy Day ago
Me : Imagine hardcore in reallife Everyone else : so you mean real life Me : Oh, yeah
A GTX 1070 in the wild
LTN:It’ll get real inhumane real quick PETA:suspicions noises
azariah melynn
Is this like actual days or Minecraft days 😳
Dheo Lopez
Dheo Lopez Day ago
Minecraft days
Jack Siano
Jack Siano Day ago
Guys he had 69 levels at 3:11 the best amount he could have
Kaito Martinez
What the seed you’re using
Joepring Velasco
I'm just thinking of how many time u die??? Those End,and nether bees,zombie those Guardian ETC.How many times u find ur item because of dying😂
Unknown RPGer
Nisha Chisena
I love all of you're videos
Nate Parks
Nate Parks Day ago
Caleb Mc Donald
best minecraft series out there
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