I Survived Hardcore Minecraft For 200 Days And This Is What Happened

Luke TheNotable
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This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
Fantasy Violence
Violent References
Suggestive Themes
Crude Humor
Minecraft Hardcore Mode is the HARDEST version of Minecraft without a doubt. Creepers spawn more often. Skeleton arrows do more damage. And Zombies can call upon the horde. Most notably of all though, if you die in Hardcore Minecraft, you die forever. Your world is deleted. *Minecraft theme plays at MAX VOLUME*
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Comments 80
Luke TheNotable
Luke TheNotable 5 months ago
Like for 300 Days 💯 💯 💯 Stay Notable!
Lucas Lewallen
Lucas Lewallen 17 days ago
Yea boy
Nhung Nguyen
Nhung Nguyen 28 days ago
Riley Buszkiewicz
Love your videos!
Just a Random Blue Lynel
Facundo Carucci
Facundo Carucci Month ago
Ender Brosx111
Ender Brosx111 51 minute ago
Silk rouch no longer works on spawners I was yelling when you mined the spawner
Zephyr Christman
Todd Scattini
Todd Scattini 2 hours ago
nature nerd
nature nerd 5 hours ago
that's a lot of carrots
Malikin 5 hours ago
28:20 thank me later.
Luca Freund
Luca Freund 6 hours ago
Im way better in minecraft after this episode
Andrei Buhay
Andrei Buhay 6 hours ago
Luke:I want villagers to Live Boffy: you'll be SUFFER!!!
Tamás Kolozsi
Tamás Kolozsi 7 hours ago
Donald Trump liked this video
sadboyz 113
sadboyz 113 9 hours ago
Did you create the tutorial worlds for consoles?
Meme Otaku
Meme Otaku 11 hours ago
*CEO of wAllS*
Asha jacob
Asha jacob 12 hours ago
When you trade items with villagers if there’s a arrow that has an X on it that means they won’t trade that item anymore but I’m not sure why I’m guessing they ran out of that item? But Idk
TurtleTime aka Marfau
I ship LTN and the cobblestone wall
Minecraft Alister
Minecraft Alister 13 hours ago
Luke: and then I almost totally lit my house on fire. That was all I wanted to do today
Juan Segura
Juan Segura 15 hours ago
I know this video is five months old but rip dirt shack
Andrea collins
Andrea collins 16 hours ago
Daniel Anjos
Daniel Anjos 16 hours ago
i prefer to watch your videos then playing
Xander Crawford
Xander Crawford 17 hours ago
The ender dragon is female, that's why there is an egg.
Raul Ramos
Raul Ramos 23 hours ago
this is so entertaining
Zahid Alamgir
Zahid Alamgir 23 hours ago
Ivan De La Rosa
Dude your my fav you tuber
Erin Prest
Erin Prest Day ago
This is so cool I am going to do this
Gamer God
Gamer God Day ago
Also I thought it was 100-300-500 days
varun the gamer
Can you comment the seed?
Madeleine Musgrave
Luke thenotable town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maja Raczyńska-Kaczmarek
27:05 you sounded like pewds
Fm Day ago
Make a potion of stregth
Fm Day ago
I mean strength
Bighorr_ Yt
Bighorr_ Yt Day ago
Matty Jackson
Level 69, could not have ended more perfect
atsuko suzuki
I dare you to survive 1000 days hardcore with tors plz!
Damean Hadley
Were is the girl that was in the last video
Manal Darwish1
Johndavid Reyes
Wheres your friend
Rufino Luces
Rufino Luces Day ago
Exact 30 mins
Eclipsa_ÙwÚ YEEt
can you do 400 days
Yoda Day ago
100 real days?
Whitney Thiher
If you build more homes the villagers will...um.....repopulate on their own. Though giving them food does speed up the process.
Whitney Thiher
My villagers almost never die because I always build a two block high fence wall around them. It also helps with beating raids.
mario nita
mario nita Day ago
ok so man you are very awsome like really awsome i like your acc keep up the good work
Kaitlin Viray
Sorry I don’t have Minecraft
Chhavi Porwal
The longest someone has played minecraft is 48 hours
Blue_Fire AKA Omar Ellis
He made a huge road to the end portal, but he could've linked it up to the nether
GamerJoshua Day ago
69K likes on pinned comment 20K comments RUvid is sleepy .-.
Olivia Benson
Is it just me or did u name ur pickaxe Tim? It’s a gorgeous name no matter what. 👌🏼😂👌🏼
lance ralph
lance ralph Day ago
Where is yje girl
Log Per
Log Per Day ago
When they don’t want to sell you anything that means they are all out of what ever you’re trying to buy from them
Panda AU
Panda AU Day ago
I will build a wall around the town then finds L town
FOG COT Day ago
“All these villagers are important, I actually care about their lives” cue heartwarming music
Shannon Smith
Go to 10000000000000000000000000000 You
Lillie Schrimper
I don’t understand why your videos have dislikes if people don’t like the video than don’t watch it don’t dislike it they pushed on the video!!
Thundertiger Day ago
the green ones are called nitwits and cant learn a profession 😂😂😂
Leonardo Almeida-Ramirez
We see him become a corporate carrot mogul
silver detox
silver detox 2 days ago
honestly dis was so entertaining..
Guus Verheijen
Guus Verheijen 2 days ago
The government when they discovered the corona virus: 10:32
Owen Brewster
Owen Brewster 2 days ago
ha 69
Lissy_deKrus 2 days ago
Everytime you say wall i have to think of AoT
Julie Campbell
Julie Campbell 2 days ago
wither make it in the next vioed
Chris Verver Simonsson
I love this!!!
Noela Seoyun Jung
This emoji 😷
bam bam
bam bam 2 days ago
:Luke Hmmmm imma give a cat a house 500 days later still there Cat:meow
oskuboi642 ,
oskuboi642 , 2 days ago
Petition 4 luke to change his smooth lightning settings to max
Crippled Void
Crippled Void 2 days ago
I liked the vid for 300 days 💯💯💯 And can u do 400 days? 💯💯💯💯
Davian Parrilla
Davian Parrilla 2 days ago
1:11 Was that an AOT reference...?
NoJok4 Bro
NoJok4 Bro 2 days ago
Luke:goes to enchantment table, talks to the viewers”so I had to brew a new diamond sword” 19:30 funny video tho
NoJok4 Bro
NoJok4 Bro 2 days ago
Actually 19;28
Hendrix Ramos
Hendrix Ramos 2 days ago
Sub survived fof an entire flipping YEAR!!!!!!!
The Fynn Fam
The Fynn Fam 2 days ago
I have the carrots I make the laws
Mutinrzombi 1628
Mutinrzombi 1628 2 days ago
Villager town. Never heard that one
FK Gaming
FK Gaming 2 days ago
Lol I’m on day 190 rn just waiting for him tot get to the ended dragon and going this whole build up wasn’t just for him to fall off😂😂
Kole Goodie
Kole Goodie 2 days ago
It’s crazy that I don’t even like Minecraft that much but I can’t stop watching these
E Lieberg
E Lieberg 2 days ago
I think what we’ve learned from these videos is that Luke’s true purpose in life isn’t RUvid..... It’s farming
Gus Gus Games
Gus Gus Games 2 days ago
I don't build walls in fact I usually don't build houses or bases I build a little shack for me and my friends with a chest inside and tons of beds outside and we all mine and chop trees because if we build houses we are not able to find good iron and diamond mines and we spam torches around instead of walls
tyler babidson
tyler babidson 3 days ago
it took you 100 days to get enchantments
Spider RBX Lord
Spider RBX Lord 3 days ago
He sweared by say a*****
Samuel Renshaw
Samuel Renshaw 3 days ago
I love it
Pretty Mango
Pretty Mango 3 days ago
Luke TheNotable is the new “wall builder DONALD TRUMP” 🤣😂
NunTondoSwotch Hourigan
"I almost totally burned my house down. It's almost completely wood. *that was all I wanted to do that day"*
athena Ofenda
athena Ofenda 3 days ago
you ae legend
Taylord of House Targaryen
Trump, is that you?
Daniel Boy
Daniel Boy 3 days ago
400 days now
lightning_rule YT
Woo hoo
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