I Survived Hardcore Minecraft For 100 Days And This Is What Happened

Luke TheNotable
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This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
Fantasy Violence
Violent References
Suggestive Themes
Crude Humor

Minecraft Hardcore Mode is the HARDEST version of Minecraft without a doubt. Creepers spawn more often. Skeleton arrows do more damage. And Zombies can call upon the horde. Most notably of all though, if you die in Hardcore Minecraft, you die forever. Your world is deleted. *Minecraft theme plays at MAX VOLUME*Subscribe today!! HELP ME REACH 1M!!! - bit.ly/2CCW0gf
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Comments 80
Dennes Fred Lawrence Caballes
When it was day 2 i find diamonds 😊🙂☺
NunTondoSwotch Hourigan
Dylan Ting
Dylan Ting 50 minutes ago
Never before have I contemplated the making of walls ever so much in my life
G R 59 minutes ago
who else was counting how many times he said “sweet sweet white stuff”?
Mayet Unabia
Mayet Unabia Hour ago
I can do 456 days
MrEyekaughn Hour ago
Never played or even cared about the game until now, well done sir.
Riccardo Bettini
Find a cow, get some wHIte sTuFf and slurp it down
sujata amalkar
You had a wolf
UpWithLucid 3 hours ago
I’m never this creative
itsWoofitz 3 hours ago
next time do 100 real life days
Random Stuff
Random Stuff 3 hours ago
Why was this mildly entertaining? 👍
Billy Schultz
Billy Schultz 4 hours ago
Day 84 I found dimons when you send it
RosesTouch 4 hours ago
“There’s no point on naming them they’ll be dead soon” that says a lot about you
The Crocs & Socks Guy
i did the hardcore challenge myself and litteraly died as im typing this. i got to 247 days... gg..
D C 5 hours ago
12:00 bad choice of words Luke 😂
lightning_rule YT
lightning_rule YT 5 hours ago
J gaming official
J gaming official 5 hours ago
Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow the best video i ever seen in my life
Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris 6 hours ago
1000 days coming out April 1st. It won’t be the real video. April Fools. Maybe he dies. But the real 1000 days will be coming out April 2nd
TheSharkjaw 121
TheSharkjaw 121 8 hours ago
I rewatched this video wayyy too many times
Kayla Windsor
Kayla Windsor 8 hours ago
400 days please like for him to see
Bill Loman
Bill Loman 8 hours ago
A hardcore world doesnt end when you drown and die? Thats interesting...
StellarPoker 9 hours ago
this shuold be nuber 1 on trending this was so cool and best viedo on youtube
zMaxim 9 hours ago
Me in quarantine
Jakob Eberhard
Jakob Eberhard 10 hours ago
Does he ever stops talking?
Darius Veo
Darius Veo 10 hours ago
Subs world copied you
littleman world
littleman world 10 hours ago
LTN:everything the light touches me pauses video: IS OUR KINGDOM
Halle _
Halle _ 10 hours ago
Ok but I warhead the whole vid and didn’t fast forward anything, this was really interesting
Zephyr Christman
Zephyr Christman 11 hours ago
Milky Milky
Milky Milky 11 hours ago
I just realized that each video of this is 30 minutes and 1 second
Knight 12 hours ago
LukeTheNotable on day 14: crafts a clock in hardcore mode out of gold. Me on day 14: spends it on a golden apple in a regular survival world.
Autumn Gelina
Autumn Gelina 12 hours ago
wight stuf is milk
Pros when see noob break leaves with axe: ( • _ • )
SharkDrago 13 hours ago
This is how minecraft videos should be. Simple, original minecraft the way we all play it
poncho gaming
poncho gaming 14 hours ago
Luke can I have permission To survive 100 days in normal survival mode in Android so Can go to my RUvid channel
cmcg503 14 hours ago
Bro this is such a frickin entertaining video wtf
Hasty Matilda
Hasty Matilda 14 hours ago
i found 8 diamonds in 27 days
Hasty Matilda
Hasty Matilda 14 hours ago
i once got iron armour and a compound in 4 days
Jake Breidenbach
Jake Breidenbach 14 hours ago
First video I watched from you and I was very impressed and now going to binge watch you’re channel
Steven Tran
Steven Tran 15 hours ago
Are these irl days or Minecraft days
Emma Herron
Emma Herron 16 hours ago
Luke: *Mines at night* Me: Don't mine at night I know you're lookin' at that cave And you're feelin' kinda' brave Go to bed you'll be alright Don't mine at night
Karen Lewis
Karen Lewis 18 hours ago
I have a history with creepers and rare items every time a monster dropped a rare item the creeper blew it up
emirhan bayar
emirhan bayar 19 hours ago
awesome video
Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez 19 hours ago
If everything the light touches is your property then you own everything during the daylight hours
IBro Channel
IBro Channel 19 hours ago
You should be a minecraft radio broadcaster
U1known 19 hours ago
My 4th time watching all of these ._____.
Snjezana Kasinec
Snjezana Kasinec 19 hours ago
Wow I survived 791 days and I have 149 level and I have 2 chest's full of diamonds.🖕
ImogenGacha 246
ImogenGacha 246 19 hours ago
“i had to drink that white stuff” i went straight to the comments
Spooky Boi
Spooky Boi 22 hours ago
Then I found out that there’s lots of tree’s in a forest yes Luke that’s what a forest is
skilions 22 hours ago
this looks like my old survival world. so simple. ugly. but i loved to play on it, that was 8 years ago
steve castleberry
Dude, take a breath
Joey Muscat
Joey Muscat Day ago
How many times you rewatched the series | | | V
Jade Kuhle
Jade Kuhle Day ago
28:51 😉😂
gatita negra
gatita negra Day ago
Why won't you make 400 days in hardcore minecraft? I would really love that because I keep watching the same videos over and over again.
I’m glad he actually played the game. I would have just sat in the house with a farm for food, sleeping through it and never going outside
Kolonik Gaming
Everybody: Milk Luke: WiTe StUf
Brendon Genini
“Villager town”
Rose mary
Rose mary Day ago
“I also grabbed two cute little piggies! There’s no point in naming them; they’ll be dead soon.” Why did this make me subscribe?!
Thomas Ha
Thomas Ha Day ago
Boi he ryhmed
Josiah Neiger
It’s called milk
Ethan_ Flames
I have 3 words for this video walls. trees, and pillagers
Chase Blount
Chase Blount Day ago
Hmm a villager town 😂
Chase Blount
Chase Blount Day ago
Omg this was so entertaining
Arturo Diaz
Arturo Diaz Day ago
I hate creepers
Arturo Diaz
Arturo Diaz Day ago
*dead* (from a creeper)
Selene Duenes
100 IRL days or 100 minecraft days
Mrbeast: plants 20 million trees. luke: imma end this whole mans career
Luis Raza
Luis Raza Day ago
You are passively very funny. Loved the video
dynamite evolution gaming
I love your videos they make me wanna play minecraft
Stingy Steals
Omg I really wanna see him fight the ender dragon on hardcore...is he planning to go to 200 days/has he already????
Kilo Nova
Kilo Nova Day ago
He has so much time to do everything productive but took it to entertain us
Stormy Photography
I love me some good white stuff
ClairifySinc Day ago
Luke : ExtraCt SoMe WhiTe StuFf AnD SluRp iT DowN Everyone else: wtf Luke listen to ur self u sound like ur talking about CoMe
Maria Anne
Maria Anne Day ago
i love how he’s lowkey making smart comments💀
wolves4life_ vlogs
who's watched this 5,000 times because of caronavirus
Mackdaddyross Jb Jake Zx and Leona
Make a afk fish farm
Mr. Primet
Mr. Primet Day ago
You have Hardcore also on X box 360
p.j. whiteside
did i sleep in until 2pm, then watch this entire video? yes. yes i did.
viperzz 998
viperzz 998 Day ago
Sooo you trapped your wife ??
teedavid01 Day ago
Luke: oh those are diamonds YES Neighbors: what is he saying?
phineus kocis
IT'S VILLAGE NOT VILLAGER TOWN😤👿😠😡😾🙎💖💕💓💞❤...💔❤💔❤💔❤💗💔💔❤
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