I Survived Hardcore Minecraft For 100 Days And This Is What Happened

Luke TheNotable
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This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
Fantasy Violence
Violent References
Suggestive Themes
Crude Humor

Minecraft Hardcore Mode is the HARDEST version of Minecraft without a doubt. Creepers spawn more often. Skeleton arrows do more damage. And Zombies can call upon the horde. Most notably of all though, if you die in Hardcore Minecraft, you die forever. Your world is deleted. *Minecraft theme plays at MAX VOLUME*Subscribe today!! HELP ME REACH 1M!!! - bit.ly/2CCW0gf
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Sep 15, 2019




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Comments 80
Sabrina Rai Quitay
why is he wearing a alex skin?????????
Can we hit 1k subscribers !
I love watching this over and over and over again your now one of my favorite youtuber bc its so entertaining
Drew Cheetham
Drew Cheetham 3 hours ago
I’m going to
Dylan Leung
Dylan Leung 3 hours ago
U had. A god apple
andrewgaming246 Arabit
I like it when he says 'ima roll here'
Sorsa Yli-Äyhö
Sorsa Yli-Äyhö 3 hours ago
Jyksedi on. Vedänyt. Minecraftharkorenniinseonpelnvednyd. Dayda12000daiienemä
Jesse Gatlin
Jesse Gatlin 3 hours ago
Hey Luke thanks for making this series you inspired me to play minecraft and I’m doing really good as well
westongames 4 hours ago
Guys on day 94 he said game 94 lol
Nicholas Sevilla
Nicholas Sevilla 4 hours ago
I accidentally found this video and I'm SOOOOOO entertained
Mickey Yo 13 years ago
Oh wow
Koster Family
Koster Family 4 hours ago
Who's watching this after 1000 days and being like we have come so far
jenny raghunandan
jenny raghunandan 4 hours ago
Wait on 2000 days
Voice Commander
Voice Commander 4 hours ago
There should be an achievement called “a most notable journey,” you get if you survive a straight 100 days in a world without dying. Agree?
BAILEY BUNS 5 hours ago
Are you re-watching the whole series because you've got nothing better to do in quarantine XD
DarkLegend Gaming
DarkLegend Gaming 5 hours ago
1:13 Im triggered now
Zion Wilson
Zion Wilson 6 hours ago
This is a very addicting series thanks for the hard work 🙏
Darcie Wier
Darcie Wier 6 hours ago
You no it’s milk not White stuff
lightning_rule YT
lightning_rule YT 6 hours ago
Luke is really notable. He beats Minecraft in 200 days and I can’t even beat Minecraft in 400 days without hardcore.
Nicolas Palmer
Nicolas Palmer 6 hours ago
I like how he ignores that you can self-impose hardcore mode in the other versions.
Galaxy Llama
Galaxy Llama 6 hours ago
How dare you not breed the llamas!
Micah Ficek
Micah Ficek 7 hours ago
YoloJoeTheBro347 7 hours ago
I love this video. Feels like a children’s book or a dads diary to his kids. I love it. Just the simple explanations and stuff like that
John Murphy
John Murphy 7 hours ago
5:07 *thats a offense to TeamTrees*
UNISAUR DUDE 8 hours ago
9th time watching this series
aka_Bagel 9 hours ago
I wanna get a pc just to play Minecraft on it
MobileSquad 101
MobileSquad 101 9 hours ago
2020 gang?
Akira Yuri Rojas
Akira Yuri Rojas 10 hours ago
Luke i see you mincraft vedo that you die in your mincraft world
Akira Yuri Rojas
Akira Yuri Rojas 10 hours ago
Luke you have to survive 40000
Robin 10 hours ago
Lukethe notable you build so much houses
Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee 11 hours ago
Just Finnish watching this intrely
Mason B
Mason B 11 hours ago
I love how he talks about how many times he failed to make this video, I've lost probably 50+ hardcore worlds. IT'S HARD.
Frances McKay
Frances McKay 11 hours ago
please shout out
Frances McKay
Frances McKay 11 hours ago
also make a doc to fish on
It’s Sports Time!
It’s Sports Time! 11 hours ago
Game - 1. Board or Electronic Game 2. If you say Day too many times
Frances McKay
Frances McKay 11 hours ago
(sorry its a lot of ideas) you should also make animal exerbitories in different bioms in mine craft so in the bamboo forest study pandas (sorry for misspelled words)
Lil Pup
Lil Pup 11 hours ago
Thats a good idea!
Frances McKay
Frances McKay 11 hours ago
also you should turn one of the sunken ships into like some sort of hide out
Frances McKay
Frances McKay 11 hours ago
you should also make a like house on the ocean on stilts it would be cool like a light house
Frances McKay
Frances McKay 11 hours ago
you should call the ocean shack a beach house sense your right next to the beach get the joke?😂
Lil Pup
Lil Pup 11 hours ago
Lol you have a lot of good ideas! However, you do realize that whenever you have a good idea, you can just edit your comment, right? Heres a format Idea 1: Idea 2: Idea 3: Idea 4: Etc.
joshua harris
joshua harris 12 hours ago
If it has a door, its home. ThT was hilarious 🤣
Meeptale Games
Meeptale Games 12 hours ago
10:41 no diamonds or anything special *has an enchanted and normal gold apple*
Deven Primeau
Deven Primeau 13 hours ago
In real life I survived 6 months corona Hardcore
suzy miranda
suzy miranda 13 hours ago
U still died one time brah
Noah Rowlands
Noah Rowlands 13 hours ago
"Luke_TheNotable drowned whilst trying to escape Drowned"
Kayla Murphy
Kayla Murphy 14 hours ago
I Love Minecraft
can we get 100 subs without videos
Where it all began
brokenkeys arron
brokenkeys arron 14 hours ago
im at day 7 or 8 in mine
Denise Spellman Butler
Oh no... 6:35
Rukaya Hassan
Rukaya Hassan 15 hours ago
Luke: “all I had to do is fined some cows and extract some white stuff!”
Rukaya Hassan
Rukaya Hassan 15 hours ago
Wood: *poor* Wait, More.. A little more Emeralds: *rich rich rich rich rich rich rich rich rich rich*
Rukaya Hassan
Rukaya Hassan 15 hours ago
“A creeper creeped up at me!! Then I just mined all day,” That’s called your *traumatized*
Kayla Macceca
Kayla Macceca 15 hours ago
Your a god
66DAN77 16 hours ago
When u found out this was only 8 months ago.....
Shadow• Wolf
Shadow• Wolf 16 hours ago
Never wanted to play Minecraft more ever xD
Sam Stacey
Sam Stacey 16 hours ago
Hmmm wonder what he'll do when it's on the 100'th day
XD XD 16 hours ago
slipstream 17 hours ago
You talking about inner and outer walls reminds me off attack on titan
SHA-BANG 17 hours ago
I like how he ignored the enchanted golden apple
twój stary 3000
twój stary 3000 17 hours ago
Ur not 13? Dont watch. Luke said "no".
Deliannie Gonzalez
Deliannie Gonzalez 18 hours ago
Why does he call milk wight stuff
TheKsourmoon 18 hours ago
Starting over again. Woo.
Milo Paniza
Milo Paniza 18 hours ago
I srsly need to know this, is it 100 real days? Or 100 Minecraft days.
Sheng Ramos
Sheng Ramos 18 hours ago
Your a pro
Chaddles 19 hours ago
Hello, yes, I was wondering if you could play that song again
Floogull Playz
Floogull Playz 19 hours ago
Only patrol captains give bad omen!
Sayesha Poddar
Sayesha Poddar 20 hours ago
Thanks so I have my brother vanna I love the game I have to the time that I’m in a relationship I can go and I can not wait until tomorrow and you will be able I have some stuff
Dylan Sickinger
Dylan Sickinger 20 hours ago
Just a little bit of building advice, the ore blocks (like, diamond block, redstone block etc.) aren’t great for building with like the floor of your basement, they’re better as little decorations like the lapis beside your bed. But I do like how you put coal and redstone in a checker pattern.
Cursed Potato
Cursed Potato 20 hours ago
I made a sword and a pickaxe i think most of us would Me:cries in enchantment table
MetroZombiez 20 hours ago
You said game 91 at 26:35
PUNGBOY GAMING 20 hours ago
plz provide the world download link
Abdulrahman Matthana
General luke bcz he had the hight ground day 17
Matthew 22 hours ago
it started with dirt windows all the way into a whole sanctuary
Rannell Simms-Baker
Rannell Simms-Baker 22 hours ago
i now know what white stuff is now
That Kiffie
That Kiffie Day ago
With all the redstone he could make a trap for mobs
Enter Name
Enter Name Day ago
Luke: "It doesn't matter. If it had a door, it's home." Hermitcraft with their backdoors, front doors, and secret bunkers: ... Grian with a shulker box called 'more doors':.................
lemonade puppy
Diamonds Tips: when you have 5 diamonds dont waste all of them just 3 and what will you do the other diamonds you will make an enchanting table
Kawone Harris
*Day five* "It's all about survival not vanity." * Day eighteen* "Switch out my torches for lanterns, just to flex a little." I see you Luke. I see you.
rastko sumic
rastko sumic Day ago
Bro I can play Minecraft hardcore on my playstation4 My Minecraft is the bedrock version lol
Alfred Carlos Ocampo
Dude the audio was just amazing. You're very funny man,keep up the good work
Migz Gaming YT
Luke do vidieo face reaveal pls
Grenader 819
Grenader 819 23 hours ago
he already revealed face LMAO
Andrew Cameron
what is the seed
Grenader 819
Grenader 819 23 hours ago
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