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You Gotta Grind To Shine


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Mar 20, 2019

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Comments 614
NatesLife 4 months ago
Hope you all enjoy, please give the video a THUMBS UP and don't forget to follow me on Instagram @NathanBoucaud
nicole smith
nicole smith 2 months ago
Hi Natelife good video u should take her on a graduation cruise
Gerice Latimore
Gerice Latimore 4 months ago
Jaye Marshall
Jaye Marshall 4 months ago
So why you didn't insert the baby shower surprise in the video
Mari Ortiz
Mari Ortiz 4 months ago
Nate you should do a graduation party for her, then a vacation for you both to go to.
Daniela Soto
Daniela Soto 9 days ago
I love how you guys are all so close!!💘💞
tuchesuavae 2 months ago
Did they move back to indiana or are yhey just there because their family is there
poifo motsenyane
poifo motsenyane 2 months ago
Go see your parents with her or propose
ItzEbonee 2 months ago
wheres the part were u surprised them
That’s Drew
That’s Drew 2 months ago
What happen to nicks
Raheem Tornato Jones
11:27 my guy she just said it was her mom’s birthday chill 😂😂😂
Zoe Bell
Zoe Bell 3 months ago
Y'all should go to Paris, Bahamas, Jamaica, Egypt etc.
Jayla Bell
Jayla Bell 3 months ago
Ywl8sjs8jj9s0 😍😉😄😄😄😉😉😄😉😍😍😍😉😍😉
Julieann Cawley
Julieann Cawley 3 months ago
Your guys are so cute
Umer Manzoor
Umer Manzoor 3 months ago
This group is available on facebook. Feel free to join.
Umer Manzoor
Umer Manzoor 3 months ago
Hi guys....! I hope you all are pretty good. I have created a group with the name of (Foriegners Forum) you all are invited to join and ask other to join. We can make foriengners friend easily.
Alaya White
Alaya White 3 months ago
You should propose to her
Sierra S
Sierra S 3 months ago
Seriously you recorded nothing from their baby shower but used that as your title. Tired of hearing you talk to the camera the entire video. Rather see other things than hearing you talk about the same topics everyday. Always talking about the damn “weder”
Holly Strausburg
Holly Strausburg 3 months ago
Danielle Brown
Danielle Brown 3 months ago
No you did not surprise Damien and Bianca.. Don’t do that. Thanks 😕
215 Fäüšt
215 Fäüšt 3 months ago
Tybaby 101
Tybaby 101 3 months ago
You can have a graduation party that’s what my Cozin did and get balloons the Same color as here school colors and can you plz like it
Tybaby 101
Tybaby 101 3 months ago
Can you plz like it
Itsqueenz 3 months ago
Nate you should engage to her 🙂🙃
ahnii 3 months ago
blaze-ANDREW squad
blaze-ANDREW squad 3 months ago
International smokes by stephen currys wife restraunt
Shreel Jackson
Shreel Jackson 3 months ago
Yes, it was nice.. Just watched
Tatiyana Thomas
Tatiyana Thomas 3 months ago
Keep up a surprise after party saying congrats
Tatiyana Thomas
Tatiyana Thomas 3 months ago
Mickala s pretty
iloveunicorns 3 months ago
35°C is not cold that's the hottest it can get in England.
itsDezzyDee Babii
itsDezzyDee Babii 3 months ago
Buy her the dream car u prank her with
Fiona Mbeketcha
Fiona Mbeketcha 3 months ago
i got click baited
Kam Lewis
Kam Lewis 3 months ago
why you didn't film at the baby shower
Laila Jackson
Laila Jackson 3 months ago
Omg 😯 I live in Indiana! Love 💗 your channel
Jade Millage
Jade Millage 3 months ago
I saught this on tik tok
Skye Williams
Skye Williams 3 months ago
buy her a ring!! ❤
Princess Zee 123
Princess Zee 123 3 months ago
Is that photo at the front photo shopped cause I don’t see no baby shower
Rachel 3 months ago
Click baited the shit out of us. Boycott for about 2 months 🤬😑
Evian Sanford
Evian Sanford 3 months ago
We’re the 🤴 family (edit) like frfr also I watch every video you post the pause challenges were so funny
aaliyah brown
aaliyah brown 3 months ago
you just lied making people thank they are seeing you at the prince family's baby shower
blake frost
blake frost 3 months ago
wtf is this video??
kelly Potter
kelly Potter 3 months ago
Get her pregnant
Shanice Mullins
Shanice Mullins 3 months ago
You can take her to a big place she never been before
Sebastian D
Sebastian D 3 months ago
Do more strip fortnite
Mr.TewHard4You MudderSuckers
Nate u a lame nigga! Using them folks for they name to gain you followers and views! Do you, lmao stop trynna eat off anotha nigga plate BUM!! I said wtf I fuckin said
Mr.TewHard4You MudderSuckers
He is wacko
King Samuels
King Samuels 3 months ago
Nigga that that dam hat of your head
King Gold
King Gold 3 months ago
I love ya 🤙🏾 Nate gang
Mercedez Nicolè
Mercedez Nicolè 3 months ago
Why u gone use they picture for clouttt.. Mfkas be dick riding the prince family
Diora Minta
Diora Minta 3 months ago
I’m not vegan
CJT83BABY 910 3 months ago
Meat is good for you dont know why people think meat is bad.White people in our rase is not the same we dont have the same body type.
Snoozie 3 months ago
What's the difference between vegetarian and vegan (I'm not dumb ok I just don't know)
Snoozie 3 months ago
U can do both vegan or meat
Nicole Torres
Nicole Torres 3 months ago
That is not snow come to Detroit
cindy 3 months ago
We got weather man over here vlogging more about the forecast than his friends 😂
Naveyah’S Life
Naveyah’S Life 3 months ago
I love it🤪
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