I spent a day with FAMOUS BEAUTY GURUS (James Charles, Glam&Gore, Patrick Starrr)

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I spent a day with famous beauty gurus to learn the truth about this elusive lifestyle.
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Apr 2, 2020




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Comments 80
AnthonyPadilla 2 months ago
NOTE: this video was shot *before* the very necessary quarantine. please stay home and stay safe. i am currently shooting episodes remotely with *CORONAVIRUS SURVIVORS* and many other important topics. updates soon. -ps: shoutout to everyone who has turned on notifications 🔔 and directly support me in continuing this series.
the cloud 420
the cloud 420 11 days ago
Anthony u should of got the girl u where hitting on number
the cloud 420
the cloud 420 11 days ago
Omg I didn't know
Katrina Bagina
Katrina Bagina 11 days ago
Plea cut hair
Darkestdemon 423
Darkestdemon 423 24 days ago
If there was no corona virus id ask u to spend a day with prodigies. Actually spend a day with prodigies plz. which might be me lol.
The Miranda Project
AnthonyPadilla how did I JUST find out you and Mykie were a couple?!
ツRen 3 hours ago
That girl is so pretty!! I wonder what kind of hair dye she used because it looks so good! And I love her style. Update: woah, ik I’m probably late asf so everyone else probably already knew but them kissing really surprised me, I didn’t even realize they were dating lmao
blazedavenger 11 hours ago
Anthony flirts with Mykie for 22 minutes straight
hello there
hello there 12 hours ago
Natalie Fritz
Natalie Fritz 13 hours ago
“you’re beautiful and so are all my guests today...especially one in particular...” that made me smile
gayboiqween 15 hours ago
Who is watching this after the "coming out" vid about Anthony's and mykies relationship
Babu P
Babu P 16 hours ago
anthony: okay you have 5 seconds to promote anything you want directly in the camera, go! james: hdudahhjchbiauhiOJUDGAFuogHFTDTYSDYCGD
Lillie Ferland
Lillie Ferland 16 hours ago
Anthony and mykie are just 🥺
oli 17 hours ago
wait anthony looks so good with makeup i-
Mikaela Sutikno
Mikaela Sutikno 21 hour ago
Mykei is his gf and is look so oakword 🤭
Kimsegii XoXo
Never ever didi expect you to film this type of videos i just discovered your channel today through glam and gore and I LOVE IT XD I didn't know you had a channel XDD Such great content i subscribbeld XD (sorry XD)
Kimsegii XoXo
Never ever didi expect you to film this type of videos i just discovered your channel today through glam and gore and I LOVE IT XD I didn't know you had a channel XDD Such great content i subscribbeld XD (sorry XD)
Emi Day ago
We all know this was made before mykie and Anthony showed there relationship but they were together Ovi but it's kinda cringe how there like "are you hitting on me?" ah ya he ur bf
Frilly Fries
Frilly Fries Day ago
this is just 22 min of anthony and mykie pretending not to have feelings for eachother and him casually hitting on her
Faye Gallosa
Faye Gallosa Day ago
3:37 that's a big lie 4:51 so true 🖤
ZombieApples Day ago
Is there no heating there? They're all in jackets and layered up.
Nikita Nair
Nikita Nair Day ago
20:34 and 22:30 Thank me later:)
robloxgurl50 Vlogz
Sour CandyDemon
Sour CandyDemon 2 days ago
Doesn't Anthony have a partner?....cuz im confused :\
NonewEm Day ago
Yeah it’s her
Rina Krueger
Rina Krueger 2 days ago
Era Veeliu
Era Veeliu 2 days ago
He is dating mykie
axamadison 2 days ago
omg this is a hint that he is dating mykie!!! 4:50 ik they are already dating im a glam&gore fan
JoLeT MtX 2 days ago
Im from Nebraska -bye
kiley rose
kiley rose 2 days ago
god mykie is so gorgeous and well spoken!
Alysha Syifa
Alysha Syifa 2 days ago
I'm just here to see mykie and Anthony hehe
Lillie Bradfield
Lillie Bradfield 2 days ago
Anyone else notice Anthony’s small giggles with mykie... 👀
Lillie Bradfield
Lillie Bradfield 2 days ago
:)) mykeeeeee totally not his girlfriend just mykeeeee
Paula_Hates_You 2 days ago
20:33 This must've shocked those who didn't know that they're together! lol
Isabelle Brown
Isabelle Brown 2 days ago
am I the only one who wants to know who James Charles was talking about when he said there are some awful people in the beauty community
Rachel Naomi33
Rachel Naomi33 3 days ago
I love Patrick! Clown, rooted potato 🥔😂😂😂
Helen Clarke
Helen Clarke 3 days ago
And I oop sksksksksksksk save the turtles
Goddess Yoona
Goddess Yoona 3 days ago
I just came for Anthony and Mykie content, anyone else?
Jake Zammit
Jake Zammit 3 days ago
Is this the episode that anthony and mykie met?
Thank,u next
Thank,u next 3 days ago
nope they are just pretending lol no one would be that flirty on camera with someone they are not in a relationship with
Tuna A.
Tuna A. 3 days ago
I think the 30% was about insta models not beauty gurus.
Jay Zangrillo
Jay Zangrillo 3 days ago
It’s very clear which beauty guru Anthony is daring I mean the very obvious flirting I can’t believe he never told us that he’s dating James Charles :)
Powder Blue
Powder Blue 4 days ago
James: "There are some really bad people in the beauty community" Hmmm let's see... probably Jeffree Star, Jeffree Star and Jeffree Star? LMAO
Powder Blue
Powder Blue 4 days ago
LMAO, i had no idea they were a couple and was like "wow that's a straight up flirt on an interview, I wouldn't feel so comfortable" hahaha
Charlotte Barbaree
Katelyn Henderson
Stop hitting on your girlfriend 😂😂😂 (im joking im joking yall are cute)
Dani Slot
Dani Slot 4 days ago
Mykie has a really cool personality..
Ace Troubleshooter
A man using make up is the most horrendous thing ever exist.
Samantha Jones
Samantha Jones 4 days ago
Awwwwwwwwwww Mykie and Anthony pretending they dont know each other and flirting is the cutest thing
Felicia Marie
Felicia Marie 4 days ago
Joey Animations
Joey Animations 4 days ago
20:29 *T H E K I S S*
Pandora Smatilova
*Anthony and Mykie spending 23 minutes with each other pretending they're not a thing*
Nirvana Fan
Nirvana Fan 4 days ago
Is it just me or does the intro music part remind you of COD Zombies 😂
Grace Catherine
Grace Catherine 4 days ago
*talks to Mykie as if he just met her* lmao😂
Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds 4 days ago
“Wonderland World,” of: Underrated RUvidrs; (less then; 1000-500,000 subscribers, to 1 Million).
Madison Myers
Madison Myers 5 days ago
Were they already together when they shot this?
Micah Lynn
Micah Lynn 5 days ago
Anthony simping
LBT James
LBT James 5 days ago
Guys i think Anthony has corona now
°•B u b b l y P a n d a•°
I love how cute mykie and Anthony are but they are also try to pretend they don't know each other for the Interview❤️❤️
demons 011
demons 011 5 days ago
I actually love how serious James is taking this interview
Marli Sleaper
Marli Sleaper 6 days ago
this video should be called, “Anthony being extremely supportive but high key hitting on mykie for 22 minutes straight” ilysm anthony, thank u for being so amazingly supportive to everyone. thank u sm for this entire series❤️❤️❤️
Millie Lach
Millie Lach 6 days ago
Mykie and Anthony flirting gives me life
Shawna Maddy
Shawna Maddy 6 days ago
They’re beautubers lol
a lana, ,
a lana, , 6 days ago
Shoutout to the moms in Nebraska
belle 6 days ago
YASSS two of my favorite people. James Charles and Anthony Padilla😭❤️
Hawkelek 6 days ago
James charles and patrick starr actually seem like great people.
Nami Z
Nami Z 6 days ago
20:05 *cuteness intensifies*
Lilly Davis
Lilly Davis 6 days ago
mykie: ArE yOu HiTiNg On Me
iris lane
iris lane 6 days ago
"I'm friends with everybody" yaaass Patrick!
X-Virus Sandiego
X-Virus Sandiego 6 days ago
Cookie Cool
Cookie Cool 7 days ago
The actual title “hitting on myke for 22:48 with other people too”
someasiankid 7 days ago
SKY BAN 7 days ago
Anthony looks great in makeup
Cupcake Neptune
Cupcake Neptune 7 days ago
Can we just take a moment to admire mykie’s boots.
Eva Russell
Eva Russell 7 days ago
mykies nose looks so cute omg
rok golob
rok golob 7 days ago
anthony damn get a glass of water man the thirst he hittin on em like its the last thing he gonn' do
Allison Beek
Allison Beek 7 days ago
17 min in and i just remembered mykie is dating this guy.. I was like huh she has a bf.. Im soo dumb
box lover
box lover 7 days ago
James' foundation matched his skin tone. Nothing more needs to be said.
bening ajibaskoro
Anthony: You have 5 seconds to promote anything to the camera. Go! James Charles: archovomesonawlmyoshumedeeahihavenahbranfywjh at the end of April
twenty øne pantaløøns !!
wow, he acts like he doesn't live with mykie XC
Daiana Xi
Daiana Xi 8 days ago
So fucking cute
nique s
nique s 8 days ago
I'm sorry Nebraska, but I hate you.
Thicc Nibba
Thicc Nibba 8 days ago
This should be called “I spent a day flirting with my girlfriend (ft. James Charles and Patrick Starr)
Picklejuice pj gaming
I saw @glam and go there
Maryam Rahmi
Maryam Rahmi 8 days ago
am i the only person who thinks Anthony's laugh is the cutest
Julia Driedger
Julia Driedger 8 days ago
dirty deeds done dirt cheap
21:39 damm HE LOOKIN THICC
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