I spent a day with AUTISTIC PEOPLE

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I spent a day with people on the autism spectrium to learn the truth about this often misunderstood disorder.
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Jan 21, 2020




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AnthonyPadilla Month ago
NOTE: some misinformed people are recommending i call the video “people with autism” to be more respectful but i reached out to the autistic community and “autistic people” is heavily preferred. please listen to the community before spreading potentially incorrect* information. ORIGINAL POST: come back next week for *I spent a day with 911 EMERGENCY DISPATCHERS* -- thank you so much for supporting me and this series :) luv, anthony padildo ps: shoutout to everyone who has turned on notifications 🔔 and directly support me in continuing this series.
Nelson The Belson
Nelson The Belson 5 hours ago
shuut the fuc k up fuck you anthony you piece of utter
George Henry
George Henry 2 days ago
I have autism anxiety and ADHD or AAA
TRYFORCE! 3 days ago
as someone with autism myself i deffinatly identify with these ppl because while i am hfa i still was ashamed of it at first. hell there a times even now where i feel like the benefits i get because of my autism i feel should go to someone lower on the spectrum cause they need it more than i do. i was originally diagnosed with aspergers but when i was 17 is when i was officially diagnosed with autism. and while at first i didnt like the autism memes i grew to ignore them or laugh at them cause i saw it as they just dont understand so i might as well laugh at them instead of try to correct them on something i dont fully understand myself. but now im a self advocate and i have a full time job and a car. i mean yea sometimes i wish ppl could see my disability just to understand better but ik if it was physical as well that id unfortunatly get more abuse than what i did growing up. but i also had a very supportive family growing up and hell my sister is my provider and helps me out alot with stuff i dont fully understand. so i guess if anyone reads this the best take away is that no matter what part of the spectrum your on there will always be ppl there to support and help you. even if you feel like no one really is. things do get better and you will eventually find happiness just never give up.
bill woods
bill woods 4 days ago
Jedan Rivera K
Violet Moore
Violet Moore 9 days ago
AnthonyPadilla hey Anthony can you do one with deaf people
Emma Barillari
Emma Barillari 16 minutes ago
5:14 this is absolutely heartbreaking.
Aidan Oakley
Aidan Oakley 4 hours ago
I’m autistic and I’m really shameful of my autism because people don’t get what it really is
My brother is autistic but I love him.
SaintSpeedy 5 hours ago
Jasmine talks the same way that a movie character talks like but I can’t remember who, can u guys help me?
SarahBethBeauty 14 hours ago
My 5 year old nephew has autism. The blonde gal reminds me of him a lot. It breaks my heart to know that he will forever be bullied for being different. I actually couldn’t finish this video, it just broke my heart :( Please people just be kind, and teach your children that it’s okay to be different ❤️
Daniel Saleh
Daniel Saleh 14 hours ago
Jasmine is so precious and so sweet much love ❤️
The Pig
The Pig 15 hours ago
9000th comment
Universal Crew Productions
A man with Autism myself, I know how tough this is. I very much applaud these brave people for coming on this show to talk about this to soooo many people online. Honestly I applaud everyone for coming on this show for all things really, not just this and not just one this show. Just being able to talk about it to others and to be vulnerable is not a bad thing at all but it is very much an inspirational and awesome thing.
MoMo_ Beatz
MoMo_ Beatz 21 hour ago
It's sad ppl use autistic as an insult sick ppl
Jamaal Parker
Jamaal Parker 21 hour ago
7:48 Anthony's bulge as he gets up.... that's how I know there is a god.
Rented Leprechaun
Rented Leprechaun 22 hours ago
God damn I love this series
Sage Forrest
Sage Forrest 23 hours ago
I want to be Jasmine's friend.
maimersiful Day ago
I love your videos dude. other youtubers take note! this is high quality journalism imo
Gacha Xanthe
Gacha Xanthe Day ago
"We usually get interested in things that others wouldnt typically get interested in, like maths, chemistry and art" Me, who has autism and is amazing in those subjects: oh i see (for anyone curious, I have asperger syndrome)
Nowyouknow Day ago
Wholesome video. Great job, Anthony!
Mr Scuffed
Mr Scuffed Day ago
i have this. how random
IHaveASecret Day ago
the way the guy explained autism makes me think im autistic lmao.
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Day ago
10:48 when she's all happy my heart melted
Evie MP
Evie MP 2 days ago
Your videos are phenomenal man! Insane xx 🔥🙏🏻
Awful at aiming
Awful at aiming 2 days ago
I have autism and my school wants to expell me and hate me
h i
h i 2 days ago
eat your cereal
Thefunnylife Pack
I got autism too
Sunny W.
Sunny W. 2 days ago
5:39 I’m not big on cancel culture but can we dox this teacher please? Dang!
Libbie Calver
Libbie Calver 2 days ago
I go to a school which only allows autistic kids
Libbie Calver
Libbie Calver 2 days ago
I have it two
Rapscallion Robby
Would you considering doing a video featuring people with bipolar disorder? I’d gladly be a part of it...
Big Bubba boy
Big Bubba boy 2 days ago
They must be lower on the scale
Jade Louise Robson
To the people who say that autistic people are dumb just remember that Albert Einstein had autism
Jade Louise Robson
And yes I know he had a different type of autism than some other people but there still not dumb
Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson 3 days ago
Please do a Tourette’s video!
KonéCat 3 days ago
i also have autism i actually dont despise it but in some things i can give up pretty easily and im also very different to normal poeple i also struggle and dont struggle with some things.
Parker Prevost
Parker Prevost 3 days ago
I have autism
Mr.CandySkull 3 days ago
Bruh I have ASD and most of these definitions I didnt even know
StereotypeNerd96 3 days ago
Was anyone else bothered by the way he pronounced Robles
I smooched my brother, but
has he done a video with people with ADHD?
Creepy Charisma
Creepy Charisma 3 days ago
The most common thing that make me stop for a moment is when I see something that reminds me that autism is a spectrum. I'm either high functioning on the spectrum or have Asperger's. I honestly don't like meeting other people who are lower functioning or have it worse than me because it makes me feel uncomfortable. It makes me uncomfortable because it makes me feel insecure and self conscious about being autistic and having my behavior slip up. I also feel guilty about being uncomfortable when I see some autistic people. Am I a bad person for this?
RokecRoke []_[]
RokecRoke []_[] 3 days ago
That's very very sad 😭😭😭😭
ibToast 3 days ago
Autism makes people scientists
Jenna Bohn
Jenna Bohn 3 days ago
I've been binge watching this series and by far this was my favorite!
The Galaxy Guys
The Galaxy Guys 3 days ago
There's no cure for losing a chromosome.
CDYTpanda 3 days ago
I have some close family and friends that have autism. Because of them, I don’t really see it as a disorder, but as a differently wired. I treat the like I would treat anyone without autism. There’s so much they can do and I’ve seen them do some many great things, but are judged because of their autism. If you’re reading this and you have autism, go follow your dreams. Prove people wrong who don’t believe in you. I believe in you. So just have fun while you’re still here.
rafael ramirez
rafael ramirez 3 days ago
I always like Anthony my first video was back in the days when he got stuck in the toilet with his shirt. That’s was funny, 12 year old me was thrilled
Andale Lets Go
Andale Lets Go 3 days ago
Girl with blonde dye on her hair, must be protected at all cost. Don’t mess with this cinnamon bun🥺>:(
Maja Jarresø
Maja Jarresø 3 days ago
When i was 7, doctors thought i had ADHD and not autism because for girls its harder to see.. I thought i had ADHD for 5 years and took pills that were supossed to help, but instead made me depressed.. It took me a while for it to stop, But now i have it again. Autism is hard, man.
byron belf
byron belf 3 days ago
it sucks how at my school no one really talks to the kids with autism. no one makes fun of them, but no one wants to be their friend. really makes me sad sometimes.
scryp 4 days ago
I am autistic. i hate myself and i feel like i can never be "normal" bc of it. but this comment section makes me feel kinda better
Enrique Garcia
Enrique Garcia 4 days ago
Super glad he asked the vaccine question anyway. It's a digusting case of popular false information that sadly my autistic cousins mother/ my aunt believes.
Erica Elizabeth
Erica Elizabeth 4 days ago
When she said “I feel like a normal person...sometimes” I felt that so hard 😂
Erica Elizabeth
Erica Elizabeth 4 days ago
Thank you for taking time to listen to us and actually talk to us and not at us.
Jack Sussmilch
Jack Sussmilch 4 days ago
well done anthony. Well done. If you wish to dig a bit deeper on this, let me know. I work as a part of a neuroduventure and we utilise our unique neurodivergent capabilities to help organisations become more innovative and help them solve the really hard complex problems. A key thing people need to get away from is the assumption that everyone thinks the same way they do.
Gio_the_bot 4 days ago
I didn’t realize everyone had aids-Anthony 😂😂😂
Agam Singh
Agam Singh 5 days ago
Is it just or the way they are describing it, I might be autistic
leogamingpie 5 days ago
I have autism and I’m fine with having it and that’s what makes me and I do struggle sometimes talking to people and I don’t like loads of noise it makes me really stressed
SleezyWolf 5 days ago
Finally something I can relate to
Haleigh Chenkus
Haleigh Chenkus 5 days ago
Spend a day with dyslexic people
Sabrina Santos
Sabrina Santos 5 days ago
This was a pretty good introduction to autism; just some pointers I'd like to mention to anyone who might not know. There are a large number of people who dislike "person first language" i.e. saying "person with autism" rather than "autistic person". As I understand it, person first language is erroneous and offensive for two main reasons. The first is that autism describes a particular neurotype. You are either neurotypical/allistic or neurodivergent. There are many ways to be neurodivergent including being autistic, having adhd, being dyslexic, and so on. Because it is the way your neurology is actually structured, it is how your brain physically IS - and so you ARE autistic, as much as you ARE your brain (just as much as you ARE allistic, not having "allism" - which, isn't really even a word). The second reason is that "having" autism mirrors the language of having a disease, e.g. you "have" the flu, you aren't the flu. There is a sinister undercurrent in person first language that reflects a long history of discrimination against autistic people that we are now trying to re-write. When autistic people are encouraged to describe themselves as "having autism" rather than "being autistic" it suggests we have to separate ourselves from it, rather than seeing autism as being an inseparable feature of our self-hood and being in the world. Further, it makes it sounds like you have a disease and a disease is something you don't want. I, for one, am fine with being autistic and it is not something I want to get rid of. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with being autistic; we instead need to restructure ableist systems and beliefs within our society/culture that teach us that there is. I know that Richard described themselves as some who has autism, and they listed their reasons for saying so - but it should be noted that person first language has its own issues even if autistic people themselves endorse it. A second thing I would like to make note of are comments surrounding “the spectrum” and functioning labels. When Anthony asked the interviewees what the spectrum was, some people explained that there are low-functioning and high-functioning autistics, some of whom might have been diagnosed with Aspergus (a type of autism). Again, this is language that we have all been taught to use and are in the process of un-learning. There are alot of incorrect assumptions and problematic beleifs about autistic people and their ability to “function” that we need to change.. Some autistic people still use this language because it was what was drilled into us, particularly as a tool for understanding our own position and utility in the world. They might not have access to information that explains why functioning labels are detrimental to our cultural understanding of autism. But, it is again entrenched in a long history of discrimination against autistic people. I’ll explain why now: When we think of autistic people as high or low functioning, we are measuring their utility or usefulness in relation to an allistic paradigm. What I mean by this, is that we are judging the value of an autistic person and their behaviour according to a dominant idea of what it means to be “normal” or “functioning”. It’s like if we said gay people are more or less functioning by virture of their ability to act straight. It just doesn’t really make sense. The world is set up for allistic people, and autistic people will either have an easier or harder time assimilating to it. When someone assimilates well, they get called “high functioning” and might actually be hiding a lot of their autistic traits (which is called “masking”). This can be really exhausting for the autistic person, and people around them can start to assume they don’t need any help or support. When someone is labelled “low functioning” they have a harder time assimilating; it doesn’t mean they have less value or intelligence but people start to assume that. A lot of people will try and “correct” this behaviour, which can be incredibly damaging to neurodivergent people’s mental and physical health. Instead of making adjustments to environments, institutions, policies, and interpersonal dynamics to better accommodate autistic needs and traits, functioning labels basically allow us (as a society) to disregard all the ways in which the world is already hostile towards autistic minds and force autistic people to sink or swim. Basically, describing someone as low functioning is like saying “you’re useless to society” and descrbining someone as high functioning is like saying, “you’re good enough to society that we don’t have to worry about you”. It’s actually a pretty cruel way of going about things and unfortunately alot of people, autistics included, get indoctrinated into this way of thinking. So, when we talk about the spectrum, we’re actually talking about a diverse range of people with a diverse range of needs. We’re not talking about whether they are high or low functioning, but instead what they do and don’t need from the people and world around them in order to be the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves. For example, I am prone to sensory overload - where sights, sounds, and smells become really overwhelming and impede my ability to take in information. Sometimes when the phone is ringing at work and a customer is trying to talk to me, I cannot hear what they are saying until someone hangs up the phone. A need I have is to have a quiet work environment, or time alone, or to stim (create physical stimulus to help emotional regulation, best to google this one) in order to help me feel calm and coherent. Concurrently, the diagnosis of Aspergus syndrome is problematic and outdated as has been removed from the DSM. It was originally given to autistic people who were seen as high functioning. As you can see, this language is no longer useful given our updated understanding of autism. The spectrum should be thought of as a vast array of different needs, not a barometer of high of low function on which we can place/value different autistic people. I know that Anthony has a really wide reach on the internet, and I thought this video did a fantastic job of dispelling alot of the harmful myths around autism. However, there are definitely things that Anthony and the interviewees left out or could not address in this format, which is why I thought it was important to write this comment - albeit quite long, and still only the tip of the iceburg. If you read through this and learned something, please up vote my comment so that more people see it. It’s important for people who are learning about autism to know where autistic activism is currently at, so that we don’t keep indoctrinating people into harmful linguistic patterns and inaccurate ways of articulating autistic realties. Thank you!
Sabrina Santos This is a great comment on the topic. In fact this comment appears to be an essay. Honestly your viewpoints are written with great detail. If I was a university professor, you would get a high distinction on the topic.
raffkaisa 5 days ago
Their already is a cure to autism. It's neuralink
JaredMLG 5 days ago
i was diagnosed with autism when i was 5. I don't let it stop me from being me. i've went through my hurdles
Bahmi belkh harial Danris
Oh I’m autism
Dayton Smith
Dayton Smith 5 days ago
I spent a day with anthony padilla (gone wrong) (offensive) (ALMOST DIED!!)
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