I Spent 50 Hours In Solitary Confinement

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i borderline went crazy about 30 hours in...
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May 30, 2020




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Comments 80
MrBeast Day ago
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R-oa 15 hours ago
I'm here from my sub feed twice
Jimmy John
Jimmy John Day ago
Jenea Monae
Jenea Monae Day ago
Gilbert Curiel
Gilbert Curiel 2 hours ago
I would of given up instantly
Yousif Ahmed Hamad Al Doseri
Sub to mr beast and mr beast gameing and pewdiepie
Rhazy 2 hours ago
You nailed that While my dad nailed the “staying 4 years at the supermarket” He’s pretty good..
Yannick Van Gassen
Yannick Van Gassen 2 hours ago
No dont take my dog ;( I think he is invisible.
Jinxsi The Cat
Jinxsi The Cat 2 hours ago
''SHUT UP'' ''IM TIRED'' Same dude, Same.
Suna Kotze
Suna Kotze 2 hours ago
Good oak ☺☺🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐶🐶🐶💲💲💲💲💲💵💵💵💴⌚⌚⌚
Egg 2 hours ago
This isn't even solitary confinement...
1000 subscribers with one video
they didnt torture him he tortured them
Earl Cabusao
Earl Cabusao 2 hours ago
50 hours in Solitary Confinement Corona Virus: are you predicting my future?
kyle glasco
kyle glasco 2 hours ago
I spent two weeks in solitary, real solitary confinement. And was completely fine.
Ben LePage
Ben LePage 2 hours ago
How is being interrupted by your friends every half hour and a tv solitary confinement?
Fernando Montoya
Fernando Montoya 2 hours ago
Bipolars entertaiment
Suna Kotze
Suna Kotze 2 hours ago
I love the mrdeest logo
Cowlcraft 2 hours ago
MrBeast: 50 hours in solitary confinement All of us: PATHETIC
Jeramy Spencer
Jeramy Spencer 2 hours ago
Chris hilarious
1000 subscribers with one video
has anyone seen jimmy lose a challenge
Sebastian B.
Sebastian B. 2 hours ago
Hey if you want to watch a more serious/scientific example of this, Vsauce's first episode of mind field is a great watch
Samit Iyer
Samit Iyer 2 hours ago
10:10 am I the only one who moved back?
Hamdi Amin _ حمدي امين
thank you
Raggy Wants a Scooby Snack
They should have made him watch sword art online
Kari Moon
Kari Moon 2 hours ago
noor muhamad shafiq zulkifli
Plz.. donate me some money for my family..
Dr_ wigfox
Dr_ wigfox 2 hours ago
HI! love your content bro!
banana hamhock
banana hamhock 2 hours ago
I spent 362 days in a 4-6 foot metal box. Now I talk to and answer my self all day.
James Lachey
James Lachey 2 hours ago
videos were better before karl came
Charles Cheese
Charles Cheese 2 hours ago
Uuuuhh? You can't survive that enough
Tammy Rogne
Tammy Rogne 2 hours ago
He helps alot of people who really need it and of course I'm a fan of that!😊
Blue sky Nature
Blue sky Nature 2 hours ago
Sacrifice Gamer
Sacrifice Gamer 2 hours ago
random fact for you guys M&M was named after Mars and Murrie
Ori Shemesh
Ori Shemesh 2 hours ago
Maybe try something with gumballs
Capture Blitz
Capture Blitz 2 hours ago
Mrbeast: Spending 50 hours in solitary confinement. Covid-19: So that’s what your calling it!
Charles Cheese
Charles Cheese 2 hours ago
Free 6ix9ine
Free 6ix9ine 2 hours ago
This isn't solitary confinement
Asian Comedy
Asian Comedy 2 hours ago
🔴 Spent 50 hours in solitary confinement Introvert: Are u Challenging me ?
Randomstuff 2 hours ago
Chandler could get some tips
Jameson Long
Jameson Long 2 hours ago
I have been subscribed
DFO - 2 hours ago
I don’t know what “solitary” means - Mr Beast
Kari Moon
Kari Moon 2 hours ago
Skyz Zapper
Skyz Zapper 2 hours ago
Probably those stuff was looted from the riot XD
John Kryzsko
John Kryzsko 2 hours ago
Mr beast in solitary confinement for 50 hours Introverts: first time?
Miguel Andres
Miguel Andres 2 hours ago
El dinero
Raah Man
Raah Man 2 hours ago
My room is half of that
Tasrx 2 hours ago
Now we know and have proof that MrBeast isn't a SIMP
EllieMarieTV 2 hours ago
This should be titled: 'solitary confinement in a mansion'
Dmoore_714 2 hours ago
Would have been better to remove the clock and no contact with your boys....
Xx_gamerlord69_xX 14
I wanna hear the full freestyle
Milo-yt00 2 hours ago
✊🏻𝑾𝑬 ✊🏼𝑨𝑹𝑬✊🏽 𝑻𝑯𝑬✊🏾 𝑺𝑨𝑴𝑬✊🏿
TrelleBlazing 2 hours ago
*What do u think of MrBeast?*
Random Productions
Random Productions 2 hours ago
Chris: HUuuuuuuuugggggGgiiiieeesssss Camera man: Nooooooo chrriiiizzzz nooo
Cheezeboy 916
Cheezeboy 916 2 hours ago
0:58 Jimmy In the background lmao
No_onecares Bout_me
Lmao this might be controversial
Karan Srinivas
Karan Srinivas 2 hours ago
If they were trying to get him out, then why was chandler desperate to lock him up?
IT'S OD 2 hours ago
love from india . need help
Brian Karp
Brian Karp 2 hours ago
Beast is an anti-simp
Stutter of the House
Yeah.. but can he actually do 50 hrs of solitary confinement?
Maxzilla Bonecrusher
I really want to be in your challenge but I can't because I am a kid and I am 9
ahmed alrfaai
ahmed alrfaai 2 hours ago
Look at my channel downloading videos every day
Arryn786 2 hours ago
MrBeast: “im going to go in to solitary confinement for 50 hours!” Also MrBeast: *Has more social interaction in there than I’ve had for the past two month’s*
алексей москвич
Бумага а4: Копируем
Abraham Gay
Abraham Gay 2 hours ago
I hope morgz for once doesn’t copy this
Palani Rakesh
Palani Rakesh 2 hours ago
Watching the clock until it stops will be extreme 😬😬
Roni Dc
Roni Dc 2 hours ago
Damn. Jimmy is so good at this😂
Povilas Petrulevicius
Nude in Google rite
Zeno T reno
Zeno T reno 2 hours ago
This is nothing daddy done it longer
Elyas Ghaedali
Elyas Ghaedali 2 hours ago
Should’ve tried the fart bomb
Islamovic 2 hours ago
Lol ... they just needed to play coconut song for 50 hours,his brain would be popped out
MAK KGN 2 hours ago
Hlo brother help me some money this time am so problem please help me argent am waiting for your
Ryder Hodgkinson
Ryder Hodgkinson 2 hours ago
Can you upload the rap that Chris, Karl, and Chandler did to your channel??
Imane Ezzahir
Imane Ezzahir 2 hours ago
***FOR DRAKE!***
SJD 0105
SJD 0105 2 hours ago
10:09 jimmy just hit a bullseye
LEGEND is LIVE 2 hours ago
Mr beast help my channel please bro love you bro 🙏❤️
_. Acid ÚwÙ ._
_. Acid ÚwÙ ._ 2 hours ago
Make sure morgz doesnt copy this one
Mac MacNeil
Mac MacNeil 2 hours ago
I spent almost 4 months :)
radian games
radian games 2 hours ago
Im native american ❤👍 i love ur videos, you should donate 1000$ to Navajo Nation
Breathehopee Army
Breathehopee Army 2 hours ago
Rave Shocking
Rave Shocking 2 hours ago
"But Chris do used to play copyright music" xD
Cristoval Ornelas
Cristoval Ornelas 2 hours ago
Solitary, with cameras and dudes fucking with him the hole time....umm wrong
Aditya Khetan
Aditya Khetan 3 hours ago
Jimmy you are 😂😂😂
Ollie Warner
Ollie Warner 3 hours ago
anyone else imagining BABY MRBEAST
xiamjakex 3 hours ago
When this literally is more important to youtube than anything else.
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