I Spent 24 Hours Straight At Area 51

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Aug 2, 2019




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Comments 100
MrBeast Year ago
Subscribe for more alien hunting
Laura Wetsit
Laura Wetsit 5 days ago
@Dino >:l
Raul Bernine
Raul Bernine 19 days ago
24 hours at the Chernobyl
Gopnik47 TheSLAV
Hey the beast
Brendan Kenneth
Brendan Kenneth 2 months ago
No it's too dangereous
Naeem Fikrihakimi
Naeem Fikrihakimi 25 minutes ago
Mrbeast in 2050:I’m buying the Area 51 and giving it away to a random stranger
Jeanie Haase
Jeanie Haase Hour ago
When chandler “are there mines” and blows up I literally jumped 😂😂
Gerard Benoit
Gerard Benoit Hour ago
Its funny how a college student made the post on facebook and thought i would be a funny joke, few million people later he kinda has to go now.
The Everything Channel
My birthday is on September 20
Fase Mase
Fase Mase 2 hours ago
Felix Chiddington
Felix Chiddington 3 hours ago
Hey Chris, you know there’s that thing called gravity?
Jimmy Smitts
Jimmy Smitts 6 hours ago
Guys Mr. Beast is smart, he is going to area 51 so Morgz will go here too and get arrrested. Thank you for your service Mr. Beast.
Mocha Nambam
Mocha Nambam 7 hours ago
Love ur videos bro
Xx dragon_Pride XX
Xx dragon_Pride XX 7 hours ago
Lol I'm so glad I joined the raid 🤣
Izzy99 _
Izzy99 _ 7 hours ago
12:10 😱😨😳 who is that black and red in the background????
dylan self
dylan self 8 hours ago
Mrbeast in 2079: destroying mars and surprising aliens with a new one.
P. R. Barn
P. R. Barn 8 hours ago
7:48 hey what is that behind you ?
Tech Monster!!!
Tech Monster!!! 9 hours ago
Sreepadh M
Sreepadh M 9 hours ago
i love that dancing guy who comes often
Cayden Le Roux
Cayden Le Roux 10 hours ago
I didn't watch the full vid yet but if u saw sssniperwolf there comment this pls mrbeast
Haleigh Carlton
Haleigh Carlton 11 hours ago
Person controlling the cameras: I see you. Chandler: their watching us
Lorenna 11 hours ago
Quit dancing on the gov 😂😂😂😂 chandler is the ishhh
ViVi deos
ViVi deos 13 hours ago
dont make joke hahaha thats airport
Gantumur Battumur
Gantumur Battumur 14 hours ago
i so a alien talk to you
Gantumur Battumur
Gantumur Battumur 14 hours ago
Gantumur Battumur
Gantumur Battumur 15 hours ago
more alien hunting pleas
Addy the strange Boi
Wait, mrbeast DOESNT HAVE AN IPHONE!!!???
Yash Shukla
Yash Shukla 16 hours ago
Mr beast in 2069:last to survive in space get a unvierse........
Abhinav Thakur
Abhinav Thakur 16 hours ago
If u all subscribe to my channel you all will have a 🤑🤑🤑 life. Literally, I have posted no videos but subscribe. we have a target of 5 M.Subscribe and have a good life
Hatim AL Hatmi
Hatim AL Hatmi 18 hours ago
hes crazy he thinks that we can respawn in real life
SANTTON 19 hours ago
Sheikh Zaryab
Sheikh Zaryab 20 hours ago
Oooooo lets do it
Lil's Gabs
Lil's Gabs 22 hours ago
that area 51 is impossible!!!
Matt Simpson
Matt Simpson Day ago
Mr Beast: Goes To Area 51 Aliens: MR BEAST!!!!!
azooz Mm
azooz Mm Day ago
فاكيو ترنب فاكيو😂☹️♥️
maker 1427
maker 1427 Day ago
I LOVE how I'M frome the future and when this did,nt gappen
maker 1427
maker 1427 Day ago
maker 1427
maker 1427 Day ago
Adrian Corona
Jimmy- “Don’t panic!” Jake- “ASAHAHHHHHHH”😂
Hayden S
Hayden S Day ago
UFO 🛸 mmmm Alain soup
Lisa Harrison
subs you 2000000000000000 subs
King Vicky
King Vicky Day ago
ha hatdog
ha hatdog Day ago
Buy area 51 Mr beast
Skrill Day ago
Yellow sus
Arnold uno Domingo
Mr.beast im you're fan here in Philippines
Elaine Rachiel Yu
EveryBody In Gangsta... Until The Rabbit Became Alien
La'Quantaviondre AKA Peekaboo I C U Cuhhz
I snuck inside Area 51 unfortunately I dont got footage.I know exactly what's going on there. I saw things that cant be explained over there. The area was glowing up I thought it was Aliens but it wasnt. The glowing came from a Marijuana strain called Tooka. Area 51 is where they grow the Tooka at. I hear that Tooka gives you super unnatural powers thats why Area 51 is well guarded.
Weeb Jr'
Weeb Jr' Day ago
Chandler: there's broccoli on the ground me: dying of laughter💀
Nikhil Yadav
Nikhil Yadav Day ago
Can someone tell what was on September 20?? Please why mr beast saying we will get answers.on 20 sep
Nnononononononononononnonononononononoono that place is the most dangerous place
althea guno
althea guno Day ago
Ranjana Thapa
That's a real alien
Its_Certain Kid
Area 51 is the most secretive and most famous base in the world
Ian 2dre
Ian 2dre Day ago
Everything was all good until they stormed area 51 on Sept. 20 -Covid-19, Sept. 21
Joy Martinolich
Alberto Lugoo
They saw a cantaloupe a type of cantaloupe really...that lives in some deserts in the U.S.A(Like Area 51) then they hear a jet aircraft possibly called in to watch the people in front of area 51(Beast and his crew)
Fanny God
Fanny God Day ago
Cool im a new subscriber!
المحقق توماس
Do you think they stole Area 51 because what they said is that it is empty, contains nothing, and has no holes or store doors?
Lucky's Aviation
there is 10 miles between area 51 and the main gate lol
Rasha Diab
Rasha Diab Day ago
Alien busters
ranjit singh
ranjit singh Day ago
I am only man that can go to area 51 as I know all secrets
Byrd Allie
Byrd Allie 2 days ago
the real question is: what happened to the rabbit?
Princess Marynel
Princess Marynel 2 days ago
Fire and Water
Fire and Water 2 days ago
Chris( throws alien peice in air) Alien: ( hates him so hurts him and now needs a shot
Thymen Kuiper
Thymen Kuiper 2 days ago
That rabbit is the only one who actually raided area 51
Brody York
Brody York 2 days ago
No 😮😮 omg 😱
Marshall Buntjer
Marshall Buntjer 2 days ago
that is a antelope
I see a alien space ship when the sounds are coming the most dark spot
Judy Khalil
Judy Khalil 2 days ago
I wonder if they saw Sssniperwolf
Info with Varun
Info with Varun 2 days ago
Aliens vs Beast....
payton jackie
payton jackie 2 days ago
All governmental bases are secretive, aliens isn’t a conclusion.
Karlien Slabbert
Karlien Slabbert 2 days ago
Imagine someone who works for area51 watches this vid and comments😂😂🤔
Jason Anime studio
Actually i think there is more than that under the ground
Chloe HARROD 2 days ago
Stop fortnite dancing on the government
Proshanti 2 days ago
imagine MR BEAST in the area 51 movie
Rhein Jasmin Nicodemus
You know mrbeast dont even go there becoese its dangerous
Marvens Jean Jacques
September 20 we get our answer
Jaymiel Bete
Jaymiel Bete 2 days ago
Anannyo Samayel
Anannyo Samayel 2 days ago
talking about aliens lol
Melissa Candler
Melissa Candler 2 days ago
rip rabbit
Kanishk Sakhuja
Kanishk Sakhuja 2 days ago
skyler Hu
skyler Hu 2 days ago
Mr Beast: Goes To Area 51 Aliens: MR BEAST!!!!!
Ninja azul2112
Ninja azul2112 2 days ago
7:31 look at the end of the roud you will see something flashing
Novah Frank
Novah Frank 3 days ago
My moms birthday was on the raid
Ge Ly
Ge Ly 3 days ago
2029 Charlotte Barrett
I love you Mr. Beast you are the best you tuber ever I also have a question are you in nevada
2029 Charlotte Barrett
@Novah Frank I know I was just asking
Novah Frank
Novah Frank 3 days ago
Area 51 is in Nevada
Hells Belles
Hells Belles 3 days ago
Christopher Montoya
They are called Camo dudes
Steven Clay
Steven Clay 3 days ago
Mrbest can i get 💰
CosmicKitGaming 3 days ago
Area 51: the most secretive government MrBeast: Lets go bois
Binilda Dabocol
Binilda Dabocol 3 days ago
hi!!!! im from phillipines
PurpleNuts 3 days ago
Matthew Kyler Dollete
Wow be armed with your own army
Luanne Hinc
Luanne Hinc 3 days ago
the real question is: what happened to the rabbit?
Flynn Maguire
Flynn Maguire 3 days ago
This was uploaded on my birthday last year :D
Alo Shikhu
Alo Shikhu 3 days ago
I never knew it existed 😂
bibiana ann
bibiana ann 3 days ago
Area 51 are actually a huge fan of Mr beast .
Christopher Dougan
Haha Biden 2021
Piotr Just
Piotr Just 3 days ago
Im british
Kurt Cyrus Ytable Viola.
lol ii heard Naruto Runners XD
Shrey Gondhiya
Shrey Gondhiya 3 days ago
Mr Beast in 2040 : Flying over bermuda triangle with an aeroplane made with legos
Trixxle 3 days ago
The poor rabbit was alienfiesd
Furious Gaming
Furious Gaming 3 days ago
1:12 pronghorn antelope
Juncsr Roblox
Juncsr Roblox 3 days ago
10:23 if You hear jimmy say Liyht Is he a alien????!?
Aarhon Kieth Sarabia
Punta ako sa akong fixing area ako in a memory stick singkit ako si momo face tita ko sa imo
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