I Spent 24 Hours In A Doomsday Bunker

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The bunker gets crazier as the video goes on!
For more info on this bunker check out their site here: www.survivalcondo.com
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Apr 11, 2020




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Comments 100
MrBeast 6 months ago
In case you’re wondering this video was filmed weeks ago before the stay at home orders! Wuv you guys and make sure to social distance ❤️ Btw you should subscribe or I’ll punch your foot.
Dabi Todoroki?
Dabi Todoroki? 8 days ago
i will punch YOUR FOOT
Jessie H
Jessie H 9 days ago
Sophia Claire Madlangbayan
helo i huv nothing to sayyy
The Levandro Family
Subbed and pls don't punch my foot lol! You could stay in the bunker in the quarantine to protect from others. Safe and fun place! ;)
YasminPlayz Month ago
Sure dad
Bifinley 3 hours ago
literally everyone's base in rust
Mario Mario
Mario Mario 4 hours ago
Unidentifed XRO
Unidentifed XRO 6 hours ago
Me:is playing fortnite My teammate:9:19
Unidentifed XRO
Unidentifed XRO 6 hours ago
A Bigfoot
A Bigfoot 7 hours ago
Dark the Hedgehog Gaming - FoxyGamer87
Chandler: **Wins something on camera for once** MrBeast: **Promises Chandler $50,000 if he ever won** Also MrBeast: *I've never made a promise to this man in my life*
Nathan Ferch
Nathan Ferch 8 hours ago
I just want to say that the editors misspelled "love" as "lvoe" lol 10:32
Joesly Suruy
Joesly Suruy 9 hours ago
Void Gamer
Void Gamer 9 hours ago
3020: MrBeast: I Blew Up The NASA Space Station And Surprised Them With A Better one
Save the Animals
Save the Animals 9 hours ago
Fish don’t get thirsty chirs
Holly Molina
Holly Molina 9 hours ago
Chris: do fish get thirsty Me: you know that's a good question do they
Mary Bloom
Mary Bloom 10 hours ago
I will
Dominik Mangrulkar
Dominik Mangrulkar 12 hours ago
bore me with it?i love pool
midnightGalaxy girl
midnightGalaxy girl 12 hours ago
Has anyone released that Karl is the camera man?
Unbelievable Dog
Unbelievable Dog 13 hours ago
Did he buy it because what’s inside was there
Pablo 13 hours ago
Not_Freek 13 hours ago
remember chan chan's money
Not_Freek 13 hours ago
remember chan chan's money
Toucan Playz
Toucan Playz 13 hours ago
Jimmy Chris and chandler: BEARD GANG Ksi: 😞
BreadMaeXD 13 hours ago
BreadMaeXD 13 hours ago
BreadMaeXD 13 hours ago
Manny Coppin
Manny Coppin 14 hours ago
Mr Beast, where was this filmed?
Bryton Reed
Bryton Reed 15 hours ago
Can you get me there please so I can be safe when the world ended
Chris Burns
Chris Burns 17 hours ago
sponsered by steve jobs
JaySyx 17 hours ago
petition to make this an among us map
Ashley Washington
Ashley Washington 17 hours ago
1:02 what is it?
Katie Hallmark
Katie Hallmark 17 hours ago
hey MrBeast if you are worthy of one of my youtube circles i will watch all the videos that you make got it.
Itzz LJ
Itzz LJ 17 hours ago
That elevator scream tho
Danila Lopes
Danila Lopes 17 hours ago
1:02 what is it?
Benji Montes
Benji Montes 17 hours ago
Prathyush Jain
Prathyush Jain 19 hours ago
Hi I am from india 🇮🇳
Lexie Calle
Lexie Calle 19 hours ago
Lexie Calle
Lexie Calle 19 hours ago
Issys Games yt
Issys Games yt 20 hours ago
Love is spelt wrong
Cyclic Productions
Cyclic Productions 20 hours ago
I want that bunker where is it
Asma Nasreen mim
Asma Nasreen mim 21 hour ago
Among us in real life
IAmTheSouk 21 hour ago
Respect for this upload
Owl Plays
Owl Plays 21 hour ago
Why isn't Chris dabbing every few seconds?
Bokyle 22 hours ago
0:23 i wish that, THIS password is For all bunkers lol
Andrey Rusanov
Andrey Rusanov 22 hours ago
0:03 that voice crack
Thundrr 22 hours ago
Plot twist: this is Jimmy’s house
E GEDDON 22 hours ago
Damn boi damn boi he 0:26
末吐為屮ಠ_ಠ 22 hours ago
Who came here after Greenland movie?
Abhimanyu Dash
Abhimanyu Dash 22 hours ago
The fart 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Daymian Gamer
Daymian Gamer 23 hours ago
Fish do absorb water through their skin and gills in a process called osmosis. ... To stop the exploding fish phenomenon, their gills have special cells that selectively pump salt in, or out of their blood. In freshwater fish, the cells constantly pump salt in, and in saltwater fish, they constantly pump salt out. so yes! technically fish DO get thirsty but they never think about it
Daymian Gamer
ok but what if one of these bad boys got launched into space?
Sun Flower
Sun Flower Day ago
This would be a great place to be in quarantine
Kslash Gaming
Where is Viking....
Action Gamer 2
1:33 𝔹ℝ𝕌ℍ😂😂😂▼・ᴥ・▼
Paradox Rainbow
Mrbeast: Dont worry its just about doors.
soldier x torcher 081
Jeremy Knight
hey MrBeast, i would appreciate it if you let me compete in the next million dollar competition
Tristan Animations
Play real life among us challenge in here
Sean Cicero
Sean Cicero Day ago
Wait so do fish get thirsty lol just asking
lenox K
lenox K Day ago
You guys inspire me😂😂😂
Tyler Simmons
Hi I am a fan
Ella Aidey
Ella Aidey Day ago
Before getting in four door: cameraman: HELLO IM ALREADY INSIDE U SNAILS :>
I'm COOL Day ago
Ava Thompson
Ava Thompson Day ago
“If you ever had to be stuck from the outside world...” Corona: say no more
Human Haker9
Human Haker9 Day ago
Aight bet
schm0tz 44
schm0tz 44 Day ago
Tunnel snakes rule
Harrison Morand
Blazeruner Blazeruner
He might have too use it soon
JayON.mobile !
It’s looks cozy and homey
A Titans Tale
The bed that Chris was in the morning i have the same exact covers n stuff
Skylar Ghee
Skylar Ghee Day ago
that fucking fun
Skye Silver
Skye Silver Day ago
I’ve read a 663 book before. And I’m 10
Tilok chand chand
Why are you scaring us man IAM having PS4 and in that I have minecraft in that IAM signed in so will have my account ahh 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
keval jambudia
good vid
Adrian Irfan
Adrian Irfan Day ago
I thought chandler was saying goodnight to his parents but he was asking for pizza🤣🤣🤣🤣
Baldi's Adventures
Just imagine if a zombie outbreak started at that place ;-;
Co Susan
Co Susan Day ago
And pls coment me
Alex Bagwell
Alex Bagwell Day ago
Ew tilapia
Booda Williams
I own a cellar and it has 3 floors a kitchen a sleeping quarters and a surveillance/entertainment station
Jewel Gaa
Jewel Gaa Day ago
Mrbeast where do u leave
Zain Arif
Zain Arif Day ago
Chandler is way to funny 😁
Zain Arif
Zain Arif Day ago
Chandler is way to funny 😁😅😂🤣😊
Davin Ramirez
Really Chandler
Hamdan Khadim
Hamdan Khadim 2 days ago
Jammin Josh
Jammin Josh 2 days ago
Does Chris moisturize?
Amy-Bo ten Dam
Amy-Bo ten Dam 2 days ago
Hunger games, district 13
Terminate0R 2 days ago
to answer christ question: yes, fish got thirsty
oTaku RAmen
oTaku RAmen 2 days ago
I think you should do a challenge in which you destroy truck
Gracelyne Gallera
Maximo M
Maximo M 2 days ago
There is one thing everyone has done Watch the bee movie
Blazeclan35 1
Blazeclan35 1 2 days ago
Did Chris fart
[blank ]
[blank ] 2 days ago
Best place to be right now
Abigail Rainey
Abigail Rainey 2 days ago
Me when I feel bad:Gets them cheap stuff. Mr Beast when he feels bad: "It's OK. I'll give them money!"
Muhammad Luthfi Zafir
wheres karl
pink female cupcake
Hi it's really late my eyes HuRT
KarbineX 2 days ago
One should be built on Jeff to surprise a town with a new town
Fat Idiot
Fat Idiot 2 days ago
8:39 is the exact example to watch your hands...for 2 seconds
Rodney Marsh
Rodney Marsh 2 days ago
1:03 the pic behind mrbeast John F Kennedy
CrimsonClub 34
CrimsonClub 34 2 days ago
Mr.Beast:Says that misfiled were built to withstand a nuclear strike. Me:Really
mercxry 2 days ago
Jimmy obviously din’t see chandler do liek deis.👏🙄🙄
Doggo Plaz
Doggo Plaz 2 days ago
Build this in Minecraft please
Henry Yu
Henry Yu 2 days ago
Do a 48 hour
jemir aydin
jemir aydin 2 days ago
i bet the camera man was having more fun then you guys
Kai Manzo
Kai Manzo 2 days ago
9:35 how da fuck you plan on gettin reception 180 feet underground surrounded by 9 foot thick walls
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