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Comments 60
Jake Jenkins
Jake Jenkins 22 days ago
Love your pack videos
top man
top man 23 days ago
Wait he spent 27 grand
Riley Richards
Riley Richards 24 days ago
12 mil
Riley Richards
Riley Richards 24 days ago
He has like 8 mil in the main acount
Riley Richards
Riley Richards 24 days ago
I want to try rashford The coins he has
Mo Haitham
Mo Haitham 26 days ago
I hate u
xkillfeedsx x
xkillfeedsx x 26 days ago
Ur 100% bent like if u agree😂
WhiteSquare 48
WhiteSquare 48 27 days ago
I’m the biggest Aguero fan boy and seeing him pack 2 is pissing me off
conal H
conal H 28 days ago
he’s got more fifa pointd then i have coins
Theodor Tiits
Theodor Tiits 28 days ago
9:17 he said "nice" when the timer hit 420👌🏿
SkyBlueRozzy __
SkyBlueRozzy __ 29 days ago
That was exactly my reaction I packed him untradeable
Justin Mendez
Justin Mendez 29 days ago
I spent 25k coins and got headliner Neymar
LukeDaZuke Month ago
No offence to josh but he’s such an awkward pack opener
Ricky Murray
Ricky Murray Month ago
Watching from New Cross, this Millwall kit elevates the video for me!
Regmiester 07
Regmiester 07 Month ago
Josh had 4 headliners in the first 5 mins and Simon had 2 in the whole pack opening
Jayden Smith
Jayden Smith Month ago
Hi make sure u smash the like button 100 times
Felix Jakobsson
Felix Jakobsson Month ago
Gerard Moreno is OP with Hawk
kanrex 9
kanrex 9 Month ago
What a shit video... just opening packs while talking through hes nose... what had youtube became!
Lowtzy Ng
Lowtzy Ng Month ago
When did josh get veneers?
Itz Zack
Itz Zack Month ago
Song name on the outro at the end?
Ryan H
Ryan H Month ago
My headliners Walker was a better pull than his 5 headliner pulls combined lol
Phantasia Entertainment
the output is pretty shit considering 1.5K spend :)
Ezy_midfa Month ago
I got two headliners in a row but sadly I got Luis Alberto two times
cIaim free vbucks on my channeI
*more than 200,000coins can be cIaimed* only on my ch nneI see the method there
Bertie Lane
Bertie Lane Month ago
Josh is definitely now on the redlist
DUBz Cxby
DUBz Cxby Month ago
Ur reactions your always like yeeeeeeeaaah
Joel Bowers
Joel Bowers Month ago
Y do you do such a shit reaction to the players that you get
Aaron kacinari
Aaron kacinari Month ago
Can't remember asking
spendingbutton Month ago
I want to see him try not to say dub or L in one pack opening
SOMEBODY Month ago
11m coins, 50 games played, this guy dont really cares about the players. Just RUvid income
Ciaran O’Connor
Joshs thumbnail is worse than what he got
Too Sweaty
Too Sweaty Month ago
Can I give me fifa points zerkka
Euan No Cap
Euan No Cap Month ago
EA's packs are shit lol they give u the same players over and over I've seen this for time
A Month ago
Josh:*packs a RecordBreaker Aguero* *checks price 500k* Josh:alright decent Me with 475 coins in my account:Haha yeah...
bilal kakar
bilal kakar Month ago
bilal kakar
bilal kakar Month ago
Luke3hd Month ago
Pls release a diss track
Louis Gould
Louis Gould Month ago
Look at mans coins and he’s got 34 wins 😂😭
NewsRoute1 Month ago
Someone old like that saying "there's something in this hoodie" and not just thinking "hmm... maybe 180,000 FP is a bit much"
Saxevd Month ago
Rolo Tomassi
Rolo Tomassi Month ago
Stupid youth. Watching others play videogames😂
Nick Zone
Nick Zone Month ago
Good packing
Nothing To See
Nothing To See Month ago
Man said a 180,000 fifa points. I suppose it’s calm tho because you’re using other mans money to fund your addiction. What a mug
ViiZioNz Month ago
I’ve fucked my life up cos of fifa, spent all my money
Louie Kelly
Louie Kelly Month ago
Why do i still watch this guy
Hui Hoho
Hui Hoho Month ago
Josh:There’s something in this hoodie Me:Yes,it’s bacteria Josh. It hasn’t been washed for ages
Yichen Hao
Yichen Hao Month ago
this guy is not even a football fan lmfao. have seen him packing a lot of players yet he doesn't even know who they are.
Yichen Hao
Yichen Hao Month ago
@Tim Viehmann Oh of course I am. But look, if you watched his previous videos, you can see it was ridiculous. He packed players like Isco, Dzeko, Vertonghen, etc, but he was like "don't know who that is" lmfao
Tim Viehmann
Tim Viehmann Month ago
Yichen Hao does that mean you are a football fan?? I used to be a huge football fan but then i took a break with football and all the players i used to love retired so now i dont know player and im trying to get into it but im still a football fan even tho i dont know all players
V2AL Month ago
josh send me ur hoody for a day please
Basman W
Basman W Month ago
In the end when both squads come out will they all be in packs as in squad 1 and 2
Alex Markham
Alex Markham Month ago
Honestly the most cringe thing when he speaks like a road man.
Conor Mcghee
Conor Mcghee Month ago
He keeps forgetting what he gets
Read my name if You are gay
I’m disgusted by the clickbate title, it says 1 icon and he packs 2. Disgusting.
Vic Uby
Vic Uby Month ago
I packed headliners luis alberto and 87 navas in a 7.5k pacl
Will Mahon
Will Mahon Month ago
Please play the new updated Raft or Subnautica!
Barnaby Mitchell
love your vids bro
Wellington Farts
Your no 1 on trending
destroyer 2015
destroyer 2015 Month ago
Great content
Rainyy Month ago
i was in his stream
Ad_ z
Ad_ z Month ago
I can’t be the only one who don’t spend money on the game and has a team of the year and a headliner but sold the headliner cuz it was the lb
Road to 20 Subs With No Vids
Zerka: Spends 180k Fifa Points Me: Playing fifa 15 with my 183 team
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