I Spent 100 Days in a Zombie Apocalypse in Minecraft... Here's What Happened

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I Spent 100 Days in a Zombie Apocalypse in Minecraft. Sponsored by Dragon City!
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Modpack Used:
Fast Zombies:

Slow Zombies:

Inspired By Luke TheNotable:

Edited by Wisefish:

Covert, Kittyrules, PapiCats, Shinigami, Torp & Canniestbarrel for help with the map!

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I TRIED to Survive VR Hardcore Minecraft For 100 Days And This Is What Happened

Video Includes:
Hardcore Minecraft 100 Days
Hardcore Minecraft 100 Days Gameplay
Hardcore Minecraft VR Episode 1
Hardcore Minecraft VR Lets Play
Hardcore Minecraft VR
Hardcore Minecraft VR 100 Days

Forge Labs

Edited By WiseFish:

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Feb 20, 2021




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Comments 143 918
Forge Labs
Forge Labs 6 months ago
#Sponsored by Dragon City! Download f or FREE Today: dragoncity.onelink.me/DDHl/ForgeLab
Franz Romulus Tabora
sonisanjay24 16 days ago
Znxn Forge labs
Candice Anderson
Candice Anderson 17 days ago
Joshua Rhodes
Joshua Rhodes 17 days ago
I know this a months late but if you ever do another zombie video maybe put a camp fire at the bottom of the pit so that you can get the exp and items from killing them
Malthael 19 days ago
Make the zombie pit deeper so when they fall they insta die, build with precaution tho, subscribed instantly. Make more Minecraft vids and more subs.
Heiress Julson
Heiress Julson 31 second ago
getterdonealec12 17 minutes ago
woo, look at this guy go!
Eleisha Azcune
Eleisha Azcune 57 minutes ago
This is like tag but millions chase u and zombies
hgb anthem
hgb anthem Hour ago
Woo look at that guy go Something like that i dont know
Leaves 2 hours ago
i love all of your zombie holes
v carlos
v carlos 3 hours ago
This literaly sounds like 7 days to die
Emma Louise
Emma Louise 3 hours ago
T̶r̶o̶l̶l̶ O̶v̶e̶r̶l̶o̶a̶d̶i̶n̶g̶
You’re so creative and entertaining! Love the channel!
Huerta Castro Edna Carolina
31:58: anxiety increasing 32:07: panic attack
Huerta Castro Edna Carolina
I love how he gets angry at the script that he wrote himself
Stanley Petit Homme
You should have built a obsidian wall
♥︎Ron from moonfox animation♥︎
6:06 OH MY GOD imagine if normal minecraft zombies did this like at night aswell
DerpyTurtel 6 hours ago
zombie kills 666,503
addressjess 6 hours ago
Just imagine, Forge Labs makes this virus and then it happens in real life.
Ana Amir
Ana Amir 7 hours ago
zm_zm-79 M
zm_zm-79 M 7 hours ago
I love zombie hole 3.0
Aaron efendy
Aaron efendy 7 hours ago
I thing its 69 mil zombies you killed
Arpi Gupta
Arpi Gupta 8 hours ago
1:10:29 did he just ignore diamonds
ITS KILLER WOLFツ 8 hours ago
Erik Bjerkli
Erik Bjerkli 8 hours ago
can i get a link for this mod?
FutureGamer 5 hours ago
It’s in technic launcher the link is in the description
Tuna 8 hours ago
Ooo, look at this guy go
Van Van
Van Van 8 hours ago
Damn. This was such a good ride. That one zombie jumpscare really scared me dgsjshsjs but totally enjoyed this whole video 🔥
Smudge 9 hours ago
"This man" "These men" -Forge Labs
Kk moves
Kk moves 9 hours ago
I saw diamonds at 41 minutes
saba rehman
saba rehman 10 hours ago
I love Zombie hole 3.0
SJK 10 hours ago
“I love zombie hole” does not convey the message you were intending to convey lmao
39 Gaurav Suvarna
39 Gaurav Suvarna 11 hours ago
this felt like actually movie u are tooooo good the 41:01 jumpscared me when in minecraft 100 days types of vids shudnt happened u got me there buddy btw zombie hole fan
chubthut 12 hours ago
really cool map
Pdcp Contemp kids
Pdcp Contemp kids 12 hours ago
This and scp thing is my favorite video so far
Noeleen Miller
Noeleen Miller 12 hours ago
omg l can't believe what I just watched in Minecraft. You my man know how to make an incredible vid, wow so much fun I feel you deserve an oscar or the Minecraft equivalent. You've got a subscriber here. This was like the walking dead You are going places dude, just try to keep it up and you'll get there
Austin Hooper
Austin Hooper 14 hours ago
"Ooooo, look at this guy go!... or something like that."
fashionicon 14 hours ago
this is by far the best Minecraft video i have ever seen
Negan Smith
Negan Smith 14 hours ago
And I love zombie hole 3.0!
Negan Smith
Negan Smith 14 hours ago
I love zombie tunnel 2
Chirag Anand
Chirag Anand 15 hours ago
Can we play it multiplayer
Astin Noble
Astin Noble 15 hours ago
brooooo diamonds in 41:28
linda okta
linda okta 15 hours ago
woah -
kerlyn_raids 15 hours ago
woo look at this guy go
moademonster 15 hours ago
Chonky Temmie
Chonky Temmie 16 hours ago
Take a shot every time he says "man", you'll die
Luna Homisak
Luna Homisak 16 hours ago
Wouldn't water moats with the magma stone things on the bottom sucking them down and drowning the zombies work? Coat the bottom walls with obsidian.They're constantly sucked downward with no aqua affinity drowning slowly + the magma rocks do damage to them too.
BlitzkriegBoy 16 hours ago
My man using STALKER theme
BlitzkriegBoy 16 hours ago
3:44 Is that S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Prypiat OST?
34Deep 16 hours ago
i love zombie hole 3.0
Ecip Wanttoplay
Ecip Wanttoplay 16 hours ago
Why i don't have map
YaboizoXD 16 hours ago
this was my first forge labs video.
remy gehmair
remy gehmair 17 hours ago
i love zombie hole 3.0 ;)
remy gehmair
remy gehmair 17 hours ago
i love zombie hole 2 ;;;)
DRAGON NAK KH 17 hours ago
What is the name of the shader
professor Riddles
professor Riddles 17 hours ago
Woooow look at this guy go
Yoshi Man!
Yoshi Man! 17 hours ago
Oooh look at this guy go
Dog Abuser Slayer
Dog Abuser Slayer 17 hours ago
Cayetano Gabrielle Carl
technically... worth the watch for a 1 hour video
Pie 18 hours ago
i love zombie whole 2.0
Oofu 19 hours ago
23:07 man literally toggled his kermit voice
Red Spy
Red Spy 19 hours ago
Yo! Look at this guy go!
Mallorie Delliveneri
The gullible gusty tomato specifically extend because back interspecifically tug among a valuable chair. crazy, cynical cave
Roise Vagedes
Roise Vagedes 19 hours ago
What is Mato tutu town?? I can't find it anywhere, plz tell me!!
Jcx1987 19 hours ago
This was insane! So much fun to watch but holy hell! As you were running through the cavern i thought the same as you but then thought i could have 100% survived if i built my house in the middle of the cavern but in one of the walls so nothing could come get me from behind lol.
Tony Phong
Tony Phong 20 hours ago
Did you say hell
EchoTheStar 20 hours ago
ooo look at this guy go also how did you lower your shield
Evan Montague
Evan Montague 20 hours ago
I love zombie tunnel 2
Joshua Ruiz
Joshua Ruiz 20 hours ago
This can be a zombie apocalypse survival movie.
Jack Chartrand
Jack Chartrand 20 hours ago
90 jack lol
-Wolfif- 22 hours ago
is it only available for patreon people?
FutureGamer 5 hours ago
The map? Yes The mods? No
Gabe201 Gabriel201chease
I love zombie hole every signal to 1.232225421 million
Drew Thompson
Drew Thompson 22 hours ago
Ooooh look at this guy go
Joey Kennedy
Joey Kennedy 22 hours ago
How do I play this exact map? I've downloaded the mods and stuff but it's not the same map with the same buildings and stuff
Joey Kennedy
Joey Kennedy 4 hours ago
@FutureGamer Yes i know i still couldn't find it haha i ended up finding the link for it though.
FutureGamer 5 hours ago
It’s only for his patreon supporters
That one fatal on the internet
The final fight seriously the final fight you got understand I love your videos but you’re so romantic
That one fatal on the internet
I love your video but it’s so dramatic
Alex Johns
Alex Johns 23 hours ago
Zombie hole 3.0
Jason Wolfy
Jason Wolfy 23 hours ago
Within 2 minutes this man says man 12 times... Man
Jacob Lawrence
Jacob Lawrence 23 hours ago
You should do a 200 days video!
nh dw
nh dw 23 hours ago
The parsimonious december presently rob because text partially judge at a disillusioned employer. sable, rapid reindeer
prooly Day ago
ill love your vids : ) i want to do some to but dont how ;)
Allyson Mizoguchi
I love zombie hole 3.0!!
whatever Day ago
wow man just wow this was awesome this is the best game video i ever watched i wish this video never ended i infinitely enjoyed it it felt like real pls do more of this videos
Hasmik Buzzetta
Woo look at this guy go
Jamez Pickstone
This is SO cool
Bryanna Wells
i love zombie hole 3.0
hondpuppy RBLX
Just ignore this i do this so i can continue watching xd 47:42
Chet Casquarelli
Wew look at this man go
Ryan Dayrit
Ryan Dayrit Day ago
Where’s you patriot
FutureGamer 5 hours ago
In the description
Etaash Mathamsetty
200 days?
mr. nobody
mr. nobody Day ago
This channel is absolutely amazing tbh, 10/10 bro. keep up the good work yo :DD
Hien Vy Lan Trinh
The magenta class puzzlingly untidy because snowflake hopefully place between a piquant record. alluring, bouncy oatmeal
Sarah Saleem
Sarah Saleem Day ago
i love zombie hole 2.0 lol
matt kerlin
matt kerlin Day ago
I love zombie hole 3.o
ItsYeboiHalo Day ago
What Shaders do u use
NilsTheChair Day ago
I love zombie hole 3.0
NilsTheChair Day ago
I love zombie hole 2.0
deez1 nutz1
deez1 nutz1 Day ago
The talented skiing relatively supply because underclothes oddly strap over a regular hand. hurt, snobbish tail
Gamers Players
why i can't download maps ? it tell's me Unlock this post by becoming a patron and it needs money ????
FutureGamer 5 hours ago
If you want to be a patron you need to pay cuz patreon is a donating website for youtubers
Call me Caleb
I do have to admit I love a good zombie hole
Ego_Toaster Day ago
Oooo look at this guy go
Kellzone Day ago
My mans, another out of sync video.
Ruvyzvat Day ago
i have the perfect plan to survive zombie siege: since they can break block but cant place block, you just need to make a big watch tower, get up and destroy the way up yourself problem solved for the zombie placing block part, i think pouring lava from the top will solve it
FutureGamer 5 hours ago
They do build blocks in day 99
Mehwish Iqbal
This is my favorite video🙃🙃🙃
Jordan hunt
Jordan hunt Day ago
He could of just build up and sleep so they can't get him
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