I spawned 1,000,000 Temples in Minecraft UHC

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Today I hosted a Minecraft UHC where I spawned 1,000,000 DESERT TEMPLES EVERYWHERE. I hope you guys enjoy this OP and crazy UHC, and join my discord if you want to play with me! Enjoy!
RUvidrs in this Minecraft UHC:
xNestorio: ruvid.net/u-xNestorio
Get my badlion cape!
- store.badlion.net/referral/xNestorio
- USE CODE: xnestorio
Texture Pack: ruvid.net/video/video-OC1qz-99pSg.html
My Socials!
- Twitter: twitter.com/xNestorio
- Twitch: www.twitch.tv/xNestorio
- Discord: discord.gg/xnestorio
- Server IP: xnestor.io (1.14.4)
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Comments 80
xNestorio 4 months ago
3 likes guys or I will delete the RUvid Channel
Ember Playz_
Ember Playz_ 2 months ago
My man what the hay is 3??
Alejandro Lara
Alejandro Lara 2 months ago
No you would it
Haven 2 months ago
Jackson Fricke that doesn’t mean anything
Elven Memer
Elven Memer 2 months ago
xNestorio cmedy
Trashie 2 months ago
What is 3??
Nicholas Hunsaker
Nicholas Hunsaker 4 hours ago
xNestorio I have a question I just saw the answer when I was typing but do the temples all have the same thing in the chest?
78nyal88 6 days ago
K (()))))))))((((¥))()())()()))()()))(11111111111111)
Apple Pi
Apple Pi 6 days ago
Kwame Bedu-Amissah
Kwame Bedu-Amissah 14 days ago
Make a uhc where you get anything you want
Raymond Burnette
Raymond Burnette 16 days ago
U should mix them all up
Murray Carlyle
Murray Carlyle 17 days ago
You are silly
Julian RojasSerrano
1million villages
The Folk Penguin1053
Wait...I think i saw you on mineplex today..
TRISTAN OXLEY 20 days ago
Oh please, this video deserved way more than 3 likes
Sadie Marcellin I’m kind cool
Nester: Today’s like goal is three likes Everyone: **I’m about to end this mans whole career**
ConnorMD Hooper
ConnorMD Hooper 23 days ago
Omg 1 million mansions
David Storm Poulsen
Bo Liu
Bo Liu 24 days ago
10000000 portals
Arda Ural
Arda Ural 24 days ago
Minecraft uht but there is 1000 nether fortresses
Popgamer 5671
Popgamer 5671 24 days ago
1mil ummmmm How about shafts like abandon shafts
Ryan Kim
Ryan Kim 24 days ago
Why did it say the best ginger 13
Elia Kourtis
Elia Kourtis 28 days ago
one mil villages
Suraj Jain
Suraj Jain 29 days ago
1 million villager tower
Edward Zweyer
Edward Zweyer Month ago
1 million of every structure
Pecador3 Month ago
Enchant rods it’s better
Pocket Gamer
Pocket Gamer Month ago
Everywhere Temple
hometheaterdoc Month ago
How about 1,000,000 ship wreck
mohanan pillai R
Spawn 1million pillager tower
Gopaul Nagassar
Gopaul Nagassar Month ago
Gopaul Nagassar
Gopaul Nagassar Month ago
I love you
Gopaul Nagassar
Gopaul Nagassar Month ago
Lynden Rose
Lynden Rose Month ago
The like goal though
ICrystalReacts YT
Can you do one with 1 000 000 igloos?
Johan Von Solms
Johan Von Solms Month ago
1,0000000 chest
Serkan Thomas Birsen
Serkan Thomas Birsen
I did
arvin montales
arvin montales Month ago
100 000 villagece
Jacob Cossaboon
Jacob Cossaboon Month ago
Maybe try 1,000,000 Pillager Outposts?
Kingsley LAM
Kingsley LAM Month ago
nice Job bythe way
Kingsley LAM
Kingsley LAM Month ago
you have like 12k LIKES!!!
Ouisie Email
Ouisie Email Month ago
C no
Julia Ng
Julia Ng Month ago
When you hit 1M subs don't forget us OGs K?
Danoo124 Ali
Danoo124 Ali Month ago
harper. paige
harper. paige Month ago
Do 1mil jungle Temples!!!
harper. paige
harper. paige Month ago
Jessica Williams
Dainam Productions
When nester is hilited and 1 heart left me: nester ur hileded u can’t hiddddde
Mkamran Rayanulhaq
This is my best uhc l have seen of yours
Riel Boudreau
Riel Boudreau 2 months ago
Zak Knight
Zak Knight 2 months ago
Luna and Lauren
Luna and Lauren 2 months ago
You should do 1 million rivins sorry for spelling but you know what i mean
Avinash Shenoy
Avinash Shenoy 2 months ago
Omg this video amazing I subbed and liked
bergonio peter dominic ll
Dimitar Petrusevski
Dimitar Petrusevski 2 months ago
Can you do a 100000 wodlin mansions
AinaTheWolfGirl 2009
Xnesterio, i absouletly love your videos!!!! Keep going with the 1.000.000 buildings!!!!
Kamla Wati
Kamla Wati 2 months ago
jungle temples
Deborah Wittwer
Deborah Wittwer 2 months ago
100000 end ships
Cathryn Morgan
Cathryn Morgan 2 months ago
1000 Mine shafts
Rowan Haberman
Rowan Haberman 2 months ago
You: “Let’s get 3 likes” When video starts Me: “Oh no you got 2 likes:(
Jesse Marquez
Jesse Marquez 2 months ago
1 million witch houses
The One
The One 2 months ago
When he is talking about subscription rate why does he have gingers name?
Khyleigh Watkins
Khyleigh Watkins 2 months ago
Appliances, HVAC & refrigeration
Should I subscribe.....what should I do
Steven Norton
Steven Norton 2 months ago
You should do shipwrecks
Sushi 2 months ago
Can i get 20k likes on this comment?
Kert Krull
Kert Krull 2 months ago
Why didnt you add god apples because they are the loot of temples
Reno Lejeune
Reno Lejeune 3 months ago
1 million sunken ships
Bed 3 months ago
do "I spawned 1,000,000 Dungeons in Minecraft UHC
Electra Gaming
Electra Gaming 3 months ago
1 million people
Jo Jo
Jo Jo 3 months ago
Mihai Vraciu
Mihai Vraciu 3 months ago
4:28 the skeleton: yo wass'up
Unicorn Gymnast
Unicorn Gymnast 3 months ago
Spawn 1 million or any number or starting chest
Spencer Schramm
Spencer Schramm 3 months ago
Nice vid
Simaran Kaur
Simaran Kaur 3 months ago
Million village
Robertas Zikis
Robertas Zikis 3 months ago
1m pirate ship
Jenn Kirwin
Jenn Kirwin 3 months ago
Igloos or witch huts
100 subscribers without videos
1000000 pillager outpost towers uhc
Lynne Arrand
Lynne Arrand 3 months ago
Do 1 Millon mineshafts
Itsmedmitrii 3 months ago
3!!!! LIKES!!!! THERES NO WAY!!!!!
Victoria The Pig
Victoria The Pig 3 months ago
Do a million jungle temples
Erite ZX
Erite ZX 3 months ago
How about jungle temples?
Lavxrne 3 months ago
You talk really fast
Dog Of wisdom
Dog Of wisdom 3 months ago
How about 1,000,000 jungle temples
- Gacha Idk
- Gacha Idk 3 months ago
3 likes lol you have like 9k like 😂
Visible_Broken 3 months ago
1000000 nether fortresses ?
Kate Walter
Kate Walter 3 months ago
Hi do 1000000 jungle temples
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