I spawned 1,000,000 End Cities in Minecraft UHC

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Today I played a Minecraft UHC where I spawned 1,000,000 End Cities on the map! Hope you all enjoy!
RUvidrs in this Minecraft End City UHC:
Will: ruvid.net/u-Kiingtong
Em: ruvid.net/u-EmOrSomething
Graser: ruvid.net/u-Graser10
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- store.badlion.net/referral/xNestorio
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Texture Pack: ruvid.net/video/video-OC1qz-99pSg.html
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Comments 80
Blackout CT-5864
Blackout CT-5864 3 months ago
*Still waiting for 1,000,000 desert wells!!!* 🙄
S.G. GAMER 14 days ago
Thats useless
Haven 2 months ago
Sir Philips they can edit the structures stupid
Pizza Boi
Pizza Boi 2 months ago
Sketch Craft yea dude
Sir Philips
Sir Philips 3 months ago
thay got no loot
Jxck 3 months ago
I gave an idea. “Minecraft uhc but nothing is different”
Lavanya Visvanatha
Like how Nestor won by killing graser in chat
abdeali the gamer
Angelo Maldonado
Angelo Maldonado 11 days ago
Why did he say pp and not pvp?????
super 21 to the rescue
Happy b day ⛤⛤⛤
Luke Hukill
Luke Hukill 19 days ago
Nestorio’s a simp towards em
Maddie 24 days ago
xNestorio: I'm not even gonna mine the diamonds out of spite xNestorio, Litterally 30 seconds later: I need diamonds this chest better give me diamonds Also late happy birthday Nestor, I love your content so much
Edward Zweyer
Edward Zweyer 26 days ago
Remember Tapl's giant ore? Do 1,000,000 of those.
Edward Zweyer
Edward Zweyer 26 days ago
Petition for xNestorio to do 1,000,000 igloos 1 like = 1 signature
Rachel gardner
Rachel gardner 29 days ago
Aww I missed ya birthday! Happy "late"
Zarhandyy Camposs
do a 1,000,000 jungle pyramid
BluePug29 inc.
BluePug29 inc. Month ago
You are a amazing you tuber xnesterio can you visit my channel it is bluepug29 inc.
Kwok ShengWai
Kwok ShengWai Month ago
Ok the normal player died just died FOREVER well youtuber died can respawn how's that fair
A C 2 months ago
how can you spawn in end city in the overworld
Linked Gaming
Linked Gaming 2 months ago
3:24 is my birthday and was dat skeepy
Jeff Cantrizzle
Jeff Cantrizzle 2 months ago
If you do a 180 while flying with the elytra it will completely stop your movement, preventing you from taking any damage
Joe Hannon
Joe Hannon 2 months ago
Nobody: Nestor: oh we won! Wait graser is still alive? /kill graser10
Ahmad Saad
Ahmad Saad 2 months ago
I am subbed
Yeinna and Marriele
Yeinna and Marriele 3 months ago
Why did you not craft notches
Linda McCormick
Linda McCormick 3 months ago
10000 wood land mansion's please
Daniel Duong
Daniel Duong 3 months ago
Do 1,000,000 mansions
Lin Virath
Lin Virath 3 months ago
Very very very very very worst RUvid or in the world I know your bed all yeah yeah yeah
Lily N.
Lily N. 3 months ago
The issue with my pvp skills improving by 20% is that I have 0 skills so 20% of 0 is 0 😂
Talii _
Talii _ 3 months ago
Happy birthday!🖤
Logan Gulino
Logan Gulino 3 months ago
End city mode AKA free elytra
Dragon TV
Dragon TV 3 months ago
what is that i hear? its... its... troupe master grimm's theme from hollow knight!
Cosmic R
Cosmic R 3 months ago
and the dung defender hehe
Iain Brown
Iain Brown 3 months ago
Happy birthday Nestor 😁😁👍🏻
Lazer Fazer
Lazer Fazer 3 months ago
Happy BirthDay xNestorio
Silvia Millennium Dragneel
You can't have a UHC without it being scuffed😂
Lana Holden
Lana Holden 3 months ago
Why does it sound like he’s saying pp when he says pvp 😂
Oliver Joyce
Oliver Joyce 3 months ago
How is this a million bruh
Liyana Bari
Liyana Bari 3 months ago
Nestor: *I spawned 1 MILLION END CITIES IN MINECRAFT* Me: *_Never been in an end city_*
Ujitora Konomi
Ujitora Konomi 3 months ago
Please do 1 mil nether fortresses
Idiots 3 months ago
10 yr gap on age
Just some guy on youtube
Bro use that elytra ....
Marcel Templin
Marcel Templin 3 months ago
Speak up!
GresMaster 3 months ago
In the boats there are 2 instant healing 2 potions.
Ram Krishan Charan
Ram Krishan Charan 3 months ago
Why did you remove Shulker boxes? It would be fun to have them too
xNestorio 3 months ago
They sadly didn't transfer with the copy and pasting
Kryptic Plays
Kryptic Plays 3 months ago
Them Elytras tho
Johann Alyosha Van Tassel
1,000,000 end crystal towers
Jinyu Kang
Jinyu Kang 3 months ago
GoldenEagleStudios 3 months ago
4:18 I legit thought he said “your PP improves by 20%”
Samuel Dewolff
Samuel Dewolff 3 months ago
6:40 hollow knight music plays
qwedvrzsrjkmrxhf 3 months ago
this is no strip mining
How to Shotbow
How to Shotbow 3 months ago
Dumbass could’ve used the gunpowder from the creepers to make splash pots.
EatenOne 3 months ago
How bout 1,000,000 nether castle
AlipticalAxis 3 months ago
NOW:You know what I need DIAMONDS Earlier: I'm not even going to mine those diamonds
hotrodl Lincoln
hotrodl Lincoln 3 months ago
This is a snowman ⛄ the you like the more bigger he gets 🤣🤣
Dexter Duszynski
Dexter Duszynski 3 months ago
I think he got the like goal.
twoj stary
twoj stary 3 months ago
happy birthday
Midnight Mations
Midnight Mations 3 months ago
Connah Haigh
Connah Haigh 3 months ago
Please scrubrcribe to me before Christmas
ediwow7272 3 months ago
Nestor what will happend if i click the red button on your channel is it good or bad????
Alpha B
Alpha B 3 months ago
First thing it came in my mind when I saw the title : Ender megapolis
Ender Ecko
Ender Ecko 3 months ago
I'm really exiting for 1 million zombies
Lorenzo R.
Lorenzo R. 3 months ago
Maritza Rojas
Maritza Rojas 3 months ago
do 1 million mob spawners like if u agree or just comment that u agree cause I don't want to force anyone to hit the like button
Ha ha!
SirZodiac The Star
SirZodiac The Star 3 months ago
Nestor Birthday UHC event??
Zack Taylor
Zack Taylor 3 months ago
Commenting this until you do it. End cities + Desert Temples + Jungle temples + Dungeons + villages + nether fortresses. With most villages and then progressively less of the more op stuff. Probably only end cities at 0,0
Nugget Myers
Nugget Myers 3 months ago
You should do 1,000,000 jungle temples
j sryll
j sryll 3 months ago
Look at the description, lmao, this ain't flower power
Snkcat 3 months ago
Is your birthday 24 dec cuz it is we have same bday
Stephen Laica
Stephen Laica 3 months ago
Call Me Poe
Call Me Poe 3 months ago
So I pulled something that makes breathing and stuff hard and when he died to fall damage 2 seconds after saying he didn’t want to I laughed so hard that my chest feels like it’s about to burst
Cj Murali
Cj Murali 3 months ago
Do a 1 million nether fortresses
Adrian Howes
Adrian Howes 3 months ago
Wait your born on christmas
Travis Gould
Travis Gould 3 months ago
Blueberry 3 months ago
I don’t wanna fall from fall damage 10 seconds later: jumps off building
CJSnipes 3 months ago
At the start when he put curse of binding I cringed replie if you agree
Benjamin Taboada
Benjamin Taboada 3 months ago
Holaa, me llamo Benjamin y me encantan tus videoss y también soy youtuber!! saludoss❤
xʟʏɴx 3 months ago
Do 1,000,000 bonus chest
Pavel V*nev
Pavel V*nev 3 months ago
1.000.000 pilliger towers???
Cadenza Kills
Cadenza Kills 3 months ago
so i was the player Darkersi, when i saw you running towards me i knew that was the end ;;
Faiq Arendse
Faiq Arendse 3 months ago
how did a nether star spawn in end city loot
Ctwins608 3 months ago
1000000 nether cites
Slendy 3 months ago
Today was my last exam and my birthday was during the exams
your_haneul 3 months ago
Mehran Azimi
Mehran Azimi 3 months ago
daniela apostolova
daniela apostolova 3 months ago
You should do a and castles
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