I Sold My FAVORITE Car...It's Back and It's INSANE! You'd Never Expect This!

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Jun 26, 2019




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Comments 100
Fasterproms Year ago
Woohoo this was something special for me! I really hold this car higher than others because of its journey and how it’s been custom tailored to exactly what I wanted as owner and then to what Max has done with it as owner. “Talk nerdy to me” will likely make it as a T-shirt tell me what you think! I spent a record amount of time on this video trying to do justice to the situation. Thank you for the kind words. We can most certainly pack more tech into the vids, oftentimes I feel it’s a bit much. I needed to sell the car to begin the RnD on the C7 in early 2014. It was tough but I always have a soft spot for c6zs. So great to see it better than ever! Also a huge thank you to Will from Xineering for some of those cinematic shots!
Schmitty_Luv Year ago
How much is it still for sale?
Nick Kautz
Nick Kautz Year ago
@Adam Hughes Just take a break from the porn for a day 😂
Nick Kautz
Nick Kautz Year ago
@Martin Dinner Is that 500hz total or per USB port? I guess that's why HPtuners has a limit to how many things you can log at once. How cool would it be if linux on a raspberry pi was your whole ECU... and one could configure and add to the function of the ecu if they wanted. I wonder if units like megasquirt and aem have an operating system of sorts or if that's even needed.
Martin Dinner
Martin Dinner Year ago
@Nick Kautz Bandwidth isn't the problem. The problem is polling time. Windows limits peripheral polling to 500 Hz. There are are some work arounds that can get you up to 1,000 Hz. I'd vote for a Linux based system, far lighter system load and far easier to handle custom inputs. Also no nagging from Microsoft to update your system.
chris hamilton
Is it possible to do a poor man’s sequential gear box if you have a tip tronic transmission if you have the shifter but wire it up and create your own blip?
George Lackey
George Lackey 17 days ago
Cooper sitting in the corner in a bucket seat makes him look like a little kid! So funny! Great video btw!
James Holbrook
James Holbrook 19 days ago
I did not realize people made that kind of power on an na ls7 that's pretty good
Donnie Minter Jr
Donnie Minter Jr 10 months ago
#Fasterpups #FloridaMan #HellYeahBrother This guy is brilliant! Imagine being a fly on the wall in that room with those minds when the cameras weren't on! #mindbottling
Mark Atkinson
Mark Atkinson Year ago
What about dial up fuel pressure and exAct value fuel mapping that self learns
Hotrodanimal Year ago
The C6 Z06 has been my dream car since they first appeared. If i had ever owned one and then had to part with it, That would have broke my heart.........But seeing what Max has done with it must make you feel a little better.
John Derek Mitchell
Sounds like a video featuring an old Drag racer from NC. Some guy named Ronnie 😁.
Stock steering wheel!
How about making the radiation sensor,ie: rain sensor, control the tune with the wheel speed sensors to be able to drag race even when the weather/road condition changes due to a wet road.
Nick Sull
Nick Sull Year ago
Y’all wanna swap my lq4 into my ls1 ss
christian story
This gearbox in your s-10 would be mad
misk one
misk one Year ago
i do barra conversion looms in aus and have recently been working with a guy that is messing with random can modules in a conversion setting. its crazy the amount of random ideas that come about once people realise how flexible the canbus system is once you understand the protocol. wish you guys played with aussie stuff too ;)
misk one
misk one Year ago
@Xineering LLC would be a decent package! always love a good 4 door party car :)
Xineering LLC
Xineering LLC Year ago
We have an AUS customer running our GCU with a KMP Paddle shifted sequential trans in his 2016 VF Commodore!
Fred Garvin
Fred Garvin Year ago
A cam and heads added 205 hp to a LS7. It's making 60 hp more than an LT4. Pretty damned impressive.
TH3 S10 GUY 1
TH3 S10 GUY 1 Year ago
I’m just NOT a fan of that shifting nor the height of the shifter knob ! 😖
Jim Rowlings
Jim Rowlings Year ago
Leroy needs one of those
Travis Year ago
that was some exciting shit i woulda killed to b able to pick that guys brain and id b even more ecstatic if i knew we were collaborating on something yet theyre in the background goofin off messin with empty containers passin sauces around yawning lookin like their more bored than if they really were in school lol i dont understand i kno i got a geeky side but i figured theyd be a little more interested iv got soo many ideas i wish their were ways to sell ideas without a ridiculous amount of work
Chris lastnamehere
When the text comes in at like 24:08. please proof read. It says dont for... what? ..?
Slobaru Year ago
I love how we can always see the dale truck in the dyno screen as a reflection lol.
Daniil V
Daniil V Year ago
Man those shifts are epicccc
Kevin DiOssi
Kevin DiOssi Year ago
Man I miss that car! Really good to see that it's in great hands like this.
Uffington Parade
I think Max will be in a few future videos of yours and maybe Cleetus too. 💯❤️.
villen Year ago
Ok, I hear a lot of LS7 Corvette's all over youtube but this one is by far the best sounding.... fuck.
ashoutinfront Year ago
Soo basically they finally got motorcycle technology that has been around for 25+years and put it on a car? Most high performance motorbikes come with quickshifters std.
Fasterproms Year ago
Much more advanced than that.
Christopher Bazuzi
Now that's some CHOP!!!!
CaveMan Year ago
That car gave me tingles.
Stewart Jack
Stewart Jack Year ago
Your the man # kick ass turner
Efrem Kiel
Efrem Kiel Year ago
Cleetus seemed really interested 😂
Hummin Along
Hummin Along Year ago
Ask your friend about GM E40 tuning and why there is almost zero support for it. Also is it possible to upgrade a E40 vehicle to a newer GM ECM?
joshuawgarner Year ago
Great episode.
Schmitty_Luv Year ago
How much is this car still for sale?
Xineering LLC
Xineering LLC Year ago
Not for sale? :)
Jake Pysz
Jake Pysz Year ago
Banana peel in the fuel door
Grizzle Garage
speeduino/micro/megasquirt for a bunch of 90's and 2000's American cars would be great
Alex Elrod
Alex Elrod Year ago
Something about cleeter talking about active aero.....
Luds78 Year ago
The main thing on the white board for my 2012 6L manual SS commodore is fixing the slow fly by wire throttle. The throttle response is frustratingly slow causing hesitation in down shif blips and even sometimes misses the blip completely. It is very noticable by sound and feel. Using the Torque app I can see the hesitation when I graph throttle position and butterfly position. My tuner has told me that it is because of the refresh rate and the only solution is an after market computer. I have been looking for a cure for this since the first time i drove the car. Is there a cheaper/easier solution than aftermarket computer. I Love the technical side you show of your tuning. Very interesting and something I would love to learn more about. Keep up the great vids.
Fasterproms Year ago
Make sure you zero out all the burst knock tables
empracingau Year ago
How freekn awesome is that thing now! Got all sorts of "bad" ideas from this video cheers guys 🤘
Justin Weng
Justin Weng Year ago
That is so bad ass! Imagine Leroy with this trans!!!
Joe Cluever
Joe Cluever Year ago
the the bottom of the graph on the dyno runs looks like a heart beat and with the Dale truck in the reflection on the screen is pretty cool. "Chevy The Heartbeat Of AMERICA"!!!!!!!!!!
Rob2018Si Year ago
That is fucking awesome!
Love the videos keep them coming
Alan Loyd
Alan Loyd Year ago
C6 LS7 with a sequential gearbox.. good lord 🤤
Sequential gearbox for semi trucks.
pewpewpew Year ago
I have a 2008 Z06 tuned/fixed heads by you, its now overseas in norway and seeing track time, would love to hear more about the xineering throttle blip module, the current ones out seems crude and doesnt really read rpm and such when rev matching. Full SEQ is temping, but when transmisision costs as much as car... weeeeel
Ant Man
Ant Man Year ago
Disgruntled Egghead
Potential history in the making. I wonder what would have come in the meeting of the minds (and nugget sauce passing) if James were there. Max has made a beast out of that car! Nicely done.
Just A Patriot
@fasterproms Just buy another vette man
Awesome informative video!
Eric Sorg
Eric Sorg Year ago
Absolutely love the Nerdy Stuff. Such a sweet car!!
david worsnop
david worsnop Year ago
Everyone is sporting the crossed leg professional meeting pose except cooper
Steven Johnson
I want a sequential transmission in my ford flex 3.5l duratec 😂
Roger M
Roger M Year ago
Can he help with a 2005 bmw 645ci smg trans in it
Xineering LLC
Xineering LLC Year ago
Drenth makes a great selection of sequentials for BMWs. See Epic Motorsports ruvid.net/u-epicmotorsportsbmw They also run our DBW blip modules.
Max Level Records
Intro montage was sick!
Chris Lesh
Chris Lesh Year ago
Sequential in a awd s-twin!!!!!
Donovan DeCoster
cleetus might just have to get a sequential for leroy
Ivana Notyers
Ivana Notyers Year ago
Nifty. Sounds nice and raw.
Dayum, get Ford to hire you Max to fix their damn 10r80 issues!! That sequential is beast mode!! Jeremy between you two you should team up!
Denis Neiser
Denis Neiser Year ago
Maybe programming something like a drag strip launch control. Like having a test launch with high rpms, then read out the traction control and power map to see how much torque was produced until the tyres slipped and automatically adjust the max rpms for the first 2 gears, or at least give an output of the the recommended highest rpm, boost, timing etc.
jolmeaki Year ago
LS7 is my favorite engine.
Broo_sh Year ago
i know one who want that system in his corvette track car
M H Year ago
looks like they've just taken a gipro and coupled it E/A or E/E shifter kit.... nice to see something out there for cars that has been around for years with motorcycles but have taken it a step further with additional tuning and data acquisition modules. Nice work.
Xineering LLC
Xineering LLC Year ago
Here's the gear set and shifter kit. Bring your own T56/T6060 case, requires some minor machining to get the gears and barrel selector to fit inside. www.ppgearbox.com/product-page/tremec-6-speed-sequential-camaro
Daniel Harrell
If I could buy a new z06 and it would sound like that so worth the 1200 a month payment
DTWD 904
DTWD 904 Year ago
Sequential ls7 =🤤🤤🤤🤤. This thing would waste some way more powerful cars on the street😝. Want to see it!!
logan turner
logan turner Year ago
cool video was really neat to hear what is possible
GM rebuilds
GM rebuilds Year ago
Lol Garrett looks like he was going to fall asleep like one of them paid demonstrators 🤔🤣🤣🤣
Kris W
Kris W Year ago
Met him at the 1/2 mile event in Ocala. Super nice dude and a pleasure to talk with. The zo6 and ACR he had were both badass.
Xineering LLC
Xineering LLC Year ago
Thanks!!!! We will be out there again in October. We are working on something crazy too, hope it will be done by then.
Scott Trujillo
Awesome z06! Love the new intro/outro!
tony stanze
tony stanze Year ago
We love it when you get all nerdy
Moose Year ago
Cleeter and Cooper are so into that meeting... lol
ffhgu 07
ffhgu 07 Year ago
Now that's a badass c6
Nathan matas
Nathan matas Year ago
Jeremy you always have the best tech! Thanks for being a nerd like me.
VetteNutt05 Year ago
Damn it Jeremy, i honestly thought you had bought it back!!!!!
jcsalazar1221 Year ago
Get another and start street racing
Kveld_Ulve Year ago
Just had the thought of incorporating a tune setting switch for Rocky Mountain race week and max could sell it to the competitors
Random Tandem
Random Tandem Year ago
Sorry cleetus, boost by steering angle is basically traction control but worse imo
Wes Sims
Wes Sims Year ago
Is it a PPG sequential gear set?
Xineering LLC
Xineering LLC Year ago
Faith Fitness & Fast Cars
Wow there is so much that's left untapped in these cars and this really being that to light ! Thank you for sharing
Richard Banks
Richard Banks Year ago
CTS-V mag ride tunes?
Alex Corne
Alex Corne Year ago
I think you could make a killing selling chips that limit a cars performance. There are a lot of people who let their kids drive ther cars. If you can use the stock ecu to give them a button for "teen" mode that limits power and top speed Im pretty sure that's something people would buy.
Jarrett Maxey
Jarrett Maxey Year ago
I think the BMW needs one
Paul Fletcher
Paul Fletcher Year ago
Sounds like you could essentially run a road course , record each turn or lap and have shocks adjust for optimum lap time. An empty track.
SavageApeV4 Year ago
My motorcycle has the clutch less upshift and downshift, it is much smoother when you're hard on the throttle in higher rpms. It's an absolute blast, would love to have it in a car!
Blair Woodhouse
WOW...the speed of those gear changes, and how quick the engine gets back in the power band...in...sane...
Air Force Vette
Oh my lanta that’s nasty! Leroy needs one!
Evan Graner
Evan Graner Year ago
I'm thinking next time you need to remove the speedometer you should fill the space with some puppers
Christian Lauderdale
Now I really want to know the name of the intro/outro song.
Christian Lauderdale
Oh my god I’m in love with that gearbox. Holy shit that is awesome.
Donny Southwell
We know you’re speeding on public roads so why cover the speedo? Lol
Xineering LLC
Xineering LLC Year ago
My lawyer said so....:)
Jacob Lance
Jacob Lance Year ago
WOW.... Cleetus and Cooper obviously didn't want to be there. Honestly, that was pretty damn shitty of them. They showed absolutely no respect for Jeremy and his guest. I would never come back if I was treated like that... Shame on you guys! I'm seriously thinking about unsubscribing from Cleetus's channel... He's always seemed so wholesome and respectful... I'm disappointed to learn his true character...
Jacob Lance
Jacob Lance Year ago
@Xineering LLC, It just rubbed me the wrong way. Jeremy invited you to the shop to talk about and come up with some ideas you guys could collaborate on and they showed absolutely no respect for you and Jeremy.
Xineering LLC
Xineering LLC Year ago
No worries, A.D.H.D is a terrible affliction that some cope with better than others.
When you first started doing those pulls I was worried about speedo... glad you guys got it cover.
chuck fults
chuck fults Year ago
VERY SMART hiding the speedo WINNING!
perryconnor Year ago
Sequential for my supercharged 14' Coyote. PLEASE
pyro323 Year ago
What was up with the weird video in video while Jeremy was driving? It looked like the end sequence got mixed in with the main footage. Anyway that C6 Z06 is a beast with that sequential gear box. Do they make one for an 05 Cavalier?
Chris Elias
Chris Elias Year ago
Im in love.......
David Q
David Q Year ago
That pull tho at 30 seconds to the vid 👀👍
Josh Copeland
Josh Copeland Year ago
Cleetus might as well be at a seminar his boss forced him to go to. Yawning, fidgeting, playing with anything he can get his hands on. ADD is kicking his ass!
Michael Trosper
Super sweet vette, better have extremely deep pockets though. Extremely badass vette! I'll stick with something I can actually work on lol
15:20. Magical.
Junk Rust
Junk Rust Year ago
Wait ... so what about CANbuss ?...😎
Pushyhog Year ago
Insane not good, sorry ! U can hire psychiatrists.
Ryan Hays
Ryan Hays Year ago
Still wish the new shop was in backyard like the old one. I really miss seeing you rip up and down the street of our local neighborhood
TuningStyx Year ago
What about a PCM controlled taco bending machine? Is that possible?