I Should've Given Myself A Different Name... FIRST LETTER Makeup Challenge!

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In the FIRST LETTER MAKEUP CHALLENGE, you only get to use products from makeup brands that start with the first letter of your first name! CRAZY! I’m busting out the beauty brands that start with an N, and I can’t wait to see where this challenge will take me! Hope you enjoy!
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Comments 60
NikkieTutorials 5 months ago
Nesrin Isli
Nesrin Isli 2 months ago
the exact same one as you 😂 love you 😘
Abby Jaramillo
Abby Jaramillo 5 months ago
Anastasia Beverly Hills and other than that literally nothing
Quinn Morgan
Quinn Morgan 5 months ago
none. i’m a Q.
Katharina Zia Mason
Katharina Zia Mason 5 months ago
NikkieTutorials : KkKW Beauty, KBeauty, and KMuse.
blossomed out
blossomed out 5 months ago
you should check out neve cosmetics! it's an italian brand BUT THEIR PIGMENTS ARE PURE ART
Ava Bordoloi
Ava Bordoloi 2 days ago
Why did I think of Nikita dragun's brand
subhangi sharma
subhangi sharma 3 days ago
ik hou van je Nikkie ♥️
Axelle Blair
Axelle Blair 6 days ago
6:42 ~ 6:47 my brain went to Mars there 😅
Erik Mandigo
Erik Mandigo 6 days ago
I got Elf
Keali Underwood
Keali Underwood 6 days ago
I would love to know how you picked your name!!
Cassie Gariepy
Cassie Gariepy 7 days ago
i read the title and thought "peak trans comedy*
Olivia Potter
Olivia Potter 7 days ago
omg i actually love you sm. just everything abt u and i love how you laugh when u say something funny, u just radiate confidence and i love it🥺❤️
Nikki Larsen
Nikki Larsen 9 days ago
I would be using the same products as you. My name is Nikki. There would definitely be different results. Lol
Kam and Kharma
Kam and Kharma 9 days ago
Nikita dragon is one u shouldve used
Juliana Hielkema
Juliana Hielkema 9 days ago
I have an idea do a makeup challenge where you use a full face of one brand but have Siri pick a number and that will be the only brand you can use
Negin Rezaei
Negin Rezaei 10 days ago
We need a Nikkie Beauty brand honney
Kathryn Moffett
Kathryn Moffett 12 days ago
N really works for you! I love you, Nikkie!
Vanna Tith
Vanna Tith 12 days ago
Yes, we don't have NikkieTutorials makeup brand yet, please start it soon :)
Gisel Perdomo
Gisel Perdomo 12 days ago
NARS, Nikita dragon ,naked
Random bandom
Random bandom 14 days ago
Nakita dragon???
Christi 17 days ago
Mine starts with a c so I get colourpop which is great cause it’s my favorite brand
Drew 17 days ago
She could have used nmorphie or nplouise
Cesar Gomez
Cesar Gomez 18 days ago
Nikkie I'd LOVE to see you doing your make up with products, brushes, everything being 100% vegan, and another one using a drag queen's makeup ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ that would be awesooooome
Daniaa K
Daniaa K 19 days ago
She forgot nudestix!!!
It’s Hannah
It’s Hannah 23 days ago
I forgot she was trans for a sec and was rly confused by the title😂😂
Laurel Harris
Laurel Harris 26 days ago
I say just make your own line of makeup. We'll follow. 😊😄. Check out nudestix for another N cosmetic. I would do lancome, l' ocittane, Laura Geller
Sierra !
Sierra ! 26 days ago
I would love to do this but my name starts with S 🥺
Tanve chaudhary Karasala
Is it just me or does the left brow look more cool tone and the right one is more warm toned
the blushing beauty
How do we say i love you in dutch🌸
K H 27 days ago
Should i subscribe?... IMMA SUBSCRIBE!!!!
Gallaxyk 28 days ago
Ah, trans N pals. I feel so hard. All the time I regret choosing a name with N (because my last name starts with S, I'm from Germany, see where this goes?) But this was so fun. You're such a cutie and so creative
;; moonmar
;; moonmar 29 days ago
my name starts with m, I can only think of mac, some help?
Lorena Lenarduzzi
Tickle tickle rrrrrrrrrrr hahahahahaha i love You!!!
Amelia Kendall
Amelia Kendall Month ago
Nikki: Complains about barely any brands starting with n Me: at least you have some workable My first letter is A and I don’t know any brands starting with A
Jaimee C
Jaimee C 29 days ago
Amelia Kendall anastasia
Kiki_1987 Month ago
You could have used the nivea aftershave balm for primer x
natalia Month ago
Wow that looks wonderful!
Gina KN
Gina KN Month ago
Garnier, Groovin Beauty, Grow Gorgeous, Gucci, Guy Laroche, Guerlain, and Grown Alchemist.
Gina KN
Gina KN Month ago
You look like a gorgeous sunset butterfly 😍🦋
Phêonïx Month ago
What about me hahahah kezia is my same bro 😒😂
Lillian Merritt
Lillian Merritt Month ago
I have some constructive criticism So I dont see that much dimension from the concealer so do you thin you can try a lighter color. Your probably never going to see this because your obvesly famous but if too somehow to see then hi
Olivia Brydon
Olivia Brydon Month ago
What about no7 😂
Nikkie Speldenbrink
13:56 mijn naam is nikkie!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Zoe Burke
Zoe Burke Month ago
I would be screwed, my name is Zoe...
Kristina Marinova
N - Nivea Post Shave Balm is a good old primer!
Dark Angel
Dark Angel Month ago
Me a person with an A name..... 👁️👄👁️
amber mcmillin
amber mcmillin Month ago
You always give me so much hope for the future and you always make my day. Ty for being so happy and powerful. I love you ❤️
Katie Curry
Katie Curry Month ago
K- kvd 🤢, KKW, Kylie cosmetics, kevyn aucoin, ...??? RIP 😂
Verónica Del Salto
Veronica i don't think I have any options
Jacob Month ago
Imagine being named Zoey😂 I’d hate to be her
Natasha Genier
Natasha Genier Month ago
As a NATASHA I'm loving this!💋😘
Niki Penrose
Niki Penrose Month ago
Lol plot twist my name is Niki
Anoshkaa Gupta
Anoshkaa Gupta Month ago
Am i the only one who has been watching nikki for atleast 4 years and did not know that she's trans
cloudxseulgi Month ago
SORRY BUT I ONLY SEE TO TALENTS, btw ik ben ook Nederlands💕🇳🇱
Fabienne Marsman
Waarom is niet alleen je Makeup on fleek maar ook altijd je kleding
Blah Blah
Blah Blah Month ago
before she puts lipgloss on her top lip she looks like she’s sticking her tongue out and i love it
Emily’s Time To Shine !
And naked makeup products
Doesitevenmatter ?
My first letter is J. Automatically i thought juvias place
Mars free
Mars free Month ago
Babe I named myself MARS. My friends buy me mars bars. I hate mars bars
ashton gorman
ashton gorman Month ago
Imagine having a name that started with z.
Francesca E
Francesca E Month ago
Ohwww I’m so happy she’s using an Italian brand
jethram Month ago
I thought the video was gonna be N for primer, I for foundation, K for concealer, etc
broccoli Month ago
C: Covergirl, Charlotte Tilbury.... (there is not a lot....)
depresso. bean
depresso. bean Month ago
Atleast your name doesnt start with z
Kyzyl Month ago
"there are not a lot of makeup brands that start with n" hmm.. how about NikkieCosmetics ooh
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