I Set Myself in Jello! / Jello Food Challenge

Troom Troom
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Do you like jello? In our new video there is a lot of ot! Because today we have a jello food challenge with very original tasks!
Supplies and tools
• Jelly powder
• Gelatin
Food coloring
• Chocolate
• Toothpick
• Confectionery molds
• LED string lights
• Mold mix
• Food glycerin
• Yogurt
• Milk
• Cappuccino
• Pudding
• Sugar
• Latte
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Jan 4, 2020




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Comments 100
Troom Troom
Troom Troom 9 months ago
If you like the video - don't forget to share it with your friends! We are really appreciate your support. You'll definitely like these ideas: ruvid.net/video/video-FlsRMiquURE.html ★ Let's be friends: Facebook | facebook.com/troomhands Pinterest | www.pinterest.com/troomtroom Instagram: instagram.com/troomtroom
Sowjanya G
Sowjanya G 2 days ago
@Abrielle Lightfoot NTN nes
Eman Abduljaleel
Eman Abduljaleel 9 days ago
Nirmal Kanta
Nirmal Kanta 11 days ago
Cristina Soriano
Cristina Soriano 11 days ago
Take My Shot wwwwsdffgyghjo
Persephone 12 days ago
The gghgufvg can cghg by HV hi
lya sarkawt
lya sarkawt 3 hours ago
Srwsht Sardar
Srwsht Sardar 16 hours ago
Lulu Belle Tribe
Lulu Belle Tribe 2 days ago
Troom troom be like: "Enjoy your foot shaped jello with some sweat AND dirt! SO YUMMY...
Bella Sutton
Bella Sutton 2 days ago
I think I'm going to try this but a girl later a glitter bath but no jello
Benita Magila Priya
I like the video
Abir Talha
Abir Talha 3 days ago
5:48 , the jello made up of leg euuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Divinity Cox
Divinity Cox 3 days ago
David Dumashie
David Dumashie 4 days ago
that was amazing
Gmr yadav
Gmr yadav 4 days ago
I love hacks
Nazma Qureshi
Nazma Qureshi 4 days ago
I am a fan of rad head
Nazma Qureshi
Nazma Qureshi 4 days ago
Make some more Gammy challenge
Prabhat Narjinary
i love jelly but i have never eaten
Priscilla Johnson
The foot and eggs and sausage are great!
PUBG GAMING 6 days ago
When she said the next task fall on Christy head while she making coffee it was actually red head . How much of you saw that 🤷‍♀️
Ishaan Gundluru
Ishaan Gundluru 5 days ago
Mikey Gaming And More! ATTC
who else is tired of jelatain after this?
Abrielle Aeona S. Barairo
Samsung Peja
Samsung Peja 6 days ago
It's sow fanny this video .
Nicole Vazquez
Nicole Vazquez 6 days ago
just jello jello jello
Hans Erian II
Hans Erian II 7 days ago
Umm. No
Beading Queen
Beading Queen 7 days ago
I thought you guys should do a dog
Shoshana 7 days ago
Amber Matta
Amber Matta 7 days ago
Hi l. Love
Deepa N
Deepa N 7 days ago
Not food colouring for adding Apple jelly
Alicja Kamleh
Alicja Kamleh 7 days ago
Perry Kollmorgen
Perry Kollmorgen 7 days ago
Showne Wells
Showne Wells 7 days ago
1.D I am 12
Matthew Guzman Palermo
She is just running away
Mikey Gaming And More! ATTC
This is so unhealty, Imagine if you had to do this on a daily basis? You would be puking everyday! Remember Kids, Limit how much jelly or candy you have a day
Baraa Musmar
Baraa Musmar 8 days ago
soooooo boreing
Kaylee Isakitten
Kaylee Isakitten 8 days ago
Ishara Fernando
Ishara Fernando 8 days ago
When it was time for change 9 it fell on red head not on cristy
Ramum aminah
Ramum aminah 8 days ago
I like it
Chi Hin Tey
Chi Hin Tey 8 days ago
Who’s tired of jelly after this? No...just me 😒
Jeremy Donnelly
Jeremy Donnelly 7 days ago
Chi Hin Tey I didn’t just waned to like
Dhilendy Garcia
Dhilendy Garcia 9 days ago
Dilini Gunasekara
I never had jello
Judy Cooper
Judy Cooper 9 days ago
I'm Reagan.
Galaxy Wolf
Galaxy Wolf 9 days ago
I love it how they get a random package from a stranger and they opend it and they us the stuffe that’s in there they don’t now where it came from...
Tak Karen
Tak Karen 9 days ago
U mean Barry
Thaw Su
Thaw Su 9 days ago
My mouth is watery now
the gabe boy
the gabe boy 9 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks that they should wash/rinse the foot
Kiree Malaku
Kiree Malaku 9 days ago
Chagamreddy Ravi
Chagamreddy Ravi 9 days ago
i want to make barbie jelly
Shakeia Morgan
Shakeia Morgan 9 days ago
I dare her to eat the jello
Shoob Dude
Shoob Dude 9 days ago
ben deserved better
Michelle Khurram
Michelle Khurram 10 days ago
Yummy food
Cupcake Peach GC
Cupcake Peach GC 10 days ago
Is Christy and Ben in REAL LIFE dating? they are cute together like in the if your bestfriend is a zombie video
Kim Kawon
Kim Kawon 11 days ago
Dre Chetty
Dre Chetty 11 days ago
Is no one talking about how gross the foot hack was
Yasmeen Muntadher 1I
Yummy food and great
Ador Anaf
Ador Anaf 11 days ago
Can access see"r decedent's even g by h
Jacaranda Tree
Jacaranda Tree 11 days ago
I really like redheads new hair style........suites her very well
Mohammed Manazir
Mohammed Manazir 11 days ago
I love jelly noodles, jelly burger, and jelly coffee
Bryan Carpio
Bryan Carpio 10 days ago
I love jelly pizza 🍕
Bryan Carpio
Bryan Carpio 10 days ago
I love jelly 🍕
Mohammed Manazir
Mohammed Manazir 11 days ago
Stop putting add
Ally Tunnicliffe
Ally Tunnicliffe 11 days ago
I want to hear there real voices NOW
Keziah Gosselin
Keziah Gosselin 10 days ago
Me too
Zainu younas
Zainu younas 10 days ago
me too
Cristina Soriano
Cristina Soriano 11 days ago
mkibrahimkuty mk
mkibrahimkuty mk 11 days ago
Roblox Freak
Roblox Freak 12 days ago
It said Christy instead of red-head in 13:34🤣🤣🤣🤣
Zoe Graham
Zoe Graham 12 days ago
so cool i like the chinese food
Annie West
Annie West 12 days ago
i love your vitovvftdryyyfhb
Beauty Datta
Beauty Datta 12 days ago
How about a Troom Troom Jelly?
Khalia Leau
Khalia Leau 12 days ago
This is funny haha 😂
bob 13 days ago
Groom groom I love your videos
Lacrisha Johnson
Lacrisha Johnson 13 days ago
The time to make the time to get out of my mind was not a bad idea but it has been a long time since the first day of 86feet the world 6th world and a series that has a series of events and the 3866is is a series of stories
bondeva gborie
bondeva gborie 13 days ago
someone did not get their turn
Kerry Vetters
Kerry Vetters 14 days ago
This video is jelly funny get it yellow deli find Google it XOXO
Lala Pham
Lala Pham 14 days ago
The jelly noodles is so yummy😋😋🤤🤤
Carlos Mendoza
Carlos Mendoza 14 days ago
DF o xjchjc
jackie mcarthur
jackie mcarthur 15 days ago
Samuel Lacandula
Samuel Lacandula 15 days ago
im really want to eat a pizza ooooo yummy
Inkie Pie
Inkie Pie 16 days ago
Troom troom I love you
Trash gacha
Trash gacha 16 days ago
And Ben takes out a RUvid button Me:wat
Bushra Parveen
Bushra Parveen 17 days ago
Viaan Kedia
Viaan Kedia 18 days ago
Maedee Viana
Maedee Viana 19 days ago
Good job
Lady victoria #2
Lady victoria #2 19 days ago
I would make a donut out of jelly
Tuyen Nguyen
Tuyen Nguyen 20 days ago
I would probably do the bath jelly
Unikitty lover
Unikitty lover 20 days ago
I like RUvid button
5b 4121 mubaraka oontwala
kura malik
kura malik 21 day ago
Padma Achary
Padma Achary 21 day ago
Glass wali ice cream
Christine Mavety
Christine Mavety 21 day ago
All of this looks so good and yummy 😋👌
Penelope Turner
Penelope Turner 22 days ago
Hi I’m Penelope and I love ❤️ the Light
Jahniah Marie
Jahniah Marie 22 days ago
I love your videos SO much 💕
Deanna Lee
Deanna Lee 22 days ago
Wael Alsaqabi
Wael Alsaqabi 22 days ago
this is so good
Swasti Chauhan
Swasti Chauhan 22 days ago
6:48 eeeew he placed his foot thier
India Brown
India Brown 23 days ago
Suzan Kim
Suzan Kim 23 days ago
To much jelly ayayai.🤪
《Vero Rat》
《Vero Rat》 24 days ago
Rachel Crawford
Rachel Crawford 24 days ago
There is eating bad food the man got right he needed to eat real eggs they’re healthyi
denielle Peterson
denielle Peterson 24 days ago
El 25 days ago
What is this channel ?!
bigdogstatus83 26 days ago
Cooldragon Extracool
Smacking when ur eating is one way to get smacked
henna tutorial saini
+&5**( him fbml O
Xxnovaplays robloxXx
i wonder where they get the recipes from
Bo Kim
Bo Kim 28 days ago
You make us wasted so much
My Doll Adventures
My Doll Adventures 28 days ago
Maha Cantello
Maha Cantello 28 days ago
I love it
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