I See a Dreamer (Dream Team Original Song)

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Composed with Max Cooper ▶ ruvid.net/u-supercoopers7598
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Illustrations by Luximus ▶ ruvid.net/u-Shadowlux100
Backup vocals by my dad and brother
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As the wind whips ‘round,
I take a breath for victory.
Wanna play tag, or wave your white flag?
Cuz you’ll never touch me!
King of hearts, all in,
It’s not a sin to wanna win.
Can’t see me flying like a bee, black and yellow energy,
Only me on my team, naturally.
I see a dreamer over there by the water,
But I got no, But I got no,
I see a dreamer,
And he’s ripe for the slaughter
But I got no, But I got no,
Phobia, phobia, phobia.
I hear battalions sing of my demise, but I don’t know the words,
I take a road of my own making,
On a journey, no returning.
Wah oh, wah oh,
That’s how it goes.
They’ve drawn the battle line,
And I see fire in their eyes.
Na na na na na na,
I’m better off not listening.
Na na na na na na,
I’ve got my own song to sing.
Flying like a bee, black and yellow energy
Only me on my team, naturally.
I see a dreamer over there by the water,
But I got no, But I got no,
I see a dreamer,
And he’s ripe for the slaughter
But I got no, But I got no,
Phobia, phobia, phobia.
My boat is full, why don’t you swim?
Enjoy my fortress, I’ll be right in.
I stare a hole through danger’s soul.
We all know,
“I can do this, eyes closed.”
I refuse to fail,
So heed this cautionary tale.
You’ve got dragons, my little friend,
You’ll conquer them in the end.
If you can.
I see a dreamer over there by the water,
But I got no, But I got no,
I see a dreamer,
And he’s ripe for the slaughter
But I got no, But I got no,
Phobia, phobia, phobia.
Thanks to djsmell for literally doing nothing and just wanting to be in the description of this video for a few minutes.


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Jan 14, 2021




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Comments 100
Antfrost Month ago
This is amazing :o
Leah G
Leah G 24 days ago
Max Norton
Max Norton Month ago
ikr antfrost its a pretty pog song
TCFL Month ago
Panchal Month ago
Bruh that means it is good
samir craft
samir craft Month ago
Rosalind Maponga
Rosalind Maponga Minute ago
Amazing love the song
chicken nugget 10
chicken nugget 10 8 minutes ago
this song is fire!!!
Lizzy B.
Lizzy B. 11 minutes ago
ilike it
Rohaan Kidanea
Rohaan Kidanea 12 minutes ago
Me: :> Dream: I'm so awesome.
Agnieszka Włodarczyk
Agnieszka Włodarczyk 13 minutes ago
Jej on to jest Dream
Grant Wong
Grant Wong 26 minutes ago
Real Yashiona
Real Yashiona 27 minutes ago
Glitche3d 31 minute ago
Emanuel Sanchez Martinez
I listen to this song all day every day
choco teddy
choco teddy 31 minute ago
Mee too 🐻🍫 Chocolate for you 🐻>🍫>
Jayden Ellis
Jayden Ellis 33 minutes ago
I see a video that is I don’t know and I don’t know I see a dreamer over there but it’s the weather
Dvrdf Fsgdd
Dvrdf Fsgdd 34 minutes ago
Gabriel Kleinhenz
Gabriel Kleinhenz 38 minutes ago
I love this song!!!
Mangolicious 39 minutes ago
Fun Facts: everyone loves this song and watched it more than once
Siren 49 minutes ago
Good job :)and I'll back to hacking amongus I guess, but good video tho keep up the good work
HECTOR MONTANO 58 minutes ago
nice i love it!
chrichu Hour ago
This songs genius
charlie bradbury
I LOVE DREAM TEAM And this song any frost is my favourite Hunter
X Team
X Team Hour ago
Chitralekha Mishra
Ahhh I feel relaxation when ever I hear this song what about you guys?
Real Yashiona
Real Yashiona 25 minutes ago
Same here
Tiffany Tu
Tiffany Tu Hour ago
Christopher Harris
You da best!
I thought this song was gonna be basic and dumb but now I'm listening to it 24/7 i really like how it sounds
Carlos Cruz
Carlos Cruz Hour ago
John Queen
John Queen Hour ago
Don’t really like songs like this one. But somehow this one is just good.
Sarvagya Srivastava
Now this is my favourite song !! I listen this daily before sleeping... Gives me nice dreams about DREAM
8bit64 Games
8bit64 Games Hour ago
This is a really amazing song good job CG5
cauã badaro
cauã badaro Hour ago
yom0msfat 2 hours ago
This song is terrible
sadis gamin
sadis gamin 2 hours ago
This song is so good :D
DaiYT 2 hours ago
what does kakorraphiaphobia xd mean
Gavin Huang
Gavin Huang 2 hours ago
1:58 geroges face lol
Ivi Donsanti
Ivi Donsanti 2 hours ago
I love this song fyain like a bee black and yellow energy i see a dreamer over then by the water
Reid Macrae
Reid Macrae 2 hours ago
i ove how goerg is in the background with bad just like 😶
_Raffi.2.0.XD_ FRZ
_Raffi.2.0.XD_ FRZ 2 hours ago
It's amazing
Marie Levert
Marie Levert 2 hours ago
This my alarm now
Sandra Tamayo
Sandra Tamayo 2 hours ago
I love this song
Cappoccino Ferret
Cappoccino Ferret 2 hours ago
Wait I can put boats on lava?
Amver John Caleb Togonon
I hear But a Techno instead of But i got no
Sky Films
Sky Films 2 hours ago
I love this song so much I unliked just to like again
Usman OMG Roblox
Usman OMG Roblox 2 hours ago
the lava clips are confuseing cause they say i see a dreamer over by the water and its confuseing
Usman OMG Roblox
Usman OMG Roblox 2 hours ago
and its atually lava
Carlos Morales
Carlos Morales 3 hours ago
It’s funny that dream released his song like a week after this so he couldn’t talk about this song
CandyCane frog
CandyCane frog 3 hours ago
this is amazing!!! its super cool and i learned half of the lyrics by listening for the first time! i bet this took a LOT of work ✨🐸 have a frog friend 🐸✨
Peasy Gaming
Peasy Gaming 3 hours ago
i already listned this a 100000 times today its very catchy lol im not gonna be bored
cool 3 hours ago
Weird but ok
Tina Bracka
Tina Bracka 3 hours ago
Sanjeev Kumar
Sanjeev Kumar 3 hours ago
See I am the imposter god song
Nahikinich Bonequi
Nahikinich Bonequi 3 hours ago
Gen z music is dope
Krishnan Ramanathan
Who is waiting for Dreams comment?
Amanda Argeñal
Amanda Argeñal 3 hours ago
Chesterian2108 Chester
Olivia-rose May Barrow-Bell
This song literally gives me goosebumps
p5a_ 3 hours ago
kakorrhaphiophobia search results after this video: 📈
isaac isaac
isaac isaac 3 hours ago
Racial slurs
Rianesse 3 hours ago
The real scenesruvid.net/video/video-dQw4w9WgXcQ.html
Le Hamburger
Le Hamburger 4 hours ago
Where is the man himself?
Dash_ Bean
Dash_ Bean 4 hours ago
This is very good even the dream team reacted to it
Gabriel Bjørling
Gabriel Bjørling 4 hours ago
# AMAZING/EPIC... oh wait IT'S BOUGHT!!!!
Izayoi Tina
Izayoi Tina 4 hours ago
this is cool
Uzi zoba
Uzi zoba 4 hours ago
You make cool music... Cool... 👁👄👁
a cat colored grey
a cat colored grey 4 hours ago
I’ve added at least 50 views to this video by my self
Alanna Heywood
Alanna Heywood 4 hours ago
Erik mikeproo
Erik mikeproo 4 hours ago
Erik mikeproo
Erik mikeproo 4 hours ago
demir aslan
demir aslan 4 hours ago
Apocalyptic Gamerz
Apocalyptic Gamerz 4 hours ago
Treamerpole 4 hours ago
Press the 5 key in ur keyboard many times It says "ice"
ณรงค์ศักดิ์ สุวอ
I used to draw a picture of you too
Foxy Bella
Foxy Bella 4 hours ago
Is it weird that I feel a warm fuzzy feeling everytime I watch this vid
Smile Axolotl
Smile Axolotl 5 hours ago
I see a dreamer over the water... Me:Wait isnt it Lava? Btw its so good I will always hear this
Wolf and Fox
Wolf and Fox 5 hours ago
My favorite music, i see a dreamer lyin to me,good to be a live and speed me up
Jeaven Nathanael
Jeaven Nathanael 5 hours ago
This didn't amazed me when I first watched it but after watching the second time I really like
Derp Grass
Derp Grass 5 hours ago
Wow is so cool with dream 😋😉
lendy lapadengan
lendy lapadengan 5 hours ago
Epick music!
Robinson Tudtud
Robinson Tudtud 5 hours ago
When I put it on slow looks good-
YT NUB 5 hours ago
EPIK work
MATTay 1469
MATTay 1469 5 hours ago
This took a while... Not only i Can see from your other channel but i also made a song.. Or actually Just help with The song And It the producers so painfuilly long And I had to be there if they would need me for vocals
DestroyerXD22 I am
DestroyerXD22 I am 5 hours ago
Marija davce
Marija davce 5 hours ago
im a youtuber toooooo
poletimetrics 5 hours ago
Marife Benga-ora
Marife Benga-ora 5 hours ago
Immagine dream like this video 👁️👄👁️
James Luna
James Luna 5 hours ago
George is so cure at the END when dream trowing pearl
Mystic 5 hours ago
This is amazing
Tamjeed toca boca With ayat
Maria Jozzette Cabahug
So cool and the animations are AMAZING! WOW!! :O
Romel Santos
Romel Santos 6 hours ago
Dream is a god in minecraft
Grace Hunter
Grace Hunter 6 hours ago
So catchy wth
cookie cat
cookie cat 6 hours ago
very amazing song,im like this
Lazer Monkey
Lazer Monkey 6 hours ago
By the way that phobia in the song is a abnormal fear of failure
Tiara Jorgen Bacaltos
When they sing ''I see a dreamer over there by the water'' Im hearing george ngl
Joshua Newman
Joshua Newman 6 hours ago
One of my new fave songs. Animations were amazing! Great work!
areghost widi
areghost widi 6 hours ago
I. Like
Mindfulness for Kids with O
so good
アレックスチャンネル alex channell
Dream its so smart
Hasuna HD
Hasuna HD 6 hours ago
Sha Umritun
Sha Umritun 7 hours ago
I won a online singing contest with the song
I,m an idiot
I,m an idiot 7 hours ago
To the people that don,t or didn,t know what is kakorrhaphiophobia like me it is (Kakorrhaphiophobia is an abnormal, persistent, irrational fear of failure. In clinical cases, it's debilitating: the fear of even the most subtle failure or defeat is so intense that it restricts a person from doing anything at all.) yes this is copy and past btw.
JAZEL HUERTA 7 hours ago
Cg5 must be the king of songs
Gigie Mijares
Gigie Mijares 7 hours ago
Amazing dude really amazing!!! it must be hard
UnforgivablyX 7 hours ago
This is the best
Master Animator
Master Animator 7 hours ago
Dreams dream be like:
anthony bossy
anthony bossy 7 hours ago
nice i like it
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