I Saved a Stranger and Her Daughter

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When we see others in trouble, society tells us that we should leave it alone and mind our own business. People think that it's what everyone wants when in truth, if people need help, they're mostly just too afraid to ask for it. So if the people who can help all mind their own business and the people who need help are too afraid to ask for it, how are we supposed to help each other? How are we supposed to grow as a society? As the story submitter says, "we should ALL do what we can to help others that are vulnerable and in a less fortunate position than we are. It’s the right thing to do in a civilized society." It really, really is.
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20 фев 2019




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Margaret Loewen
Margaret Loewen 2 часа назад
You are a great person 😊
Jacob Clark
Jacob Clark 3 часа назад
to the person who told this story: you're a kind person we need more people in our world like you
MEAN DAD 3 часа назад
Helping the little guy that people make fun of is a good thing now days. Thats why you should vote Trump in 2020.
Eevee Evergarden
Eevee Evergarden 4 часа назад
"She was in her late teens" *has wrinkles*
cara Is kinda werid
cara Is kinda werid 5 часов назад
This is kinda a copy of that episode of greys anatomy.
emperor j
emperor j 5 часов назад
You should have tried to get evidence against him and got the police involved
Animating Wolf
Animating Wolf 5 часов назад
You did a good deed 👍🏻
Jc Mary
Jc Mary 6 часов назад
You did a great job 😁
Ehanul Haque
Ehanul Haque 7 часов назад
Who tf hits a baby
Anjali Pal
Anjali Pal 7 часов назад
That’s amazing. I’m so happy that she’s in control now.
Llyr Davies
Llyr Davies 7 часов назад
That sounds like abuse tbh
YEET 8 часов назад
An entitled person.
Megan Mart-Kirven
Megan Mart-Kirven 8 часов назад
I completely agree with your decision you did the right thing
Alcantar Sophia
Alcantar Sophia 8 часов назад
Anyone else in tears
Krissol Gomez
Krissol Gomez 9 часов назад
You are so sweet I think everybody thinks that you are is a good person Internet is my birthday and I want you to make mention punch you😘🥰😍🥺
AlfTER 9 часов назад
1 like 1 house for her
Grace Hunston
Grace Hunston 12 часов назад
1 like = that old lady's weave being snatched
Misty Logan
Misty Logan 12 часов назад
I would have slapped that woman in the face with her own arm flap thingies old people have T_T
Talze 17 часов назад
We need more people like that 17 year old girl.
Sakagamergirlxx Ali
Sakagamergirlxx Ali 18 часов назад
U did the right thing and I wouldn’t have sat there either I would get up and tell that lady to stop cause she doesn’t know what she’s going through and then I would talk to the girl
SKmar YouTube Channel
SKmar YouTube Channel 19 часов назад
this video deserves 0... ..dislike
hridita rahman
hridita rahman 19 часов назад
2:22 where did her scares go
Ava Williams
Ava Williams 21 час назад
Don’t worry! The dislikes mean dis-i-like
Jaeselle Reyes
Jaeselle Reyes 21 час назад
Boyfriend: **Hits baby** Me If I was the abused mother: OH NO YOU DIDN’T YOU LITTLE TURD ** Slaps him through the roof to Jupiter** Also me: Touch my baby and you dead. Got it?
Homeboi Gobta
Homeboi Gobta 22 часа назад
legend has it the boyfriend and the rude woman are dating
Lindsay Lopez
Lindsay Lopez 23 часа назад
Good job god blessed you
Landon Mcafee
Landon Mcafee 23 часа назад
Abusive boyfriend left the chat
brandi diehl
brandi diehl 23 часа назад
BTS FanFictionsBanshee
BTS FanFictionsBanshee 23 часа назад
This gives me WHAT WOULD YOU DO vibes
Dalia Thornton-Fay
Dalia Thornton-Fay День назад
God bless you guys!!!
Drina Kush
Drina Kush День назад
Angels exist 💕💕💕💕💕
Sierra Kanouse
Sierra Kanouse День назад
I think you should get a job where you can do that help people
Infinite Greatness
Infinite Greatness День назад
That was the right thing to do! If you see something you say something. If there's abuse then speak up. Bruises and cuts? Call her a slut! Just let a girl be if you dont love her boys, just break up with em. Get soneone your into. Thank goodness theres people like you.
Tutu Train
Tutu Train День назад
Pls tell me this is not fake
Tutu Train
Tutu Train День назад
Is this real or not?
Amber DeRepentigny
Amber DeRepentigny День назад
This story is amazing
Marlea День назад
I would slap that lip stick off the old lady’s face
ramen doodles
ramen doodles День назад
Ebony McNeill
Ebony McNeill День назад
I'm glad you helped her that was a great thing to do.
Psycho Pie
Psycho Pie День назад
When I heard that he hit the baby I almost broke the universal laws found out where he livin but a plane ticket and smack him to the lost knuckles and make him show them tha wae to wakanda
Jul Diamond
Jul Diamond День назад
The dad reminds me of my father
Nishu Pattanashetty
Nishu Pattanashetty День назад
I hope that bf rots in hell...👿👿🔥🔥
Ashley Rivera
Ashley Rivera День назад
She is sooooo kind.❤
Nikita Markgren
Nikita Markgren День назад
Omg what a learning and sad story but it was a good stop of the video❤
Elwaleed Ibrahim
Elwaleed Ibrahim День назад
All the dislikes are people turning their phones upside down to like the video twice :) Always think the good thing first ;)
I love rosé from BP
I love rosé from BP День назад
I love this story sooooooo much
slovan01 День назад
1 like = one side kick in her boy friend’s face and a strong slap
fr0st День назад
3:53 is she ballas from warframe? look at her arms
ツAMIRPLAYZ День назад
1:02 that old lady on the right is the yo mama olso ugly from. Brody fox. WTF?
Lillian Perri
Lillian Perri День назад
The 1.5k people who had disliked this are either ppl who have been abusive or agreed ( like wth) with the FREAKING EVIL people
Yeeter Beater
Yeeter Beater День назад
2:15 *bandaids and scars magically disappear*
Kürbis Fanta 148
Kürbis Fanta 148 День назад
I think, that 17 yo girl did the right thing, cause people in an abusive relationship are often too afraid to reach out.
Wun Pummarachai
Wun Pummarachai День назад
It’s a good thing that you stood up to that lady. I want to be like you when I grow up now!
alis pun
alis pun День назад
3 50 oven
fnaf muffet plush gamer
fnaf muffet plush gamer День назад
1like=10 slaps on that family,customer and her boyfriend.
MerryBunny Gacha
MerryBunny Gacha День назад
YouTube_ BroBro
YouTube_ BroBro День назад
I'm more interested in the drawings dam your good
paul clarke
paul clarke День назад
I want to slap that old lady back to the 70s
cup_ó nøođłeśb
cup_ó nøođłeśb День назад
3:54,the girl with the orange shirt and ponytail has one LONG ASS hand.
Deva Surya
Deva Surya День назад
U just save some one that awesome. #beinghuman
Gacha MeawSSS
Gacha MeawSSS День назад
This kinda ppl are very rare
Katania Studios
Katania Studios День назад
*inserts What Would You Do?*
Kenneth Ray
Kenneth Ray День назад
With no disrespect. Jesus is the only one that saves. Please repent. For the Redemption draws near. It sadden my heart that over six billion people are being deceived. I'm not trying to deceive you like others. This message has been taught from the beginning of time. Message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the true message. I'm telling you the truth. You will see all your loved ones that have died and all your questions will be revealed. But I tell you if your name is not found in the Book of Life. You will not be asking your love ones for forgiveness, but the one who sits on the throne which is our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Please don't be offended by this, for God Himself is the source of life. That brings all life and His wonderful love upon His children shoulders. I'm telling you the truth, I've had dreams that come from God. And those dreams are never to be forgotten. If you want to know more you can ask me but if you are offended by this. Your heart is not open to it. We pray for you and we love you. And God has always loved you.
Susan Ramos' very cool videos
Susan Ramos' very cool videos День назад
It wasnt a resturant it was a ristorante.
Jayleen Avila
Jayleen Avila День назад
Boyfriend smacks Girlfriend,Boyfriend smacks baby,Me yell at boyfriend
Cj Animation studio
Cj Animation studio День назад
You did right it’s not being noisey when someone is getting harmed
Shine Rijie
Shine Rijie День назад
U did a amazing job! Proud of u👏👏
Kevin Samey
Kevin Samey День назад
The stories might be fake, but that’s the people who submitted the stories fault.
Just a random Person
Just a random Person День назад
The lessons in these videos are incredible, good job :)
Pink blush 123
Pink blush 123 День назад
The narrator needs to get the nobel peace prize
Blue Clouds
Blue Clouds День назад
That is amazing ! I think I would have done the same thing
Elizabeth Koutsouki
Elizabeth Koutsouki День назад
Personally , i could say that im in a way proud of that woman for deciding to text her in the first place. Some people in this kind of situation are not phycologicaly strong enough to do so. Like i said im in a way proud she did text her because she decided to reach to the helping hand that was given to her so she could save her child.
sorsa День назад
What kind of Sherlock Holmes you are?
Spectral Gaming
Spectral Gaming День назад
I swear to god if I saw that boyfriend of hers and that old lady I would call 911.
Mady y
Mady y День назад
I'm glad that there is kind person in this cruel world
Katy films Kally
Katy films Kally 2 дня назад
That’s a beautiful story ♥️ she’s an amazing girl ♥️♥️
Asadbek Azizov
Asadbek Azizov 2 дня назад
I like how you start with the main idea not "hey guys welcome back to another video".
The Gaming Waffle
The Gaming Waffle 2 дня назад
"then I had an idea!" Me: (in my head) "I called the police."
C. Bennett
C. Bennett 2 дня назад
Ga bless u😊
Zionne23 Marshall
Zionne23 Marshall 2 дня назад
Dark Shadow
Dark Shadow 2 дня назад
1.5k dislikes aren’t because they’re mean. It’s because they don’5 like sad things. Or it made them angry.
Pony Empires Unite
Pony Empires Unite 2 дня назад
One time, I accidently saved someone. My Mom and I were going to the Olive Tree when I spotted a Maserati. I LOVE cars so I screamed next to my mom and pointed "Maserati! Maserati!". My Mom lost control and drove onto the sidewalk. We hit a guy and almost hit another, younger guy. We both saw that when he got launched, a pistol was in his hand. The older guy fell down a hill and my Mom's Chevrolet Cruze sailed on top of him and shattered his femur. We called 911 and when the guy was hauled away and the cops talked to us, he said "That guy tried to shoot me! He tried to mug me and I pushed him onto the ground! He pulled out his handgun and that is when you swerved!" Don't know what happened to the 2 people after that. Also, our car only had a cracked front bumper, slightly damaged suspension, and a popped tire from the sharp bone fragments. The repairs were cheap.
Disaster Master
Disaster Master 2 дня назад
"MinuteVideos" cough cough 7 minutes long
P. Riley
P. Riley 2 дня назад
This was so HEARTWARMING imma bout to cry 😭 😭 🥰 🥰😔😔😖😖😖😫😫😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
SLASH 2 дня назад
Looks at name:minutevideos how long the video is: 7 minutes me: yup
Foxychu Is childish
Foxychu Is childish 2 дня назад
I would have done the same saving her and her baby. I’m the type of person who loves to help. I would let a homeless lady and her baby stay with me.
BESTYLEZ 2 дня назад
เพิ่งรู้ว่ามีคนไทยหลายๆคนช่วยทำคลิปในชาแนลนี้ด้วย ดูแล้วชอบมากๆครับ ภาพสวยเนื้อเรื่องดี 10/10เลย
Desiree Hamilton
Desiree Hamilton 2 дня назад
Dude you did a good thing and you were nosiy for the right reason thankyou for being a person that actually helps
Tyshe Bridgeman
Tyshe Bridgeman 2 дня назад
HE IS THE DEVIL😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
gabe 2 дня назад
“if is not your business you shouldn’t put yourself in the situation” is the worse thing a person can say in my opinion
Erin Rogoff
Erin Rogoff 2 дня назад
When I see people in trouble, my instinct is to help them. When I was in school once, I remember some older students were bullying one of my classmates. I went right up to them, told them to pick on someone who wasn't afraid to fight them. I kicked one of the boys in the place where it hurts, then kicked him in the face. He never reported me because he didn't want the heat that a little girl was able to beat him up.
Brendon Murr
Brendon Murr 2 дня назад
2:15 wheres the lady's bruises and scars
Ur Kinda Gay
Ur Kinda Gay 2 дня назад
1 like= one slap for the old lady
Adrian Wacy
Adrian Wacy 2 дня назад
1 Dislike for how many pieces of gum we take out of the boyfriend,s mouth likes is how many we suffacait him with
G famliy Craz saveg
G famliy Craz saveg 2 дня назад
God is amazing
Deriae' Williams
Deriae' Williams 2 дня назад
That so nice
wolfy 18
wolfy 18 2 дня назад
I know my story I ate something then I new I needed to use the bathroom 😮😮😮😮
Savannah Lyons
Savannah Lyons 2 дня назад
She is dumb for staying with that cruel man
Jaden Gaskell
Jaden Gaskell 2 дня назад
5:04 gang gang
MelaniaLovesRockAndRoll XD
MelaniaLovesRockAndRoll XD 2 дня назад
You got a new BFF and so she does :D When I am older like you was in that age I will just becouse of you help pepole like that! Like OML
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