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Today I reached MAX LEVEL and DESTROYED the entire SERVER in God Simulator!! No one can mess with me, KING OF THE GODS!!
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Mar 25, 2019




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Comments 201
Carmencita Tinaya
Carmencita Tinaya 27 days ago
i got level 2000
Oludayo Fasola
Oludayo Fasola Month ago
vo hanhnguyen
vo hanhnguyen 2 months ago
Zeus is worst, hades is best.
Yasmany Martinez
Yasmany Martinez 2 months ago
Where’s hercule xd
Billy Bones
Billy Bones 3 months ago
Grown men play Roblox?
Jmb Gaming
Jmb Gaming 7 months ago
There’s an update with Poseidon like if u know
Hans Aavatsmark
Hans Aavatsmark 7 months ago
he sounds like deadass Baku
HeroYT 7 months ago
1 like = save the world
axre plays
axre plays 8 months ago
im better than you haha sry but i am
Anime luffy
Anime luffy 8 months ago
I played the game and I think I killed so much stuff that I got ban from Roblox for 30 days
John Doe
John Doe 8 months ago
Miss spelled I meant comments
John Doe
John Doe 8 months ago
I just looked at commits and I saw 1 like=1 chicken saved but I eat chicken
MYTZ Soc 8 months ago
It is zeus
lorenz carl
lorenz carl 8 months ago
I have max level
Louis Franz Friedemann
Seriously?thunder is it supposed to be lighting?
KK1Gamer 65
KK1Gamer 65 9 months ago
Why do yt people buy their way like dude it’s so dumb
Jillian Charles
Jillian Charles 9 months ago
958 like
JAMES COOK 9 months ago
got to 500 without game passes :D
Project Zorgo helper
Use code 10m and bluecrew and aqua
Tracy Jennings
Tracy Jennings 10 months ago
The next update is the owner gets adds pasiden 😺😺
Theethat Thasanakosol
Theethat Thasanakosol 10 months ago
please play more:(
Theethat Thasanakosol
Theethat Thasanakosol 10 months ago
I think ares is the coolest skill at level85:)
notanoob 10 months ago
Who liked this straightaway
Hazim Hamza
Hazim Hamza 10 months ago
Umer The Clumsy Tube
Umer The Clumsy Tube 10 months ago
I saw the game tester rxpp and his level was almost 1000
reaper darkness
reaper darkness 10 months ago
UPDATE KRATOS NOW!! call kratos now !!
Benjamin Fortuin
Benjamin Fortuin 10 months ago
reaper darkness rlly i just played and didn’t see it can u tell me
Brandon Hodnett
Brandon Hodnett 10 months ago
* MonMon *
* MonMon * 10 months ago
hades or zeus? comment
Gacha Gabby
Gacha Gabby 10 months ago
Gamerul Victoraș hades
SakuraBunny 10 months ago
I got 234 level without any game pass
Jmb Gaming
Jmb Gaming 7 months ago
Krish Morajkar
Krish Morajkar 8 months ago
I’m level 14.5 billion without robux
ɪɴᴋʏ ғᴀᴄᴇ
I’m level 9383789292922293944848382829292939933383848484757783329200939448480 without using robux
Jivan Hass
Jivan Hass 9 months ago
Im lvl10!!!!
Corupted Dude
Corupted Dude 10 months ago
I am lvl 1812 without using robux because I can't buy any and don't have any
メZero Gravity
メZero Gravity 10 months ago
when i started this game i haved already 40mil coins
Benjamin Fortuin
Benjamin Fortuin 10 months ago
メZero Gravity AWW i didn’t 😩 but Now im level 200 soooo yeah
Zack Mcool
Zack Mcool 10 months ago
1like=1levels for me
H4RD Gameplays
H4RD Gameplays 10 months ago
U dont have reached the max .-.
• TheRealAidilliyax •
He did Z-Z
Juan Carranza
Juan Carranza 10 months ago
Festus Xiao
Festus Xiao 10 months ago
ZeYø DemønZ
ZeYø DemønZ 10 months ago
Hate that game :/
Martin Mõtus
Martin Mõtus 11 months ago
Orbital :/
Orbital :/ 11 months ago
Ooooooooooooo this is way faster then my UUuBErr
bruh sound effect
bruh sound effect 11 months ago
you didn't acheive max level ._.
Torres Carmela
Torres Carmela 11 months ago
Can you give me robux pls
ZA WARUDO 11 months ago
It’s weird how you say you are THE king of the gods zues and then another zues just walks behind you
AadiiGator 11 months ago
You finally realised you needed to buy m ore robux ._.
Tony Asuncion
Tony Asuncion 11 months ago
wow cool intro
Ken Tran
Ken Tran 11 months ago
I like this vid
khaledenver playing games
I'm hades there I'm you evil dead brother
Krish Morajkar
Krish Morajkar 8 months ago
khaledenver playing games I’m Poseidon
Yllor Oironet
Yllor Oironet 11 months ago
Dope vid dude
Jersaur 468
Jersaur 468 11 months ago
Nice Intro :D lol
Arianey Lopez
Arianey Lopez 11 months ago
I watched this channel since Minecraft!
Music 1 Hour
Music 1 Hour 11 months ago
I haven't seen him in a year and I've noticed he is getting less popular before all his vids where like 150k/200k views in only a couple hours/Days
Electricrose the Goat god
big fan
Kreep 11 months ago
Twist try tide outbreak its really fun
Mom 11 months ago
6 ads
zonavirus 11 months ago
I'm pretty sure that building wasn't the white house because it looks nothing like the real white house.. it was probably a capitol building.
逸朗龐 11 months ago
Someone made a Twiisted Sci Facility in FE2 Map Test it is all about you Twiisted!!!!!!
Jomel Bautista
Jomel Bautista 11 months ago
twisted pandora can u help me my acc was hack by kyleadriennegbea03ky can u help me retrive it from her my acc name cyber2602 and i have my twitter @cyberplayrblox thats is my acc. for 3yrs help me T-T
Kobe Napone
Kobe Napone 11 months ago
game play we are
Bwg 11 months ago
14:56 when mike enters palmbeach : oooooo i wanna live here Me: are you sure about that when a giant comes and destroys the buildings xD
JAMESPLAYZ 11 months ago
Hey twiis there is a map like dark sci facillity its on FE2 map test name of map:twis sci facillity
Carla Crabtree
Carla Crabtree 11 months ago
Carla Crabtree
Carla Crabtree 11 months ago
I think it is 2624554406 I can't remember that might be at
Carla Crabtree
Carla Crabtree 11 months ago
Play fe2 map testing bc there's a map called twisted sci facility
Carla Crabtree
Carla Crabtree 11 months ago
for real
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