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Today I reached MAX LEVEL and DESTROYED the entire SERVER in God Simulator!! No one can mess with me, KING OF THE GODS!!
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Mar 25, 2019




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Comments 198
Jmb Gaming
Jmb Gaming 2 months ago
There’s an update with Poseidon like if u know
Hans Aavatsmark
Hans Aavatsmark 2 months ago
he sounds like deadass Baku
CraftTheHero Animations
1 like = save the world
Sebastian Sund gamer
im better than you haha sry but i am
Anime luffy
Anime luffy 3 months ago
I played the game and I think I killed so much stuff that I got ban from Roblox for 30 days
John Doe
John Doe 3 months ago
Miss spelled I meant comments
John Doe
John Doe 3 months ago
I just looked at commits and I saw 1 like=1 chicken saved but I eat chicken
MYTZ Soc 3 months ago
It is zeus
lorenz carl
lorenz carl 3 months ago
I have max level
Louis Franz Friedemann
Seriously?thunder is it supposed to be lighting?
KK1Gamer 65
KK1Gamer 65 4 months ago
Why do yt people buy their way like dude it’s so dumb
Jillian Charles
Jillian Charles 4 months ago
958 like
JAMES COOK 4 months ago
got to 500 without game passes :D
Project Zorgo helper
Use code 10m and bluecrew and aqua
Tracy Jennings
Tracy Jennings 5 months ago
The next update is the owner gets adds pasiden 😺😺
Theethat Thasanakosol
please play more:(
Theethat Thasanakosol
I think ares is the coolest skill at level85:)
lol3726 Gaming
lol3726 Gaming 5 months ago
Who liked this straightaway
Hazim Hamza
Hazim Hamza 5 months ago
Umer The Clumsy Tube
I saw the game tester rxpp and his level was almost 1000
reaper darkness
reaper darkness 5 months ago
UPDATE KRATOS NOW!! call kratos now !!
Benjamin Fortuin
Benjamin Fortuin 5 months ago
reaper darkness rlly i just played and didn’t see it can u tell me
Brandon Hodnett
Brandon Hodnett 5 months ago
* MonMon *
* MonMon * 5 months ago
hades or zeus? comment
Gacha Gabby
Gacha Gabby 5 months ago
Gamerul Victoraș hades
SakuraBunny 5 months ago
I got 234 level without any game pass
Jmb Gaming
Jmb Gaming 2 months ago
Krish Morajkar
Krish Morajkar 2 months ago
I’m level 14.5 billion without robux
вяι gαмιиg
вяι gαмιиg 3 months ago
I’m level 9383789292922293944848382829292939933383848484757783329200939448480 without using robux
Jivan Hass
Jivan Hass 4 months ago
Im lvl10!!!!
Corupted Dude
Corupted Dude 4 months ago
I am lvl 1812 without using robux because I can't buy any and don't have any
メZero Gravity
メZero Gravity 5 months ago
when i started this game i haved already 40mil coins
Benjamin Fortuin
Benjamin Fortuin 5 months ago
メZero Gravity AWW i didn’t 😩 but Now im level 200 soooo yeah
Zack Mcool
Zack Mcool 5 months ago
1like=1levels for me
H4RD Gameplays
H4RD Gameplays 5 months ago
U dont have reached the max .-.
Aidilliyax PLAYZ
Aidilliyax PLAYZ 5 months ago
He did Z-Z
Juan Carranza
Juan Carranza 5 months ago
Festus Xiao
Festus Xiao 5 months ago
ZeYø DemønZ
ZeYø DemønZ 5 months ago
Hate that game :/
Martin Mõtus
Martin Mõtus 5 months ago
Orbital :/
Orbital :/ 5 months ago
Ooooooooooooo this is way faster then my UUuBErr
bruh sound effect
bruh sound effect 5 months ago
you didn't acheive max level ._.
Torres Carmela
Torres Carmela 5 months ago
Can you give me robux pls
James Wong
James Wong 5 months ago
It’s weird how you say you are THE king of the gods zues and then another zues just walks behind you
AadiiGator 5 months ago
You finally realised you needed to buy m ore robux ._.
Tony Asuncion
Tony Asuncion 5 months ago
wow cool intro
Ken Tran
Ken Tran 5 months ago
I like this vid
khaledenver playing games
I'm hades there I'm you evil dead brother
Krish Morajkar
Krish Morajkar 2 months ago
khaledenver playing games I’m Poseidon
Yllor Oironet
Yllor Oironet 5 months ago
Dope vid dude
Jersaur 468
Jersaur 468 5 months ago
Nice Intro :D lol
Arianey Lopez
Arianey Lopez 5 months ago
I watched this channel since Minecraft!
Music 1 Hour
Music 1 Hour 5 months ago
I haven't seen him in a year and I've noticed he is getting less popular before all his vids where like 150k/200k views in only a couple hours/Days
Sabdiel Oresfall
Sabdiel Oresfall 5 months ago
big fan
Rapier 5 months ago
Twist try tide outbreak its really fun
Mom 5 months ago
6 ads
zonavirus 5 months ago
I'm pretty sure that building wasn't the white house because it looks nothing like the real white house.. it was probably a capitol building.
逸朗龐 5 months ago
Someone made a Twiisted Sci Facility in FE2 Map Test it is all about you Twiisted!!!!!!
Jomel Bautista
Jomel Bautista 5 months ago
twisted pandora can u help me my acc was hack by kyleadriennegbea03ky can u help me retrive it from her my acc name cyber2602 and i have my twitter @cyberplayrblox thats is my acc. for 3yrs help me T-T
Kobe Napone
Kobe Napone 5 months ago
game play we are
Bwg 5 months ago
14:56 when mike enters palmbeach : oooooo i wanna live here Me: are you sure about that when a giant comes and destroys the buildings xD
JAMESPLAYZ 5 months ago
Hey twiis there is a map like dark sci facillity its on FE2 map test name of map:twis sci facillity
Carla Crabtree
Carla Crabtree 5 months ago
Carla Crabtree
Carla Crabtree 5 months ago
I think it is 2624554406 I can't remember that might be at
Carla Crabtree
Carla Crabtree 5 months ago
Play fe2 map testing bc there's a map called twisted sci facility
Carla Crabtree
Carla Crabtree 5 months ago
for real
Jan Cristobal
Jan Cristobal 5 months ago
dO haDes
Blasting Comet
Blasting Comet 5 months ago
Twi I was in ur server in overflow. vertab6r so nice to meet u!!!!!!!!!!
Krish Morajkar
Krish Morajkar 2 months ago
He did go play it now!
Gideon John
Gideon John 5 months ago
Xd every game you say stanima it’s STAMMMINA
strijders nifo
strijders nifo 5 months ago
you see my englisch is bad but I hope you'll respond quickly
strijders nifo
strijders nifo 5 months ago
and i liked all your videos
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