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Nov 14, 2018




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Comments 100
Paidway T.O
Paidway T.O 2 years ago
No time stamps !! Watch the fucking video
Anitra Bolden
Anitra Bolden 2 years ago
Silly T.O z
AllWill FallToMe
AllWill FallToMe 2 years ago
stfu pussy
Dumm Tv
Dumm Tv 2 years ago
Silly T.O good shi brodie 🥶🥶🥶
Ron2Lit Tv
Ron2Lit Tv 2 years ago
Where’s them courts at T.O?
TMT Lamonte
TMT Lamonte 2 years ago
Silly T.O what u think about my content
Dat nigga said shit yo bald head ass up 😂😭😭😭
Odalis Celaya
Odalis Celaya Month ago
The group of niggas that swear they tuff lmoa im dead y’all sum kids
Justin Garcia
Justin Garcia Year ago
nba gang
jeremy broussard
Hey why do you have to be like that to James 😂 he seems real humbled
Crystal’s Vlogs
The man: “behave” James and t.o and the guys: “shut ur bald head a**”😂😂😂 Me: *keeps on replaying it*
Lianextdoor Year ago
who the boy holding the camera in the beginning?👀
Jayla Bell
Jayla Bell Year ago
Hw7otysuko& 7z😍😉😅😅😅😍jm& we
Quaye Beatz
Quaye Beatz Year ago
Vivian Hernandez
Vivian Hernandez 2 years ago
Why you ran up on james?
Trxy Glxo
Trxy Glxo 2 years ago
James Hinton
James Hinton 2 years ago
What’s wrong wit silly voice
vibingwithfar 2 years ago
I know that little boy
CityBoySoLo 2 years ago
I would of fucked him up u playing around
Luis Chavez
Luis Chavez 2 years ago
All of y’all pussies
riquee 2 years ago
Looks like someone looking for clout
Daniqua Nelson
Daniqua Nelson 2 years ago
These fools aint got no swagg. My brother and his lil friends will kill them in swagg.
Daniqua Nelson
Daniqua Nelson 2 years ago
Why all they voices so high lmaoooo
itspretty fay
itspretty fay 2 years ago
It's good yall play ball instead of video games all day long ☺️☺️🤙
Cgb Gaming
Cgb Gaming 2 years ago
James never fault ddg
Char tika Elston
Char tika Elston 2 years ago
This nigga look like ybn glizzy
ToXiiC_DracoYT 2 years ago
Y’all so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ta'hir Beaufort
Ta'hir Beaufort 2 years ago
He said the same as ddg james first you was scared of ddg so you a bitch for lying that just got me mad.
Ajaylah S
Ajaylah S 2 years ago
I bet Tete watching off her flip phone
L 2 years ago
Her laptop
jaack 2 years ago
Oml DDG got u doing the sane thing
Gaming with __p3ttyluhbraceface
Out there hitting like a little bitch
PB Jayy
PB Jayy 2 years ago
Dem bitches not sweet😂
Lyfee With Chloee
Lyfee With Chloee 2 years ago
y’all dickriding james . i hope y’all giving him some bag cus ain’t nobody putting me n that CAPTION nor recording me getting views off me & im not getting paid . shit slow homie😂💯
Wake God
Wake God 2 years ago
That darkskin nigga was dribblin his danm jacket off wtf? Trying to hard lofl
Curlyhead_ Debo1
Curlyhead_ Debo1 2 years ago
Ong tht night was funny
Glyze 2 years ago
Y’all play too much 😂
Xzonic_Tv 2 years ago
Lo Kayven
Lo Kayven 2 years ago
What is the name of the song on his intro
gnjggjum ghtfhj
gnjggjum ghtfhj 2 years ago
Is that james thats in 9th? Grade
Loco Fries
Loco Fries 2 years ago
T&I So LIt
T&I So LIt 2 years ago
Hi everyone can you guys go check out my RUvid channel I’m new an need you guys to show me some love thanks and if your reading this your awesome 😎 an amazing 🔥
GOATEDxSAM 2 years ago
Why he say he gone do u like ddg and they ain't even fight😭😭
Andreanna Zeigler
Andreanna Zeigler 2 years ago
James you tryna wind mill and stuff
Andreanna Zeigler
Andreanna Zeigler 2 years ago
Did he say you can get whooped like ddg and he was scared to fight ddg he didn't even run up and he didn't even lay a finger on ddg you was scared to fight what you talking bout and you using tee tee for clout boy esposed talking all that mess boy
EDITZ 2 years ago
Haha 😒 ran up on and ran into are completely 2 different shit
GreenFromNamek 2 years ago
I’d give u niggas a bucket
Dayton Ohio
Dayton Ohio 2 years ago
Laylaypoping Queen
Laylaypoping Queen 2 years ago
He need to stop caping ddg did not get beat up by him his ugly big bothered self
Darius Darius
Darius Darius 2 years ago
Them niggas funny asf 😂😂😂
Teana Chavis
Teana Chavis 2 years ago
He said he woop ddg but in the video he didn't even touch him 😂😂😂
Samuel Perez
Samuel Perez 2 years ago
I was just there i missed all of yall
QUEEN J 2 years ago
The fact that most of there family moved to LA lol
We2SAUCY 2 years ago
Funniest video on RUvid dropping at 8 today !!
Dreaa And Meeko
Dreaa And Meeko 2 years ago
Y’all making hella money off James 🤣whole family eating wish my whole family would do RUvid ❤️❤️
K Money
K Money 2 years ago
Ya playing I would of really shot the ones with him
TK SQUAD 2 years ago
Matheus VEVo
Matheus VEVo 2 years ago
if James was me. He will be in jail !
Dee Mak
Dee Mak 2 years ago
James is dubs son or something 😂💯
Rap News
Rap News Year ago
Drip Bayless fr😂😂
Teiana Hendley
Teiana Hendley 2 years ago
I love you bae 😻❤
Jamikqua Broome
Jamikqua Broome 2 years ago
They in auburn hills not Pontiac
angal cute
angal cute 2 years ago
Kingloaf 2 years ago
That nigga said he look like a tall dick what type of shit y’all on
Rell Lemonz
Rell Lemonz 2 years ago
T.O. is in high school
L 2 years ago
lilyounginkjvevo 2 years ago
James was going beat his ass
lilyounginkjvevo 2 years ago
ZahUpNext 2 years ago
Move to LA where it’s lit at
ZahUpNext 2 years ago
Move to LA my guy
10:44 Nobody said shyt bout dat big ass piece of lint in his head lmao🤦‍♂️😂🤣🤣🤣😭😭
Dumm Tv
Dumm Tv 2 years ago
My brotha with another banger🥶
Unknow N
Unknow N 2 years ago
That was none of y’all business 💯😭I’m tired of y’all ogling that boys name for clout
Unknow N
Unknow N 2 years ago
Y’all only beefing wit him bc ddg
Unknow N
Unknow N 2 years ago
Y’all using that boy for clout & views
Unknow N
Unknow N 2 years ago
Stop doing dumb shii for views 🤣
Unknow N
Unknow N 2 years ago
On my mom this shit annoying asf now 💯YALL USING THAT LIL BOY FIR CLOUT. & y’all using ddg leave that boy alone he a lil was kid & if you touch him y’all will be going to hail & gone be salty asf
thaboidometrius 22
thaboidometrius 22 2 years ago
Run up on james
thaboidometrius 22
thaboidometrius 22 2 years ago
No you did not
Kiraclass Sss
Kiraclass Sss 2 years ago
Do anybody else think that boy that first came on camera look like nelly a lil bit ?😂 just me ok
Wake God
Wake God 2 years ago
I was gonna comment that but knew it was already somewhere on here
Belladonna Devereux
Classy K lol facts
baby t
baby t 2 years ago
Yall be playing i would've been beat his ass
iamcluch 420
iamcluch 420 2 years ago
OnlyOmari 2 years ago
james been making y'all views go up more no cap lol
Lamont Byrd
Lamont Byrd 2 years ago
Like 👦 lets scrip where you live son
Natural Dyy
Natural Dyy 2 years ago
Fcats this my first time watching his channel
Ang ENT 2 years ago
EyeSoShon 2 years ago
13:23 when he meet up sub to me for saving yo time
Kolp Oplm
Kolp Oplm 2 years ago
Darius Smith
Darius Smith 2 years ago
Blood hurry up n move to the city I need to link with u😂
Beezzyy 2x.
Beezzyy 2x. 2 years ago
Dude in the beginning of the vid look like nelly
Glen Stewart
Glen Stewart 2 years ago
James does not box🙅🏾‍♂️
Ghee Weezy
Ghee Weezy 2 years ago
Glen Stewart should of seen an instagram story he has posted dude had fast as hands
Nyaa C
Nyaa C 2 years ago
i see he’s starting to sound more and more like dub.. u sure this aint yo son dub?
Carolina Music
Carolina Music 2 years ago
He sound more like von von to me and he act just like him
Major Problem
Major Problem 2 years ago
Stiff 2 years ago
Niggas be ready to fight over basketball like the getting paid for it. Clowns
Aaliyah Martin
Aaliyah Martin 2 years ago
James sound and look just like dub and they family .. are y’all sure this not one of they brothers , cousins , nephew or sunthing ? 🤔 it just don’t fit
Zoqli 2 years ago
I know right
Thatsmarrshawty 2 years ago
LeLe Poppin supposedly
kiid wavii
kiid wavii 2 years ago
They from the Same area they prolly all sound the same
Torture Original
Torture Original 2 years ago
@Lil g nigga they asking if James related to dub
Lil g
Lil g 2 years ago
That is James from ddg and em
King First
King First 2 years ago
That camera rule in Walmart has to go none is going to listen to it
Jay tv
Jay tv 2 years ago
Nigga voice so light
chuma morales
chuma morales 2 years ago
14:14 shut yo bald head ass up😂😂😂
chuma morales
chuma morales 2 years ago
Aye yups get that content silly.to😂😂😂
Isabella J.
Isabella J. 2 years ago
You’ve been doing good on uploading
kevingoon777 yt
kevingoon777 yt 2 years ago
Gerald Jordan
Gerald Jordan 2 years ago
Boy recorded with a PSP
DJ ONGO 2 years ago
Baby Ki
Baby Ki 2 years ago
So this is what the new generation looks like hmmm🤔
Kayvek 2 years ago
can y'all please sub to me
Dawn Jackson
Dawn Jackson 2 years ago
T.o leave James alone because if that nigga beat yo shit in I'm gon laugh
Speedy_ 2 years ago
Can’t wait for ddg to react
Kickz Z
Kickz Z 2 years ago
Yo tell Monte Carlo to post that nigga is funny as hell
Kickz Z
Kickz Z 2 years ago
He got the #1 best reactions
Ybc Tay
Ybc Tay 2 years ago
The Heni Family
The Heni Family 2 years ago
It’s all about the title and thumbnail 💯😭
tiago almeida
tiago almeida 2 years ago
What’s the name if the song in the intro “ she gimme good throat”
tiago almeida
tiago almeida 2 years ago
Keonna Bulger nigga cmon bro lmao u think niggas is slow lol
Keonna Bulger
Keonna Bulger 2 years ago
Nba youngboy no mentions
J GuttaTV
J GuttaTV 2 years ago
T.o having Pontiac lit asf💀🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jamikqua Broome
Jamikqua Broome 2 years ago
No he don't speaking from Pontiac nwo,fg461,first e etc them the real ones who make it lit especially zell from Pontiac he the one make the city slap #speakingfrompontiac
Poup Stizzy2781
Poup Stizzy2781 2 years ago
14:10 all that man said was behave and they got on his ass lmao
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