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Hi Beautiful! Today I put box dye to the test. I have always been curious if this stuff actually works. Doing a direct comparison to professional color felt like the only way I could really uncover the truth!
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7 фев 2019

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Brad Mondo
Brad Mondo 15 дней назад
Who's the shit? You the shit.
Nia Brown
Nia Brown 13 минут назад
I sure am
Kaitlyn Gloor
Kaitlyn Gloor 3 часа назад
Then why did you just shame us for using box dye
Jamie Feldman
Jamie Feldman 6 часов назад
You’re not “the” shit. You are shit. Switching mannequins.
OUTERWORLDWOLF359 12 часов назад
Rain C what do you mean
Rain C
Rain C 13 часов назад
Adrian l
Adrian l 19 минут назад
So for those of us that dye box our hair know how it stains when on the skin.... Where the professional dye not so much. Yet the “profesional” side had stains and the the “box dye” didn’t.... explain here? I’m sure you were so shocked that box dye turned out amazing and your hairstylist ego couldn’t admit it so it was easier to just switch heads. Nice try here but you’ve been caught
Isabel Arguelles
Isabel Arguelles 19 минут назад
I would love to see a video where u test a lot of box dyes in the same color to see which brand of box dye is the best
Patricia Graham
Patricia Graham 27 минут назад
Unsubscribed and will not watch again. You are obviously just using my ad revenue money for cocaine and deceit.
Kristina 35 минут назад
you switched the mannequins and tried to act like we wouldn't notice. we arent idiots.
missy ann
missy ann 40 минут назад
My mom duzz my hair my sister's hair and her hair with box color and we do it outside because the smell is so bad our dogs will start coughing
nora gangi
nora gangi 49 минут назад
Well that was obvious. I've done that particular box color. Been dying my hair 26 years. At home and sometimes salons. But that color was one of few that lasted for box dye. It's a metallic dye. Last a bit longer. Harder to cover. But switching the heads was obvious.
ValkyrieBun 53 минуты назад
That’s gonna be a yikes from me dawg... clear switching of the heads and bias against box dye is not cute...
viceversa 56 минут назад
What does lift mean...im sorry color virgin over here
Rae subliminals
Rae subliminals Час назад
Tangerine Mongoose
Tangerine Mongoose Час назад
Smh brad 🤦🏼‍♀️
Brandie Fradet
Brandie Fradet Час назад
The conditioner included with hair box dye is the best damn part of BOX DYE ! Use the damn conditioner, or give it to me !!!!😜 😘😀😱❤
Madilyn TeSlaa
Madilyn TeSlaa Час назад
You should do a video on comparing lightening the professional color vs lightening box dye because that’s the huge problem with box dye
Rare Phoenix Unicorn
Rare Phoenix Unicorn Час назад
lol he switched the manikins, he stained the box dye manikins face on accident and didnt scrub it all off... and you can clearly ssee that after he washes there hair
FreckledLemonade 2 часа назад
The box dye head literally still has the massive stain along the top corner
FreckledLemonade 2 часа назад
I love him actin like it’s a slippery weasel
Queen E F
Queen E F 2 часа назад
When ever I use box die I use a brush lol
megan Oneale
megan Oneale 2 часа назад
U have switch them
Martina Fernandez
Martina Fernandez 3 часа назад
heads were switched, smh
Megan 3 часа назад
Guys... I'm a Huawei girl now bitches. So long apple
VloggerGirl Cici
VloggerGirl Cici 3 часа назад
My mum used the exact one you were holding (L'OREAL) 😂😭
Paddy Arthur Mudd
Paddy Arthur Mudd 3 часа назад
Please redo the test.. with same colours side by side on one head.. and let's watch the results from their
Paddy Arthur Mudd
Paddy Arthur Mudd 3 часа назад
I am married to a hairdresser, and Brad please, let's face it boyo... I'm a Welsh man and unless the water in Wales made me stupid you swapped the dyes over.... This box colour is a amazing colour ... I know my partner uses this range themselves... And I hate lies... Face it boyo you swapped the heads you did... Respect for Brad a 2 out of 5.. the results of the dox dye 5 out of 5...
Yasshoney 4 часа назад
I can’t see the comment section???
DimitriTheMeatTree 4 часа назад
For those saying he DIDNT switch the heads... There is a reply video someone made using the same two products Brad does on the same mannequin head (making it undeniable which one was used where) and it's clear the box dye was the more red vibrant one. Tbh I am really disappointed and I've wanted to like his videos but sometimes he's just so biased and elitist.
elvisfnhendrix 4 часа назад
I agree box dye is the devil. It cause a lot of damage to my hair but the colors are more vibrant and shiny. #headswitch
Amanda Spacek
Amanda Spacek 4 часа назад
Most hair dyes don't have ammonia anymore
crystal tillman
crystal tillman 5 часов назад
The box dye is so much shinier than you showed. Next time pick a less known box color if your trying to get away with switching.
crystal tillman
crystal tillman 5 часов назад
I leave that color in forv30 to 40 most of the time. It comes out better that way.
crystal tillman
crystal tillman 5 часов назад
I use that exact brand and power color and I love it. its always shiny and last a long time.The color is amazing to.
Ashley Holder
Ashley Holder 5 часов назад
When I go to a shop to get my hair dyed: 6:20
Mei Okawa
Mei Okawa 6 часов назад
Anyone know where his leather jacket is from? Really need to get started with my battle jacket!
marie molina
marie molina 6 часов назад
at 12:49 you can see the professions hair color has a purple mark on the forehead and then that switches towards the end at 19:35
Meli Ocasio
Meli Ocasio 6 часов назад
I’m confused as to why he’s acting like he’s never applied color with a bottle before? That’s like how a majority of stylists apply toner at the shampoo bowl. I saw another video of him “fixing” a girls hair & It came out HORRIBLY 😂 I used to like him but damn, that subscriber count really went to his head
Bartłomiej Grześ
Bartłomiej Grześ 6 часов назад
What the f, he did switched the heads thats for sure, and he pick the worst 'professional' color/brand possible, also, any good hairstylist would not put just one color without mixing with other tones or prelighting the hair to get best vibrant results so its not really professional, even the level of colors are not the same i mean box dye is level 5/6 and 'professional' is level 3, once again what the f? Did he really think that people are that dumb? No words needed...
D J.S 6 часов назад
What a liar. To begin with the dolls look different. The one with the “box” dye is slimmer and prettier face darker eyebrows The “pro” has a wider face and lighter brows. You switched them prior to blowout! I can’t believe you would think people are stupid enough to believe this
Mia Wakoski
Mia Wakoski 7 часов назад
"Who have I become for this RUvid Channel?" A lying fraud apparently.
Coral Hernandez
Coral Hernandez 7 часов назад
Never thought a professional would be so confused with using box dye.... it’s biased from the beginning.
Sam Ellison
Sam Ellison 8 часов назад
I have used box dye and professional dye both a ton of times and you totally switched those heads hahah
simply gabi
simply gabi 8 часов назад
am i the only one that think he looks like ian somerhalder? (damon from tvd)
Reyanne Copus
Reyanne Copus 8 часов назад
But they both are in a box😂😂
Chloe Dee
Chloe Dee 8 часов назад
Oh my god. really? switching the heads- why not just say the truth.
Kyler Panda
Kyler Panda 8 часов назад
Box dye is amazing tbh. I have always used it and it's amazing. No bad smell depending on which brand. The color is really bright depending on brand. And can be shiny depending on brand.
Ashley Mcnutt
Ashley Mcnutt 9 часов назад
Omg I just came back to rewatch this video and HE SWITCHED THE HEADS. WHAT?!
Katie Marie
Katie Marie 9 часов назад
Switches mannequins, then puts 5 none skippable ads in the video 😂 big ooooof.
Konichiwa Fam
Konichiwa Fam 9 часов назад
Y’all are so ready to test down the people you’ve helped build up sksksk can you imagine actually not attacking somebody? I never thought cancel culture was real until I see y’all doing this sksksk ok but Tbh box dye is always a hit or miss, but usually a miss bc the vibrancy never stays as strong ( imo ) after the first 24 hours and can come out patchy if you aren’t careful. Professionally done is typically better for your hair bc of their experience, color can sometimes be hit or miss as well if they aren’t familiar with their own products or haven’t done the color you’re looking for. I trust a professionals work better, so I ain’t saying use professional products bc they r better. Just see a professional for a better experience periodt. The only box dye color I trust is black personally skrrt skrrt
Kat Webb
Kat Webb 10 часов назад
I orginally commented on this because I used the same box dye months ago and it came out surprisingly bright on my naturally dark hair. I was confused by how dull it looked in the end because my results were drastically different. But after seeing Draya Does It's video recreating this (linked below), I definitely believe Brad switched the mannequin heads. That could've been by accident but the stains on the heads make it clear which is which. I know Brad doesn't like box dye but switching the heads (IF it was done on purpose) is extremely misleading and insulting to your viewers. I'd like to think he's better than trying to manipulate people into going to salons. Also, hair dye from Sally's isn't professional quality. Draya Does It's video: ruvid.net/video/видео-i8CTrkB1a74.html
twirly 10 часов назад
just imagine someone buying the professional color based off of this wrong comparison and then getting the bad outcome. its obvious he switched heads
Chiappy 11 часов назад
I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for switching the heads. He definitely switched them without question but that might have been a mistake and not on purpose. But damn he's so nut unbiased in this review. Also he comes off very judgemental. Of course he's going to promote the professional one. But even then he tells you to go to the salon. I agree that it's easier to just sit in a chair. But that shit is expensive. Yeah I can treat myself to that a few times a year but I still use box dye Henna in between cause the cost is just not worth it otherwise.
Billy Billy
Billy Billy 11 часов назад
Disliked and unsubbed. If you're gonna switch the heads at least wipe off the stains that prove your lying. 🙄
dєαd єnd
dєαd єnd 11 часов назад
You need to stop your hate. One it isn't your channel it's his, meaning it contains his opinions. It's like saying some like pineapples in their pizza some don't you can't tell who's is right and wrong for bish. It's third opinion and he didn't ask you to watch you watched haters keep hating, players keep playing.
GIZMO SPAZZ 11 часов назад
Clearly switched and won't admit the "mistake."
Angelina shaw
Angelina shaw 11 часов назад
Both are red not purple apparently he doesn’t know his colors
Clorox The cat
Clorox The cat 12 часов назад
Brad did an oopsie.
jess myzelf
jess myzelf 12 часов назад
Switched the heads very trustworthy person
Mimi 12 часов назад
this is a joke
Jolene Crowley
Jolene Crowley 13 часов назад
It's very clear that he got the heads mixed up. Ironically I use this exact colour to dye my hair and I get praised by most pros about how amazing y hair looks. It's all about how you use it and to ensure its applied properly.
Kat Webb
Kat Webb 9 часов назад
Same. My hair was very dark brown before I used the same box dye and it turned out vibrant. I had a feeling the "results" in this video were suspicious.
Brittany Lyons
Brittany Lyons 13 часов назад
Honestly switched. They are to different colors mann
Brittany Lyons
Brittany Lyons 13 часов назад
Rebecca likes her box dye and doesn't need your validation. Haha seriously her face when you were talking about developer was so unamused. Yeah ik it's a freaking fake head but I'm still entertained
Paul J
Paul J 13 часов назад
All Might
All Might 14 часов назад
"Uhmmm 19 dollars isn't much of a difference from 13 dollars,," Brad, I love you to death, but have you *ever* been in the shoes of a poor person? A 5 dollar difference is 5 dollars you could have used on something more important. Box dye was better, in my opinion. I think he switched the heads considering the color choices from the beginning, the box dye was more reddish, and the last head was more reddish purple than the "box dye" head......
MintChocolate 14 часов назад
I can tell by the reddish staining on the scalp that it was switched. The professional color stained less and was a grayish plum, not a red based purple. I used box dye for years and some brands stain like heck. You can't fool an experienced box dye user
Shanarose Hartie
Shanarose Hartie 14 часов назад
10:44 I have the same brand and color in my hair right now😂😂
ItsDanielle 14 часов назад
It was immediately obvious that you switched the heads over, just look at the staining on the head!!!
Stephanie Schwab
Stephanie Schwab 14 часов назад
The very top (right side for viewers) red stain on the forehead was on the box dye one before washing but its apparently on the "professional" one after it gets washed out in the exact same spot 😂 cmon, also the one that's more red is now dark purple and the one that was dark purple is now red toned...
kaya lauren
kaya lauren 14 часов назад
lol and u really parted the switched ones hair so that u can’t see the stain even though we already could when you blow dried it 😂😂😂
Elisa Hill
Elisa Hill 15 часов назад
Why did you switch the heads? You just praised the box dye head. 😂 Next time do half and half on one mannequin to prove that it was both on the same head.
kaya lauren
kaya lauren 15 часов назад
switched them. cancelled
sandy88899000947 15 часов назад
Just used time out of my day to analyse the video, and yes, he switched the heads! He should just do the whole thing again and apolognize for the messup. Shit happens! Love him tho.
The Fangirl
The Fangirl 15 часов назад
Who's here again after watching Draya Does It's video?
NikolaiNorris Час назад
Kat Webb
Kat Webb 9 часов назад
Selia Marie
Selia Marie 15 часов назад
ok so tbh i don’t really notice the difference in the mannequins themselves, but it’s just purely obvious from the outcome of the color, there’s no way that the violet color would come out looking that red and that the red out look so violet.... the main thing i noticed was how much he kept the hair covering their faces so that we couldn’t notice as much of a difference in the makeup if there was one
Ladyravenn 15 часов назад
Wow cought with your pants on fire Brad!
Shelby Hetrick
Shelby Hetrick 15 часов назад
A channel called Draya does it did the same thing, with the same exact dyes as him. To see if he really did switch them. And he 10000000% did. The box dye on hers was the same color his "professional" head had. And vise versa for the professional dye. What the fuckk. Did he really think we are all that fucking stupid??
Sofia G
Sofia G 16 часов назад
i actually used drugstore hair dye. personally, its gets vibrant after a few more tries and (i had virgin hair) looked pretty good. i wanted to try this but i was too lazy lol love the vid!
Sarrah Chang
Sarrah Chang 16 часов назад
tisk tisk. Redo the experiment same colors to regain credibility.
Katie Trimue
Katie Trimue 16 часов назад
This is such bullshit, dude.
Gema Cruz
Gema Cruz 16 часов назад
No hate or anything I love Brad and his videos but I can feel the secondhand embarrassment. The switch was probably by accident but at least now he can agree that box hair dye is not that bad.😂😂 Also, I hope that the hate stops soon, everyone makes mistakes and it's not like he harmed anyone. There are people on social media who do really terrible things but don't get as bashed like Brad is right now so I feel bad for him. Let's all calm down a little bit.😅😭
Cyan Dino
Cyan Dino 13 часов назад
He switched them on purpose.
Jenny Guzman
Jenny Guzman 16 часов назад
He did start of with their faces fully exposed and then had their faces mostly covered in the reveal 🤔
Taylor Guarino
Taylor Guarino 17 часов назад
T R A S H A S S Y O U T U B E R Your RUvid career is over lmao
Cori W
Cori W 17 часов назад
Brad it's so obvious the heads are switched, I totally understand if it was an accident but you should address it before it blows up into something huge
Emma Catlin
Emma Catlin 17 часов назад
This is Embarrassing to watch as my mom owns a salon and this just makes hairstylist look bad
Katelyn Mckellips
Katelyn Mckellips 17 часов назад
Brad is cancelled bye can't trust him
ceea gotti
ceea gotti 17 часов назад
Color is deposited into the cortex and how is he taking the hair from a 6 to a 3 so he was making it darker?
TheWeirdOnes 17 часов назад
Idk why people are saying the doll heads were switched. Literally just stop
Cyan Dino
Cyan Dino 13 часов назад
They're speaking the truth. I think you need to re-watch the video. Closely.
Evelyn 17 часов назад
The only reason I'm commenting is because I use the same color box dye. Just admit you like box dye and its color payoff is better, I mean that's why I chose this color lmfao. Even on dark brown hair it comes up vibrant, so I can't say I dig this video. Try again, lololol.
Kat Webb
Kat Webb 7 часов назад
Same here lol.
Evelyn 17 часов назад
Plus, the box dye dyes the shit out of your scalp and it's hard to wash out the first few times, so there you go.
Jess May
Jess May 17 часов назад
cringe af watching you kiss the box dyes butt knowing damn well u switched them, it looks unprofessional and u lied to fans too, just stop i'm embarrassed f0r u
redhead fred
redhead fred 17 часов назад
Who dyes hair wearing a jacket?!?? Or long sleeves for that matter? I’m waiting for him to get it all over himself.
Danielle Boyer
Danielle Boyer 18 часов назад
Scottie Aubrey
Scottie Aubrey 18 часов назад
I did my hair on my channel did it look bad?
Alex Winthrop
Alex Winthrop 18 часов назад
Brad I had so much respect for you I genuinely hope against hope that you switched these heads on accident.
Cassandra Lee
Cassandra Lee 18 часов назад
Maybe I’m biased because I think brad is a lot of fun to watch... but I really don’t think he switched the heads on purpose. Things look different on and off camera. 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 can’t trust anyone these days but I think it’s unfair to just throw all of his credibility under the bus. I hope he addresses this soon
C Estrada
C Estrada 18 часов назад
Wow ! Look @ the heads on 12:39, pay close attention to the hair colors then look @ 12:41! He definitely switched the heads ! 😫😔
emibee 18 часов назад
making everyone feel too broke to even watch your channel smh
Krystal Jade
Krystal Jade 18 часов назад
Unsubbed, this was so unprofessional.
MomLifeMakeup 18 часов назад
One of them should have been wash’s, because when doing your hair you need to think of your future goal, of some day you want to be blonde, it takes a lot to come back from hard box colors.
Mindja Bizness
Mindja Bizness 18 часов назад
total switch
lisa houk
lisa houk 18 часов назад
not everyone can afford a color at the salon..dont be a snob
troy all the time
troy all the time 19 часов назад
So disappointed... Now we can't trust anything you say! 😖 #justlikealltheotheryoutubers
BlueDonutGacha OwO
BlueDonutGacha OwO 19 часов назад
I feel like the reason why brad voted for the professional hair dye is because he thinks he is one and we all know brad mondo used box dye at least once in his life when he was a “professional”
ASHLEY LYONS 19 часов назад
For sure in the right side of her forehead where he wiped her clean it was all on the side with the box die and I can see it now on the “pro” side the same mark while he was drying so yaaa maybe was an accident though....
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