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Hi Beautiful! Today I put box dye to the test. I have always been curious if this stuff actually works. Doing a direct comparison to professional color felt like the only way I could really uncover the truth!
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Feb 7, 2019

I PUT BOX DYE TO THE TEST (IS IT REALLY THAT BAD?)bradmondobradmondonychairdresser reactsbox dye vs professionalpurple hairhair dyebox dyehair colorhow todiy hair dyeblue hairbleaching hairhow to dye hairbeauty hackshair hacksat home hair dyebest hair dyered hairhair coloringbrad mondohair stylistat homediy hairmanic panicdyed haircheap hair dye




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Comments 13 012
Brad Mondo
Brad Mondo 6 months ago
Who's the shit? You the shit.
NikkiTheGamer 2 hours ago
Omg brad I love you
Anxious Adeline
Anxious Adeline 11 hours ago
I’m a poop. Hell yeah.
Jazzyspork 13 hours ago
Gobblez Wobbler
Boxed dyes are shit. Your hair will cry after a few times and will be dry AF. Wear a wig.
Aurelie Day ago
Huntyyyy, you da shit too, love u Brad!
Mervina Zeko
Mervina Zeko 3 minutes ago
Ferria ruined my hair, haha. I used a turquoise colour (on bleached ends), and it came out a little too fast.
Miles Roddenberry
i know nothing about hair, nor am i interested in hair dying, but his personality is so entertaining i’m binge watching
Kezia Wilcox
Kezia Wilcox 8 hours ago
Is it only me who sides with box dye
Hannah Sarkisian
Hannah Sarkisian 8 hours ago
✨USA🇺🇸 bility✨
Faith Avery
Faith Avery 9 hours ago
I’ve used box dyes my entire life because it was all that was accessible since I lived in a small town and it get my hair dyed and cut would be about 300 dollars (small towns man). It has always turned out shiny and made my hair looked healthy. I’ve had stylists tell me I should go to school for hair because I’ve been cutting and dying my own for probably 13 years. Once I moved into a city I went to Sally’s and spent 60 dollars on bleach, developer, toner, olaplex, and whatever else I needed and it turned out awful. I’m sure it was just because I didn’t know what I was doing but I had to go back twice to buy more bleach powder and the toner turned my hair a blueish green (which again I’m sure is on me). Bought a box dye to cover it and it turned out the colour it was supposed to and made my hair look nice and healthy. Yes box dye doesn’t really give high lights and low lights but it’s a nice option for broke university students like me who are still trying to look stylish without putting much effort or money in. The price differences in my city (I live in Canada) are just too drastic for me to consider professional dyes as my trusted option, which is unfortunate.
Yuko Hadichi
Yuko Hadichi 11 hours ago
Am I the only one who thought it was funny when he mentioned ammonia when most box dyes are advertised as ammonia free
Dorris Jones
Dorris Jones 11 hours ago
You should try a Dollar Tree hair dye video that would be really interesting to see
Katherine Zaino
Katherine Zaino 13 hours ago
He didn’t switch heads. When he’s reviewing the box dye one at 15:39 you can see that there’s dye all over the neck and when he’s applying the box dye, It gets all over the neck
mar hew
mar hew 16 hours ago
You don’t put the serum inside!!! The oil goes in your hair after the dye before you condition! It also goes on your face and ears to avoid dye stains!
mar hew
mar hew 16 hours ago
I but this exact dye in black and it always works amazing for me
LupeeSpirit 18 hours ago
12:20 - Box Dye Rebecca with the dye on the top corner her forehead 13:05 - "Professional Color Tammy" with the stain from that dye on the top corner of Rebecce's forehead
Cleo Cisneros
Cleo Cisneros 19 hours ago
I guarantee he mixed up the manican heads the crappy one is most likely the pro hair dye and the good one is the box die yall see that red ass scalp on the good haired one
its me angel
its me angel 20 hours ago
Bruh like literaly i live in INDONESIA AND that LOREAL box dye is at my place. I only have box dye in my country and if u wanna bleach in the saloon hellll nahhhhhhh its super expensive
Artsy Sahana
Artsy Sahana 21 hour ago
Brad: "...but it doesn't matter because our client is made of plastic" Brad, don't say that, Tammy can hear you! You might upset her😠
Raqayyah Dayana
Raqayyah Dayana 21 hour ago
For the people saying "box dye has treated me good/is better" that's fine. That's your preference. But as a liscenced stylist we know that most people use it wrong and think they're supposed to slap one color application on top of another. And when you want to go lighter it's a bitch to deal with. Then you damage your hair so much because we have to bleach and tone it over and over to get the desired tone. That's why we hate "boxed dye".
Evelina 22 hours ago
He used two tubes of the professional dye for a full head and for thick hair you could need even three and that’s about 60$ so not really cheap at all 🤷🏼‍♀️
Bianca Taylor
Bianca Taylor 22 hours ago
18:15 how ironic because that totally happened and you completely switched the heads
yeet 23 hours ago
i’ve had better box dyes for $5
Mondo: I'm a professional and it actually takes a lot of skill to learn how to apply color correctly. Also Mondo: Professional dye is so much more usable than box dye! You just have to have a scale to weigh it out, duh. smh okAy
Weirdo Day ago
Him wearing the gloves and the jacket kind him look like a murderer lmao
Eden Gibbons
Eden Gibbons Day ago
Also you switched the heads cuz the dye was on the “professional” hairs head even tho you got it on the box dye head
Eden Gibbons
Eden Gibbons Day ago
Professional hair actually recked my hair honestly it’s never been the same but box dye makes my hair a lot softer
Shaneka Day ago
The box dye has a stain in the middle of the forehead
Stina Boden
Stina Boden Day ago
The reason the box dye didn’t come out as red is because you didn’t use the entire bottle. You have to use the entire one. If you did, well, then it just sucks
Brittany Martindale
Did you use a synthetic hair manican or real hair?
Ivy Miller
Ivy Miller Day ago
Guys it’s just his opinion on box dye and professional dye. Leave him alone. Who cares if you like box dye more and he likes professional more🤷‍♀️ LITERALLY DOESN’T MATTER btw love you brad❤️❤️
purplecatlover1825 randompizza
I used the same color and brand to box dye my hair Huh, my hair looked almost exactly like the "professional" color Nice try though
purplecatlover1825 randompizza
You got red box dye Their not the same color
purplecatlover1825 randompizza
I got a professional haircut for the first time in the longest time a while ago, and it was okay but wasnt short enough But then now I got my hair cut by my mom
kaitlyn green
I love how you are dissing boxed hair dye when that is all my family uses
Stephanie Babin
Any comments on the ion hair color at Sally's?
liketube3 Day ago
Is it so hard to admit that the box dye worked better?
Nicole Czerny
Nicole Czerny Hour ago
liketube3 no it did not
Annie Jonda
Annie Jonda Day ago
I’ve never died my hair or done anything to it. I’ve only ever cut it. I have naturally light brown hair with blonde highlights. I really want to dye my hair dark brown. I’m probably going to do box dye (if my parents even agree). I just want to know which one would be best for my hair.
sagex untitled
Annie Jonda for sure. also, I’d recommend making sure you use semi permanent instead of permanent. it lasts a while, but it’s less of a commitment/fades in a few months. just me though 🤷‍♀️
Annie Jonda
Annie Jonda Day ago
sagex untitled thank you!
sagex untitled
Annie Jonda don’t be afraid to go box. In my experience, i had relatively virgin hair (i dyed it when i was younger but not for years) and went red on dark brown hair. It came out so vibrant, pretty, and shiny. Plus the conditioner that comes in the box is the bomb. I got bored of the red quickly so i went dark brown thinking it’d just go back to normal. it turned black 😂 but it washed out into a pretty auburn color over a couple of months so i’m not mad. Overall, be diligent in your choice of color, otherwise box is the best choice imo. Cheaper, quicker, and good results
Reanne Janssens
I'm 13 and have dyed my hair 7 time since i'm 6 and it had Allways been good. Or have always been good in expectation. U just dont know How to use it
RPM Day ago
I tried to die my hair with box die it was supposed to be bleach blonde but it turned out red
Eilidhhh Hendersonnn
My hair stylist literally uses box dye on my head and it lookeD AMAZING SO um ...? Professional
Danica Day ago
Is it just me or did they get mixed up? The professional one had a hair dye mark on her forehead, after they were blow-dried and he brought them back the box dye girl had that same mark on her forehead?
KanyeSouth Day ago
This guy is shady AF. Switching the heads. Won't be watching any more videos from this clown.
Robin Willsch
Box Dye in the US is expensive! in Germany that exact same box is 6$. even with the exchange rate!!! What???
Jacklyn Cervantes
I don't know but my cousin used a box dye in my hair and it turns out not to bad, my hair is still shiny (maybe because my hair got dyed for first time that time), but when I go to hair salon after 3months to make my hair dyed normal black hair color, it became dull and not shiny.. edit: my cousin used L'Oreal Box Dye too..
Dorothy Gaby
Dorothy Gaby Day ago
That outfit looks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo joined a biker gang and started burgaling
VIolet gacha
VIolet gacha Day ago
Well what else do you use besides box dye blueberries???
Kianna Kitter
Kianna Kitter 2 days ago
I use dye from Olia. Best box dye I have ever used. I like to go red on occasion and they have the best red dye to achieve a deep red on non-bleached dark brown hair. I would love to see you test that :)
no 2 days ago
Love him to the moon and back but he is SO SELLING how hard/awkward it is to use box dye. He reminds me of the infomercial fails (RUvid it, it’s hysterical) where actors are being over the top dumb about the easiest shit. So bias. But I don’t care. He’s my boo.
no 2 days ago
I have been dropping serious cash on top NYC and Boston salons for over 15 years. I always do single process to just make my medium brown hair a bit darker and rich. So not a huge leap. I just started using Garnier Olia in dark brown for 7.99 per box and holy crap....I’m sold. I took a chance because Dita von Teese swears by Bic dye and her single color is always on point. I can’t hate on box dye with my experience
Aysha Kelek
Aysha Kelek 2 days ago
I’m a hairdresser for yearssss already and I always use box dye on my own hair hahaha. Butttt I’m dark and only do my roots! I always use tools tho and not just the bottle and my hands
Rebecca Sine
Rebecca Sine 2 days ago
damon salvatore look alike😍🤤
Melissa coviello
Melissa coviello 2 days ago
Who has a scale at home? Not a random person.
Star andGalaxy
Star andGalaxy 2 days ago
If you do box dye nice n easy KILLED my hair nutragina brought it to life so If you use hair color make sure it's the right kind
Ellie Filer
Ellie Filer 2 days ago
I clicked so fast because this is the color I ised
Ken Jefferies
Ken Jefferies 2 days ago
how long blablabla
Mia Mcmahon
Mia Mcmahon 2 days ago
Is it just me or does he look like Damon Salvatore from vampire diaries like the face of just me?😂
Rebecca Sine
Rebecca Sine 2 days ago
Mia Mcmahon omg yes i was just going to write a comment about it lol
Beth Syer
Beth Syer 2 days ago
Beth Syer
Beth Syer 2 days ago
We love Kahoot background music👏🏼
Emily Piveronas
Emily Piveronas 2 days ago
I actually live l'oreal ferria
GuinnyPigs Scott
GuinnyPigs Scott 2 days ago
He said we all look stunning like usual.... Ok first of all I am always ugly.... Second of all that includes today rn so yea ❤️
Destiny Barrow
Destiny Barrow 2 days ago
Brad mondo:NEVER START AT THE ROOTS Also brad mondo: *starts at roots*
Destiny Barrow
Destiny Barrow 18 hours ago
I know😂😂it just confused people
Neolwen 18 hours ago
It doesn't matter they're plastic, they don't radiate heat from the scalp
Yuhei 2 days ago
the box dye looks really nice, it's sad that he can't play this game fairly and switched the heads
Ale-R Gone
Ale-R Gone 2 days ago
Where can you get professional hair dye
Katie Hyde
Katie Hyde 2 days ago
He switched the heads
Sandy Alyon
Sandy Alyon 3 days ago
yOur hAir lOokS lIke tAehYunGs-
Kimber Christiansen
Brad mondo, if you put conditioner around the edges of the face before you start it makes it so the dye comes off easier... but idk how it works on mannequins
Megan Hollen
Megan Hollen 3 days ago
I love him why y’all hating on him he gives amazing advice and he’s so sweet
ANB1988BNA 3 days ago
He can pull off ALMOST every style... but the blue doesn't fit him.
SomeRandom Chick
SomeRandom Chick 3 days ago
Before I made the switch to henna to dye my hair, I only ever used boxed dye. In fact, it was the cheapest dye Walmart had to offer, might've been Revlon? It was maybe $3 per box lol. I got 2 boxes, a dark red mixed with dark brown (i had long hair). It looked beautiful and really didn't fry my hair any more than the massive amount of heat I was also using. Now a days I use dark red henna and I can't recommend it enough! The color holds so well, it does wash out a bit, but it's still really red and it grows out before it really washes out. It's a huge commitment though, it is a PAIN in the ass to use, and you can't strip it out. I love it though, and it is healthy for your hair.
Gabrielle Whitesides
I can’t believe you did all of this while wearing a leather jacket.
Tht Koi
Tht Koi 3 days ago
I don’t think he switched them. Permanent dye lifts you at least one level. Plus he added volume which will lift it a little more. If we are talking about staining on the dolls..he could’ve just rinsed it and it stained the head lol. Idk.
Lucy Bryars
Lucy Bryars 3 days ago
but you lied...
Sydney Sheridan
Sydney Sheridan 3 days ago
I think he got the dolls mixed up because in the first part it was Dark eye brows then light then it was the other way around sorry if I'm wrong
Avaclaire Scales
Avaclaire Scales 3 days ago
Ok it could have been a mistake he might have assumed that the better looking one is the professional idk but the fact that he never came out and said it was a mistake just means he’s a liar🙄🙄🙄
Avaclaire Scales
Avaclaire Scales 3 days ago
I’m pissed I used to like his channel but now he’s just lying🙄🙄
casie redpath
casie redpath 3 days ago
dont be hatin on the box dye when ur hair be blue and not shiny... lmao
heather breuer
heather breuer 3 days ago
Those heads r swapped at the end. The professional color was a 3v.no red in it.box dye red violet!!
Galaxy Nikki
Galaxy Nikki 3 days ago
I go to Sally's,and I never get full permanent, but I used to get box dye and they actually worked the same
Viktoria Hegelund
He didn’t switch them. U can CLEARLY see the red from before on the box die one. Box die sucks don’t blame Brad. Ily
Benedict Cumbersnatched
All you have to do when doing this. Is be careful. And not be hasty and stupid about it. It’s one of those things where you *use it at your own peril.*
Belinda Kent
Belinda Kent 3 days ago
u dint use the box conditioner etc, to make it shiney after....
Hope DaSilva
Hope DaSilva 3 days ago
I was so confused on why Brad started with the roots but then I realized that it’s a doll 😅
Bitch barnacles Yolo XD
I use box dye but I use splat
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