I Played Chess Hustlers in Union Square Park

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While on her NYC vacation Alexandra visited Union Square Park to play the chess hustlers! This is one of many games from that day. She also played the most famous hustler, "Russian Paul". Drop a like and make sure to subscribe/turn on notifications to not miss when that video is up!
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Jul 2, 2021




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Comments 12 351
Anonymous Anonymous
You made her have to try, that's respectable at the very least.
ManlyMan TheMan
ManlyMan TheMan 8 hours ago
When's that next chess dlc patch coming out? They need to nerf knights and buff the pawns
melchor bangaoil
ROSE 2 days ago
Squirtle 2 days ago
As a 692 rated player, I can say Alexandra is indeed very good!
Bryan Naylor
Bryan Naylor 2 days ago
Intelligent women are a dream
boo boo
boo boo 3 days ago
Mens focused on board Legends focused on her 😎😎
Rosemary 3 days ago
If you , beautiful blonde, a master. Where’s your light saber? Where’s your apprentice? Do you even know Yoda?
Adtor Quinn
Adtor Quinn 7 days ago
OMG, you are awesome 😮😮😮🥰😍
Bud The Bud
Bud The Bud 8 days ago
Yahoo chess. I'm old af. Grandmaster humored me and accepted my challenge. I was below avg ranking.. He marched king or queen pawn right up the board and that pawn gives me nightmares to this day.
Vexed 9 days ago
Can someone explain to me why she cant just take both of the pawns at 7:11?
Pendoza 10 days ago
Damn after 4 min I suddenly see the board in the middle. Talking about distraction.
Lohjinawi Channel
Lohjinawi Channel 11 days ago
MEDIC PETS 12 days ago
3.35 bishop take castle? Whops wrong move hustler 🤜🏻🤛🏻
Dhairya Varshney
Dhairya Varshney 13 days ago
Ahhh.. man of culture.
rmaravi 74
rmaravi 74 13 days ago
Played very well like professional
James Bramlett
James Bramlett 14 days ago
Nice Alex
FTD Yo ✔
FTD Yo ✔ 15 days ago
3:16 Rock a8 was better
Vagabond Is Awake Bro
Starro 16 days ago
Bryan Y
Bryan Y 18 days ago
Id love to hear your first game, i was forced into mine while counting blood worms... And i can see where your brain is just lost! In the match..... no offense.. i cant even teach men chess today..
PRM - Political Opinion
my mans seen it all before
Axel Gambit
Axel Gambit 21 day ago
🤓Great display of two ☯️ beautiful 😍and peaceful ☮️ people battling it out, yet remain civil and united with tremendous amount of mutual respect! Such a 🌬progressive 🌊attitude that the 🌍 world 🌎 need to learn from…💁‍♂️
When bored and extremely ahead, I use the Botez gambit to eliminate the last remaining rook.
Tourettes Guy
Tourettes Guy 22 days ago
And she didn't get robbed..in NYC..and her purse was still there!
JUST 22 days ago
she is in all white playing with the white pieces and the dude is black playing with the black pieces ain't that a bitch
Senpai!!! 24 days ago
Silas Speaks
Silas Speaks 25 days ago
I’ve only recently started watching chess on you tube. I used to play a lot a very long time ago. I hadn’t even heard of Magnus Carlson, now I find out he’s a great player and been world champion for several years! I’ve watched a lot of chess over the last couple of weeks. That guy Hikaru is an excellent player but I think I could give him a run for his money but playing against Alexandra is a whole different thing, she’s to distracting for obvious reasons, her looks, her banter and she just happens to be a brilliant chess player ♟ That’s a 3 pronged attack... who can withstand that? Maybe if I played her blindfolded and wore ear muffs I may improve my chance 🤫 😂 If she ever visits England I may challenge her to a game of classic chess. That’s unlikely to happen so I’m off the hook 😉🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Clickbank Products
Clickbank Products 25 days ago
I want to play chess with you
not chris
not chris 26 days ago
shes dressed up like like she's getting married... i wish i had the motivation to look good
ehvway 27 days ago
Impressive. She is just savage!
jonathan john johnson jonathan johnsjons
She's so damn hot
brain with beautiful ma'am, where are you from
suraj yadav
suraj yadav 28 days ago
Fun fact : most boys are only watching this because of that pretty girl 😍😍🤩
Kyle Chang
Kyle Chang 28 days ago
Plop Lmao
Plop Lmao 28 days ago
Dun even watch the game only focused on her chest 😏👌🏻
Michael Vogt
Michael Vogt 29 days ago
Wide angle lens is killing me here. Might not have a choice if it's crowded, but it makes their midsections look huge.
derin uzay
derin uzay 29 days ago
bu kızın karşısında kafa çalışmaz ki
BRAZIL Gallery
BRAZIL Gallery 29 days ago
Well play ♥️🥰💯
aridimas 29 days ago
Andrew Allan
Andrew Allan 29 days ago
2:22 borderlands
Leonardo Rodrigues
Essa garota jogou muito....slko.
Ratih Ritonga Family
Oh wow... What's an amazing girl player chess.. I think i can DEFEAT her?
Mera Putt Chutti Kr
Your video always motivate me to make video and upload on RUvid ❤️🔥.... Need 1k subscriber 😃😜
Russell Smith
Russell Smith Month ago
Оба делают детские ошибки! В чем прикол то ?
samyak Month ago
16 m views wow!
Babblu Month ago
She is beautiful
Luke Castles
Luke Castles Month ago
Ah yes, the internet attention craver that needs to dress up like this to get clicks. Look how out of place she looks. Cringeworthy at best.
Diane Enyi
Diane Enyi 24 days ago
Get help
Loki Laufeyson
Loki Laufeyson Month ago
Titled player
tigerclaw knight
No man is going to beat her when she dressed like that...
Nettofarias Netto
csk Month ago
why she is playing in towel. Is this some sort of undressing match.
mika milo
mika milo Month ago
plzz stop touching ur mouth ... remember covid?? *_*
Sean Hudaya
Sean Hudaya Month ago
The Girl in white are gorgeous 😍😍😍
rajesh kumar
rajesh kumar Month ago
A beautiful girl with wise mind, she is continuously talking and distract the old man that's why he loos the game. 😊
Chess-ish Month ago
Michael DeAngelo
She loves touching her upper lip during play
menschkeit1 Month ago
is there a reason for the tight dress and blowout at a street game?
George Green
George Green Month ago
it is unfair that he wears so much.
Kal Lambert
Kal Lambert Month ago
She is both smart & beautiful!
Tetra Digm
Tetra Digm Month ago
the way he was constantly dropping and knocking over pieces, id have declared him the loser long before the match ever finished. he does that shit constantly for the pure purpose of running down his opponents clock.
TheColdbrews Month ago
"Is this too bushy." I don't care.
dheeraj kumar
dheeraj kumar Month ago
She wore a very hot dress also she is looking very sexy 👙👠💋 else any one can loose game very easy but that person has gurd to play continue at the end... But dubta kaun h...
Sunil K
Sunil K Month ago
Selvin Valle
Selvin Valle Month ago
Mario Deras
Mario Deras Month ago
Юрий Гагарин
Красивая девочка!
Shiekh Waleed Mir Al-Protein
Is it necessary to be half naked while playing chess? Does it help in winning?
M D Month ago
It helps me watch someone play chess
Mahmoud Ben mariem
cahaya kemilau
cahaya kemilau Month ago
Do you know statistically, how much percentage of ladies can play chess? Polgar......who else? 😁🤔
Jammy Creamer
Jammy Creamer Month ago
this video made 80k euros good job Botez sisters :)
Abdu Rahman
Abdu Rahman Month ago
Well played you and him
kinkaku9 Month ago
From 30K views to 16M views in a couple weeks, something's fishy - the content's not much of an upgrade.
George T
George T Month ago
Takes me 10 minutes to decide which pawn to move when i start.
Prasad Nik
Prasad Nik Month ago
I have never been so interested in watching chess before...!
Not Own Media
Not Own Media Month ago
Wow nice play bebe
ยา โพศรี
Watch Times
Watch Times Month ago
Joaquin Solo Joaquin
better player than pretty and pretty is a lot
Юрий Новицкий
Судя по игре, рейтинг 2400 не меньше.
Game Month ago
✂️ ruvid.net/video/video-GP7VLwU6dng.html
A To Z Entertainment all
Koteswar Rao
Koteswar Rao Month ago
Beauty with brains. A very rare combination.😍😍🥰🥰🥰🤗
Shiva Ranjan
Shiva Ranjan Month ago
Legends: drop a bishop and get below the table😝
Prashant Yadav
Prashant Yadav Month ago
Ram Dhamdar
Ram Dhamdar Month ago
Who won!!!
runfarandfast Month ago
I love chess. Out of 4 boys only 1 picked it up. Love it and not as good as you but we really get after it
Suave 45
Suave 45 Month ago
She got beauty and brains =perfect woman
Dressed smutty to play Chess
Mariam Philip
Mariam Philip Month ago
He lost to her ,,
Divyesh Kumar
Divyesh Kumar Month ago
Who else here don't tf about chess but still watching.. 😂
Loki Laufeyson
Loki Laufeyson Month ago
Only you
Metin Kolcu
Metin Kolcu Month ago
Miss botez love you baby ❤❤❤❤🇹🇷😉😊😊😊😊
satish m
satish m Month ago
I will meet you and playing for you...
M S Month ago
She want to play or show the body to public????....... ( Islam is the best cannot do like that) ....
Junior Sia
Junior Sia Month ago
Loved to look under her skirt
Khalid Jamal Siddiqui
Builtinsoftware of all humanbeings is to win! That is Life. Great
Ashraul Karim
Ashraul Karim Month ago
Rahul Gandhi is laughing in corner.
Rajendra Prasad
Rajendra Prasad Month ago
Well played ma'am
Nick Manning
Nick Manning Month ago
Looks like the beginning of a blacked scene( dropping loads all over the chess board)
Karan Verma
Karan Verma Month ago
U r Awesome
Harish Mishra Harish
Will you like play with me?
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